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Dolphins lead Redskins 7-3 to start second quarter

The Dolphins came out like gangbusters. They marched right down the field on the first drive and di it while trying a fake Wildcat-flea-flicker pass to Brandon Marshall.

They also called a halfback pass. And eventually they got in the end zone.

But Matt Moore, whose accuracy has been a little inconsistent today, also threw an interception from inside his onn 25 yard line and that eventually led to a Graham Gano field goal 25 yards out.

So we go to the second half. And the live blog continues. See me in the comments section.


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I'm back.

Curse you YEAH!

Jags/Colts 3-3 going into the 2nd qtr.

Trust me fellas, I am not Yeah.

Watching the Dolphins is like watching GLEE its bad but I cant look away

Blows my mind that I'll post something at 5 AM and his will be the first comment within minutes of the post.

Like I posted earlier, one drive features Bush then the next features Thomas. The first td drive had nothing to do with Bush being favored over Thomas.

The Bills are getting smoked by the Cowboys...

Protect the QB!!!

fasano-lives + catches

That is some catch by Anthony Fasano...

Yeah has already posted he's running a computer program at work to trick the Herald's software into thinking its part of. The guys a good programmer.

Armando, at 5:00AM, you should be either...

a) sleeping

b) making love to your wife

Just sayin...::)

more pussification in the NFL

I tell you, Laron Landry is a good player

Montreal, at 5 AM, I've been awake for two hours. Already slept and made love to my wife earlier.

Wow!! This is fastest a new qtr blog has updated in a year and a half!!

Me too Mr. Salguero

Moore hit Bush in stride its an easy td.


When was the last time a fade pass worked for the dolphins? I hate that call

Is it really windy in the stadium? Seems like Moore's passes r floating a little..

At 3 am I'm making love to my flock of sheep!

Landry Jones makes that throw next season. #ThatsHowHeRolls

Working fast today robby.

MaCo, right on...I think the last time that worked was with a guy named Oronde Gadsden...And some QB named Dan Marino...

That's all we throw-fades + outs-what happened to real velocity throws?

Armando's quicker with the qtrly posts today because his wife gave him some this morning!

@Armando Is there such a thing as a blog stalker? (Yeah!)

Not to complain, but Moore's accuracy is off today. His WRs are saving him, but he's throwing behind guys, floating the ball, and obviously not getting the results of last week.

If Moore leads Bush on that last pass out of the backfield. Its an easy td run and catch for Bush.

Bush had to slow down for the catch giving the defensive pursuit time to catch up. Moore is a little off key today.

We got the wind at our back now.

Agree Mando!! That's why I'm asking if it's windy.. Even swing passes are off.

Matt Moore's accuracy is off, but it's just the second quarter...Also, Moore had much better pass protection against the Chiefs Armando.


Kudos on the interview with Brandon Marshall. It was like a small delicious pizza. When I was finished I wanted more.

Did someone in the d screwed up or is it designed that a LB covers a WR?

Matt Moore seems to be having a 147.3 qb rating hangover. He maybe pressing a little to hard to duplicate last weeks performance.

I dont think thats to uncommon for a qb that isnt used to having great performances.

Rashad Jones late on the play again...As usual..

Reshad Jones getting his reps at FS this week. he's sharing them with starter Tyrone culver.

In celebration of Veteran's day, Bush should have launched himself in the air,plant his cleats in the back of the defender, and scored the TD.

By the way-why are our DB's giving such a cushion to their WR's?

I miss Koa Misi.

The run defense is much better now...

Doesn't it drive you nuts how a quarterback will snap off a pass right before someone is ready to sack him and complete the pass for a first down?

Nice to see Miami is utilizing its doughnut defense. Good call Nolan.

luck sucked last night. are we still going to suck for him?

Armando, what's up with Jones at fs?? He's not a fs.

Oh yeah!

Burnett has been huge lately!

We want interceptions-fumbles-take away's-pass

Vonte Davis-amen

INT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!!!

Whoa ... never seen that before.
What do you call that? A defensive reception? #HelpMeOutFellas

Vontae Davis....solid

Buy that guy a drink



Some off the positives of some alcohol!! Let's u have fun again and makes women prettier!

what happened? he didn't drop it..


An INT by Vontae!

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