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Dolphins lead Redskins 7-3 to start second quarter

The Dolphins came out like gangbusters. They marched right down the field on the first drive and di it while trying a fake Wildcat-flea-flicker pass to Brandon Marshall.

They also called a halfback pass. And eventually they got in the end zone.

But Matt Moore, whose accuracy has been a little inconsistent today, also threw an interception from inside his onn 25 yard line and that eventually led to a Graham Gano field goal 25 yards out.

So we go to the second half. And the live blog continues. See me in the comments section.


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That just shows you a Vontae drunk is better than a sober Carroll...LOL!!!

Finally acting elite.

No sign of a hangover

Vontae Davis with the first interception of the year by a starting Miami DB. Jimmy Wilson had one earlier, but not in a game he started.

Man I think the lock out crushed this team worse than any of us wanna give them credit for

I can't believe what I just saw!

Hate to say it guys, but this defense seems to be getting better and better. Sorry suck for luck fans!

Drinking alcohol doesnt lower your standards...it broadens your horizens

Buy that guy a drink

Publicado por: SoiledBottom | November 13, 2011 at 02:02 PM

I laughed so hard that my entire family came running and asking if I was alright

nice job by marshal tug him back for a low five

Bush drive time.

Yes they are finally looking like the 9 or 10 win team most of us thought they'd be.

Not sure what happened the first 7 games...

AS far as Luck, on to plan B.

The Redskins are defending Reggie Bush very well...Time for someone else to step in...Is Hartline playing???????

Everytime i see all of our dbs they make me cringe besides vontae and Allen, but none even close to what Sean smith does to me. Because of the High pick, expectations. And by far mostly because of 'the amount of playing time without any positive plays or int. He has to have set some sort of record for time without a pick or dropped picks, or both.

Good game so far. Got a family at the game. They just texted me that tickets were 14.99

Any other interviews with Dolphins a la Marshall. Bush would be interesting Mando. I think he's proven everyone wrong these last couple of games.

nice run after catch

enough with Bush already

Montreal. I think last time Hartline was playing was 3 or 4 games ago.

Horrible pass...Even Shaq wouldn't of been tall enough to catch that one...

This blog is great what with all the talk about seksy times with wives and plenty of Bush for Armando lol

Why is Marc Colombo even on the field!?!

what a great multi million dollar line we have-Columbo to the rescue-of the other team-Thomas can't block-missed FG

Columbo sucks

Colombo is really that bad wow

He was open. Terrible pass

Carpenter was good his rookie year...Average since then...

If Matt Moore keeps leading the team like this we'll be drafting an olineman 1st rd. Oh my God?

Check that, thank God for Mark Columbo! LOL

Just filling in the gaps between bad quarterback play, Jamison.

they better stick with TD's from here on out

fist pump!!

I just can't see how he is an upgrade over Carey at tackle

Hard to throw that pass downwind. At least it was not intercepted like the interception machine harris

Armando aren't the back up's better than Columbo???

Grossman rating right now is 65.6.

Moore rating right now is 49.4

Tonys fistpump must be broken

Matt Moore used up all his QB ratings points last week

Serious question Mando: Is Colombo still a starter because depth is horribel, because Sparano is relally stubborn/prideful, or because the majority of us is wrong and he is not that bad?

Be so long I cant seem to recall what it looks like to have a qb play good each week so up and down

Anyone think about Mark Columbo getting our qb crushed may served to fortify drafting a qb 1st pick?

If Moore continues to have time and look good we may draft a olineman or dlinemand 1st rd. Thank God for Mark Columbo!

Nate Garner should be our RG...Carey our RT...That one is on Sparano...

One thing I could've done without in the BM interview was the questions about his marriage. I don't really care about that and that's between him and his wife anyway.

David, the backup was supposed to be Lydon Murtha but he injured his foot and was put on IR.

Ireland makes Wanny look like a genius

Armando does Sparano have any say on players signed and drafted or does all that fall on Ireland?

there's Koa Misi

That last tackle made by TBA (pending identification)

"Lydon Murtha but he injured his foot and was put on IR."

A one legged Murtha is better then a 2 legged Columbo

Bet you guys that after the kickoff moore will take a knee. With one minute and two TOs I couls easily try to get a FG.

Sparano approved of Colombo signing. Love John Jerry at Senior Bowl.

Dansby(#58) seems to be on nearly every tackle. He has 8 tackles in the first half alone.

Not good from a former o line coach

Sparano will sit on this "lead.". You watch.

anyone ave a good link to watch online.... dwn in the caribbean and not close to a TV.............missin miami :-(

I hope not Angry

Good teams have a "next man up" philosophy. And depth to make it work. And quality coaching to prepare backups to succeed.

An inside run is the same as a knee

finsfan, if you've ever had any experience with divorce or domestic upheaval, you'd know it affects everything in your life, including your ability and concentration at work.

That is the reason I asked.

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