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Dolphins lead Redskins 7-3 to start second quarter

The Dolphins came out like gangbusters. They marched right down the field on the first drive and di it while trying a fake Wildcat-flea-flicker pass to Brandon Marshall.

They also called a halfback pass. And eventually they got in the end zone.

But Matt Moore, whose accuracy has been a little inconsistent today, also threw an interception from inside his onn 25 yard line and that eventually led to a Graham Gano field goal 25 yards out.

So we go to the second half. And the live blog continues. See me in the comments section.


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A Sparano approval is like a kiss of death for the Dolphins

Defense continues to bail out the offense today. 10 more points from the offense and this game could be a wrap!

Those calls could end his time here worse than the loses

run the ball twice with 2 time outs?-what a coward

thats just bs

do we have anyone else playing on offense except Bush?

crap... just crap

Ireland makes Wanny look like a genius

Posted by: David | November 13, 2011 at 02:13 PM

You mean Spielman


nice working link

Boy that sucks...And stop running the fu****g football when we have enough time to get in FG range...I don't care how well the Dolphins do, Sparano has got to go! Enough conservative bs...

Really. I hate Sparano. Im grinding my teeth. Yo throw a pass on 3rd and 27 back on your 20 yrd line, but you sit on a 4 piont lead with 1:07 to go and two time outs. This jerk is not ocnservative, he is just plain stupid!

We better come out firing in the 2nd half if we want to win this one Rex is on fire

107 on the clock and you don't even TRY!?!?!

This doesn't look like the Team I saw last week. Hmm..

Sitting on two time outs just before the half is another thing that makes the coach look BAD! At least try to get into FG range and get three more before the half. JUST STUPID!


Well Washington has a much better D than KC

Mando, I thought it was interesting in your BM article he was more open to talking about his spousal issues than the confrontation with Vontae - think we'll ever hear Vontae's side of the story any time soon?

I understand Armando. Excellent point. I did not think of it that way.

Unfortunately, I have had way too much experience with divorce and domestic upheaval.

You're right, it does affect every aspect of your life.

even the commentators are dissing Sparano, please Ross fire this bum!!!!!!!

Sporano is such a wuss 2 timeouts 1 minute to go And he decides to run the clock out lol who's gonna respect us with that type of mentality

I wonder how many seats fox bought so the game wouldn't be blacked out locally?


Does Sparano have a Twitter account?

Guys are you kidding? Matt Moore's qb rating today is less than 50 and he's already thrown a pick.

If Moore throw a pick 6 going into the half there's a complete momentum swing. Tony played this right becuase the defense is playing well. But our qb isnt!

Heck I have agree with you man

I also know from experience, finsfan.

Ok I also agree but sporano still a wuss I think he poops marshmallows

It is bad when you start missing JayFeidler playing qb

What the hell is going on with our pass protection????

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