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Dolphins one quarter from their third consecutive win

The Dolphins have blocked a punt and recovered the ensuing loose ball for a TD. They have strip sacked Ryan Fitzpatrick. They have two interceptions.

This team is doing everything man fans were hopeful of seeing when the season began.

That doesn't mean I'm complaining about the 35-6 lead to begin today's fourth quarter. It just makes you wish it had come earlier.

Join me in the comments section as the Dolphins close out what looks to be their third consecutive victory of the season and second consecutive at home.



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Eff this team

Hey Hey.

They wait until Games 8-10 to play well. Bunch of A-holes.

YEAH! goes down...YEAH! goes down

How about that D!!!!!

Not for nuthin' but I might even bust out a fist pump or two. Just sayin'.

Wow that D is in beast mode!

Coach Sparano just realized we are up by 9 field goals

Posted by: SoiledBottom | November 20, 2011 at 03:30 PM

Well-played, Soiled, well-played.

I'd rather see them thrash Laffablow than whine about the draft any day.

D working on 3 straight games TD-less!

And possibly a Pee Wee dance.

When coach Sparano does finally go...I'll always remember the fist pump

Not sure if I have been watchin the Packers or the FINS...wow! So far close to a complete game. dan safety on Miami...not excusable.

When was the last 3 game winning streak? 2008? How many wins saves Sparano this year? Or is the damage already done? Can, or should Ross fire Sparano should the Phins do the unthinkable and win out? I know those are very long odds(both win streak, and Sparano staying)But would a winning record after the start save the Pizza Man?

I think Sparan saved his jb with this game.

Thomas, all 230 pounds of him. tackled for a safety.

2 is better than 6.

Its all fun and games till sombody gets a safty

That safety is about the only thing that has gone wrong for Miami today.

Safety-Lousaka Polite wouldn't let that happen

Now they start to do the crappy things....what a call by the O. C. and still some one wants to the guy stay here with another Coach?

The Bills D make their first play of the game!

House puzzy, get ya some!

Lex isnt aFB

So, what do u think we can get for our 1st string, 3rd string QB riding the bench?

Sparano + Ireland are not coming back-forget it

Where are all of Armando's Blog followers?!?!?!

You can dance if you want to.

I sincerely apoligize for the Safety Dance reference.

Buffalo's center's poor play has been helping Miami all day, no doubt about it.

The offense has scored ZERO points this 2nd half!

Make that "1st round" 3rd string QB.


Thats P*SSY SH*T!

Good hit!

at least $10,000

Bad call, that has to be changed...I'm all for safety but what is a D back supposed to do?

I don't think the Bills receivers will be going over the middle too much in the near future.

It's like the good ole days...

NFL wants you to play flag football

That was a penalty, he launched himself

Lets just give em flags and do away with contact...

Dansby gets a gift sack

Culver finally shows up on the stat sheet.

JT is everywhere


My fervant prayer is that this same Phins team will show up against New England. Love to see Marsha Brady running for his dear life.

Bess sucks

Still not liking Bess as a returner, you can see why.

..Jon. Are you watching the same game? Lex has been crushing people today. Sorry, but he is a guy that you keep. Blaming him for that saftey is weak sauce. I know that I am biased. But Lex has proven he is a capable replacement for Polite.. Every poor run..It is Polite would have done better. BS. Are average RPC is better then last year. WEAK.

Bess is . . . Well, he's just plain slow, folks.

Armando-why do they let Bess return punts when he is having no success-there has to be someone else

Bess huffles his feet but get nowhere

@3:46 Are..Oops. I meant our..I apoligize.

Where is L Polite these days? Need to get him back.

Here we GO!

I want to see a long drive ground out for a TD. Old school style.

Run out the clock and run up the score!

Lex isnt crushing anyne stop lying D

How about B Marsh has 0 receptions!!

There's no need to have Bush returning punts. The score doesnt dictate it. Punt returning requires far more concentration safely catching the ball with defenders all around you.

It isnt the same as k/o returning. You dont having defenders all around you while making the catch. Bess mabe the best on the team at that. Although he does suck at returning the punt after the catch is made.

Polite lost his job to that beast named Clay.

Marshall has ONE catch.

Marshal 1 catch...5 yards

Bills seem close to waving the white flag. Tyler Thigpen warming up.

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