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Dolphins one quarter from their third consecutive win

The Dolphins have blocked a punt and recovered the ensuing loose ball for a TD. They have strip sacked Ryan Fitzpatrick. They have two interceptions.

This team is doing everything man fans were hopeful of seeing when the season began.

That doesn't mean I'm complaining about the 35-6 lead to begin today's fourth quarter. It just makes you wish it had come earlier.

Join me in the comments section as the Dolphins close out what looks to be their third consecutive victory of the season and second consecutive at home.



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Fields has been crushig the punts!!!!

No reason for Moor to make and complete that 3rd down throw, WTF was that?

my bad

That free BJ was nice, but she was a little toothy.

I meant NO reason for Moore NOT to make that 3rd down completion...head scratcher.

I want to see us SMASH the cowboys...

Thigpen? Brace yourself for a pick 6 guys!

The Tyler Thigpen we all know and didn't really like.

..This is a crazy debate. I apoligize for even bringing it up. Our problems as a team are much deeper then the merits of Lex Hilliard over Lousaka Polite. Or visa versa. It isn't worth wasting anymore time..

thigpin sucks

Defense still holding onto a NO TD streak!

Going all Ricky Williams now and sending healing wishes to Bills so that they r healthy to play Jets!!

Bess heard you I guess...

Yes, guys, thats the same Thigpen that played for us.n Some of you even hailed him as heir apparent! LOL...

I swear, Bess can never find his feet. Always tripping.

stupid CBS switch to Lions Panthers!

wow bess clumsy

Guess not only has dolfans left Dolphins stadium, so has cbs! LOL...

I like Bess overall but damn his yards after the catch would be so much better if he could learn to stop falling down every time he catches a ball, sometimes there's no defender close to him.

..Greg Z should be fired up now. LOL..Sorry Greg Z..had to say something. Just bustin' chops.

CBS has gone away from the game?

sean smith will have a pick today

Hey Yesteray, i remember those fans, praising Thigpen and were hoping he would be our starter..LOL

Even with big lead I hate to see us go to conservative with 7 minutes left!

Mando, Not in Tallahassee...

Detroit moveing the ball on carolina

CBS is still with the dolphins on my feed.

Lions panthers better game. You should have directv

I see nothing in D Thomas that looks like a stud.

Miami Dolphins...

Not locally

This is a good game; I can't remember the last blow out..

This is awesome!

I wish it was the Jets though...

...WTF just happened? No game the ticket just went blank here..none of the channels are working.

Po White,

31-3 blowout of KC just 2 wks ago. REMEMBER?

Did somebody say we laid some WOOD?

How long has it ben since ANYONE said that about US!

PS: Dusty Bottom's how'd you like the game?

Myself? Yeah Baby, I'm LOVING IT!

Thanks for ASKING!

well Im signing out..Its late here and i gotta get up early..Great Win!!! Hope we blast the Cowboys..

John Jerry is in the game now at the RT.

It's Losman time!

JP Losman is in at QB.

so a former Bills qb is in the game for Miami. And a former Miami qb is in the game for Buffalo.

Thanks to whoever is buying these tix so we can watch locally because these games are nowhere close to selling out

Why is Bush still in the game???

Why Reggie Bush in garbage time. hell Losman is in

Why is Reggie still in the game? We have another one in a few days.

Cam just int'ed on a tipped pass.

Detroit probably just won it.

Too little, too late. This embarrassing season can't end quick enough. Fist pump this you ogle eyed MFer.

This one is better, I didn't have to go to the sport bar and drop $50...

We have a franchise QB. yes!!!

Charles Clay has left the game, but he appears fine.

And this is in our division..

Against what was a winning team.

But I stand corrected...

This makes the early losses even more frustrating.

The KC game didn't feel like a blowout.

This one definitely did.

Perception can be a STRANGE thing-LOL :)

Well, as a good Dolphins fan, i'm leaving early. Solong Armando and gang. See u Thursday, Lord willing.

And CamRolina collapses!

It looked like they just gave up on that last TD.

F guys and Armando just kidding Im out!

see you thursday angry elf :)

a time out with 29 sec. to finish the winning game what stupid Sparano is.Is a non respect policy

Bucs put good fight today(26pts), but it's tough to overcome Rodgers putting up triple tens(35pts) week after week! LOL

Last weeks victims the Deadskins are taking the cowboys to OT

This win don't mean squat. The Dolphins are still in the cellar just proves what a bad owner Ross is.

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