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Dolphins sign Shayne Graham to fill in for Carpenter

The Dolphins will announce in the coming minutes that they have signed former Cinncinati kicker
Shayne Graham.

Graham will fill in on Sunday for Dan Carpenter, who is battling a groin injury that will prevent him from playing against the Buffalo Bills. Graham is in his 11th NFL season. He kicked seven seasons with Cincinnati and most recently was with the New England Patriots.

Graham was 12 of 12 on field goals and 35 if 37 on extra points for the Patriots last season. He is, by the way, a field goal kicker of high regard. His kickoffs?

Not exactly a boomer. But you must remember he'll be kicking from 5 yards closer than he has previously in his career so the issue is mitigated.


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Nice view from way up here...


How is Sporano taking the news....

Not bad. Carpenter is good, but his kickoffs are marginal. Let's hope Graham can make a positive impact.

i'm not sure why sporano is so secretive about telling our local media about carpenter being replaced for the bills game. he seems to enjoy these "cat and mouse games". i wish he would spend his time outsmarting the opponent on sundays.

the sad thing is, sparano still thinks he can save his job....he is trying to win out...and what does he care about how that affects the draft...he is going to be fired anyway.


Sparano is just doing the job he was hired to do. He wasn't hired to care about how winning games affects the draft.

So, just watching some college football and a couple things are hitting me.

College field goal kickers suck. Terrible.
And there is a lot of strange clock management/mismanagement. Teams with nothing to lose not taking a shot at the end of the half. Just seems like if there's a big upside and little downside on a play you go for it. Weird.

Some observations:

1) I just got up from a 2 hour shloofie. I really needed that nap.

2) I had a big crush on Joanie from "Happy Days" when I was a boy. Now I'm wondering what I was thinking.

3) Some of my favorite North American athletes of Italian background:

i) Dan Marino
ii) Phil Esposito
iii) Joe DiMaggio
iv) Phil Rizzuto
v) Tommy Vigorito

4) Some of my favorite North American athletes of Jewish background:

i) Sandy Koufax
ii) Sandy Koufax
iii) Sandy Koufax
iv) Sandy Koufax
v) Ed Newman

5) Some of my favorite North Americans of extra-terrestrial background:

i) Yeah!

6) Some Miami Dolphins whom I used to curse with some regularity:

i) David Woodley
ii) J.B. Brown
iii) Jay Fiedler
iv) Bernie Kosar

God, I hated Bernie Kosar. His arm would always get hit while he was throwing. If we were lucky, the ball would fall incomplete. More often than I would care to remember, the ball would go up in the air and be intercepted. Why was his arm always hit? Because it was so weak that he had to take an extra long wind-up just to throw the ball with any velocity. Boy, I used to curse him.

I always cursed J.B. Brown because whenever the Dolphins gave up a big pass play, he invariably was on the coverage.

I know Fiedler had a pretty good record with the Dolphins, but since he was the first regular after Marino, and was woefully less talented than Marino, you couldn't help but notice and highlight the difference.

Woodley was just a terrible QB who was carried by his defense. I know, he had some good games, but if you give any QB enough chances, he'll have some good games.

7) I've gotta go take a crap, I'll let you know how it goes.

Aloco, I used to be a HUGE Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan!!!!!!

Until I realized the CFL was as professional as a pick-up football game.

Did you know that the Tiger-Cats and the Dolphins BOTH had 11-4-1 records in 1981? IT'S TRUE!!!! And they both won championships in 1972? IT'S TRUE!!!!

Yeah, NFL players are busting their butts hoping to be noticed by the Eskimos...ALOCO you are on crack

At least we're near the top in having good field goal kickers. One of the best franchises for it. Now if only we could say that about other positions

sparano must of thought he was in heaven; watching field goal kickers try out for the fins all day long!

MiamiD20, in 1984, Uve Von Schamann went 9 for 19. That may be the only time since the advent of the "modern" soccer style kicker, that a field goal kicker playing the entire season had a less than 50% success rate. Had Von Schamann not been so woeful, the Dolphins would still today have the record of most points scored in a single season. Von Schamann missed so many big kicks. Two against San Diego in the Epic in Miami, either of which would have won the game. Two against Buffalo in Marino's first start in 1983. And I'll never get over Stoyanovich missing the 47 or 48 yarder against San Diego in the 1994 playoffs that would have sent us to the AFC Championship game.

I know. I know. Every other team has missed big kicks. I'm just being selective in my memory.

You're right.

My favorite kicker for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats was Bernie Ruoff. My favorite QB for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats was Tom Clements (now the QB coach for Green Bay, which, ironically enough, has a very similar uniform to the Edmonton Eskimos).

Armando...Graham was also in camp this preseason with guess who?





Nathaniel- on your list of Jewish athletes how could you not include Jay Fiedler?!?!?!?!? (ha ha)

time for Carpenter to have an haircut...

My favorite Jewish athlete was Jim Thorpe


Are you here?

Have something to interesting share...

I will come back when you acknowledge.

Well, when I get off the sands of Clearwater.

Since the Bills are going to be circling the wagons Sunday, Sparano wants to insure a continuation of the status qua to make sure that his FIST PUMP continues on.

NOBODY but NOBODY circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.


BILLS - 31
Miami - 19

Thanks NYG for your wisdom...even though you know absolutely nothing about what will happen.

Nathaniel Dodsworth: best jewish poster.

Here comes win 3!! Momentum, the word of the day

Thanks NYG for your wisdom...even though you know absolutely nothing about what will happen.

Posted by: Pastadola | November 19, 2011 at 05:29 PM

LOL.. What I DO surmise is that there is a very high probability that Sparano will opt on the low side for at least one Fist Pump and 4 FP on the high side.


I'll raise my offer for your season tickets to $0.35, I'll even pay for postage.

Miami 23 Buff 17, Fisty will do all he can to ensure our draft position is one that will not allow us to get one of the top QB prospects.

Note to Armando......NO MORE BLOGS ABOUT KICKERS....

Feel free to say that as many times as necessary.....then commit it to memory....

Erased my name by accident...the above is ofcourse....none other than your truly....KRIS...

Posted by: .... | November 16, 2011 at 08:49 AM

Hahaha...Nice try. BUSTED....

Bloggers....kris is one of the blog name changers here.... accident my azzzzzzzz

Posted by: Hehe | November 16, 2011 at 09:02 AM

I'm on a differnt computer and this keyboard is to sensitve...especially the mouse....guess I will mostly read today....

Posted by: kris | November 16, 2011 at 08:53 AM

Nice try #2! Haha....sensitive keyboard especially the mouse? Wow that is a reach...and just what the heck does that mean? Sensitive mouse changes bloggers name hehe....does your mouse type?

kris...how many names DO you have..come clean now......

Posted by: Hehe | November 16, 2011 at 09:05 AM

Who bought the tickets for the blackout to be lifted?

hehe and Hmmmm = the Hippie Odin.

Odin, Is it true the lack of showering/bathing makes you old hippies smell like yeti's?

Lol At the coalition.

Make no mistake, Fitzpatrick is going to put points on the Board. It's on us to put up more than he does.


Max Siebold, lacrosse player, maybe one of best Jewish athletes ever. Google him, he's for real.

I told you Blog Hit Troll, it's not me.

If I have ANYTHING to say to Kris, I say it(if you don't believe me, just ask him-LOL).

Kris "Man's Up" and takes responsibility for what he posts, so **WITH HIM**, I do the same in return. It's called treating others as they treat you, you should try it sometime ;)


I'm watching a stupid flick chick with a Beautiful Brunette(they're nice for a change). She's WELL worth the "Trouble"(if you know what I mean).

PS: Recording USC and Stanford for film study later.

Anyways, in response to your post above:


Are you here?

Have something to interesting share...

I will come back when you acknowledge.

Well, when I get off the sands of Clearwater.

Posted by: . | November 19, 2011 at 04:32 PM

Fire away, I'll be checking in and out all night!

This is probably for the best, considering Carpenter missed how many field goals last year at home against Buffalo?

Odin,Do you have different wigs for your inflatable "HOTTIE"? Lol, Go take a shower Hippie.

I bid thee to stand outsdide and sing songs of praise to me.

I command all in my domain to create grand sculptures celebrating moments of amazing achievement in my life and emphasising my stunning beauty.

I decree that all children be made to wear masks portraying their Empress' beautiful face and to hide their own ugly features from my delicate eyes.

I shall have more commands for you tomorrow.


I`m over at www.firstrowsports.eu/sport/american-football.html and I`m watching the Bayor Vs. Oklahoma game while simultaneously watching the USC Vs. Oregon game in order to see all these QB`s. I got to say that head to head I`m not impressed with ether L.Jones or RG111. The Baylor Vs. Okla. game at 17-10 at the half is a good game but neither QB has done anything really. A bunch of slants and quick outs by both were there RB`s and WR`s are making plays but nothing spectacular except a nice touch pass dropped in by RG111 from about 35 yds. out that went for a 69 yd. T.D. Touch on the ball I didn`t think he had being the strong armed player he is.

In reality though for a couple of guys that know everybody is watching not very inspired play. At this point I`d say L.Jones who I`ve seen some now is not the player they`re hyping everywere the guy can buy a pizza behind the time his hog line gives him. In the Oregon Vs. USC game though Matt Barkley is putting on a clinic on the #4 ranked team in the Nation which has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him and he`s stil having his way.

In the 1st. half he`s 15-19 189 yds. and 3 T.D.`s and he`s thrown just about every pass you want him to, right now if pressed I`d say the best coming out would be of course A.Luck but followed by Matt Barkley they say no arm well from what I`ve seen this year it`s plenty strong for the NFL. I`m no scout but in over 30 years of watchng this game I trust what I see on the field Vs. top notch competition more than the combines. I believe the combine lets you measure raw physical talent but not the intangibles like pocket awarness, eluding the blitz while making the right reads ect...

I am not of fan of matt barkley but he has looked sharp tonight. Of course it doesn't help that Oregon doesn't like to play defense. In big games oregons defense can't find the bus to the stadium.


I have to agree with you on Barkley. The more I see of him, the more I like.

I think he's the best QB to come out of USC in years(including the hot dog sucking sancheezebag!).

(Speaking of Barkley, he got another TD as I typed this)

Anyways, Barkley has continued to impress more and more, even though I started out TRYING NOT to like him. USC QB's always seem to underachieve, so I had/have a bias right of the bat. Having said that, Barkley is slowly making a beleiver out of me.

WOW Odin agreeing with Fin4 Life. Big surprise there huh.


Your an idiot!!!!!


I had the same bias towards him but in watching him I love the decision making, especially when they try and get after him with the blitz, he`s got alot of poise and has already made a believer of me.

RG III would look real nice in a dolphins jersey, can make all the throws and unlike a lot of QB's who are fast as heck, he always extends the play to pass first.

The one thing that scares me watching the USC game is that Kahlil is a beast and if Ross were to keep Ireland while firing Sparano, then I could imagine the Fins on the clock with both Kahlil and Barkley on the board still and then Goodell stepping to the podium, were all giving high fives and what not and the Goodell says, "With the __ pick of the 2012 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select Matt Kahlil" The largest collective sceams in history of NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! All over Miami can be heard, a shot of the fans at Davie puking all over the place and then Ireland smugly telling the ESPN crew that he had just soidified his OL for our power running game for the next decade!!


I`m watching that game as well and he definitly looks better to me than hype machine L.Jones but I like Barkley a little more at this point.

Yeah, Coalition(better known as "The Blog Hit Troll"), got me all bent out of shape for awhile there.

He posted that my Oldest Son deserved to die because he Proudly Served(two stints) in Iraq and Afghanistan(with MULTIPLE HONORS!).

He then kept going on and on about the story he twisted and made up where I took my kid hunting while shooting up Morphine.

He usually doesn't get to me because he such a pitiful excuse of a WASTED LIFE(Literally).

Anywhoo.......when he was posting about my Kids and constantly stalking/harassing, I temporarily let it get to me.

So, if I seemed of the hook or was short with any of the real bloggers, my sincere apologies.


You should BAN Mario's Boonga from your Kool-Low! You prolly be a lot more happy(and not as sore ;)

Fin4 @ 11:09,

Funny or NOT, don't even type that!

I would definitely end up in Prison for LIFE!

Then again, the Judge would probably show some mercy and consider Ireland's death JUSTIFIABLE Homicide-LOL!


Agreed... that shmyt isn't even funny to think about.

I think I spoke too soon in my slight praise of matt barkley the 4th quarter of this game he's doing his best chad henne impersonation.

odin @11:21,

I don`t know if I should laugh or shudder at the thought, think the judge would probably find you innocent when you mount your defense though, LMFAO!!

He posted that my Oldest Son deserved to die because he Proudly Served(two stints) in Iraq and Afghanistan(with MULTIPLE HONORS!).


If this is true then he`s a traitor!! You should probably foward that to Homeland security.

Yea well, I'm not normally thought of as........NORMAL!

I have an unusual physiology(OCD, severe ADHD). Opiates hit me like Crack Rocks hit Michael Irvin and Dez Bryants Momma!

I can't even think about doing the Cocaine(thank god)it always ends with tazzers, handcuffs and pyschological evaluations.

AwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight Morph.....I mean.......MIAMI!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:01 PM

Yeah, yeah, YEAH!

It's a good day to be a Dolphins Fan!

School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

A Little blast from the past. Odin Get a Job,A Shower, And Rehab.

And Odin, I Never said that about your son, He is a true hero, Coming from a Hippie like yourself is nothing short of amazing., Did you get a blood test to prove he's your son?

RGIII I'M SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight's performance is the kind of performance I've been looking for from RGIII to sell me.

Over 400yds, 3tds, including a 69 and 87yarder. Win or lose, after tonight I'm completely sold!

I`m watching Stanford Vs. Cal now.

RGIII also had a td called back and one dropped!


Seems Luck has been a little stale since the USC win.


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