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Dolphins sign Shayne Graham to fill in for Carpenter

The Dolphins will announce in the coming minutes that they have signed former Cinncinati kicker
Shayne Graham.

Graham will fill in on Sunday for Dan Carpenter, who is battling a groin injury that will prevent him from playing against the Buffalo Bills. Graham is in his 11th NFL season. He kicked seven seasons with Cincinnati and most recently was with the New England Patriots.

Graham was 12 of 12 on field goals and 35 if 37 on extra points for the Patriots last season. He is, by the way, a field goal kicker of high regard. His kickoffs?

Not exactly a boomer. But you must remember he'll be kicking from 5 yards closer than he has previously in his career so the issue is mitigated.


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Geeezze.. You guys still up and at it...

It's Sunday and you need to recharge your batteries for all the Sunday ONLY bloggers who come on here and attack the regulars.

Now go eat some oats and get ready...

Catch you during the game.

Yup. With the loss of Carpenter you would have expected that the odds would have gone down against us. Not so. We are now favored in many books to win not by 2, but by 3.(means LV, for some reason, was toying with us and if Carpenter had not been hurt we would have won by at least 5).(it could also mean that a key player for Buffalo, who was questionable, will not play).

Stop lying mike, if I didn't post here, you'd be on the SS. Mando secrets eggs me on (brings him more hits).

But like NY "G" said, it's game time! Time for Dansby to walk the walk. Ditto Davis. Miami can take Buffalo for granted if they want, but last I checked WE were the team with 2 wins and a backup QB (was I misled?).

Craig M

Care to take a wild guess which QB is starting for the Eagles today? It's that guy you laughed at and ridiculed for being listed as 3rd string even though he had only been on the team for two weeks at the time. Well guess what, he is now starting.

Raise your hand high now and admit VY must have done something worthwhile to move into the #2 spot. Can you? Nah, you'll twist your words in the wind before admitting anything.

Here's a stat for you: Young was 30-17 as a starter and went to two Pro Bowls in five seasons with the Tennessee Titans.

But I know, you wanted Kyle Orton. Hahahahaha.

Tabasco Red or Green for you?

Everybody chant RG3 at the draft!! this guy has the unique skill to be a dangerous QB in the league. With some fine tuning he's has the ability to throw from the pocket or use his legs.

2012 Draft Go Get RG3!!!

Luck looked great again last night but were not gettong him, those SOB's Colts are tanking the season.

RG3! Dolphins first round pick!

does this mean David Nelson is out for real oscar, or is that unconfirmed information?

Spiderman, I'm liking him more and more too. Plus, if we keep winning, I think he's more likely to slip down than the other QBs (Barkley, Jones). So, might just work to our favor.

This game will be a very important test to see if we are a good team, improving, or just a bad team not improving. If we win convincingly, we are an improving team. If we lose, we are not an improving team.

I am torn because I want to see an improving team but also I stroke my noodle every night thinking about Luck and Luck and Luck while sucking my thumb too.

More blah blah blah to follow after I carefully analyze my anus.

oh, look who it is. That poor soul I demoralized with my acid tongue. Still sting's, huh DC? lol, LOSER!

You know what I'm talking about DilDoid, that day I broke you with my post, shamed you to the community, that changed you into the troll you've become today, with your burning desire for payback. It's a lingering sting, an unhealing bruise to your soul.

So, anyway, in the spirit of Thansgiving, I want you to know someone understands you. It's almost like the sensation some family members feel when speaking to the murder of their loved one. It's a sense of closure.

I'm here for you DilDoid. Let's talk it out.

Keys to the Game:
- Does Bush continue his big play"ability"?
- No Turnovers by Moore
- Front 7 shutting down Jackson (make Fitzpatrick beat you)

DilDoid, come on. There's no one else around. Let's discuss this game.

I don't know who David Nelson is, DC. It's just analysis on my part on LV moves. We'll see pretty soon.

DilDoid, I can't have a conversation with myself dude, let's discuss.

oscar, David Nelson is the Buffalo WR. He's questionable with an injury.

This just in, rg3 is good, real good. Wasn't sold on him up until Nos but he was unreal against a top college team. Looks more and more like Landry may stay in school.

It's unreal the amount of injuries to key players that Buffalo has had. But good Coaches somehow overcome adversity and I believe Chan Gailey is one of them. There can't be a 4th Qt letdown by us or we'll lose the Game.

Here we go! Mark is wavering from his old mancrush Matt "Chad Henne" Flynn.

Miami solidifying behind drafting a first-round QB!!!

It might possibly happen, for only 2nd time in our lives!!!!

With just two wins against questionable competition who knows where were at?

If we get on a 3 game win streak(doubling last seasons home wins-lol) I'll start beleiving maybe SpOrano hasn't lost the Locker Room.

I don't want to be called a fencesitter (by kris). Therefore, I'm saying this in blue so you can look it up anytime you want.

If I'm the GM, in the 2012 Draft,

if we had pick #1, I would choose: QUARTERBACK
if we had pick #31, I would choose: QUARTERBACK

Any questions?

Can there be a question in anybody's mind(including Ireland) that we are going to draft QB with our first pick next year? The question is which. My pick right now would be Weeden, but it's early and things can change.(also have to consider Devlin's development, if any).

lets hope this game does not come down to a last second field goal!!!

that guy chokes!!

No, Pastor, but I feel for all those People that have $ invested in the stock market.

I would be happy if the phins got any of these guys in the draft.

There is going to be a BUFFET OF QB to draft in 2012. I just hope they pick the right one. GOOOOO BILLS!!!

Luck is head and shoulders above all the other QB's in next year's Draft and would be a great fit for this Team. But, how do we land him if we keep on winning? We don't want to lose and we need to see where we are as a Team as compared to the rest of the League. Hmm..

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