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Dolphins vs Redskins will be on TV

The Dolphins want you at Sun Life Stadium on Sunday.

But if you can't make it, you'll still be able to watch them on television even if you're a South Florida resident and subject to NFL blackout restrictions.

The team, along with help from WSVN Channel 7 in South Florida, are again guaranteeing the sellout of Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins. The club previously guaranteed sellout versus Houston and Denver.

That means Sunday's game will be televised and the streak of consecutive sellouts, which dates back to October 1998, will continue despite a 1-7 record.

Tickets for the game, meanwhile, remain on sale.

Sunday's game will honor the military and their families. Unused tickets will be used for the military and to reward season ticket holders. The Dolphins will distribute the allotment of unused tickets on a complimentary basis to the military and members of the Disabled American Veterans.


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There was one member of the debate last night the sounded like he truly understood the issues and that was Jon Huntsman.


From McCall . com:

The investigation into the alleged sexual abuse of children by retired Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky began in 2009 with the first report of allegations to law enforcement. But allegations and eyewitness accounts, some known to university officials, date back as far as 1994.

That's 1994! WTF!

Google: grand jury testimony sandusky

It's un FVCKING believeable who knew what and when!

Sandusky was bringing in tons of money through boosters and his "SecondMile" program for underprivilaged kids. I hate to say it, but by reading the Grand Jury Testimony it looks like greed and money(no to mention prestiege)played a big role in people turning a blind eye to Sandusky's "activities" with children.

It's a FVCKING horror story!!!!

I see Henne battling with Tyrod Taylor for back up QB duties in Baltimore next year.

You heard it here first-Book It!!!!

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