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Dolphins win second straight, this one at home

The last time the Dolphins won a home game was Nov. 14, 2010 -- before today, that is.

The Dolphins broke their nearly yearlong home drought by beating the Washington Redskins 20-9 today. This game proved not every former University of Florida quarterback that comes to Sun Life Stadium is treated warmly.

The Dolphins made Rex Grossman look bad. Really bad. He was held to 21 completions on 32 attempts for 215 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions.

This was the second consecutive week the Miami defense kept the opponent from scoring a touchdown. Karlos Dansby had a great game. He had a sack. He had an interception. He had the first tackle of the game and the final tackle of the game.

The Miami offense did solid enough work. Miami sandwiched three Dan Carpenter field goals between two Reggie Bush touchdowns runs -- one in the first quarter, the other in the fourth quarter.

The Dolphins now have two victories. They join Minnesota and Carolina as two-win teams. The Colts remain winless. The Rams have one victory.


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I'm back.

We're least penalized team in NFL. Is that considered disciplined!?

Posted by: robbyhernz | November 13, 2011 at 03:54 PM

Is that some type of consolation prize for NOT WINNING.....

I used to have to hear that CRAP during the 80's and 90's when SHULA was NOT wining championships.....

I will defeat you YEAH!

Two weeks it feels good to be a Dolphins fan. I loved what Marshall, Moore, Fasano and Bush did for us today!

I've never been on the "S4L" bandwagon, I believe in winning now and fixing your team during the offseason.

So congrats to the Fins, Sparano, and I hope the home crowd enjoyed that beatdown the Dolphins just administered.

With the Bills getting crushed by the Cowboys today, do we have a chance to run it to 3 games...?? Can't wait!

Thats another ruined Sunday, only consolation is this will be the last game this team wins this season before the renovations take place!!!

Yeah! 101
Soiled 2

Yeah! 101
Soiled 2

Posted by: Referee | November 13, 2011 at 04:02 PM


YEAH! = Dolf Lundgren

Me = Sly Stallone

YEAH! always wins because he's on steroids

unreal so dumb, had it with this bs. falling out of the top 5 in draft now

Not at all Kris, just pointing out they are disciplined in some ways.. Tryin to keep u positive after a W.

Posted by: robbyhernz | November 13, 2011 at 04:00 PM


I feel like a dik now.......I apologize.....perhaps my comments....while accurate were over the top and dripping with sarcasm.....

You were the better man on that exchange....

Who are those guys in the white uniforms, and what did they do with the REAL Dolphins! Just kidding... great W today! Hopefully we'll keep things going against a suddenly beatable Bills team!

Congratulatins to the Phins!

Bottom line, this team is still a wreck though. Sparano and his merry band of fist pumpers have to go.

There seem to be as many people here that want the Dolphins to lose, like dusty, soiled, yesterday, kris, as those of us that want them to win. Just like at the Stadium.

Bills got their butts whooped.....darn.....

Matt Moore actually had a decent finish. Completing 20-29 212yds for 68% accuracy. Dolphins also were 9-14 on 3rd downs(60%) and 2-2 onb 4th downs(100%).

The defense limited the Skins to 5-14 3rd down conversions(36% and no tds). Great bend dont break job by the D.

Rams have two wins as well yeah?


Find ONE POST....where i have said I want the Dolphins to LOSE....

When you DON'T find it......

Be man enough to come back on here and apologize......and then keep my name off your key pad....

Dolphins ground game also churned out a respectable 106yds on the ground. A well rounded and satisfying victory today!

Don't want to hear anymore about Luck the Colts have sealed it.

I am happy for my fellow Dolphin fans that want or need for the Miami Dolphins to win today.

But in the long run this win is just another step towards mediocracy or worse we have been stuck in for at least the last decade and a half

All good kris

Forget Luck who's our next coach?


Beating the Redskins at this stage of the season is about as eventful as the bye week.

exactly soiled, and smart seasoned fans know this. pathetic


This qb class is deep enough to grab a very good 1st rd qb even if we miraculously won our final 8 games((9-7). Plus, right now Matt Moore's playing well enough to groom that 1st rd rookie qb for at least a season.

Worst case scenario all is not lost.

Listen folks, the day we have teams playing to lose in the NFL ( no matter what the benefit) is the day the NFL is over as a competive sport. The notion is shameful, dishonorable, and beyond thinkable to anyone who has a shred of moral decency.

If you are not playing to win, you are a fraud, plain and simple.

Any Fair Weather Fans around here? Probably.

bs yesterday, what draft another henne. jones barkley luck should be the choice but we really messed up our draft pos today

Ok as of this moment we are 2-7 and locked up with Seattle, Minnesota, Carolina and St Louis so potentially 2nd or 5th overall if the season ends today, 1 more win and we join another 4 teams on 3 wins, mediocrity is calling, you guys who just want wins at all costs beware what you wish for!!!
And please, no more Sparano and Moore could be the future for this team, seriously guys!!!

Good game Miami. We suck for luck no longer.

Yesterday you are seriously deluded, do you not see the same old crap happening again and again. I suppose you see us settling for Weedon with all his stats he has to be a steal for us...........errrrrm no!!!!
Theres a reason he is not rated as high as Barkley, Luck and Jones plus hes like, 28 years old or something.
We win one more game and we're screwed!!! Fortunately that shouldnt happen but the gods of mediocrity are cruel and love our Dolphins.
I can just see Ross drafting Sparanos contract extension now

Mags, u truly, honestly believe Fins won't win another game? U rather ur team hang it up like a bunch of sissies (Colts)? Is that advice you'd give to a son?

You gang of defeat better pray that Miami loses another Game, cause until then, we are going to be riding your tails.

well, the `fans' can't make the team lose, so any discussion of the dolphins falling in draft position and moving toward mediocrity is moot.

Yeah Matt Moore looks like a decent mentor/back up for our new franchise QB. And LUCKY for us, there are a slew of potential franchise QB's coming out.

We don't suck enough for Luck, but we gotta keep the faith.

Better times are ahead!

Good game Miami. We suck for luck no longer.

Posted by: klndry

And thats good because?........


Seasoned smart football fans know the drop after Luck and the rest of the field of at least 5-6 college qb's isnt that great. Luck's the only qb tabbed to unequivocally be a day one starter. Barkley or Landry, you may can make them 1st yr starters if you have no other recourse. But they maybe best served to sit and learn for a season too.

What many arent seeing is with Peyton Manning coming back. The Colts are the only team in the running for Luck that doesnt need a day one starting qb. The Colts have the luxury none of the others team have of trading down, still drafting a premium 1st rd rookie qb, and letting him sit behind and be properly groomed by Manning.

So if we sit firmly within the top 10 2012 draft order. The chance to trade up with the Colts could be one that's absolutely on the table. I would not totally discount this just yet.

Manning has at least 3 great years left in him. The Colts shouldnt totally discount that either.

I agree theres more then just Andrew Luck that have the potential to be good or great at the NFL level comming out this year.

I dont dislike the Miami players and wish for them to fail....but I do dislike the what Bill Parcells has implemented with his choices.

That is why I want them to fail now....so we can have a better future tomorrow....hopefully


Soiled :)

in any case, there was no way miami was going winless, and realistically, they may not even draft in the top 5. the fact that it took this long to look decent falls on the coaching staff and gm.


Every season playoff bound teams rest their starters (play not to win) and let other teams win that normally wouldn't have. One of many examples, the only way the Jets got in two years ago was because Indy sat Peyton for no good reason other than to rest him.

The integrity of the NFL is long gone.

Stupid stupid stupid. We are officially going to suck next year too.

Losing on purpose is the argument of a loser.

Around and around the merry go round goes. Where she stops nobody knows.

Geesh, its only week 10 and some of you are jumping from the ledge already. Lets at least wait until around week 16 when we all have a better idea of how this qb matter plays out.

Step away from the ledge and everything will be ok. Geesh!

Do they just not understand the fact that the team needs more talent?? Why screw the draft up?! This week and last week were a complete waste of time.

Robby, the Colts have been Superbowl winners, runners up in numerous AFC divisional title games the last 10 years and they play it smart and suck it up for one season and theyre set for the next 10 years, so yes sometimes its smart to lose instead of wallowing in mediocrity. Sorry bud but I dont do average and I wouldnt advise any son of mine to either.
You my friend are exactly the guy who will be saying, Sparano is the coach and Moore can lead us to the promised land and then next season be saying oh well maybe next year.
I for one would like the Dolphins to be great again before I die, not average, great!!!

So much for that incredible offense Miami showed last week... after reading the posts here you thought Miami was an offensive juggernaut.

This week Miami averaged 2.8 yards a rush and that incredible QB Matt Moore was able to display an incredible passing game by averaging 6.8 yards a throw - slightly more than you get by pitching the ball - and managed an interception and no td's. Yep, all those geniuses who claimed he was our franchise QB for the next 5 years were right on the money.

The only thing the Dolphins are managing to do is screw up any hope for the draft.

dont worry about that, we are def getting a whole new coaching staff. worry about dropping down to 7 or 8 in the draft

i will say this, the colts have laid down. with time getting short and down two scores, reggie wayne did not even attempt to get out of bounds on a short pass. the question is, is it plausible to think that polian is instructing the players to lose on purpose? it seems far-fetched, especially given that manning is hanging around the locker room.

I think the Fins are one of those teams that were seriously affected by the lockout. Sparano's light weight practices probably compounded the problem and the new additions did not have enough time to gel. This defense is playing lights out since Dansby and Burnett figured out how to play together. Odrick keeps improving and Moore will be a superb backup for years to come. In hindsight we all could be "experts" and claim we can do a better job than Ireland. So ok his record is not perfect (picking Thomas over Murray while sacrificing a pick is an example). But his job, esp since Tuna left does not look as bad now. We definitely need a new HC but would not be overly upset if Ireland stays although I see the need for a complete overhaul and a new start (hopefully they do not go full retard like the Marlins did!).

Not only have we lost the opportunity to draft Luck, but now are #6, and lost Landry too. I guess we will have to draft another offensive line man?

Just dont be surprised if the Colts, should they win 1st overall pick, trade it down a few spots. Im sure to move up even 4-5 spots someone will offer a 1st rd pick. Maybe even us.

Colts still have 3-4yrs of qb greatness left in Manning. They would be crazy to piss it away and piss away 3-4yrs of using Luck to boot. They could easily take Barkley, Jones, or any other top 3-4 rated draft qb and properly groom him 3-4yrs behind Manning.

Yesterday I really pray you are right but honestly, have you ever seen any Miami FO that agressive on draft day.......

yesterday's gone,

yes, but all this assumes that manning will return to his former self. no one knows how a nerve will regenerate. the colts know this, and that is why they will take luck as an insurance policy.

The one thing I pray is that Luck take a good luck at how the Colts have mailed it in and refuses to play for them, now that would be sweet!!!!

Mags, you're right. I'll sit my son right now and tell him to always give his all and play with heart

Dam, my big speech to mags was cut-off!! Hate it when that happens!

Theres nothing wrong with that Robby, I'm just frustrated and so sick of us being irrelevant and mediocre.

I know I maybe in large minority even among many experts. But I do not believe the Colts will draft Luck.

If they go 0-16 that suggests they need to increase thier opportunity to add more talent than just at the qb position. Trading down 4-7 spots, still getting thier qb future and an extra #1 draft pick to boot.

Peyton Manning represents thier best chance to reach a SB in the near future, not Andrew Luck. Plus Luck doesnt come with a moneyback guarantee of doing squat!

lol at Robby, yeah me too!!!

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