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Dolphins win second straight, this one at home

The last time the Dolphins won a home game was Nov. 14, 2010 -- before today, that is.

The Dolphins broke their nearly yearlong home drought by beating the Washington Redskins 20-9 today. This game proved not every former University of Florida quarterback that comes to Sun Life Stadium is treated warmly.

The Dolphins made Rex Grossman look bad. Really bad. He was held to 21 completions on 32 attempts for 215 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions.

This was the second consecutive week the Miami defense kept the opponent from scoring a touchdown. Karlos Dansby had a great game. He had a sack. He had an interception. He had the first tackle of the game and the final tackle of the game.

The Miami offense did solid enough work. Miami sandwiched three Dan Carpenter field goals between two Reggie Bush touchdowns runs -- one in the first quarter, the other in the fourth quarter.

The Dolphins now have two victories. They join Minnesota and Carolina as two-win teams. The Colts remain winless. The Rams have one victory.


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I live in Orlando and the Colts vs Jags game was on TV. I was watching the game and rooting for the colts to win so we can keep pace with them. They are really awful. They are hands down going to run away with the #1 pick.

Consider this: if the Dolphins had simply managed to hold onto fourth-quarter leads against the Browns, Broncos and Giants, they'd be 5-4 and riding a four-game winning streak right now...

I firmly believe, and I watch the fins week in week out even when I lived in the UK, that this team is going to be good to great next year with new coaching, Jones or Barkley at QB and a few more roster additions, they have so much untapped talent. Marshall and Bush are carrying this team at the mo with average QB play, imagine what they can do with good to great Qb play and a new coach who doesnt coach to lose, waste timeouts etc.
Thats my realistic vision for 2012 and beyond

yesterday manning will be released. a 36 year old with nerve damage in his neck, pretty easy decision to draft luck and move on to 15 more years of greatness, must be nice

yesterday's gone,

Do you honestly think that Patten Manning will be a Colt next season?

Manning will not groom Luck. If Luck is the #1 he is not going to want to go to a team and sit on the bench, ESPECIALLY for 3 -4 years.

If you, havent already, watch that kid play as he is going to be an immediate impact on whatever NFL team gets him. (Never a guarantee) but as close as you can get to one.

Here is what i think will happen with Manning. He will ask to be traded if they choose Luck. Manning is NOT going to be part of ANY QB crap when he has a bad game and the fans, (just like all of us) start doing a Tebow on him.

I want them to lose so we can have a future, this team, which struggled today against an awful opponent, ain't it.

Saints 26 Falcons 23. Again Matt Ryan fails to beat another top tier qb.

You cant blame it on not being surrounded by premium talent either. For some reason Ryan consistently comes up short when facing top 5 nfl qb's.


This is what happens if the Colts draft Luck:

1. Peyton will be pissed.
2. Peyton will use no-trade clause in his huge contract.
3. This forces Colts to play and or pay Manning
4. If they cut him they are still on the hook for his huge contract and get nothing in return.

So, if the Colts draft Luck, expect for things to get very ugly before its over. Im sure Manning has a no-trade clause because all of the mega-stars always do. They have power veto in any trade.

Still, in the Colts situation, should they have 1st overall pick. A lot will ride on how doctors access Peyton's shoulder is doing come April 2012 when the draft occurs.

If its a successful doctors report at that time no way do I see them drafting Luck. They'll take a #1 qb to be Manning's successor. But it may be in thier best interests to trade down a little bit in doing it.

yesterday's gone,

Yeah, I agree it will get ugly and kind of brings me to what dusty bottoms said also which is will he be able to play, especially with that neck injury.

Look at Alex Smith. Losing attitude, bad numbers, on the brink of being benched or traded. Now, new coaching, new attitude, new leadership + winning. You whining "oh we need to lose" people need to get a grip. You don't instill a winning feeling by losing. You have people on this team that will be here next year. You can't replace the whole team. So, you're going to tell them to lose? Get real. We need new leadership, new philosophy, not a messiah quarterback. That person will come. So will the quarterback.

Go Dolphins. Play to win all the time, every time.

Real G, nice post but my question to your last sentance is how and when!!!!!

all the time...you play to win all the time. How? That's the job of leadership, which as I pointed out, we need.

Real G, I dont know about you but I'd like to see that happen next season, if we keep winning this season that just gets harder and harder to see.
I predicted 4 wins this season when I realised the QB thing wasnt going to be solved.

Of the teams we have left to play, all are fighting for the playoffs. We've beaten 2 really poor teams, Buffalo will be fired up after that hammering next week, Oakland will have Carson Palmer more in the groove, Dallas will eat us alive as will the Eagles, dont let the loss to Arizona fool you.
This team will be good next year, mark my words but Sparano needs to go and we need a QB in the draft named Barkley or Jones or Luck in a blockbuster trade somehow.

Moore made Henne look like a hero today.3 ints, 3 more fumbles. Carefull what you wish for... The other guys played well!!!!!

sorry G, I didnt make it clear, where is this new leadershipand Qb coming from if we manage to win a few more games?

Stupid stupid stupid. Another wasted dolphin effort. All we accomplished is confirming we will suck next year too. We can start thinkng about the great OL or TE we draft in April now that we've screwed our draft up

Mags it's coming frim they are tired from losing and mostly they are playing for their pride!

S4L Sux...If you a true fan, you always have to be rooting for wins. and Luck did not look so great yesterday. Not Only Did Oregon's QB play better but Luck ended the game by throwing that interception for the loss. This against an Oregon team with less overall talent than the red Birdies at stanford.
Remember Brady was a 6th rounder

Peyton manning will b a dolphin next year

It seems that, when the Dolphins really have a chance for success (like drafting the best college quarterback since Peyton Manning) they really nut it up and start winning! It goes to show that a 2-7 team really understands success!

How pathetic.

Everybody realizes that Dolphins victories, for this season, are more about draft spots and soothing the fragile egos that won't be around next year...everybody understands that, yes?!?

Andrew Luck is on a team playing with tight ends and possession receivers, they are college football's 3rd highest scoring offense. I'm on the west coast, been watching him for three years. He'll look great in Indy.

Damn Dolphins

You guys talking about the same guy that got outplayed by Oregons QB last night? Just checking.

Hahahahaha -- now we're "good". Can't fire Sparano, can't fire Ireland, can't replace Moore, can't trade Marshall, Bush is our every-down back, & Dansby is now the "Best Linebacker in the League". Nothing is ever going to change. 4-12? 5-11? At best that'll be good enough for us to draft a replacement for Colombo.

Ryan Fitzpatrick's nice, new, franchise contract isn't looking so good 3 weeks after he signed it. He's kind of reverted back to.....Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Not to say that he won't carve up the Dolphins (can't stop a 10 yard in-pattern defense)next week, but its the risk you take when a scrappy, journeyman type goes on a hot streak. Not everyone turns out to be Rich Gannon or Kurt Warner, toiling in anonymity prior to their big break.

So anyone getting excited about Matt Moore, just pray the Dolphins don't play themselves out of the quarterback derby in April.

Ross is really kicking himself in the ass now, not be able to seal the deal with harbaugh. He better get it done this time around. How can anyone feel good about being a dolphins fan when they have two wins? Come on man.

Fu#k peyton manning. He is done. That would be stupid!

You so-called Dolphin fans give yourselves way too much credit. These players are playing hard, tough ball and layed it out there today. This was the type of game we would have lost earlier in the year and they came through!
Enough SforL, win now and make the best of the cards dealt next year.
Go find a new team if you are rooting for the Fins to lose!

Huh, neither St Louis nor Carolina will be looking for a QB in the 1st round. Might the fish actually get decent value QB w/ their 1st pick? Wouldn't want Landry Jones at no. 2 overall

you people are real idiots, Matt Moore, really??? first of Henne still has more TD's and more yardage in his three starts then Moore has in his 6 YES 6. avgaing 200 yrds a game wow......if you want to know why we are winning now its simple...our schedule is much easier and our O-LINE IS FINNALY MESHING..IF HENNE WAS PLAYING YOU WOULD SEE DOUBLE THE YARDAGE AND TDS

Matt Barley is gonna be the better qb of the two between luck and himself. All of you listin to everything you hear. Look at the tape barley is just as good. He also is in a mess rite now called USC but he is keeping his teammates and himself on the rite track. He has had huge expectations on him since high school and hasn't let it slow him down. Andrew Luck is a product of the strings his daddy can pull for him. the fins get luck and will suck with luck get Barkley and get back to where this team belongs.

Great Job Sparano and Dolphins that's 2 BIG wins! Keep it up!!! BTW, to all you fake ass so called Dolphins fans that want them to loose for.. Luck Sucked Saturday night and HE lost! ( Hey, let's loose the rest of the season so we can waste a 1st round draft pick on a overhyped, overrated, unproven QB ) Just Sayin' Go Dolphins!!! Bring on the Bills...

Sorry g, you are the idiot. Moore is better than henne will ever be!

Go for 3 in a row....

I just dont understand what you all think these meaningless wins are accomplishing? Luck or not, we need the best player we can get. All we are doing is falling down the draft board and ensuring a bad season next year too.

blow for barkley it is now!

Winning games and playing spoiler ARE worth it even now. Number 1 pick was always out of the question there are waaaaaay worse teams than the fins. That being said trading up to get Luck isn't out of question depending on Mannings' health. There will be first round caliber QBs on the board regardless of where we pick in round 1. Luck is clearly everyone's favorite but I don't put much stock in what the "experts" say. Did anyone see Andy Dalton from TCU doing what he has done in year one? Answer NO. Bottom line this is the deepest draft in years with regards to QB, and whether it's a guy ready to start right away or not the position will be addressed. Look at the numbers folks, Lucks' numbers arent glaringly better than Robert Griffin, Landry Jones and Matt Barkeley. One of them if not all of them will fall to us.

I suppose a win home will thrill the 5 thousand or so who showed up to watch this mess, but to me it was a lose. When a crappy team beats a crappy team by "not much" you have to believe the Dolphins were lucky. Defense played pretty good, but the offense went into their hole again as usual. The Dolphin need to know one word.
Consistence. 2-7 aint consistant. Well, consistantly bad?

I think S4L fans are nuts. Football teams are not just quarterbacks. There are plenty of teams with amazing QBs that still suck. The Colts would still be a losing team this year even if Peyton were around. The rebuilding effort starts now with these players getting it together and learning to play well as a team.

Daboll is finally learning how to use reggie. Our D is finally starting to play more like it did last year- coming up with big sacks and picks. Marshall is playing better (although he never seems to understand which direction he's running in), and fasano is a gem.

There are some very urgent needs. But those can still be filled even with a couple wins. We'll still get a good QB in the draft, and Moore has been good enough to mentor (i don't care what anyone says about henne being better- statistics aren't the whole story- not being a scared loser is).

We need a new FO. MUST replace Columbo- worst player in the NFL. Nolan Carrol is awful. RBs need to learn pass protection. Hopefully Thomas will start playing better again.

start improving now- we'll be better next year. keep sucking now- it will only take longer- luck or not.

When we beat the bills next sunday I dont know if I will be happier about another win,or happier that the suck for luck group will still be whining.GO DOLPHINS GO....BEAT THE BILLS...3 IN A ROW..GO GO GO.......Seriously if you root for the bills to beat the dolphins,then you need to pack your bags and root for them some place else.you probably thought dan marino was a 1st round pick.lol

mag your a very sallow little sad man, i would feel soory for you but it would be a waste of time your so worried abut whats not to enjoy what is , sad sad little man
GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Marino was a first round pick you moron. 27th overall. Marino is proof however along with many others that having the top dog in the draft race isn't always your best bet. I would argue its highly more likely that either Jones, Griffin or Barkeley will have more success in the NFL.

I'll NEVER jump on the "Suck For Luck" train.


We are STUPID we a capital S......here we have a chance to draft an early FRANCHISE QB possibly one of the BEST 3 available and we will end up winning say 4 or 5 MEANINGLESS games and end up in medicre land again....

If I was ROSS I would be having private conversations ensuring we get to pick VERY VERY early....its LUCK or LANDRY or Barkley....we MUST get one of these....30 years of wallowing in mediocrity demands it...

And NO..!....Moore and Sparno are NOT the future....wake up

Hmmm. What's Tim Tebow's record?

And what's the "great" Cam Newton's record again?

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