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Earth to Dolphins: Let's be realistic, honest

A quick survey of the Dolphins locker room these days gives you an interesting perspective of the players' world versus the real world.

In the players' world, this team is much better than its record. This team is truly gifted. This team has the horses to compete with anyone. In the players' world, the season still offers some grand opportunities and, depending on whom you ask, the Dolphins still have a chance at the playoffs -- it's the "We're not out of it until we're out of it" mentality.

You have to take some of this in stride. I love an optimist as much as anyone. I admire men who fight to the last bullet and then, lacking ammo, throw the gun at the opponent. I will never criticize the idea that until the math says otherwise, any reach at extending the season is possible.

But I draw the line at cross-eyed analysis of what is otherwise a very clear picture.

On Monday I heard Davone Bess say the Dolphins "can play with upper-tier teams." His suggestion is that Miami is every bit the equal of those teams.

Well, that is simply not true.

The Dolphins have not beaten a winning team this year. The Chiefs, Bills, and Redskins -- the teams Miami has beaten -- are all under .500. Overall, the Dolphins are 3-2 against teams that are under .500.

And the Dolphins are 0-6 against teams currently at .500 or better.

Miami has five games left, with three of those -- Sunday versus Oakland, at New England and the Jets in the finale -- against teams that are over .500. The Eagles and Bills are currently under .500 so one assumes Miami has a good chance of actually winning in those games given the season's trend.

Talk to other players and the common thinking in the locker room is there is lots of talent in there. I had a very enlightening sit-down with Brandon Marshall a few weeks back and one part of the conversation that was not published was our exchange about the talent on the team.

I told him flatly, that the team doesn't have enough talent.

"I don't agree with you," he said. "We have ballers in there. I look at all that talent and talent isn't the problem. We're just not executing."

Marshall and I had to agree to disagree on the topic because while the Dolphins do have ballers -- Jake Long, Marshall, Yeremiah Bell, Bess usually, Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby among them -- they don't have enough ballers. They don't have consistent ballers. And they don't have ballers in all the right places.

They don't have ballers in positions that make a big difference -- such as OLB, WR, KOR, FS, PR, QB, and RB.

They have solid players at TE, CB and DE, but none of those guys have proven to be difference-makers (Jared Odrick has potential, so the jury is still out there and I still have not given up on Vontae Davis).

So "all that talent" talk is relative. There is talent.

But it's not busting out the seams of the locker room. Dolphins coaches didn't pound their heads on desks in disgust, knowing good players were about to be let go, when they needed to make roster cuts. There hasn't been a big number of players that have left Miami this year and gone on to grand accomplishments with other teams.

So that abundance of talent is a myth.

Quick, name me which offensive players on the Dolphins would start on the Patriots? Marshall. Long. Mike Pouncey. That's it.

The Patriots, meanwhile, have eight players that would start on the Miami offense. That's the talent gulf between the teams on offense.

The Jets?

Marshall, Long, Incognito are the only Miami starters who would start tomorrow for New York. Sorry, Nick Mangold would start ahead of Pouncey and Matt Moore would not start ahead of Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is no prize. I'm not a fan. But he's more consistent than Moore.

This is not to put down Miami players.

I'm simply trying to be real here and not write about elves and unicorns.

The interesting thing I see in the Dolphins locker room is an attitude that I would expect in a college locker room. I see guys giggling about celebration dances. Really?

I don't see grown men understanding that they have issues and then talking seriously about those issues so that they can find solutions.

I don't hear players saying, "We need to fix what is obviously broken because we realize if we don't, we might not be around here next year."

I don't hear, "What has happened this year is unacceptable and I am making it my business to pick my personal game up the final five games so that I can be counted among players who are part of the solution rather than part of the problem."

I don't hear guys saying, "I am focused on playing at the top of my game the final five games, better than I've played at any portion of my career."

Last week, Clyde Gates told the Miami Herald he was "having fun" playing this year and seemed oblivious to the idea that he has been a non-factor on offense this year. I grant you he is a rookie, but, c'mon man! This is professional football. Stay at the facility an extra couple of hours and learn how to break down the opponent. Ask more questions so you can know what exactly you must work on. And stay on the field after practice and work on those things until you bully your way into some gameday snaps. December arrives tomorrow. Giddyup!

You know, the Dolphins coaching staff and personnel department talks about getting players with "the right makeup."

I grant you a never-say-die-attitude should be part of that right makeup. But a sober and stubborn desire to improve something that's obviously not right or good enough should also be part of that makeup.

And that means recognizing and then addressing those things that are messed up. That means not wasting time thinking that there is enough talent and the goal is still to make the playoffs when, in fact, every shred of tangible evidence says that's not reality.


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Food for thought. A top 15 qb adds at least 4 wins a year roughly. We see it time and again when a playoff team loses the qb and misses the playoffs. They go from about 11 to about 7 wins. If we add 4you wins to this team at the end of the year, you still have an average team. You go from about 5 wins to about 9. However, get a better coach and you add a win or two and now we're talking.

The point? We need to find that upper half qb and we need a better coach and GM combo.

DC, I disagree. I take peyton if we end up drafting out of range for a qb if healthy. He would make us an 11 win team with a new coach GM next year. We take a run for two years or so then blow it all up again. I'd be happy with that quick fix. And please do not compare peyton with Trent green and culpepper. So different.

1. Do you really think Mallett is a better gamble than RG or Barkley? I know there's a slight difference in price, but we are talking the "Big Picture". We will/should have a shot at either. We can't do both, so would you gamble on Mallett before the others?

2. Assuming you would, do you think it wise to do business with Bellicheat? I mean, beating us twice a year is pretty much one of his priorities. One thing for sure, trading for Mallett automatically helps the patriots, where Barkley and RG III don't.

You really think Mallett's worth all that?
Posted by: odinseye

Maybe we could trade our practice film for the last 4 years to get Mallett.

Armando, is it just me or does Armando seem to be ripping the team or a player in each of his blogs. Armando, dont be surprise if no player wants to talk to you and I hope you learn from your buddy Omar Kelly, these players will prob want to beat you up, be afraid!!

Speaking of Omar, he's jumped on this "hey, maybe Moore is the answer train ". Yikes, the whole state of Florida is infected. 3 games is not enough to hand the reins to someone with his track record. Haven't we learned nothing from the Buffalo bills and the Fitzpatrick fiasco? We won't know for sure about Moore until the end of next season. In the meantime, can't afford to wait, grab a qb in the first this year, PLEASE!

I am starting to like Ryan Tannehill and Nick Foles more and more. Maybe we could pull off a Bengals draft? Who knows but unless we trade up for Luck it really will be a crap shoot.

USC and short don't mix well for the Barkley choice. I know I know all about Drew Breeze but it is the combination of short and USC QB that scares me.

I've watched a whole lot of Jones from OU and I can tell you that even hard core OU fans don't like him.

Jim Mandich to be inducted into the honor roll.

Awwww Right Mad Dog!!!
Awwww Right Miami!!!

Russell Wilson, SR at the Univ of Wisconsin is the next Drew Brees...He's the same height and build as Brees and he was knocked because of his size....look at him now!

This kid is on pace to break every NCAA passing record, here is some recent press:

The impact senior quarterback Russell Wilson has had in his brief time with the University of Wisconsin football team extends far beyond the numbers.

But the numbers have become so mind-boggling, they are an important part of the remarkable story.

Quite simply, with two games remaining in the regular season, Wilson is putting together one of the most impressive seasons ever for a quarterback at the Football Bowl Subdivision level.

In 10 games, Wilson has set a school record for touchdown passes (25). He’s within two games of the NCAA record of 36 consecutive games with a touchdown pass. His completion percentage of .734 puts him within range of the Big Ten Conference record of .735 set by Northwestern’s Dan Persa last year. (The next two marks are held by former Badgers — Scott Tolzien, with a .729 mark in 2010, and Darrell Bevell’s .678 in 1993.)

Yet, one number that stands above the rest is his pass efficiency rating of 201.6. The NCAA record for single-season pass efficiency is 186.0 by Hawaii’s Colt Brennan in 2006 and Wilson is on pace to demolish it.

If this team played the Ravens or Packers right now they would be 20 point dogs. Maybe the organization doesnt know it but everyone else does.

And now the Jags are one step ahead of Miami in looking for a coach/GM

Mando, I don't buy that there are 7 players on the pats offense that would instantly start for miami. Brady is one. Maybe welker. I actually like Bess. Without brady welker is no better than bess. Gronkowski? yea mabye but I still think fasano is as good as gronkowski. Put fasano in brady's offens and he'll look better. Matt light? no I like long. Volmer? maybe but he's been playing like crap the last few weeks since he got back from injury.
Really the only player I would want from the pats offense is brady and maybe gronkowski.

true, miami should fire him now. youknow thats just false, vegas lines are usually close. even colts vs pats this week is 21. so no chance a ravens-fins game would be anymore than the 7 point favorites they are vs cleveland this week. most every nfl game is close, the good teams win those, the bad teams lose those. hell miami is 3-8 and last place but favored by 3 over a 7-4 and first place oakland team. home and road are so big in nfl

Texas, Barkley is listed at 6 2. Same as henne.

barkley looks very good.

Mark, of course I'm not comparing Peyton to Culpepper (as far as talent). I'm making the comparison of signing a FA who might be too injured to contribute. We can't afford to give up what it would take to get Peyton if Peyton is no longer Peyton (or if he wins us a few games then gets hit and is done for his career).

I don't think we'll be a SB team WITH Peyton next year, so to me, the risk is too great for the reward. I'd rather keep our picks, get a QB in the 1st round and shore up other needs with the rest of the Draft.

Now if Peyton is Drew Brees (sustained an injury and then he was never affected from it again) then of course, I consider it. But we probably won't know that much. Peyton won't play this year (don't think), and might not even practice. So that's taking a pretty big leap if you don't know for sure if he's fully healthy. AND it'll cost at LEAST 1, if not 2 #1 picks. I'm not willing to give that up for a few years at best of Peyton Manning.

But at least we found 1 thing to disagree about Mark. I guess we don't share the same brain after all!!

i understood dc

There appears to be a real lack of maturity and leadership on this team that allows players to be finding "silver linings" with a 3 and 8 record. Somebody should step up and let these guys know that they are under-performing and that they should stop being satisfied with mediocrity or they will be replaced. Since there isn't a player willing to take on this vocal leader role, the responsibility belongs to the head coach -- and that ain't happening either.


Russell Wilson has put up some impressive numbers sure. Have you watched him play? Wisconsin dominated lesser competition all season long with their running game and play action. When Wilson was forced to throw down field versus Michigan State and Nebraska he struggled. IMO he isn't a NFL QB. He is in a typical college system where he rolls out to one side and makes 1 read and fires to wide open guys off of play action. I don't see his game being NFL caliber. Again just my opinion.

Agreed DC, I only promote that move if healthy.

Fasano: gronkowski????? Wowow

Andy...Agreed he has not been as effective against stiffer competition...something good coaching can correct... but then again when Brees was at Purdue no one thought he would succeed in the NFL, let alone win the Superbowl.

I'm still a huge Luck fan and pray that the Colts go on a mini winning streak down the stretch to get us back in the hunt.

Mark, that is what USC lists him at but from what I've seen in the past the college listed height always seems to be an inch higher for some reason. Could be wrong and he is 6' 2" but I am thinking a little over 6' maybe 6' 1".


MARK.....I MUST SAY YOUR POSTS TODAY ARE GREAT .....................

Good job, Mando. Obviously as this blog posting painstakingly pointed out, some of the players need to get a reality check as well as some dolfans. They seem to still be in as deep denial as they were when PFT ranked the team 30th in the preseason and caused an uproar here.


I always was a Brees guy. He was in Joe Tiller's pass heavy offense and carried average Purdue teams. I wanted Miami to draft him but instead Wannstedt drafted Jamar Fletcher who not only sucked, was undersized and too slow all bad combinations for a cornerback but they did while they had Madison and Surtain who were still very good players at the time. Too bad Miami passed on him twice.

As far as your hope for an Indy win streak bro, keep dreaming. They are starting Dan Orlovsky this week. Orlovsky will make history as starting games for 2, 0-16 teams in his career. He was on the Lions when they accomplished that feat as well.

I like Barkley a lot. Barkley has put up huge numbers this year. And granted he plays with 2 blue chip WRs and has the best LT in college but he makes some really nice throws. I also am a fan of RG3. He needs a year or 2 but he is so athletic which is what the position is geared toward now days. I mean you can't hit a QB without a fine so mobile QBs are that much more valuable.

Hopefully both declare and Miami can choose whichever is left or the best of the 2. So my hope is Miami continues to lose every game except for the finale against the Jets which I hope knocks them from the playoffs possibly.

Lots of people talking about fins picking up a high profile coach. If you listen to Cowher's friend Pat Kirwan, Bill is not coming to Miami...period.

Litent to Kraft talk about the Patriot way....Kraft says he meets with EACH player and tells them about the Patriot way.....they leave his office with a full briefing of what is expected of the players...ON and OFF the field....if the Patriot player chooses to ignore Mr. Kraft....He will NO LONGER BE A PATRIOT.....

Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you Corey Dillion....Randy Moss....ALbert Haynesworth.....and possibly in the future Chad 85 as examples....

Belicheat echoes Mr. Krafts sentiments on the Patriot way....

As does Tom Brady.....Rob Gronkowski...and even Danny Woodhead.....

That is called leadership....Guidance...and clear Direction......

No dancing for this team after sack....not if that sack came after an 0-7 start.....

Until the CULTURE CHANGES.....We will continue to see more of the same.....


To hypothetically say that Bush or Thomas would not be starters for the Jets or Pats is ignorant. Have you not watched a single Jets/Pats game this season? They absolutely have no run game. Furthermore, Sanchez has been one of the most inconsistent QBs in the NFL this season, while Moore has been putting up some decent numbers these last few weeks. He also hasn't been turning the ball over 20 times a game like Sanchez typically does.

* I usually enjoy reading your blogs but to completely trash our players when our team is struggling is unethical on your part.

odinseye at 5:01am, funny stuff man and right on the mark. Love the "sports writers critique" entry's, keep them coming!

I've already read why the Dolphins suck. We have ALL read the never ending stories that are the same over and over and over again. Tired, of, it. There's nothing left to say on that subject. New coach coming, new GM coming, new QB coming, new era on it's way. So talking about this season is pretty pointless.

It will be more fun holding the journalists to a higher standard at this point because that is new and interesting. And if we're going to ask more from the team we should do the same with the writers who cover the team.

I'm afraid covering this lousy team has had a bad effect on the reporters who cover them. They have become lazy and bored. Time to pick up your game boys! Stop hanging your heads so low, lets hear how you're going to become better writers for next season!

5-12...............LAST 26 games...............

talent............... ?
acorns ?

buffet of knowledge ?
i won't cut my hair until i get 2 sacks ???????


To the Suckers for Luckers... there is NO grey area... if you're a competitor.... nil player or weekend warrior... EVERYONE knows that you NEVER EVER try to LOOSE... for any reason... at any time... EVER! The whole conversation is ridiculous! And stop saying the Dolphins "ruined the draft with a few senseless wins"... what kind of looser talk is that?!? STOP IT! I don't care if we're 1-14 and need to loos the last game to get a player... I ALWAYS WANT TO WIN EVERY SNAP, EVERY QUARTER, EVERY HALF, EVERY GAME... ALWAYS! And I would expect nothing less from ANYONE I ever root for.


Armando - Go write for the Jests, Jills or Patsies.... You obviously are not a Dolphins fan and I won't waste any more time on your articles.

Well, how do I take these words of wisdom by Salguero? They are true, for the most part. But are they only his opinion, or is he being the mouth piece for the Dolphins coaching staff? What he says is obvious, but we don't hear that from the HC, probably because he is playing 'good guy' and Salguero is saying what he can't say at this time. But if what Salguero says is true, and I think it is for the most part, what is he really saying? WE NEED A NEW HC. Also, I think Salguero is more than flattering to the head coach when he says that some of the players could not start. for New England. I am not sure. The Patriot's have proven many times that their coaches have the ability to make good players out of mediocre ones and stars out of good players. Every time I think of Wes Welker being traded by that idiot Cameron because he thought that with Ted Guinn on board he would not need another receiver, I want to kick him in the ba ll s.

dusty bottoms

Cowher took ten year to get to the Superbowl. Do you want to wait another ten years? This team is better then the Jets and has more overall talent then New England.

A quarterback and a right side pass rusher will do wonders for this team. I think we have at least 6 draft picks this year and we can get at least 3 impact players out of this draft.

mando doesn't like Hartline because Mel Kiper doesn't like him.

In fact ESPN and Mel Kiper think the Dolphins are bad because they didn't pick their choices in the draft.

The dolphins continually mess up Kipers big board.

It makes him look like the idiot he is. Wasn't Leinart his number one pick in the draft a few years ago.


Andy Reid will never win a superbowl and Barkley is 6 foot tall. I can see many batted balls if he becomes our quarterback. He may be a good scrambler, but Reid and Vick ain't working in Philly, what makes you think it would work in Miami?

Landry Jones has a stronger arm and is 6'4". My guess is he is on the Dolphins quarterback wish list.

Reid would gut the team, pick up a bunch of loser free agents, and another ten years will be wasted. I hope Ross is smarter then Dolphins fans. Besides, Don Shula had losing seasons until he built the team.

We beat the Packers last year and the Ravens are not the same team without Ray Lewis. We can beat both of them.

HAWK - love your post about Coach Chower. It says something about Sporano that he still has the lockeroom and top effort from his players after an 0-7 start. Get rid of Ireland and give the coach some say and some talent to work with and all of a sudden, he'll be smart. Ever notice how smart the QB looks with time to throw? Ever notice how smart the DBs look when there's pass rush? Ever notice how smart the coach gets when all of the above happens. I agree with Marshall (a rarity to be sure) that "they players are not executing". Does that mean they have no talent? Maybe, but impossible to say. Give Coach "Spo" some talent to build on what we have - and we DO have something... resist the urge to "clean house" cuz' it ain't that dirty. It SEEMS that way... but we're IN every game. There's only a handful of plays separating 3-7 from 7-3. More Talent = More Wins! GO FINS!


I hope Ross is getting good advice, because I would hate to see this team gutted for free agents and a quick fix.

If we can find a young Jason Taylor, suddenly everyone will play better. With Moore as a capable backup or even a starter we can take a chance on a first round quarterback.

I remember when Larry Czonka was a great running back for Miami. When he went to another team he wasn't that good, because he didn't have that great offensive line blocking for him.

My point is free agents are an iffy proposition.

HAWK - agreed agreed agreed. Couple things.. "finding" a young JT - easier said than done. Remember Henne?! Yeah... he was playing VERY well b4 he went down. We may not be talking about S4Luck if he were still playing. It'll be interesting to see that play out in training camp next year with the latest "savior" in camp competing with him for the starting spot. I'm guessing they keep 3 QBs next season and if the savior has promise, Henne's trade bait. I worry about Ross - a total buffoon when it comes to people management - but he must have done something right along the way. I pray he doesn't let the knee-jerk fan base make his decisions for him cuz' I truly believe this cupboard is half full. That won't make me popular with this crowd - but don't give a crap. And nor should Ross.

How about giving u.s. a statistic about any franchise quarterback in history on any team, including Miami, for comparison?

I believe is the other way around, CanadaMike. Tony will go, Ireland stays.

R. Bush has said that. R. Bush and Marshall (and Henne) are the only fighters on the team. And Smith and Davis and all the defense.

OSCAR - I agree with you - much to my chagrin! But I think it's backwards. There's so little that separates coaches strategically. You hire a coach on character and work ethic - Spo's got those, and the players KNOW it. That's why they play hard for him. The BIGGEST piece of the football puzzle is evaluating talent. I don't know if he's got much of a say on that - or even if he should. But at the end of the day, THEY PLAYERS MAKE THE PLAYS and they ain't. So I hope you're wrong... but know in my heart that you're right. GO FINS!

Anyone have any idea what Victor's talking about?

They can believe whatever they want to, but 3-8 going into the final strecth is NOT good...its not even mediocre....they need to to stop drinking that spano motivation juice already....Who the hell would be fired up to finish the season at 500 with no shot at the playoffs???*lmao*...This team likes sucking apperantly*no pun*

It's one thing to have talent, it's another to play up to that potential. Brandon Marshall is the poster child for having top tier talent but not being able to meet that potential.

Yes, Miami needs talent upgrades in several areas. But most of all they need an adjustment to their style of play. I love to watch the offenses in Green Bay, Philly, New Orleans, and Boston, they never take their foot off the gas pedal. They want more possessions and more points. It's called a killer instinct and the Dolphins don't have it. I hope the new coach will bring that with him!

DEAD... Brandon Marshall and seemingly EVERY free agent that ever came to Miami. What is it about this place?... good players seemingly come here to die! Wuzzupwitdat?!

i agree miami doesn't have ENOUGH ballers in the right positions, this can be easily displayed in the last 4 games, more specifically, what a difference just 1 additional baller in the recieving game can make. i've been saying for quite some time that miami has to catch up with the rest of the leagues trend of having 2 and 3 stud recievers. charles clay is my proof, and the kansas city game was the proof, moore fed clay as if he was antonio gates. making him a dependable(go-to) target, before you knew it fasano was open for 2 TD's and we scored a lot of points. i would like to see him targeted even more because he is a bigger target then marshall with softer hands and his size scares opposing secondaries which draws more coverage and attention to him, and he still makes the catch. the following game we won, clay did NOT recieve a lot of targets and are score showed it, we got the minimum amount of points to win the game. then came buffalo, maybe somebody read my comment on your blog and clay got a LOT of targets and even scored a TD, the result: miami wins in a big way and put up a LOT of points. then came dallas, i thought sparano finally figured out that establishing clay as that second stud reciever(you know, the other GO-TO guy not named marshall) opens the rest of the offense up, players like bush are all of a sudden wide open in busted coverage...but no, our first tough game in our three game winning streak, a must win as every game from here on out had to be to reach the play-offs, playing against an offense with bryant, whitten...an offense that can score a lot of points, and sparano decides to go back to drop the ball hartline and bess. hte result: a loss, and minimum points. what ever the reason, the formula for scoring a lot of points for miami is to make clay moore's favorite target, and it will be this way until proven otherwise. check out the stats. i believe clay's coming out party had a lot more to do with those wins then coaches want to believe, the higher scoring, along with fasano's 2 TD game(i mean really, when was the last time he did that?) the winning attitude, the whole nine yards. the team certainly looks stronger when he is catching passes and he is exciting to watch. there is something to be said about clay, he is a bigger, more dangerous target then marshall, the miami offense looks more like some of the other top offesnes in the league when he is used like a finlley, or a whitten. i hope sparano reads this. to bad polite wasn't here this season to make that small difference needed to pick up some of those badly needed first downs, we'de still be in the hunt, i couldn't have banged the drum any louder for polite, he was the difference in a lot of those losses.

SO I wonder who is legitimately going to be taller when the official heights come out during the combine, Barkley or RG3?? Might be a toss up.

I see the point of this article, but I also think its easy to point out the negatives when things are going south. Two obvious things every DOLFAN knows:
1.Our leadership sucks
2.We lack a consistent playmaker/gamechanger on both sides of the football.

Reggie Bush would get plenty of playing time on the jets.

Sanchez consistant?
I think I'll take Moore!

Sorry Mando, you are hurt by the Dolphins and not being objective as 5 to 6 players will be starters in a Pats unfiorm: Marshall, Long, Pouncy, Incognito, Bush (or you really think Woodhead is better????) and maybe Bess (he is not better than Walker but it is better than all other pats WR).

The BIG BIG HUGE difference between these teams is Brady vs Moore/Henne/etc...

Not need to say our Defense is a bit better too...

It is not that this team is real bad- they are. The coaching staff should have been let go already, especially after this past game. How do you not go for 2? The book says they should and do'nt give the we are chasing points. This defense when it counts can not stop and has not been able to stop a good team when it counts in the past 10 years. This year they could not stop my sons 13 year old team.

I agree, and you can't deny it! We need to see the Big Boys Play like Big Boys and punch it in on every play. We have'em Let them play, but we need better. If they can do it let them show it, I think there is hidden talent. But even though we still don't have a QB for a quick fix or do we? We still need a QB! I see it in the Finz these past weeks they have it and I think they found what they have been looking for now execute it.But you are right we do need to pump up a few positions with out a doubt, the deniers are saying that we just suck, it's not the case...We just have not played to our potential!

OLB, WR, KOR, FS, PR, QB,?? Running back I think is there but he needs help at the line. How can you take him and run up the middle every first play, run a play that is designed for him, not an ignorant play up the middle that no one blocks for him! QB! Bottom line...we need one desperately! The bottom line in the NFL is that a team is not a winner with out a winning QB! How are the Colts doing? Our Defense is doing a lot better in the past few weeks, I'm behind what ever has changed..is it going to be consistent then I'm with it!But when they do play above a 500 team it worries me! Can they prove they can do it, we will see...

Great stuff mando

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