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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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Meaningless win. Makes the earlier season woes that much more frustrating.
Screw Ross.


Are there so few decent QBs around that a chump like Thigpen still's employed?

This was a great win by the Dolphins. Another happy Sunday for Dolfans!

What happen to Yeah?

First! Yay!

LOL - I meant to mock Yeah - must be busy updating his program

Anyone know what Moores QB rating was for the game?

Didn't Mando include 133.3 as the QB rating, or are you asking for something else?

Great win but, Sean Smith is horrible and Brandon Marshall still cannot catch a pass.

Marshall had and off game, but he's been better of late. Smith needs to go.

Looking forward to the boys telling us how much better the Bills are than our team this week. Should be good to hear...

I am really curious to see how Moore plays for the next six games. He showed real presence in the pocket and his passes were very accurate. The line gave him great protection and the receivers showed great hands. Clay's long catch in particular was impressive.

Considering how mediocre the whole AFC is this year. Dolphins might have a chance at the playoffs if they can make it to 9-7, EXTREMELY unlikely of course.

Ta Da!!! Another good solid performance from my Fins!!! MOMENTUM

Where is Buffalo Bill? The idiot who was here all year long talking stuff? Funny how he doesn't show up when we kicked their tail up and down the field.


Needed you in here today. Still no love in here for what Matt Moore is doing...

Beginning to think this defense is for real. Granted they have played struggling offenses the last 3 weeks. They are holding those offenses to less than 30% 3rd down conversions. It's still what you wanna do even if its a struggling offense.

Today the defense held the Bills to 0% 3rd down conversion rate(0-12), 0% 4th down conversion too(0-2). The D's playing very well!

Is this Greg Cote's blog? Can someone point me toward Greg Cote's blog? Did I spell that right? BLOG?

Again you fantasize. Everyone gave Moore love for what he did today. Only you intepreted that it wasnt. The guy had 150qb rating, the only discussion was we shouldnt allow that to fore-go drafting drafting a qb #1.

Even you agreed to that. No one dissed more based on today's performance. Geesh you should have Santa stuff your stocking with comprehension this Christmas!


"Buffalo Bill" is a supposed dolfan operating under an alias. Havent you learned this blog by now?

yesterday's gone

Can't say that the Redskins offense is struggling that much considering that they put up 24 on what is supposed to be a good Dallas defense.

Enjoy the 3rd striaght win, a complete team win! Stop your frigging whining and just enjoy, enjoy, let next year be next year.... It is much more fun to watch the Fins win then to root for them to lose!

Did anyone mention the last time the Fins blocked a punt? I know the last one for a TD came in 1990, but when is the last time the team blocked ANY punt?


That's why I put up the 3rd down conversion rate of our defense and said Im beginning to be sold. They held Buffalo to 0-12 on 3rd down conversions and 0-2 on 4th down conversion(includes goal line stop).

Nice win for the Fins. 3 in a row at least they are still playing hard and it sure beats losing.


LOL, love the blog title. Where the heck has all this been.

Those Cowboys just got by those Redskins we beat handily last week. Does that mean we are going to beat Dallas on Thursday? Nope.

I should say that they aren't struggling THIS week, I had forgotten that they got shut out by the bills a couple weeks ago.


Plus the defense has played pretty well the past 5 weeks not just the last 3 which they've won. Take away the couple 4th quarter "Protect and lose" brain fart meltdowns it'd look even better.

Matt Moore benefited from good protection today against a practically non-existing pass rush. I guarantee you that in Dallas, it won't be the same.

Great win today guys! Total and complete beat down of a team that was supposed to be a contender this year. At this pace we may make the playoffs after all, well I am hoping at least. Moore looked great again as did our defense. Finally these guys believe they can win and now maybe the bandwagoners can go crawl back into their hole. We will only get better, so with that said, bring on the boys! GO PHINS !

What makes this a big deal is NOT that the Fins beat the Bills, no not at all, the BIG deal is that we slip farther and farther away from the goal of having the opportunity to draft a top 10 QB.

Please, beating the Bills, Jets and NE always feels good during a normal season but this is not a normal season.

We fans have ZERO to do as far as wins or losses and can only rant on here or show our disgust by boycotting the seats at Sun life.

Our hands off or wishful thinking goals are for the Dolphins to FIRE Sparano and Ireland and bring in a real HC and GM or combo HC/GM and pick a top 10 franchise QB.

These Wins are meaningless and only place us further away from the Pot of Gold. We aren't making any wild card or playoffs so although it feels good to win, it also SUCKS for fans who can fully comprehend that we have been getting screwed as fans for too long and we aren't going to take it anymore.

We retaliate the only way we can by hoping that we lose and lose more then the Colts and the rest. We need to do our homework and choose wisely a HC/GM and QB.

Anything other then that will just place us fans back into the same old each year which is "This is our year and we look good and will win"

We begin by purging and losing and build the team.

i am going to play devels advacate and give you reason why gm and coach shoud stay. up to last year parcells waas making the draft choices this year was the first year irland got to make draft choices and i think tis could be our bext draft in years, in free agency he brought in a couple good players that are actually contributing, now to coach biggest thing is players never gave up on coach they believe in him. he did not have a full offseason with a new coordinator and moore did not have off season to get to know offense so he could not get a good reading on moore depending on what happens for rest of season could make or break irland and sporano.

Moore is a perfect facilitator. Plenty of playmakers on the offensive side with proper play calling.

Playing with a lead or an offense that show the ability to move the ball and score allows for more aggressiveness on defense. Which in turn means more turnovers.


Go Phins!

This is nice and I hate to be the bad guy here, BUT this is still an enormous waste of time and effort that continues to only further damage the team next year too. What's especially scary is that some idiots now think the coach and gm should stay.

Hate to tell you this Oscar but the Bills have 19 sacks which is above mid point in the NFL this year. So they do have a pass rush.


I feel your pain and your correct... How many times have we fans been through this? These same people that think the gm and HC should stay needs to examine all the "Projects" with collage HC and all the diaper HC's and assts like we have now.

Even today, against a short handed Buffalo Team, you can see the Dolphins are an improving Team in all phases of the Game. That defence is now in synch and hitting hard as hell. The offense is coming around with better play calling, better timing between Moore and the receivers and the play of Clay and D. Thomas(who still is having trouble hitting the right hole). And the ST's were superb today. I think that we can give ANY Team in the League a run for their $.

How can a team lose 7 in a row, then win 3 in a row?
Nothing has changed, still need a new GM, HC and a franchise QB.
Trade up if you have to.

Robert I mean this in the best possible way but you are a moron, Sparano is a piss poor HC, Ireland also has been poor and has cost us with bad decisions. 7-9 the past 2 years alone aren't good enough without this season.

Thursday, in Dallas, will be a true gauge of where this Team stands among the rest of the League.

amsmith you are the idot all i did was play devils advacate to me it does not matter what happens there slow starts and losing for so long at home both gm and coach need to go they had four years to correct the qb problem and get who they want in there and they have not done that and the right side offense line is still bad so read and see what i was saying before you call a person a idot

Moneyman, IF we have too?! We won't have a choice. These morons are gonna win just enough to ensure we won't get anything we need in the draft. It will be funny when in April and the draft is terrible that all these people who think a meaningless game against buffalo matters will disappear.

Anyone who thinks that Moore, Sparano and Ireland and all their staff should remain after the season ends is wearing rose colored glasses.


As a fan, are you willing to risk the next few seasons by keeping the same posse just to "see" if they can win?

I seen em all, since the AFL merger and believe me, I do NOT want to waste any more time with these diaper coaches. back to back losing seasons and this will make triple seasons losing and we should give them another shot?

I'm not laughing as this meat head owner Ross just may be insane to do that. Yes I said INSANE

Robert that Actually wasn't addressed to you. Note I said idiotS. Several people were suggesting that today. Even on tv.

Nice Win.
Feels Good.
Was on the "Suck for Luck" train but now...

...not sure what to feel?

Winning does feel good, but what if they win out but miss the playoffs?

Keep Tony?

Miss out on the top QB prospects because we'll be picking in the mid-teens again.

I don't know...must stop thinking of the future and stay in the present.

Winning feels good !!!!

Some observations on the Game. First, Lex Hilliard cannot run or block and should be relegated to ST if we only had another running back.

INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


All the fans who want to give Sparano and ireland another shot to see if it will work... YOU ARE INSANE.

I rest my case.

i apolgize i just seen i was the only one that put that support of coach and i was just giving another side i would hate to see both them back but i will say henne gone(probabley to jets) and lets give moore a shoot

Jared Odrick is a Beast now and will become better.(Also,I like his pee wee dance).

Hey NY...IF they win out, and that's a big IF, then it will prove that the system works and the team is in sync.

Granted we will need to draft a franchise QB, but the system is proving it can work when executed.

Oh wait, I just woke up...someone slap me, we cannot keep Tony for another year...someone help me....



Matt Moore is a marginal starting QB(more like a good backup) and if we are going to lose another Game this year it will be because of him.

Are you kidding me that was one of the Best Defencive performances in years.You can't fire a guy thats winning games. HES FINALLY GOT A QB

We need a vet QB (Moore is under contract) to start the season and we need about 5 players to fill holes.
Franchise QB, OL (let Garner play), young OLB and 2 DBs.
Get 2-3 in FA and draft 2-3.
Liked what I saw from Clay today but if Olsen wants to return to Miami, add TE to the list.
Then fill with the best available in the FA market.
Does not seem to be that hard to comprehend.
Really enjoying the day after a tough start but feel we are close to being competitive every week with a real organization.


The difference between Moore and Henne is simple Moore throws downfield takes chances notice Clays play since Moore has become the starter middle of the field is where he is most effective. Henne was a check down QB afraid to take chances downfield.

Nice to win a few games but most of the fans see the talent on this team and know what we are capable of with better coaching and a franchise QB .
Hopefully the winning streak will end on Thursday until next season so we can rescue our draft status, pick a QB high trade up if needed and get rid of the FO and Sparano.

Oscar C...

Just for you...


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