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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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@aj...are you talking about Sparano? If the Fins finish 5-11 do you think he should stay? Really?!?!? What about 7-9? Come on!

Up to this point, I give my vote for MVP for the Dolphins to Y. Bell on defence and M. Moore on offence.

Matt More is the 2nd best Qb In THE AFC EAST

No matter what happens from this point, it's important to remember that Sparano and his coaches can't figure out how to start the season...or close it out for that matter (except for '08)


Posted by: aj | November 20, 2011 at 05:43 PM

If it will help our draft spot....

I will be on January 01, 2012 1pm.

@aj, let's see how Moore does the rest of the year before we declare him the second best QB in the AFC east.

Question for you alll......
Did you see any of the Oklahoma vs Baylor game last night?
RGIII is for real. 475 passing and 75 rushing. Total yards 550.
I am now on the bandwagon.
He is still possible pick for Fins.

True what robert in az said. Better QB makes players show their true skills, Fasano, Clay even Reggie.


Keep Ireland, keep Sparano? Right now I could give a fvck less. For now Im going to enjoy what I've seen over the past 3 win and let the rest of the fvck sheet take care of itself!

Aj take a look back at the last couple of seasons before making stupid statementsTC has not suddenly become a good coach more likely he's letting others pull the string.
Maybe the players are calling the plays who knows but the coach needs to go he simply isn't up to it, nice guy but crap HC

Good game, but, Im still concerned the offense scored ZERO points in the 2nd half.

Hope this doesnt carry over into the Cowboys game Thanks Giving Thursday.

And, finally, as I have to cook dinner and tend to my son who is here, and to most of you here on this Blog, how does that huge amount of Crow you have been eating lately taste? Sour?

No worries Robert. I just didn't want you thinking I was being a pain. I would love to get RGIII but since these guys apparently don't understand how the draft works, no chance

The only negative to this week, with a Fin win and jet loss, is that NY G is still here!! Promised last wk he was bailing on Fins!!! Keep your word man!!!

Crow? They win 3 completely meaningless games after ruining their season which will only screw us next year too by ruining the draft. I don't see any crow.

Matching skills with somebody that knows more about them than you do, is the straightest route to Frustration.

2 bad football teams going at it, after season just a game we will wish we lost.

The only negative to this week, with a Fin win and jet loss, is that NY G is still here!! Promised last wk he was bailing on Fins!!! Keep your word man!!!

Posted by: robbyhernz | November 20, 2011 at 05:55 PM

Even a Drive By like you is entitled to an opinion.

200% correct dusty

Bail NY G!!!!!!! Just like u promised!! Fins won!! Draft position is screwed!!! Don't play with people's emotions!! Coming after me personally doesn't change what u said you would do last wk!


You wishing to finish 0-16 is what's really pointless. Even though we get the top qb, it only proves we have far more issues than just a top qb.

Some of you are just so infantile in your thinking process. Worst case scenario Dolphins still finish in very reasonable trade up position. To get the qb we're really sold on. We should be willing to give up nearly a king's ransom to get him.

Then we'll find out really what kind of balls whatever regime's in power in Miami at that time has.

So what is it about tHe draft that I do not understand.
Read previous post.
Willing to give up picks to obtain a franchise QB.
Saw what Bob and Dan meant to this franchise.
Did you?

there is still some smart fans in here, and we know that losses help our future alot alot alot more than meaningless victories right now. pretty sure most fans in here acting happy about a worthless win are the young kids. when i was 13 or so i would root for them to win even if it was the last game of the year and they were 2-13 going into it. just saying as we get older we realize what helps and what damages our future. today accomplishes nothing, nothing that can help this franchise. we drift further away from a franchise signal caller. yeah thats frustratung


Nothing personal at all... And also please don't give me that much credit stating that I play with peoples emotions.

STEVE as we talk More is the second best Qb IN THE AFC EAST CHECK THE STATS MY MAN

dusty bottoms,

I concur with you 100%.

Last 3 games in particular show this isnt a terrible football team. Tanking the season only means many of those who helped to tank it would be unemployed when the new regime comes in.

At least we have players on this team smart enough to realize that!

yesterday zero chance at trading up to get luck. and not even a good chance at trading up to get one of the other big 2. u dont just throw around draft picks, they are gold

Though we're currently in the afc east cellars. Today's game confirms we're not the afc east's worst team!

aj please, get real. nobody cares about matt moore, he will hold a clipboard next year

There are four great QB'S coming out in the draft we will get one and to all the haters Matt moore has been great blows Henne away

Money I'm agreeing with you. I'm just saying it won't be optional. Because we are winning these stupid games that no one will care about 3 months from now, we will have to give up a ton of picks to get anyone decent. Which again, only hurts the team.


We never had a chance at Andrew Luck to begin with. Even if Indy and Miami both finished 0-16 we lose out because our strength of schedule is much stronger.

Keep stroking to Luck. someday all of your dreams just may come true. But, please, dont hold your breath buddy!

My only issue with winning is just staying within reasonable trade up position at worst. Im all for giving up nearly a king's ransom for it, but, not throwing both the king and queen into the pot itself.

yesterday we are 3-7, nobody else in div is worse than 5-5. so yes we are the worst team in div, u dont play one game, u play 16

Barkley will be better than Luck

Yesterday, in 6 months when our draft sucks will you still be running around bragging about thus stupid game today?

Why are we blaming the players for only doing what they are paid to do?
If they do as you suggest, they will join the unemployed ranks and should.
The problem with this franchise is the organization and has been for a while.
A real NFL organization would analyze college talent, draft keepers, sign quality FA and figure out how to obtain a franchise QB.


Guess youre saying you're not a firm believer in "Youre only as good as your last game"?

Let just throw that right on out the window, ok buddy?

not really, the only team in need of a qb is washington, if miami ends up with the 5th or 6th pick there will still be a qb there to take. unless they do trade up to get the one they want. either way someone will be there.

Yesterday's gone

Which is what we are talking about when it comes to bringing in a real proven LEADER with discipline.

These millionaires are looking out for their own bottom dollar. They decided as players (most players) that although they were in a contractual pinch that they still are employed by the Dolphins. They failed as millionaires to remain conditioned and ready once the ink dried on the new contract.

We begun the season on our own turf with dehydrated out of shape players who were cramping all day. We had a rookie Guard on the Pats toss Wake around like a rag doll.

Now all of a sudden they know that new leaders will be hired by Ross and they want to show that they are worthy $$$$.

for those that performed like PRO I say yes but for those that sucked due to their own laziness and conditioning, let them go.

As a HC I would make it perfectly clear that if you don't produce you will be gone. If you produce you shall be rewarded.

other than indy.


Our "draft" could suck even after choosing Andrew Luck 1st overall. That's a fo issue, not a winning to many games this season issue, young fellow.

huskuteer did we not win the afc east with Sporano?????? were you saing he s-ucked then who do you want Cower Gruden not leaving TV Jeff Fisher what did he win NOTHING SO WHO ?????????????

Dolphin 77. You must not know how the draft works either. At the rate we are going we will be drafting in the teens and not 5 or 6. I'm assuming you will still be bragging about that stupid game today when we have a crappy day in April

Flash forward to August when Moore and some other loser are our qb's- most of you will still be saying, remember that awesome buffalo game last year!

Worst case scenario, we will get one of the top 5 college qb's. If not, it wont be because we won too many games.


Believe that!

10-4, nothing meant just asking.
Would rather the players play like they are paid to and the "new" organization play the hand dealt and make it happen.

Yesterday, it isn't just Luck. We need top 5 talent not some bargain basement cr@p. and regardless, the point is that getting a better player in April, regardless of who it is, is more important than a stupid meaningless game now

yesterday can u read? i havent talked about luck, hes long gone. jones and barkley are 2 franchise changers we are losing out on now, unreal read before u make yourself look even more clueless. and if another team went winless we wouldnt know colts have the pick yet anyways cause the schedule strength changes weekly, damn just think a little before posting

aj we def need a new coach, how nice would it be if andy reid fell into our hands

amsmith for some odd reason yesterday cant understand that, he has permanent damage in his brain from being mediocre every year

AJ, how old are you??? Seriously??

Sparano had a soft schedule, Brady was injured, Pennington fell into his lap and David Lee was the brains behind the wildcat. When they had a 1st placed schedule the season after he was outmatched. He wastes Timeouts, makes puzzling decisions and stands by Dallas castoffs way too much. He is an OLine coach by trade and has messed with the Oline and still not got it right, he clings to outdated methods in a pass first NFL, need I say more.

I firmly believe the last 3 wins have been a result of playing poor teams and letting Daboll have more influence in the gameplanning.

Barkley will be better than Luck????? Really?

I guess that will be true if Luck decides not to come out.

Seriously, I like Barkley but IMO Luck is the closest to a starting High calaber NFL QB and as close to a guarantee as you can get. Nothing is a guarantee which is why we play the game.

The "fans" complaining about the Dolphins big time win are wussies. The Dolphins have a 3 game win streak and will face a Dallas team that squeaked out a tough OT win against the Redskins.

I'll take the 3 game win streak!!! Let's make it 4 Miami!!!!

looks like hasselback era is over and the jake locker era has begun in tenn, must be nice

I think Ross should of fired Sparano when he had a chance. If they finish 8-8, it'll be tough to get rid of Tony. I still think Ireland is the bigger issue to the team however. But I am enjoying the winning streak and hope they win out.


Can I borrow your crystall ball? Drafting in the teens?

Wow, you've just predicted this team will run the table or at least finish 6-10. We "drafted 15th" last season finishing 7-9.

We have to upset at least one very good team to finish 6-10. We also have to take care of Buffalo again and beat the Raiders. None of those things are guaranteed.

ok redrumloa now read back your post...... "dolphins big time win" u said that hilarious. yes huge now that we are 3-7 instead of 2-8, blah


Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein


doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein


doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

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