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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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Dolphins will win 4 0f the next 5 games simply because they face only 1 real defense(Jets, and Sanchez is a glorified game manager), Eagles with VY, Raiders with never achieved anything Palmer, Bills again(another w).

The only loss will be to the Pats. No way Moore beats a top 3 qb and our pass defense isnt strong enough to help him pull it off.

Thats why we finish 8-8!

We outplayed the Cowboys in every stat but the win column. They were very fortunate to walk away with victory today!

How about I had to travel to my relatives for Thanksgiving today and missed the entire game, we left early too (newborn babies slow down the process)I was pissed!!

Please inform me what positives I should take out of this game and what negatives i.e. how did Moore play etc and the negatives also. Everyone chime in. Cmon...

Just for speculative purposes, let's say we finish 5-11 and draft 6th. Probably not far from what will happen in reality.

Obviously, Luck will be long gone. Probably one or two other QB's as well. Which QB would still be there worthy of that high a selection? Anyone?

Posted by: ron | November 24, 2011 at 11:29 PM

I need to agree with YG on this one. When you compare the remaining talent at the quarterback position there is only one other besides Luck that stands out above the rest and that is Robert Griffin III.
I didn't understand where Ryan Tannehill fit into the picture and, last night, I got my answer. In watching the Texas vs. Texas A&M game Tannehill looked like he didn't belong in the same conversation with Luck and Griffin.
Tannehill's number this year are not all that impressive and this is the only decent year he has had at the position. Chances are he will drop completely out of the first round after last night's performance.
Landry Jones has not performed that well this year either. I don't see the potential some others see but I'm also not a talent evaluater so I could be missing something.
Finally, Barkely has impressed but on an inconsistent basis. So, do they take a chance on another guy who plays really good one week and not so good the next. He reminds me too much of Sanchez and I don't care for his armstrength.
So, that is my opinion. Like I said, I don't evaluate talent and it is probably good that I don't but, when it comes to the guys available I would rather see them go with Griffin if they miss out on Luck.

Spiderman, team played hard, was in it (obviously) 'til the end. Moore had a pretty good game (other than in the red zone). Some shotgun snaps got away from him, but I put those more on Pouncey than Moore.

Game plan was good, however, not aggressive enough. Sparano still hasn't learned that with a mediocre team, you need to take every chance available to give your team a chance to win, and they were too conservative at important times of the game. Sure, this could be lack of confidence in your backup QB, but the fact that he's been playing very well lately, they should have trusted him enough.

Defense played well, but, as always, couldn't get off the field when it counted.

The positive to take away from this game is it will be easier now for Ross to do what he needs to (upgrade the HC and GM to bring in more talent). Will all the "good feelings" from the last few weeks, people should remember we'll have our THIRD CONSECUTIVE SEASON without being better than .500, and that's unacceptable.

Losing 3-4 games by 3 or less points in the final minute is the exact definition of a mediocre/bad team. That's NOT a body of work which screams "give Sparano another chance, the players play for him." Maybe so, but I want a HC that can make his players play ALL SIXTEEN GAMES, not 10 or 9.

Overall, football is a game of inches. Just because we were in it all the way doesn't mean we always had a chance to win. Cowboys talent level means they have a greater margin of error. So they can make all kinds of mistakes and still pull it out in the end. We have less talent, therefore a smaller margin for error. And our coaches haven't learned to balance that defecit with a more aggressive game plan to give your team every chance available to make plays.

And that's the answer. More talent (which could be aided by a better GM, who gets more playmakers than role players). A better game plan and philosophy (aided by a HC with more experience and can make adjustments quicker than 8th game after going 0-7). And then better personnel in key areas (QB, S, OLB compliment to Wake, RT).

If you look at the game by itself, you have to be pleased with how the team played. But taking this game in totality, during Sparano's whole tenure here, this was another close game where the other team made a few more plays and pulled it out in the end. And that's the same story. Just not good enough (even if it's by inches).

I definitely agree with your assessment of the situation. When you look at this year it is a microcosm of everthing that this team has done during Sparano's tenure.
This year he didn't have the team physically ready to play when the season began. Had they played better earlier it would have, at least, shown that Sparano had prepared the team well for the season. However, that was not the case and it is one more "failure" in the long list of failures on the part of Tony Sparano.
You can't give him another shot and take the chance that the team will start slow again and finally get into gear sometime in the middle of the season. The team needs to be in mid-season form at the beginning of the season and Sparano has not figured out how to do that.
So, he should have written his ticket out of Miami after this season.

Prof. Lou, question now becomes does Ross send Ireland packing too. His body of work is a lot more muddled. However, how much was Ireland in control in the Parcells years? That's the question. We've been told White was a Parcells pick, will the Owner blame Ireland for that? Or Merhling? Or will he look at the last couple of years (where we brought in Marshall, Bush, Dansby, drafted guys like Pouncey, Thomas, Clay)? The last couple drafts were much better than the first couple, and that might save Ireland's job.

I personally would replace Ireland (the good picks weren't good enough, and the bad picks were horrible), but not sure if the Owner will see it that way.

Looking at the bright side...

This game firmly puts the nail in the coffin of Sparano's tenure here. He is gone. I don't see Ross firing him mid season, it would serve no purpose and only alienate the players. But I would guess 24 hours after the final game, he is gone. We can see Sparano will never be on the same level of the elite coaches in this league.

Ross had the right idea going after Harbaugh, he just went about it the wrong way. And really we don't even know if there was ever any real chance to get him. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt in choosing the next coach. I'd rather see an up and coming hot shot than any of the few retread names that always get knocked around here.

Yeah, you look at what they did in free agency the last couple of years and you kind of like them bringing in Dansby, Marshall, Bush and even Burnett (now that he seems to be playing more inspired football) and you like the aggressive nature of those acquisitions.
However, you look on the offensive side of the ball and see that lack of talent on the o-line and you just shake your head.
You also have to factor in some of the other guys brought in that were huge misses; guys like Colombo and Bobby Capenter. Then you look at some of the guys they gave up on.
I think Pouncey was a good pick and Clay is probably going to turn out to be just as good of a pick but I'm not sold on moving up to get Thomas and I'm also not sold on the Gates pick. Then you throw Odrick into the mix and Misi and, overall, the success in the past two drafts becomes somewhat questionable. Could these guys produce at a higher level with a better coach? Maybe. Harbaugh has done wonders for Smith's career and when you look at where he was you would have thought that he would have been going the route of Matt Moore.
So, all in all I can't say as though I have been any happier with Ireland than with I have been with Sparano but, in the end, Ross will be the one to make the decision.
If it was up to me, though, I would be sending him packing with Sparano.

DC, well said regarding the game. I agree so no need to rehash.

Regarding Ireland, I think he's more at fault. The shortcomings in last years draft came to light. While Dallas may have caught a fluke in finding romo (what is it with parcells and his neglect of this position? ), Jones and parcells had a 1st round talent at important positions like tight end and receiver and olb and these were the guys that made the difference. And I am not one to toot my own horn but I was clamoring for demarco Murray last year. Instead we pay inflated prices for interior linemen and plowhorse running backs that don't matter a damn in today's NFL. Then we try to compete with undrafted qbs and wrs and 6thrun round tight ends. They played their hearts out but the truth comes out in the wash. You may be able to uncover one or two late round prodigies but the money positions have to be infused with top end talent.

And enough of this Sean smith bashing. The Robinson td can't be put on him, you want him to cover the guy all across the field for 6 to 7 seconds? That td was on the weak pass rush and bell sleeping in coverage again. Sick of this fan base chasing useful players off this team.

The only thing that may save Ireland's career in Miami is his relationship with Carl Peterson and Ross seems to have an ear for what Peterson adds to the conversation.

Nothing should save Irelands job. He's the biggest culprit in this shambles of a team.

Agreed fellas. So, now does TE become LESS of a need? I mean, Clay is coming along nicely. Fasano is serviceable, especially with a h-back counterpart, and might have been stunted by being used primarily as a lineman. I'm not sure sure those 2 can't hold the position down next year. Same for the WR position. Sure, I'd like a true #2. But Hartline and Bess catch passes. Question becomes, in games where they aren't big targets, is it because of the game plan or QB, or are they truly not open? I'm starting to think these guys can get open, just need a QB to get them the ball.

I agree Gates was a mistake. But he's young, I'd give him another year. We'd hate to make the mistake of letting a speedster go (like Ginn). Difference is Ginn had to go because of what it cost to get him. Gates was what, a 4th-rounder. We can live with a few years of him developing to see what we have there.

My main positions of need (in priority) are:

QB, RT, OLB, SS/FS, WR/TE, RG, CB/Nickel DB.

First 4 are must haves, last 3-4 are upgrades to round the team out.


I think you are being too harsh on Ireland. I'm ok with giving him another draft. He has not done well with some of the FA moves, but overall I don't think he has done so bad either. Take a look and you have to admit he has done better than our last several GM's.

Long (solid acquisition - no need to harp on Ryan vs Long argument)
Langford (good enough, not everyone needs to be a pro bowler)
Vontae (solid acquisition)
Bess (solid acquisition)
Hartline (under rated in my book - better qb makes him better)
Wake (solid acquisition)
Dansby (solid acquisition)
Marshall (solid acquisition)
Odrick (coming on in his first real season)
Misi (lets give the guy a chance to develop!)
Pouncey (solid acquisition)
Thomas (showing potential)
Wilson (showing potential)
Clay (showing potential)

On Gates, too soon to tell. Let's not write players off as busts after only one season.

This is what completely IRKS me from Andy Cohen (Dolphins opinion writer). He says:

"...when the Dolphins look at the big picture, they will see a gutsy effort against the Cowboys and further validation that this has matured into a good football team."

Really, so now 3-8 qualifies as a "good" team? Being in the bottom 1/3 of the NFL means you're "good"? What the hell are people thinking? In the piece, he goes on to say Miami "belongs." Really, so that's the goal now? Not to win anything or go to the Playoffs, but just to look like you're a professional football team?

This is the mentality that's hurt this franchise. Accepting mediocrity. Not demanding RESULTS. Being satisfied with "moral victories". Even though at the top of the article this joker says flatly, "I don't believe in moral victories." YOUR WHOLE PIECE WAS ACCEPTING A MORAL VICTORY DUMB*SS!!

I'm sorry, a 1pt loss to a probable Playoff team ISN'T OK FOR ME, unless we're the probable Playoff team. Not only that, but when you lose this way for 4 years, then it's time to change the front office, and bring those that will get the team over the hump, not just get TO the hump.

DA, to truly assess the GM, you can't just look at who he drafted. You need to look at choices he made and who he didn't draft as well.

For example, 1 Maurkice Pouncey or Dez Bryant is greater than 2 players (Odrick/Misi). If we just stayed in place that year and drafted one of those available players, that would have helped our oline LAST year and freed up our 1st-rd pick this year to go after someone else (ie Nate Solder/Ryan Kerrigan).

Ireland hasn't been awful, you're right. But he also hasn't been spectacular. If the Owner believes he can upgrade the GM position (to someone who hits on more playmakers), that would be a chance I'd be willing to take.

DC, I have to agree with you on team needs. Qb is first although Moore gives me confidence that we don't necessarily need a day 1 starter. Rt absolutely. Safety absolutely. Tight end and wr need to be addressed still but the guys now are capable of holding down the fort for the time being.

And when I say safety, I'm OK with corner and trying smith or Wilson at safety. I'm a big fan of having a corner type at free safety.

Da, where do I start? In today's NFL you win by pushing the ball in the passing game and winning the turnover battle. Therefore the premium should be placed on the guys that improve the passing game and create turnovers. For example, qbs, wrs, tight ends, offensive tackles, pure pass rushers, def secondary. These are your difference makers and should be your most talented players and thus worthy of high picks and big free agent deals. Too much value is placed on guys who don't improve these areas by Ireland. Odrick, Misi, pouncey, Thomas. Last 4 top picks by this guy. None of these guys are really going to improve you significantly in those areas that win. Misi plays a position that should but in college he never proved that he can rush the passer so I'm not going to give Ireland a pass there.

Long is a fine player but the wrong pick. That much is easy to say. Qb is far and away the most important position and you have to be able to dissect these guys accurately and take a chance with them in the top round. Atlanta has a 39 and 19the record since drafting Ryan. Miami 28 and 31. We are supposed to give these guys a thumbs up for that pick?

I like Vontae and smith for where they were drafted. I think that's the only time he had a good approach in a draft.

Heard Kiper on Mike and Mike this morning, and he basically said the ONLY reason RG3 is a late 1st rd/early 2nd rd pick is because of his height. He's listed at 6'2". He said if he's about that height, he'll move up. But if he's closer to 6', he'll stay where he is or move down.

I know height makes a difference, but seriously? Don't these guys look to history? Brees went down due to height, anyone think he's not in the top 3-4 QBs in the league now? So is 6' not something you can overcome if you're an elite QB?

I don't think 6' makes a difference. When you look at all the prospects, RG3 is at the top and should be looked at seriously.

DC, rg3 will shoot up the boards if he has a good combine. Vick is only 6 ft too. If the Guy can throw on the run like Vicky brees or even flutie, height is not that big a deal.

Also Mark, and I know this may be on Parcells more than Ireland, but you have to give a failing grade for their choices for the most important position, QB. Henne/White. Failures both. On a team who hasn't had a QB since Marino.

That should have been the ONLY goal (especially if you listen to all the past HC's of this team). There IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT than solidifying that position.

That alone is a firing offense IMO.


I had a bad feeling from the beginning when two INT's netted the Fins all of three points after both plays had them set up in good field position and we didn't capitalize, by the way Romo really telegraphs those throws to his right, we really should have picked him off at least two more times by my account. I had a BAD FEELING early that those missed opportunities could end up being the difference at the end, it felt alot like last seasons Steelers game when the two early redzone turnovers got us all of 6 points.

Everybody today is talking about the missed Field Goal and of course the turnover before the half and those plays were HUGE, no doubt but Miami should have been all over Dallas by a score of 17-3 with 2:00 minutes to go before the half not tied at 3-3. As well as Moore has played of late I just couldn't help but think how that game would have been if Miami had themselves a legit starter. It is what it is and in all honesty sitting at 3-8 we might as well loose out for real now amd see what the QB friendly 2012 draft can net us.

Yeah, missed opportunities. ESPECIALLY in a game where I think D Ware was pretty much kept in check all game. Of course he's going to be disruptive on a couple of plays, you can't completely shut him out. But we did a good job on him overall.

Definitely should have been up big by halftime. That mistake on the shotgun could have been the nail in the coffin. This team isn't good enough to overcome mistakes like that.

All things being equal I'd like to see Matt Barkley in a Fins uniform next season. I from the word go was ready to hate Barkley and the under achieving USC QB's at the NFL level but have watched 4 of his games so far this year and the kid has made a believer of me. I like RG111 as well but I just got a feeling Barkley will be a player at the next level and by the way the one guy who doesn't impress me is Landry Jones who I believe is caring Joey Harrington type hype and will falter in the NFL. He could eat a pizza behind the time his OL gives him and isn't the accurate passer you'd like can be erratic and streaky.


Not sure I agree on Dez, he has been injured A LOT. They interviewed Dez. Who cares about the 'Question' that is all gossip to me. Think about it, it sure looks like it was between Dez and Marshall, so they took Marhall. Was unlikely they would add both.

In the end, we got the other Pouncey, so that worked out. Center is set FOR SURE for a decade.

Fin4life. Was thinking the exact same thing. Dallas made us pay large for our only mistake. We let them off easy. Red zone execution was awful. Difference between a finely tuned top round qb and an overachieving undrafted free agent are those throws that were just a little bit off.

Nobody mentions the stupid sack Moore took right before that missed fg attempt either.

Nobody (not me) is saying Ireland has been extraordinary, perfect, great. He has made mistakes for sure. How many mistakes do other GM's make? I suggest you try COUNTING them in the same way you are counting Irelands mistakes. One mistake is they gave Henne too much time, they believed he would turn the corner and never did, that hurt us a lot.

Ireland is young, still green, still learning. He could be a diamond in the rough GM. Could be. I would be ok if they gave him more time. I would be ok if they brought in someone they felt was a sure upgrade too. But with a GM, the only way you get a sure upgrade is to bring in someone with a sure track record.

Not blaming Moore AT ALL here, but just want to point out the importance of an elite QB. Elite QBs make plays WHEN IT COUNTS. Moore outplayed Romo ALL game until the last 1/2 of the 4th-quarter. Of course, that's where games are won/lost in the NFL.

There was one play, Bell I think had Romo dead to rights. Romo kind of juked him, then made a throw for a first down. Not sure how you defense that better (without shut down corners). Romo just made the play he HAD to make.

Moore HAD to make that throw to Bess on that last series to keep it alive. He didn't. Again, not the reason we lost, Moore was probably our best player yesterday. But that's what it takes to win.


I may have missed you saying this, but what about Marshall's 35 yard Td grab with the defender hanging on his back and giving hima headlock for 5 yards before the ball got there?

That was one of the best TD's I've seen all year in the entire NFL! Whether people hate him or not the has been solid overall

I could see us winning 4 out of the next 5. Other than Brady, we're not playing elite QBs. Oakland has to come East, we should be favored. Philly is the game I'm not sure, they're so up-and-down. Jets SHOULD be a win (we can't get swept by such a mediocre division rival). Bills should be a win, but we're up in Buffalo in Dec, so not sure.

I see 3-4 more wins (best scenario). But I'd rather lose to Philly and best the Patriots. I HATE losing to Brady. Gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

Moore made to msny mistakes yesterday. On several plays moore could have easily ran the ball himself and could have scored. He played good but to many bad decisions overall.


Redzone execution (a re-occuring theme in the Sparano era) is what did them in yesterday. I really had a BAD feeling midway 1st Qrt. when the Cowboys were doing there best to give the game away and we couldn't capitalize. All I kept hearing last night was how the D fell apart at the end but we should have been up by no less than 10 points not clinging to a two point lead also in all honesty we had Romo sacked on back to back plays and he made some nice plays in escaping the rush completing passes. In the 1st one of these plays the guy who really shoulders the blame is K.Misi who had the outside contain and was caught completely out of position.

Ohio, incredible play. Almost a better throw by Moore than a catch by Marshall (though I agree, highlight reel of a catch). NO way Henne makes that throw. That's why Moore is higher than Henne now (IMO).

Marshall showed the monster on that play. People lost faith in him earlier in the Season, but I don't even hear Mark talking about getting rid of him anymore.

I think that would be a complete disaster. You don't get rid of your most potent offensive weapon unless you have a MORE potent weapon behind him (which we don't).

Great call (by Daboll). We need more plays like that. At least attempts. I'd like to see some calls for Gates on that play. I saw Ginn catch one last night for a TD (got reversed on a petty penalty). But that's why you have speedster WRs on your team. Overall, best play of the night (2nd to me was the Bess catch, another amazing catch. 3rd was that Bush AWESOME juke near the red zone for a 1st down. Our skill position players came to play yesterday.)

Miami loses 4 of the last five if not all 5. They had their little run of 3 games but we all know they are who we thought they were.

Completly Agree DC......All 3 of those plays we're superb! Just not enough

PS: Didn't call it the other day that no matter who wins this will be a hard fought close game!?!? Don't normally toot my on own horn so I had to this time. :h

Da, I'm not OK with bringing him back because he simply doesn't get it. Sparano has even adapted faster than him. Ireland's last draft was a joke. Who cares if we have centre solidified? We invested a lot in a running back who is a bit part player in this league. He hasn't changed one bit. Not one frigging bit. I would bet dollars to donuts that he wouldn't trade up in the draft and would be more than content picking another offensive tackle. His philosophy and approach is incredibly flawed, not his decision making.

I'm agree the problem yesterday was still the red zone execution, but unlike the other games the cowboys was well prepare, with theirs red zone defense. Aside a jump ball to Marshall, and I did not see trying this all the season, they apply good penetration and good run defense.

No, not complaining about Marshall anymore. Much better than last year and the first 6 games. If he played this way all along, I wouldn't have said anything.

I'm not going to blame the defense at all. To hold Dallas to 20 points at home, can't ask for more than that.

I'm disagree with you Mark, any team need the center solid, do you forget the last game vs Chicago? even with the mobility of Tyler Tigpen that game was a disaster. IMO from 0 to 10 I give a 7.5 - 8 for the last draft.

Ireland is young, still green, still learning. He could be a diamond in the rough GM. Could be. I would be ok if they gave him more time. I would be ok if they brought in someone they felt was a sure upgrade too. But with a GM, the only way you get a sure upgrade is to bring in someone with a sure track record.

DevilsAdvocate | November 25, 2011 at 10:12 AM


Ireland is a very talented scouting director, he seems to have a knack for finding talent in the smaller schools (Acorns) but I think he's in over his head at G.M. Your G.M. has to know and understand how to put a team together and you don't need to be a genius to figure out that #1 we've given out guaranteed contracts that will by next season begin to take a toll on the cap with players like Marshall and Dansby and #2 the Dolphins are an incomplete squad with depth at some positions and none at others. His handling of the HC search before the season non withstanding.

Lost for only a point, but still a lost. Me lleva la ch1ng@d@


We can agree to disagree all day long. But you will never be able to convince me Sparano has adapted, progressed, improved or that he does not have a brain made of sand swirling in the wind.


Do you really think Ireland handled the HC search? Come on man, that is Ross's call. Ireland is his gopher.

Much of the criticism about Ireland is well founded..HOWEVER..it means nothing on its own, if you can't put it in perspective. Take a look at how well the average GM has done in this league and you will find many worse.

Adrian, look at Baltimore. They had a gifted young centre in Jason brown a few years back. Who you ask? Well he was highly sought after, dolphins included. Ravens let him walk. Signs for huge money with the rams. Ravens sign matt birk to a reasonable contract instead. Team doesn't miss a beat. Rams and dolphins still stink.

You don't spend first picks and massive contracts on interior linemen. There's a reason mike pouncey was the highest drafted centre in forever. Nobody else views then as a premium position.

Da, I don't like sparano at all. However he is less of a reason this team stinks when compared to Ireland. Ireland is reason number 1. Sparano 2.

You know the real reason why we lost the Game? Experience. Too little on our part, a lot on theirs, specially Romo and Witten. Nothing more.

And what would you do if at the end of the Season Ross decides to keep both Ireland and Tony? For as much venom you guys spit on those two, Ross will decide what he thinks is better for his purposes and ignore you. Will you be very, very mad to the point that The Miami Herald would be forced to close the Blog to prevent all that negativity to seep into the Community? Or maybe change the conductors of the Blog? We'll see.

getting closer to our franchise qb, was critical that we lose that game. keep us ahead of many teams in draft. jake long was horrible

Correct oscar. I would shut down the blog with my negativity if Ross kept Ireland AND Sparano.

I believe the best thing for Ross to do is to listen to me. Then all will be forgiven.

oscar, you're "experienced" point is pretty lame. No one on that field has more experience than JT and Yeremiah Bell. Yet, they've been losing these types of games since they entered the league back when it was the AFL.

So how do you figure experience is the ONLY difference in the game?

The difference in the game is that Dallas has more talent, and an elite QB, and Miami does not.

I will say, Daboll's system, for THIS offense, seems to work. NFL offense today is about creating mismatches and keeping defenses off-balance. With all these different formations, personnel groups, it does the job.

I really can't blame Daboll too much for the failures this year. He's called pretty good games. Sure, there were plays here and there that didn't work, times where he could have been more aggressive. But for the most part, his system, now that players understand it, is working.


While there is no doubting Ireland is Boss Ross's brown nosing YES man. There is a reason he was taken along on the HC search back in Feb. and when I say to you his handling of the search I don't mean the fact they couldn't Ink Harbaugh to a deal. The reality is Ross would have had to make him the highest paid Coach in the League to pry him away from California.

I mean it in the capacity that the minute they decided to board their flight they should have released Sparano or don't you think that their handling of the situation regarding the HC will wear on anybody they attempt to hire at the end of the season. They came accross as a couple of amatuers with no clear direction anybody worth a damn will think twice before commiting to them and it was on Ireland as the teams G.M. and defacto Head of Football operations to have told Ross to terminate Sparano 1st and YES I do believe Ross would have taken Ireland's suggestion as his Football Exec. very much into account.

This fiasco will I believe come back to haunt them in their search to replace Sparano at seasons end and do you think anybody in actuallity will want to work under Ireland given this and a number of other mistakes he's made in the last year alone????

I'm saying the above with the understanding that it's Sparano (not Daboll) that's deciding to keep Fasano in to help Colombo.

Daboll used his TE's a lot last year, so I can't believe he doesn't want to use Fasano more this year. I think that's a Sparano decision.

I may be wrong (though how likely is it that I'm ever wrong?).

Harbaugh played us like a fiddle on that one fin. He wasn't EVER coming here. He didn't care about the money. His family wanted to stay on the West Coast. I'm sure he saw San Fran as being MUCH closer than we were, plus a better overall organization.

I put that squarely on Ross as the Owner. He was green and made a horrible mistake. But that's water under the bridge. He had the right idea on which HC to go after. Let's hope he's right again this year and gets his man this time.

The difference in the game is that Dallas has more talent, and an elite QB, and Miami does not.

DC Dolfan | November 25, 2011 at 11:43 AM


While I agree the experience factor is lame given that in actuallity the Cowboys are a very young team themselves calling Romo elite in my book is a gross overstatement. He maybe the most overrated Q.B. in sometime, he makes plays here and there but has never gotten a very talented Dallas team over the hump. He has the luck on playing in arguably one of the two or three most famous Professional sports organizations so the hype machine has been in overdrive for sometime but he is an averege player, IMHO


Ireland maybe the GM, but he also hasn't even reached puberty yet. Considering how Parcells brought in Ireland and Sparano together, considering it wasn't Ireland that hired Sparano, I really don't think Ireland had the clout to fire the HC at that point in time. I'd find it hard to believe he had full power over that situation. The handling of that situation falls entirely on Ross.

I dunno fin. I understand why you say that (all the meltdowns, flubs, mistakes at crucial times). And I'm definitely not putting him up with Brady, Rodgers, Peyton, Brees. But in that next tier (with Rivers, Vick, Shaub, Eli), yeah, I think he belongs in that tier.

The only guy who can escape better than him is Vick, hands down. I don't know if ANYONE can throw on the run better. The guy makes loads of plays. He keeps his team in the conversation pretty much every year.

I think he's way better than average. Average to me is Henne, Sanchez, Alex Smith.

I think Romo is better than average. Just wouldn't put any money where my mouth is if betting on a championship game he's starting in, lol.

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