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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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Don't forget that Ross last year was in his 3rd as team owner himself and while Ireland would have had to explain to him why terminating Sparano was the right move, I do believe Ross would have taken it into account, remember for one reason or another Ross seems to trust Ireland as his Head of Football operations and had Ireland sat him down and explained it to him I think Ross goes on his advice. Think about it Ross doesn't know anything about running a Football team so to say Ireland had no clout in the decision isn't entirely true either, I think it's more like he wasn't really sure and went with it much like his handling of the team were nothing gets done until well after the fact, the man is trigger shy to say the very least.

DC @ 12:10,

That is a more fair assesment, he is in that 2nd tier but not on the elite level, lets say above averege would be the fairest statement regarding Romo


You are making assumptions, and so am I. I can't believe Ireland was the sole person Ross had to rely on. Parcells, Peterson and surely he has some other contacts. Ross may have gotten Irelands opinion, but to think Ross is so disconnected with his own business that he would rely solely on the advice of a youngster with so little executive experience seems like a stretch to me.

ted, I understand what you're saying, but remember the GM is above the HC. So, if Ross brings in a new HC, it's not like Ireland wouldn't have a hand in that. Then, wouldn't it be weird if you just had a hand in brining in the guy that wants you fired?

I just don't see that as a likely scenario, UNLESS, Ross makes it a point of hiring that the GM position will not be replaced, and the HC has no say in it (which is a possibility).

Or, maybe Ross hires a VP of Football Operations (like Peterson), and HE picks a HC and gets his input on Ireland.

But the Ireland thing will need to work itself out pretty much at the same time as Sparano. I think it'll either be a 1-2 punch (both gone), or Ross will get rid of Sparano and say Ireland's staying, or Ross will hire a VP of Football Operations who will decide on both Ireland and Sparano. Those seem to be the 3 most likely scenarios of how it gets played out.

Also, is it likely that NFL people don't think like us posters on here? I can't really see that. If they don't they should, they might learn something. I've won many fantasy championships, that means I'd make a helluva GM, doesn't it? Or is there more to it than fantasy and Madden?

DA, Ross has NOT ONCE reached out to me for my opinion. I think he's close-minded. I have a lot of good ideas for this team, yet, no one in the NFL seems to want to hear them.


I'm having lunch with Ireland tomorrow. I'll see if I can get him to call you.

Adrian, look at Baltimore. They had a gifted young centre in Jason brown a few years back. Who you ask? Well he was highly sought after, dolphins included. Ravens let him walk. Signs for huge money with the rams. Ravens sign matt birk to a reasonable contract instead. Team doesn't miss a beat. Rams and dolphins still stink.

You don't spend first picks and massive contracts on interior linemen. There's a reason mike pouncey was the highest drafted centre in forever. Nobody else views then as a premium position.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 25, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Mark, yes you are right, now I agree with you. I didn't see that point of view, yes the center position doesn't add much value of a 1st round selection, in terms of play making, may be the front office want to solve that position at once. So instead 7.5 - 8 out of 10, I give 7 for the last draft. Thank you.

LOL, thanks.

Greatest thing about Matt Moore is he has pretty much given us a better gauge of what needs to be done with this team besides the drafting of a #1 qb. Henne was so inconsistent it was difficult to sepaerate the media from the mess.

From what Im seeing of Matt Moore he can be a bottom top starting qb in this league if he learns to slow the game down thats playing inside of his head. It is to be expected, but we also have to realize Moore doesnt really have a ton of starting qb experience in this league.

In no way am I saying dont draft a qb #1(RGIII,lol), but I do see a bottom top 10 starting qb in Matt Moore if he ever learns to slow the game that plays in his head at times. Still I would love to get RGIII, have him become a mega star, and get great value for Matt Moore if possible a little further down the road.

Andrew Luck will be the consumate prototypical qb. RGIII will be the rare mix of prototypical/dynamic NFL qb. Luck wont be nearly as dynamic as RGIII, but I think RGIII can be close to as prototypical as Luck.

Sparano giving the presser now. His speech and body language are down and gloomy.

For the most part I do like what Moore has been bringing to the table during his short stay in Miami. I have more of a feeling that we can win games with him under center than Henne. Project Henne should lose ALL funding after investing in it for the past 4 years.

I know some on the blog still back Henne and many more liked him to get this last shot this year as well. He has been the ultimate in mediocre and inconsistant. He has teased with arm strength and crumbled with inaccuracy, lack of reads, blatant ints and his fabled robotedness.

I absolutely want the next powers that be to grab the best QB they can in the first round.

My first choice is and has always been RGIII. I believe (as Romo showed last night) the time is now for NFL QBs to be more mobile as well as good, accurate throwers of the rock. Zone blitzing, better athletes like Peppers, Mathews, and Von Miller need to be countered with a playmaking chess piece of your own. I believe RGIII is precisely that guy.

Heck EVEN Tebow with his Horriffic arm is winning NFL games with his legs!!! Who'd a thunk it?

The thing that is awesome about RGIII is although he can run he would rather throw and that is the best combo imho.

If they can't RGIII then I would target Barkley from USC. I have heard all the Lienhart concerns but they are NOT the same person. Lienhart is and always was a party guy and that carried over to bad NFL play. Barkley's career will be a different story.


If the college scout guru Rob says RG3 is the guy then he's the guy. Good enough for me.


I'm not saying that it was squarely on Ireland but I don't believe that by Feb. last year Ross had Parcells to turn to for advice at that point in time, Peterson maybe but not Parcells and deffinetly not by then. If there were a definition to burning bridges in a dictionary then Parcells picture might be in the caption. If we were to be completely objective then we can at least agree on the fact that it was on them both and they blew it from jump street. You say you can't believe Ross would be so disconnected from his business to have put it squarely on the youngster, well lets analyze that for a minute.

It was Ireland who found while at Dallas, Tony Romo from little Western Illinois, Miles Austin and Jay Ratliff amongst others. It's what made him at the time a sought after commodity as an up and coming personnel man who could eventually be a League G.M. He was Dir. of Scouting for the Dallas Cowboys in his tenure there, so to say that Ross a business man with limmited knowledge of running an NFL Franchise wouldn't weigh his advice heavily is crazy. It's one thing that he hasn't panned out given that he's best suited for the role he held in Dallas it's quite another to suggest that the team owner wouldn't take his advice into consideration, especially one with absolutely no experience who would need to rely on his Football brain trust to give him his best options possible.

Mark in Toronto,

Lol. Good stuff bro.


Ross has intimated he wants to "make a splash" and hire someone that will and can craft a winner here in Miami.

The names thrown around have been Cowher, Gruden and Fisher. Any one of those guys that gets the gig will demand to pick their own GM. Fact is I think Gruden and Cowher are kind of digging on the no pressure life of broadcasting. I don't think either will coach in 2012.

I think Fisher would come to the right situation and did not dive into broadcasting to get comfy.

Not sure what direction Ross would go if he chose a GM (Peterson being the obvious choice due to his ties).

He did kind of set a precedent by going after Harbaugh full force. This says we can't rule out a hot college coach. The Nick Satan thing didn't work out but Harbaugh is doing amazing in SF and up for coach of the year.

Even potentially deposed coaches may be in the mix depending on what happens with Andy Reid, Tom Coughlin and Norval Turner.

Stay tuned Fin fans... it's anyones guess.



“In these kinds of games, those have to be touchdowns,” coach Tony Sparano said

...and it only took Coach Tony 4 years to figure this out....I guess you can tach an old dog new tricks...

Daboll did a wonderful job in Cleveland getting Colt McCoy ready to play his rookie season. He did a nice job with Henne. Henne was clearly improved the limited time we saw him this season.

However, with Henne, I believe a genetic mental block will permantly prevent him from being a bottom top 10 qb, let alone ever be a top 5.

Seems Daboll is doing his greatest work with Matt Moore. Moore's per4formances of late have clearly been at least bottom top 10 qb like. I consider any qb with consistent 100-ish performances bottom top 10 qb-ish.

I believe the only thing limited Moore right now is learning to slow the game playing in his head. Im not sure he can ever be a top 5 qb, but, I definitely see top 10 nfl qb potential when he slows the game inside of his head.

Therefore, anyone even considering letting Daboll go, please jump from the ledge. I promise I'll do nothing to stop you!

Why isn't the the headline on ESPN....TONY SPORANO FIRED.....NOLAN PROMOTED.....


You can totally forget about trading up for Luck. We'll be in bankruptcy court for the next decade just to sniff his jock alone.

It aint happening. It may cost the next entire 5 drafts in exchange. LOL

Matt Moore has far more upside than Henne. I see bottom top 10 nfl qb potential in Moore. But more importantly I believe RGIII has top 5-3 nfl qb potential.


Rob, I also think despite what many here think that this will be the hottest coaching position available. Good supporting cast, top 10 pick, a lot of top qbs coming out. Seems like its an easier fix than most jobs.

Mark T,

Matt Moore solidifying the qb position the last month fully supports your statement. When getting solid play from your qb position it give a better gauge on your team as a whole.

Moore shows me we're only 4-5 players away to being a very good football team. That's provided qb play is at least "solid". But we still hedge that bet by trading up for RG# if need be.

I can't believe how happy Sporano looked after that loss...makes me sick to my stomach....glad not to be blown out....that what this team has become....happy with moral victories....

"yeah man....we played them tough".....

So what!!!!

A loss is a loss....and a coach that takes comfort in a close loss...should not be coaching MY TEAM....

Mr. Ross....please fire SPorano....TODAY...he is now dead weight...and in the words of Pracells....he willl now be a progress stopper for the remainder of the season.....

Mark T,

If drafting RGIII, my best hc choice would be Cowher. Cowher's already had experience using an extremely watered down version of RG3 in Cordell "slash" Stewart.

I highly stress the term "extremely watered down" version.

I'm SO depressed!


Wait, no I'm not, I'm pumped! Yeah! SpOrano's gone for sure now. YEAH!


I can't help it, I *FEEL* bummed.

We Lost!

Wait a second, NOW we're going to have better drat position. YEAH!


It's trying times like these that I really appreciate having GOOD Friends. I don't know what I'd do without my best Buds Jim and Jack!

PS: Anybody see Sean Smith on Vontae's pick? If you got it on tape re-watch it. It's so FVCKING funny, it'll make a true fan cry.

Davis makes the Int, Smith bounces up off the ground to lead the convoy. Great right? NOT! Instead of blocking for Davis, he MOUSES down the sideline, MAKING SURE he avoids ANY contact, pretending like he's expecting an UNECESSARY pitch.

Other guys(like Bell and Burnett were laying people out/blocking). Not Sean Smith, after re-watching it a zillion times, I'm pretty positive had Smith made JUST ONE BLOCK, it would have very probably been a pick six!

Watching Smith depressed me, I'm bummed. Thanks to Smith:


Wait, wait, Noooooooooooooo.................

Geesh guys, what did you expect Sparano to say, "Boy we sucked for not pulling that game out yesterday"?

Some things dont even warrant a critque. You just read and move on unless it was just complete foot in mouth bone-headedness. Sparano said not much differently than any other league hc would have said playing a team clearly superior to his.

Pick a vowel, buy a clue!

I didn't even want to commett on this bolg....but Sporano actions irk me to no end....

He played conservative early...and he played conservative late....and in the end...his conservative play cost OUR team.....

YG....last time you addressed me...i embarrassed you so bad you changed your name from Dying Breed to Yesterday's Gone....

Unless your looking for a third name change....i suggest you just read....and save the comments for after I sign out....

Sparano didnt miss the fg which buy the way would have given us a game winning margin. Sparano didnt cause the center/qb snap miscue inside of 2minutes before the half that led to the short Romo td.

Sparano wasnt guarding the wr that made the td catch before half. #24 Betty Smith was.

All 3 of those things figured more prominently in why we loss the game than anything Sparano did.


What, are you confessing youre the one who impostered me in "blue"? That's why Im in Blue under "dyingbreed anymore.

Now we know who knows how to imposter others even though there name's in "blue".

"why im not in "blue" anymore"

Sparano didnt miss the fg which buy the way would have given us a game winning margin. Sparano didnt cause the center/qb snap miscue inside of 2minutes before the half that led to the short Romo td.

Sparano wasnt guarding the wr that made the td catch before half. #24 Betty Smith was.

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 25, 2011 at 02:23 PM

By this logic...Sporano is responsible for NOTHING....good or bad...he is merely just there....

By that logic....lets give Sporano a 25 year CONTRACT EXTENSION.....


Instead of the HEAD COACH.....we can just call him...

The guy who 100% resonsible when they WIN....and who has ZERO ownership when they lose....

Thats what we will call the HC postin now....


I am now also thinking you are "Yeah". It takes someone very knowledge in IT stuff to pull off those things.

You have to be a programming guru to pull off impostering another poster in blue. Otherwise you have to do by adding or ommitting a letter.


On 2nd thoughts, I take that back. By reading your posts, no one so smart could be so dumb! LOL


What, are you confessing youre the one who impostered me in "blue"? That's why Im in Blue under "dyingbreed anymore.

Now we know who knows how to imposter others even though there name's in "blue".

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 25, 2011 at 02:26 PM

What are you talking about....

Thats what happened to me.....thats why I'm not in "blue"....

my account was hacked...so I stopped signing in blue....i almost stopped comming here altogether....

I don't need to insult you...or make baseless accuzations...

as usual...I wil take apart your foolish logic with common sense....and you talk about the IT department....

next you will tell me you have to go to church....

and in the same snentence cuss everyone on the blog out....

What are you talking about....

Thats what happened to me.....thats why I'm not in "blue"....

my account was hacked...so I stopped signing in blue....i almost stopped comming here altogether....

Posted by: kris | November 25, 2011 at 02:33 PM

You just claimed you forced me to stop signing in as dyingbreed(blue) and that's the only reson I stop signing in blue and changed my name.

But just like I stated, on 2nd thoughts from reading your posts. No way someone smart enough to pull that off could be so dumb. So no way you could have pulled that off! LOL

I don't need to insult you...or make baseless accuzations...

as usual...I wil take apart your foolish logic with common sense....and you talk about the IT department....

next you will tell me you have to go to church....

and in the same snentence cuss everyone on the blog out....

Posted by: kris | November 25, 2011 at 02:36 PM

Kiss my a*ss alter boy. Was that good enough for you? LOL

I forced you to stop signing in "as DYING BREED"...try to KEEP UP....and talk about what YOU READ...and what I WROTE.....

I hate having conversations with people who are ignorant in reading comprehension.....

People like YOU can never argue intelligently....cause you never REALLY UNDERSTAND what was posted to you....

and you throw around the word DUMB....those that live in glass houses...REALLY shoudn't throw stones....

Kiss my a*ss alter boy. Was that good enough for you? LOL

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 25, 2011 at 02:40 PM

and that gentlemen is how you handle the poster know as Dying Yesterday....

You kill him with common sense...and he is reduced to childish ramblings....

why don't you cut and paste something about RGIII


I admit, youre my favorite dumbass on the entire board. Love you man, now go grab me a beer out the fridge ho'! LOL

What happened to that very interesting exchange of opinions among DC, fin4 and Devil's. Shame.

Since long ago, Miami has been a graveyard of Coaches. Shula, JJ, Saban are/were no slouches. Who on Earth would they want to bring that could be successful down here? yesterday, odin and kris need not answer.

insane to even think they should keep our coaching staff. this is a bad 3-8 last place football team. get real and finally get a real coach here and gm and draft our qb finally

I really like the offensive and defensive coordinators so I like a HC who keep them, also one who can motivate the players and prepare well the games, Gregg Williams the defensive coordinator from the saints prepare well the games I don't know if he have the motivational skills and is willing to keep the coordinators, if so, I will pick him

dr. roberts,

I concur with your thoughts on Fisher. But I also think he's going to be prime candidate number one for a lot of teams. I think Philly would be the most desirable situation. Good owner, good fanbase, good talent, consistently near the top of the league standings. It's a perfect fit. So Miami will have that to deal with. I also think there's a chance that Tom Coughlin will be shown the door at the end of the year. So there's the draw of the big city for Fisher to consider too. Not sure that will be any more desirable for Fisher but it'll be something else for him to consider. There's also the chance that the San Diego job will come available too. It's not happened there with Turner and I think at some point the owner will say 'enough'. So there will be lots of competition for Fisher's services.

gregg williams failed big time as a head coach. bring in a mind for offense for once.


I like the OC and DC too. It's funny, you don't hear too many of the ignorants on here bashing Daboll this year because 'Cleveland's defence was dead last last year'. If any of these guys had a clue, they would realize he had Hillis and nothing else to work with this year. What nobody talks about is how Cleveland's offence is performing this year and how it's not any better.

But getting back to your original point, I like both co-ordinators. I'll agree with 98 per cent of the guys on here that Sparano has to go, so with that I think it's unlikely that both co-ordinators will stick around and that's too bad. It's just how life seems to work in the NFL.

Whoever comes down here, dr. roberts, better be young rather than old and extremely tough, to go against all the adversity that this Team has suffered for so many years. Fisher seems to fit the bill.

good riddens, get an entire new staff. get this losing mentality, fist pumping field goals out of here

and if the philly job opens that means that andy reid is out there and u better hire him

Craig M....

Andy Reid is NOT going to get fired....

You can take that to the bank....

Neither will Tom Coughlin....

Of those you mentioned...only Norv Turner DESERVES the AX....and i'm not even sure he will get it....he has DESERVED it evey year since he was hired....

reid very slim chance he is fired. 5 percent

coughlin not going anywhere.

turner is gone, sources say he had to go deep into playoffs to save job


I'll make a gentlemans bet with you that he does. Don't know what inside information you have but I believe Loria will pull the plug on him after 12 years. They spent handsomely in FA and his season will be looked at as a failure. Just my opinion.....one of us can come back here in January and say 'told you so'....

i sure hope your right craig, andy reid would be awesome here

Craig M....

I'll take you on that "bet".....

I have no inside info....but my head tells me he gets an extra year with all these FA....the will be low key in FA this comming year and work on fundamentals.....

After all....it was a stike shortened year....I think the owner buys what Reid sells him....

but we will see....

You guys are hilarious!! dusty where are you getting this 'slim chance 5 per cent' stuff about Reid. Are you in the Eagles front office or something. F8cking hilarious!!....

None of us know what Jeff Loria is thinking, including me. If I was a betting man.....and I am...I would say that Reid is done at the end of the year. He may step down, as a respect thing or because of health reasons but he will be done IMO....

'5 per cent'....f*cking hilarious!!

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