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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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Bird in hand worth two in bush.

Short man that dance with tall woman get bust in face.

Clever talk and pretentious manner seldom compatible with benevolence.


I don't get why you're so down on Fisher. He had an woner who meddled, didn't participate in FA and basically forced VY on him. He was right on VY....he's nothing. Might have won last week against the Giants but is he REALLY a team you want to build around? I don't think he is. You talked about Fisher being burnt out but where are you getting that from? I think a year off from coaching will do Fisher the world of good. He'll be abck and ready to accept the bext challenge. Whether you agree with me on this or not, Jeff Fisher will be at the top of a lot of teams wish list. Mark my words....


The owner forced VY on him and what happened? Something like a 7 game winning streak. Is that better or worse? Why couldn't Fisher see Collins was spent? Collins wasn't winning games, do you continue a long losing stretch or try whoever the back up is?

What leads you to believe Fisher would be any better with a different owner? It seems like wishful thinking or taking a flying leap to say Fisher would be better somewhere else since there is nothing to substantiate that. Nothing.

Mark your words yes. Not exactly a bold statement. As I've stated, the professional sports teams are generally conservative, don't like to take chances, every year its just a merry-go-round of the same few coaches. So for sure any coach with 10+ years HC experience is going to be in demand. That is like saying it will rain next summer.


So who is it you want to see as HC? Do you want the team to take the chance on the next great assistant? Didn't work too well with either Cameron or Sparano. No thanks! I'd rather have someone with a bit of a track record. Someone who commands the respect of the players. Fisher is that type of coach. He holds people accountable. VY didn't want to be the good teamate, the good leader and he chose not to play him and suspended him. I'm not saying collins was the answer but with the owner sticking his head out and investing millions of dollars in VY, Fisher didn't excatly have a lot of options, did he? My comments on Fisher, relate to what he might have done if his hands hadn't been tied and money was invested into the team int FA. You're knocking Fisher, but his won/loss record is pretty good and I believe he would have done better with better support from the owner. There's no way of knowing that but it's not such a far-fetched idea.

I finally found the answer to my question - but why the change? It was Tony Sparano. (non-verbatim), "during the bye week I questioned everything I had ever learned about Football, and I changed everything, from practices to plays". Seems to have worked, hasn't it?


Forget about VY, we are talking about coaches. Think about what you are saying. It holds no ground. You don't want to try another assistant because Cameron and Sparano failed. Ok so that means you want an experienced head coach. Ok, let see now:

1. How is Shanahan doing in Washington?
2. How did JJ do in Miami?
3. How is Norv doing in SD?
4. How is Gailey doing in Buffalo?
5. How did Gibbs do in his return to Washington?
6. How did Wanny do in Miami?
7. How did Schottenheimer do in SD?

It makes no sense whatsoever to be biased for or against previous assistants, previous HC's, and first time College coaches. None. Why? Because they all have had success and failure at equal rates. As well, the very same coaches fail on one team and have success on another. There are just too many variables involved to be biased one way or the other.

You have to find a guy you believe in, there is no sure fire recipe. The 49'ers believe in Harbaugh and scored. It could have backfired just like Saban did.

No risk, no reward.
No gutz, no glory.

I want some fresh blood. I don't see that as being any more risky than taking a retread coach. It comes down to doing your homework. I am not the one to name names, I don't have the resources to do the appropriate homework. But I will take a current NFL assistant or first time College coach over one of the few NFL retread coaches being tossed around.

Football is not rocket science. Belichek is not a genius, clever yes but not a genius. I am certain there are many many highly qualified people out there worthy of a HC position. Sticking with the same few coaches year after year is short sighted.

It's no different than any other industry. Do you think the most famous musicians are the best musicians in the world? Some are, most aren't. There are countless extraordinary musicians world wide that are stuck working cafe gigs and weddings because the industry just makes room for the few.

I'm for opening the doors to opportunity, finding new talent, and not confining yourself to a small, finite group of options.

To know is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.

Man, but did he take a long time to figure it out!

Tagging on my previous comment...

McCarthy was an assistant, how did he do with Green Bay?

Tomlin was an assistant, how has he done in Pitt?

Herm Edwards was an experienced HC, how did he do in KC?

Man who shoot off mouth, must expect to lose face.

Have you seen Sparano getting on D. Thomas as- as he comes in to the sidelines after a botched play? Guy is 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage and still can't find the hole. With such talent, what a shame!

Hey, Confucius, we know you wise man but this Football blog.

Man with tool in woman's mouth not necessarily dentist.

An oscar posting on football blog is oxymoron.



Did you see the last presser after the game? Tony talking like a dead man walking. He was down, glum, gloomy, resigned. He risks that rubbing off on the team.



Tony wants to look smart, but he can't. All that money and he still looks stupid. And he knows he won't get another chance as a HC.

Still, he has it made. I don't feel sorry for him. Time to move on. He can take Lex with him.


You make a lot of good points. Difficult for me to criticize too much of what you've written. I doesn't change the fact that I would prefer a guy like Fisher or even Jon Gruden (let's forget Cowher. He's not coming). I'm not discounting a good young assistant, I would prefer to go the tried and true method. You see some of these guys as 'retreads', I see them as experienced coaches, who have proven track records. It's not an accident that Jeff Fisher lasted 10 plus years in Houston/Tenn. He knows what he's doing. He knows how to win. We don't have that in the current coach and there is NO guarantee you're going to get that from whoever you bring in. There's too many variables involved to be sure your assistant is going to succeed. The list is long...Greg Williams, Wade Phillips, Norv Turner.....all good assistants....lousy HC's. I don't want any of those guys. We'll be having the same argument a year from now on them as coaches. Just my opinion. I wouldn't expect you to agree.

Many variables involved in whether TS stays or goes. First of all, has he really turned around his coaching style and become a good Manager, permanently?


I think it's a forgone conclusion that he's gone. I don't think he's changing anything. If he wasn't gone before the last game, he's gone now for sure. Too many close games and not even wins. That's where good coaches figure out how to get it done. He chooses to get conservative and it costs us too many wins.

OSCAR SAID................ IN FACT ,BY HAVING 3-8 RECORD THIS YEAR ,TS HAVE MAD IT ...............

AMAZING , OSCAR HAS NO CLUE ....................

3-8....................LAST 11 GAMES

4-51............................. LAST 55 GAMES ..................



I like you and I want to be your friend.
And you KNOW that we can make it work out for us.

Craig, nothing in this case is a foregone conclusion for me. During that horrible losing streak, I was the first one that wanted TS gone right then and there. But, for some reason, that didn't happen, and things have changed. The Team has put 4 straight great efforts and I know now it is all due to TS making changes within himself and in his beliefs. ANY Man that can do so deserves the utmost respect and consideration and he now has them from me, 100%.

DA @ 1:28,
you left out Vermeil in St. Louis.

Hey DA and Craig,

I can see both sides of each differing viewpoint you guys have.

Like DA, I know there are as yet undiscovered quality NFL head coaches that are sprinkled into the college coaching landscape. They are out there and with intense homework and some luck one could be snapped up.

Like Craig said, some of the Vet coaches have already had the on the job training and a body of work to show that the NFL hotseat is not too big of a job for them. Fisher just may be a fine hire but, no one really knows.

What I can sort of go off of is that Ross said he wanted to "make a splash".

That may mean a big named ex-head coach like Fisher. It could also be a high profile college coach like Les Miles (For the record he ain't going anywhere).

It shall be interesting. If I am a betting man I say that Fisher has the edge over all coaches at this point. My gut says that Cowher and Gruden like the cushy, low pressure braodcasting jobs and Miami won't be able to woe them away if that was Ross's intention.

If Andy Reid gets dismissed he would probably be in the mix.

In a perfect world Harbaugh would have said "Yes" and then I think the whole team would have been a touch better on many fronts. I have to hand it to Ross, he identified his man and went all in trying to land him.


*woo them away. lol

Maybe TS is trying to "woe" them away.

As in "wowsy wowsy woe woe".



Did you also say:

Man who fly upside down will have hairy crack up.


Boy who lose key to girlfriends apartment get no new-key.

Sorry oscar, I couldn't resist fanning the flames.


How about Russ Grimm or Brian Schottenheimer?



Or Greg Olson, Tampa Bay?

So while we have some time to kill before the next game. I was reading on PFT about the polarizing effect around the league that Tebow is having with his religious affirmations before, during and after his interviews.

I was wondering what your stances were on it? It seems to be roughly a 50/50 split of "He earned it, let him say whatever" and "Please don't bring your religious beliefs to our football interview."

I read a whole ton of the comments and they were pretty varied and interesting.

One thought provoking one said (paraphrasing) How long would it take for the Christian believers to be up in arms if a Satanist or a Muslim guy started to drop the same tyoe of props repetatively as Tebow does?

Now that would be a stir...If people thought Tebow was drawing attention, it would pale.

Just wanted to see what some of you guys thought.


Good to meet girl in park but better to park meat in girl.

Kill'm all.

Why Aloco... are we cross?

You still looking for your first girlfriend are you?



This has got to be one of the best college Punt Returns of all time.



I have to admit, I was secretly rooting for SpOrano and the Phins to win out.

Had we finished out on a 9 game win streak, I think it would've been a no brainer that the guy deserves another season.

We didn't, he didn't, it is what it is.

SpOrano's **ONLY** chance at this point is winning out in a commanding and dominating fashion. While I'll continue to hope for the best, I don't see us even coming close to making it happen.

All the shoulda, woulda, coulda's don't make a bit of difference in the end. I think this will be SpOrano's legacy here(if you can call it that), shoulda, woulda, coulda!

Almost from the very begining, The SpOrano led Dolphins seemed EVER so close. But, ultimately, in the end, **ALWAYS** a Day Late and a Dollar Short!

When the inevitable finally occurs, when it's official and the announcement of Tony's firing is made, from one Viking Warrior to another, I will salute Coach SpOrano with a great big:

Fist PUMP!!!!

NFL football...

I have never seen this in all my many years of watching the NFL:

Check out this radical fake return punt for what should have been a TD.



Secretary not permanent part of office until screwed on desk.

Joe Adams has a combination of speed and quickness that reminds me of Mark Clayton.
Clyde Gates has speed but it's all straight away speed. He doesn't have the ability to make people miss in the open field.
Adams and Wright both have excellent speed and quickness. I have been pointing out these two guys for some time now and have been saying that Miami would do well to pick up one of them in the draft.
Both were 4th rd projections at the time I originally mentioned them but have since moved up.
Wright also had a really nice catch, where he tipped the ball several times and then caught the ball just before it hit the ground, in the same game.
I was disappointed that Arkansas wasn't able to pull out the win against LSU yesterday. Another heart wrenching loss two days in a row.

good question, who will our new coach and gm be???


That's it? That's all?

Not even an acknowledgement?

I guess it's OK, but I was hoping for something like, "Yeah Odin, I should have known it wasn't you" or "After further review, I could see it's the same old Blog Hit Troll".

Yeah, I guess it's OK, but I thought you and I were a little more on the same wave length.


Hey Odin (Happy Ragnorok Day! LOL)

I agree with you. A 9 game terror would have been a good read even if they didn't make the playoffs.

Tony Sparano's coaching epitaph will be:

"Too many close, but no cigars"

Like TS said himself, you don't get style points for losses in the NFL.

So crazy that the streak probably stays alive if a snap gets fielded cleanly with 55 secs to go in the half and the Fins can stake claim to 6 points with a 1st and goal from the 3 yard line. Lousaka Polite anyone?. You have to believe Shayne Graham makes a 39 yard field goal if Moore doesn't get sacked or can effectively throw the ball away.

Game of inches as they say.


dusty @ 3:54

LOL, that's a damn good question!


i cant wait for january rob. new coach and gm, free agency and then a draft where we can get our franchise qb. 2012 is gonna be fun

This team lacks leadership, disiplin (leadership) and balls. We have a regiame that plays it safe.

I do not want a fresh unknown, unprovin, inexperianced Head Coach., Trus many of the old guard has failed but we are foruntiate that the dolphins have experianced the "Projets HC" collage HC, inexperianced HC in diapers aka Sparano and the list goes on.

This team need a proven leader who is not affraid to kick ass and tell his players that if they think that they are here to collect that fat paycheck, they had better EARN it or they will be GONE.

Bill COWHER would bring the exact leaqdership skills required to turn this team around. Phat ars Tuna parcells put the ocassional fear into the players when he stepped onto the field with his golf cart.

COWHER will turn this team around and make them into the Championship team we once enjoyed.

He HAS ALL the credentials and he knows that if he fails, HIS fame get's tarnished. he is a world champion Head Coach and had a World champion backing by the Rooneys.

Cowher WILL leave his TV gig once all the pieces fall into place.

Hand Cowher the keys and let him, if he chooses wear both the HC/GM hat. if he does not want the GM part, then Ross MUST allow Cowher to choose a GM that he will be able to work with comfortably.

The following conditions would be a no brainer for COWHER to take over.

1) Total unconditional control over all football decisions.

2) Total control over hiring and firing staff, players.

3) Total control over all draft choices. (no exceptions)

4) Total control to hire if I choose to a GM.

5) Total control over all contractual obligations.

6) Total control of free agency acquisitions.

Fisher, Gruden and ALL the rest are no match up for Coahers sucess. Forgett about bringing in any Collage coach as we been there, done that and it failed and one of them even Bailed aka Saben.


I dont. let's get down to business.

The numbers dont lie.

Fisher record below.

Career record

142-120-0 (Regular season)
5-6 (Postseason)
147-126-0 (Overall)

Championships won
1999 AFC Championship

GRUDEN aka Chucky Record below:

95–81–0 (Regular Season)
5–4 (Postseason)
100–85–0 (Overall)

BILL COWHER aka THE JAW record below:

149–90–1 (regular season record)

12–9 (playoff record)

161–99–1 (overall record)

In Cowher’s 15 seasons, the Steelers captured eight division titles, earned ten postseason playoff berths, played in 21 playoff games, advanced to six AFC Championship games and made two Super Bowl appearances.

He is one of only six coaches in NFL history to claim at least seven division titles.

At the conclusion of the 2005 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had the best record of any team in the National Football League since Cowher was hired as head coach.

I rest my case.

Squirrel who runs up woman's leg not find nuts.

Prof Lou,

Adams definitely has some game. Shifty like a Hester type.

I like the Clayton reference. Although Adams is faster but probably wouldn't shine as brightly at WR as Clayton did for so long.

You nailed it with the Clyde Gates straightline speed thing. Returns will be tough for him as his wiggle is limited. The blockers literally have to create a seam to run through. I don't think he has the same long speed as Ginn to outrun the entire field around the corner either.

I do believe that Gates has the courage and ability to be a good vertical threat after he learns the nuances of the position in the NFL. Gotta be able to beat the jam and get off clean and then he can pose problems.


cowher would be awesome, but no way is he coming here. we wont be able to make that big of a splash,sucks

If we're going with an unproven commodity, the best I've seen out there is Brady Hoke.

He's worked in many, many different programs at all levels. He's turned many programs around and has been a winner EVERYWHERE he coached. He's worked with all types of players and wouldn't have the problems Satan had trying to learn how to deal with millionaire men as opposed to college boys.

He's also worked with all kinds of Coaches, including Jack, John and Jim Harbaugh. Gary Moeller, Lloyd Carr and many, many more.

The biggest problem I see in going with an "up and comer" is, it's **JUST LIKE** trying to draft that next franchise QB. It's a crap shoot to put it bluntly.

Like Rob said, and I agree, Les Miles is staying put. So I think that makes it clear that Brady Hoke will be the "front runner" of College's Up and Coming Head Coaches.

Pretty ironic that Ross' biggest blunder since becoming the Dolphins owner was going after an up and comer that turned out to be the NFL's odds on favorite for "Coach of the Year" honors(again, as Rob pointed out). I'm starting to suspect this Mr. Ross knows a little more than we've all been giving him credit for.

It's obvious to me that Ross wants a winning team and he wants the fans to have a great stadium "experience(LOL)". So whoever he hires, I'll INSTANTLY give them my backing, ESPECIALLY if it's Brady Hoke!



Yuppers... 2012 is going to be a whole new ball of wax.

Exciting stuff.

I wonder if the new coach / GM choice will at all be matched to the talent we already have (Or in Parcell's speak the Groceries that already done been bought).

What I mean is, IF (*disclaimor IF) Andy Reid were the new coach, would he start trying to find a Westbrook/McCoy style of running back? Maybe he feels Bush is already that? Does he immediatly go after QB RGIII to emulate McNabb and Vick? etc.

Change is in the air and it will be interesting to see the 2012 version of the Fins.


There could NOT be a clearer message from the Players and Union as to WHO IS IN CHARGE of the Dolphins destiny.

The millionaire players have systematically accomplished their goal. Their goal was to teach Ross a lesson and to send a message to the rest of the owners. They choose to drop balls, run routes other then called and the list goes on.

They want Soprano and Ireland fired. They ran with what all the press and us blogger have been posting and took advantage of the situation.

So what do I mean by all that you may be scratching your head!

Simple terms. They purposely sucked just enough to lose and when they were certain that the writing was on the wall, they covered their tracks by winning and making it appear that they are behind the HC.

They did all that and are playing at 75% now so that they can SAVE their own JOBS come January.

They know that Ross will clear house and they want to make a statement for themselves.

It's ALL about ME, ME and ME. ALL of them are playing for each other's jobs. It doesn't matter about their team contracts as the new HC will trade or fire them.

They all know how god they have it in Miami and want to stay. Don't look for players at the end of the year asking to be traded. These players will wait and see how it plays out with a new HC.

THAT is exactly why we need a disciplinarian to come in and toss these millionaire players against the locker room wall and his name is BILL COWHER.

i hope not. not as high on griffin as i am barkley. bush is a decent third down back , nothing more. so lets hope a bunch of changes are coming


no way aloco ross already made that mistake by keeping garbage sprano and henne one more wasted year. sparano is gone and moore will be a backup

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