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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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well jon sprano is gone, thats the good news. win out, no. but maybe couple more wins vs garbage teams like philly or oakland, enough to really hurt us in the draft

This is the worst kind of winning ...Fins alway negate their opportunities for a franchise QB. You guts suck and you lose Luck.

All I know is we just Kicked th s-hit out of the bills and I LOVE IT

Dusty, I'm done. Good luck. These guys just don't get it. They are still in that we can win no matter what frame of mind.

RGIII will be a better pro than Barkley or Landry. I see league mvp potential in RGIII.

I only hope nfl gm's are as sold on RGIII as many of you. RGIII has the deepball touch of Dan Marino and foot speed of Michael Vick.

Just you wait and see!

Well I guess it's official:

Brian Daboll > Dan Henning.

It took this long because the Dolphins off season practice is indoors. They had no hot weather conditioning. Remember how winded they were during the first game? They are finally in game shape. Tony and Jeffy are responsible for that. Tony's game management early on was comical. This franchise will languish for many years to come unless a complete front office change occurs. Up to and including the celebrity sucker, Ross.

Where's Buffalo Bill?

Not saying Barkley and Landry wont make very good nfl qb's. Just saying RGIII looks like he has the potential to not only be a franchise qb, he has mvp type potential to boot.


Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein


doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein


doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

Been fun guys.. Time to get ready for the G mennn on SNF.

You cannot deny this team has improved. They didnt give up when we all seemed to want them to to get the high pick. This tells me the kool aid maybe better than we think it is. This is a 3 game win streak folks. Bad teams dont dominate like Ive seen this bunch do this month. As much as I want to believe in Sparano at this point it does not take back all the slow starts weve seen every year except last year. If this team wins out its gonna be a tough decision for ross. I think he keeps everyone. So all the Sparano haters better start praying for some losses lol

ericat this team and no other team is winning out. lets talk real here.

the dolphins are going finish 7-9 again. i hate being a dolphins fan

doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

Posted by: NY "G" | November 20, 2011 at 06:33 PM

This quote gets posted here about 59 times a season. I wish it would stop ( so now I expect you to repeat it 10 more times just to get at me)

its frustrating no doubt fins fan

Matt Moore's quarterback rating is now 85.8 after 7 GAMES

I hope this victory puts an end to the endless petty drooling over Luck, it ain't happening so forget it.

we knew that next weeks ago, colts have him wrapped up

Well I guess the Bills are back in Buffalo.
Wonder which players got their houses "T-P'd".

Well at least the Bills players are at home with their 4"9' 525 pound hairy legged wives.

Maybe they can score on them.

We never had a chance at Luck unless the nfl granted us chance to go 0-17 while Indy went 0-16!

Give it up for Matt Moore-ino!!!!

dusty weeks ago every third post was about positioning for luck.

Im 99% sold on Matt Moore. But the 1% Im not is 100% of the reason I say we must still draft a top 5 qb.

Even if we have to trade "near" king's ransom to do it. It would even itself out over 10yrs of having a franchise qb.

Winning doesnt mean we still cant get a top 5 qb. It only means we'll have to give up more to get him.

Yeah, as far as drafting a QB early goes, you have to figure Indy will take Luck. So that leaves Seattle, Washington, Probably Denver and maybe Arizona looking to draft a QB along with Miami. I think it's likely Luck, Jones, Barkley, and RGIII get selected in the top 15. Of course that could change if Manning potentially ends up with one of those teams, and someone gives Matt Flynn a shot. So anything more than 6 wins, Miami would have to trade up to get one of the top 4 QB's IMO

We're many of you saying we should trade up from the #15 position to grab a qb this draft offseason?

Then why couldnt that work now?

Great win, I love this, everyone says it's only 3 wins against crappy teams, well all 3 teams are pro teams and all 3 teams have some pretty decent players. I'm tired of all this crap, yes crap, about how we are hurting our draft status by winning, I could care less about where we draft, the object is to win and win as often as you can. This is a proud franchise with alot of history, and I'm happy as hell that our guys aren't giving up, I've been a dolphin fan since 1970, and I never wanted this team to lose, so we could draft some unproven "prospect". Truth is noone knows how any of these "top rated" QBs will work out.

I lived in Charlotte for a few years and attended a few Panthers games. This kid Moore is a good QB, better than Henne for sure. Is he an elite one that will take us to the next level? Of course not but he could be that backup QB that every good team needs in case of catastrophe. Peter King from all people picked the Panthers high last year to go very far (and b/c he thought Moore was the real deal) but Moore got hurt and also got benched by the most inept HC in the NFL: John Fox. He preferred (chuckles) Jimmy Clausen, I think in part b/c he wanted to stick it to the owner and GM (and you thought Ross/Ireland are bad, you have NO idea how terrible these other two are (picked 3 QBs in one draft -while sacrificing pciks LOL-and none of them worked out now talk about total ineptitude). Fox (and Elway) is doing his best job to try to sabotage Tebow and even at that he sucks! Anyway Moore is an asset to the Fins, and YES another good sign by...drum roll... Ireland! I have to admit I judged too quickly just as many of us did. Ireland also wanted to get a new HC (that we DO need). Nolan is fine his scheme had new players and after the lockout it took time for them to gel. Still draft a QB, and depending on how high of a pick we get pick one in this order: RGIII, Barkley or Weeden (no one else). We also need a RB, that was one big mistake Ireland did (picking Thomas over Murray and sacrificing a pick) but heck we are not perfect and I am starting to like this team more and MOORE!!! Go Phins!!

If I traded up for any qb it would be RGIII. Though it may not happen, Landry or Barkley could end up being Jay Cutler.

Big arms, can make all of the throw, but marginal top 10 nfl qb.

I like Laundry Jones or RGIII. I don't trust Barkley, no particular reason why, just don't. If they wanted to get RGIII, it might be a good idea to bring in a guy like Matt Flynn or keep Moore on the team because his learning curve might be more then some of the other guys. Vick didn't take a snap until the 15th game of his rookie year, might need to do the same with him. It'll depend who the next coach is too.


Good call. I see league mvp potential in RGIII, not just franchise calibre. I believe someday we'll see RGIII as league mvp. Nfl defenses will have to defend more than just his great arm.

The Guy has Vick-like speed too. He definitely threatens a defense in more ways than one. He will be far more complete than Michael Vick with the deep ball touch of Dan Marino.

If that doesnt have league mvp written all over it. Blow my brains out right now!


If we couldnt land RGIII, I would take Barkley then Landry. However, I think Barkley/Jones have potential to be Jay Cutler too.

Can make all the throws but not translate into nfl greatness. That's what scares me about those types. RGIII is definitely my 1st choice too.

Franchise calibre only means the guy should be good enough not make you seriously think about replacing your qb for the next 10yrs. It doesnt guarantee championships nor mvp's.

RGIII is a qb I see that shows league mvp potential. Not just secure your qb position for the next 10yrs.

Chad Henne has made us reevaluate our qb position every season he's played.

That my friend is the difference between a franchise and none franchise qb.

We win. That was a great beatdown on the Bills. I hope they cover Culver's fine. Finally a Dolphin kicking butt and a penalty that wasn't holding or offside. A mean dirty penalty. We need more of this kind of stuff to take us to the top.

I am sure that Culver wasn't head hunting but he was trying to put a good lick on a Bills receiver who was falling forward.

On a better team, RGIII, would be playing for the national championship this year!

Baylor's ranked #22 and will move up after the OK upset. Without RGIII, Baylor would be lucky to be ranked top 50.

Amsmith965, how are they going to pick 15th when they might win 1 more game. That would be 4 wins. I think that is enough to pick in the top 10. So what the hell are you talking about?

RGIII has taken a terrible team and made them respectable! Imagine what he could do for a good team collegiate team?

It would be interesting to see what would happen if Barkley/Landry played for Baylor and RGIII played for Oklahoma or USC?

Ross will force his new HC to draft QB with the first pick.

RG3 - looks promising and I like his speed.
Barkley - something about him I don't like
Landry - seems solid, would not be upset if he's our pick
Flynn - will GB trade him? his he a franchise QB?
Manning - will Colts release him when the pick Luck?

One of those guys will be our new franchise QB next year.

am i the only one who watched this defense lay the wood all day?? my gosh YB, Culver, Vontae, Dansby, Burnett, Jt, Odrick, WAke. These boys are HITTING. Fred Jackson=hurt. Stevie Johnson=hurt. Donald Jones=hurt. David Nelson=hurt. Ill take the occasional personal foul penalty, those receivers werent happy to go across the middle in this game. Lovin this defense

Ill jump back on the bandwagon when the fish beat the Pats and the Jets. Untill then beating suspect, non-good teams doesnt make a super bowl team. Both sides of the ball have improved very much, kinda makes me mad we didnt begin the yr playiing this good or maybe its the competition. We should have a good chance against the 'Boys in Dallas. So goes the OL, so goes Moore.

and by the way, im tired of hearing all the p u s s y dolphins fans rooting for the team to lose. you ve clearly never played any kind of organized sports. I'm so tired of hearing about Luck. FAIR WEATHER FANS WE ARENT GETTING HIM. maybe that makes it easier. this teams working hard, they deserve better fans. if you want the team to lose, find a new team to root for; and when you get your balls back come be a real fan

Well done Miami again.living in the UK I only get to see brief snippets of action but it seem like every facet of the team worked well for at least three quarters.
I hope Miami win as many games as they can from now on and we will worry about our position in the draft when it happens.

Funny comments. Bottom line is the team is not bad and mabey pretty good. Looks like mabey we got lucky with Moore. The team has been put together in an organized, disciplined manner. Continuing on this course is the way to go and eventually we'll get our share of the breaks. Acting rashly or stupidly or in a panicked kind of way only leads to a mess. All those asking for a housecleaning are asking for just that. Losing hurts and creates a lot of pressure sure. How did these guys do when we were 0-7? The players, the coach, the GM, heck even the owner? Not bad. Not bad at all. Any name calling? Quitting? Depression? How did they "perform" right at the bottom when they had no and I mean no friends? Even I gave up on Tony but look how he did during our darkest hour. I think they all deserve a standing O regardless of what happens the rest of the way.

Matt Flynn is an unrestricted free agent after this year. Manning will be cut or he'll stick in Indy. Peter King said on SNF that he can't be traded because of his contract. I like RGIII or Jones for the long term if they draft a QB


Just ask yourself, "Does Matt Flynn make us forget about adding a new qb for the next 10yrs"?

So far there's absolutely nothing to base that on. He wasnt even a high choice coming out of college(LSU). There he was known more as a caretaker than high echelon qb.

Think about that.

I would love to say this team played well today but, again, they win against a team that didn't even give an effort on the field.
Seriously, did they play the Buffalo Bills today or the Buffalo Sheep.
The scores of the games say they won convincingly but their performance still has not convinced me they have gotten much better. I'm sorry but I'm not impressed with the way they played in any of the last three games.
If they played Green Bay or San Fran right now they'd be embarrased on the field. Give me a break with the accolades for a team that didn't show up all year and pulled off some wins against other $hit teams. It's all meaningless!

judy - it was the Buffalo Beeps that showed.

Guarranteed if Matt Flynn asks for anything over backup salary GB lets him walk.

If GB lets him walk, that tells you what they think of him as a franchise calibre qb. They would sign to a starter's contract and bid him off to the highest bidder.

Before you guys begin thinking too highly of Matt Flynn keep a very close eye on how GB handles him this offseason.

..Interesting that Peter King just reported that Peyton Manning cannot be traded. Something in his contract. The Colts would have to release him, or keep him Luck, or no Luck. He did not say if this was only pre draft, or post draft. What I took from it was he couldn't be traded period. What good would it do to release him? If you are the Colts, do you still take Luck, and make him sit. Do you trade out of the spot. If they decide the later, we are still in the running for AL


There not very much difference between Brady beating the Bills 35-8 and Matt Moore doing the same. Better teams are supposed to beat inferior teams by big margin.

I would have greater problem playing down to the level the Bills played today and win the game 10-9. Then what you say would be absolutely true.

Dolfans are having problems with us beating bad teams but fail to recognize we've been dominant in doing it. Next up Cowboys!

Got Lucky with Moore? The guy passed for 160 yds! In the Washington game he thru for no td's and an int! He SUCKS!


I've been saying that here before Peter King reported it. Mega-superstars have "NO_TRADE" clauses in thier contract. They have a right to veto any trade deal.

Manning could be traded, its just first he has to agree to it.

I've posted that if the Colts piss Manning off by drafting Luck. If he wanted to, he could veto any trade and force them to cut him.

Then he would be a fa and do his own bidding and the Colts get nothing in return for him. Manning as trade veto power in his contract.

oh and for all this quarterback discussion. Matt Moore has led the league in passer rating two out of the last three weeks. 2 weeks ago posting a 147.5 rating a feat Marino only accomplished once. And today posting a 133. If you're gonna complain, sean smith, marc columbo, and lex hilliard at fb are all viable options. get off moore

Im sure even Dan Marino had trade veto in his contract. All mega stars do this no matter the sport.

If a guy's a mega star its safe to assume he has a "trade veto clause" in his contract.

I would assume they would release Manning and save 28 mil in cap space. I know they have some key players hitting FA. If they cut Manning, they'd probably shop guys like Freeney, Mathis, and Saturday and start a true rebuilding process. They very well may have a new coach also. It'll be interesting to say the least to see what Indy does.


We're pleased with Moore's performances of late. Until we see more we still dont know if he addresses the position for the next 10yrs.

He must show the consistency over the remainder of the season to even come close to evaluating that.

As for right now it only proves Henne should be renting a Uhaul!

Winning football games is never a bad thing some of you are worried that Dolphins during this 3 game winning streak are losing draft position. Well obviously they are not going to pick 1st that belongs to the Colts but it does not mean this team can't get get a good draft pick by picking 10-15. it is up to the GM and FO to make the pick count and as we know from other Dolphin blogs nobody trust Ireland to make the right pick so it really doesn't matter that some of you are upset about the Dolphins winning it's 1 thing to have a high pick it's another thing to make the right pick.

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