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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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all of you who want to see the Fins lose, Just STFU. You are clueless, classless and true losers. To Quote Herm Edwards "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!!!"

I don't know. I guess I watched a different game today. On one side I saw a team that played a little better than they did all year.
On the other side I saw a team that looked like they had eaten some bad shellfish or something.
I didn't see any "domination" by anyone.
However, I did see a Buffalo team that looked more like the Akron Zips than a pro football team. They were pitiful.
Put it in it's proper perspective. They played a Buffalo team that was dessimated by injuries and were a total mirage at the end of the season. Fitzpatrick is a hack that had one decent season last year, sucked the two years before that, and is going to suck this year.
Moore has 7 td's and 5 int's and now he is the figgin Mesiah. Woooooowwww!
I want some of what everyone is smokin.

yesterday's gone @04:54 PM,

Guess I'm kinda naive, no aliases or anything. Still if he's a faker, I'd like to see Bill Buffaloed to take his meds like a man.

Manning doesn't have a trade veto, this isn't MLB. Here's the story;

"Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported during Football Night in America that Manning’s $28 million option bonus is due before the start of the 2012 league year.  Since no trades can happen until after the 2012 league year begins, the Colts won’t be able to trade Manning before the $28 million comes due.

And that means the Colts will be less likely to trade him after paying him another $28 million.

Of course, Manning could give the Colts some relief by agreeing to postpone the due date, if only by a few days.  But here’s the thing.  What’s in it for Manning?  If there’s a team that he’d like to play for and if that team is willing to pay him $28 million to walk through the door, why tie his new team’s hands by forcing the new team to give up two first-round picks or more to the Colts?  Those picks could be used to help improve Manning’s new team.

Thus, it’s in Manning’s best interests, if he’s going to leave Indy, to refuse to change the date and force his release.

Regardless of how it works out, it’ll be one of the most compelling stories of the offseason."

So the most likely sceniro is he gets cut.


just extremely tired of hearing quarterback talk. it's ashame that "true" dolphins fans cant even enjoy a routing of the Buffalo Bills, a division rival, due to wanting the team to lose. And I may be wrong, but right tackle is much more of a glaring NEED for this team at this point in the season. If moore ends the year with a qb rating of around 90, i think you build around him. This team is talented and young and in some important spots.

YG..I was seeing if I could find a link from tonights show(Football Night in America)Or see if the segment was on YouTube yet. The reason was because King said that this had nothing to do with Mannings no trade clause. I wish I could explain what he said. But I would butcher his quote. The no trade clause would be no breaking news, and harldy worth reporting on the first segment of a nationaly televised broadcast.. Hopefully the segmeant will be on the web soon.

Jon..Interesting point. I didn't think about that. My original thoughts(after hearing the King report)were that the Colts would want some compensation for Manning. If they couldn't trade him(which King said they cannot)It would make more sense to shop the Luck pick. But you bring up a good point.

This three wins are an optical effect that may have the appearance of a good team, but at the end of this pool of water is a reflection of the Dolphins and we all know this is only a mirage

i can see why you're name is "judy finkle", you have a slit between your legs and nag and nag and whine. I dont know what game you watched, but the dolphins DOMINATED this game. And yes they were decimated by injuries AFTER the game due to YB, Dansby, Culver, and Vontae doing what they do. This defense has become dominate in 3 games. The energy and emotion is unmatched on the defense at this point

Jon..Nice work.

It is easy to understand now why the Colts haven't put Manning on IR. If they can get him into any competitive form. They can evaluate, and really exercise their options.

whether Manning has the trade-veto power or not...he'd never come to Miami so let's rule him out right now.
I agree on the Flynn discussion's...I've seen very little of him to say he's a 10 year answer to our long-standing QB problems.

There are not many instances where a FA QB went to a new team and made a difference.


Those are the only QB's who've recently been FA's and made a big impact at their new team.

We WILL DRAFT A QB IN THE FIRST ROUND in April's draft...who that player is will be discussed for months.

You can all talk QB's until you turn blue, but what we need first and foremost is the right coach.

It doesn't matter who the coach is if the QB sucks

Ask Jim Caldwell

Are you Jeff Ireland in disguise, RT more of a need than franchise QB. That's the line of thinking that has this franchise mired in mediocrity.

If you seriously believe this it explains why no one seems to take your posts serious!!
And Judy Finkle completely agree with your posts, they had this game handed to them today although at least they scored TDs instead of fist pumps.
Hopefully the football gods have had their fun now and this should be the last win this season

Jon, you made my point. Caldwell has the best QB, but Caldwell sucks. You need a great coach first.

Great win today...our WINZ guys (thanks I heart radio) were basically incredulous.

Too tired to read the rest of the blog (just page one) so apologize if I'm echoing others:
The Bills are one thing, the pats, Steelers, Ravens, Packers...something else.
Lets see what our D does against a team will REAL TE play (our weakness), a mobile QB, excellent receivers and running game, and a Rob Ryan Defense.

We beat Dallas..or get close, I start to believe. But in WHAT?
Sparano? NO, UNLESS we end up 9-7.
Ireland? NO, regardless, as his FA moves...or non moves hurt us this year.

I think, regardless of our record, both need to go, as 0-7 was and is unacceptable.

The Colts are 0-10 without Manning in case you missed it. Yet with pretty much the same roster, Peyton got that team to the Superbowl 2 years ago. How's Shanahan doing without a QB? How'd Dungy do before he got Peyton? Barry Switzer won a Superbowl why? Because he had Troy Aikman. I'll take the stud QB over the super star coach every day of the week.

gee, landon, you really now how to hurt a gal.
boo hoo.





Posted by: Elegant Dinners Of Paraguay | November 20, 2011 at 08:45 PM

very inspiring.

Since this 3 game run I have been torn. After starting 0-7 I could actually relax and not beat my TV up and yell at my wife. It was ok to lose knowing that we could finally get a franchise QB this year along with a new FO. But I never wanted to go 0-16 and well, winning feels pretty good right now! And all I can think of is, 'what if the Fins didn't blow those four 4th quarter leads, etc.?'
Now I am not silly enough to think that this team will run the table, but I do agree with some of you on here in saying that even if we end up at 7-9 or 8-8, whatever FO is in charge can get the QB they are sold on. If the conviction is there, they will be able to land their guy. It takes nerves and I hope whoever is running the show has nerves like that. No one around So FL has for a good long time now. And don't discount RG3 falling to even middle of the pack come draft day.
My 2 cents.... Now GO FINS!!!!


Peyton never won a SB with Caldwell. Caldwell inherited Dungies team. It's been downhill since after his first season. That is proof right there. If you don't think the coach is important, tell me why our team went 0-7. Think about that, 0 -7 is extremely bad.

i can see why you're name is "judy finkle", you have a slit between your legs and nag and nag and whine. I dont know what game you watched, but the dolphins DOMINATED this game. And yes they were decimated by injuries AFTER the game due to YB, Dansby, Culver, and Vontae doing what they do. This defense has become dominate in 3 games. The energy and emotion is unmatched on the defense at this point

Posted by: landon | November 20, 2011 at 08:06 PM

Personal attacks are not necessary. If you don't agree with my posts than say so but you don't need to make it personal.
I give my opinion just like anyone else does and I may not agree with everyone else and I enjoy a good debate on the subject but CAN the "slit" $hit. Okeedoke.


Wow! Now it comes down to "wait and see when our D faces a real TE"?

Just not so long a ago, every TE we faced looked like a pro bowler against us. My have things changed!

I say we keep losing for 4 seasons so we get the 1st pick 4 times in a row!
That will make any W meaningless for the next 4 years in my eyes.


The coach is all important I do agree with you however this is a case of they are both equally important to a teams success.

We have neither at the moment, all of that will change hopefully this offseason.
My hope for the moment is Andy Reid falls into our laps and chooses his franchise QB in the draft. I also believe Indy could trade spots with us for Luck if Manning is fit and healthy, they could get whatever we should give them in picks to rebuild and still draft their future QB however I know that is more of a pipe dream lol

Read My Lips:

Matt Moore's play so far only guarantees Chad Henne's Uhaul should now be packed and ready to go. Nothing more nothing less.

Read My Lips Again:

We will be agressively trying to trade up for a top 5 qb even if from a #15 position. No one in his right my mind believes Matt Moore is the next 10yrs answer based on the limited performance thus far.

Give it break "we missed out on the top 5 qb's" infantile thinking people!

Agreed Yesterday's Gone; Conviction on your QB and then go get him!

Why do the Eagles have as many wins as Miami? Is Andy Reid a bad coach? Why did Georger Seifert win multiple superbowls with the 49ers but was terrible in Carolina? Why was Belichek ran out of Cleveland but is now considered one of the greatest Coaches of all time? Without a QB, you don't have a chance. Yes, the right coach is very important. But giving a choice, I'll take the mediocre coach and the stud QB winning 10+ games every year over the great coach who can't find the right QB and gets fired after 3 years.

Yesterday's gone

That's what should happen but knowing our FO history the question is, will it??

That's why we need a new FO, or an owner that says, 'you had damn well better draft a stud QB or you're gone!'

Even when Sparano/Ireland is fired. I hope the new regime gives serious thought to keeping Daboll and Nolan.

The defense sucked early because of injuries(hammy issues) and Dansby/Burnett needed time to get on the same page. Reshad Jones sucked big time at fs too. The hammy issues have ceased, Burnett/Dansby are on the same page, and fs position isnt the trainwreck it was earlier.

The offense looks like its moved into the 21st century now that the dinosaur Dan Henning is officially on the extinct list.

But, with that bafoon Stephen Ross running the show, I could imagine him keeping Ireland and replacing Sparano with some no name assistant, washed up re-tread coach, or big name college coach who can't hack it at the next level and we end up with another Henne.

All i'm saying is that I remember when Miami went to the SB with the Blackwoods at safety and they couldn't tackle for shite.
They called them the "bruise brothers" but they never wrapped up on their tackles. They hit guys with their shoulders and knocked them down. But, when they hit someone too big for them to handle the player would "shake off" the hit and continue to run; sometimes for a touchdown.
People were all over the these guys. But, when they played against teams with a higher caliber player they didn't fare very well.
This version of this team has some good talent on it. But, think about it. Daniel Thomas couldn't run the ball out of the endzone!
Reggie Bush only had 32 yds rushing, averaging 2.1 yards per carry. Marshall had one catch for 5 yards. Thomas had 50 yds, averaging 3.3 yards per carry.
The defense had one sack. They had two int's but one was a deflection off the receiver into Yb's hands.
The offense actually had less yards than Buffalo's offense did.
If anyone could be happy about that performance then, so be it. I've seen this too many times before.
When this team wins consistently and beats good, or great, teams more consistently I will be happy with the way they play. As for now, I'm still not satisfied. It's that kind of thinking that got this team into this losing mindset.

Yes, but what did change? I read today that the players ascribe it to trying to be more relaxed during and after the bye week. I agree with Proud Gay Woman, these players, specially on D and specially YB, are venting their frustrations and playing angry as hell. If that's their way of relaxing, welcome to it.


Would you like me to make you list of great HOF QB's that never won a SB? Or do you already know their names? I think you do. You guys talk like a high pick QB will automatically bring 5 trophies. Doesn't work that way. Look how great Peyton has been and he only has 1. Elway didn't get any until his final two years, then there are the Marinos and Fouts and Kellys that never got one. There are plenty of great QB's in the league right now that aren't going away anytime soon.

I think you all go overboard thinking one player will be the missing piece. If only it were that easy.

I also say, Ross made some kinda deal 3 weeks ago. Lets go Dolphins!!

Jon why be so down on Ross? What has he done? He only recently took over. Wasn't the coach he went after the best one available? Let's wait and see and not judge him to be an idiot so soon.

Can you give details of what you said, Moron Dfans? Because, definitely and apart from injuries and coaching, something or someone has changed this Team from what it was at the beginning of this Season.

I tell you what, IF we win on Thursday, can all you "lose to win" trolls shut the heck up for a week? The team loses, and you guys want to fire everybody for losing, the team wins, and you want to fire everybody for NOT losing. How DARE the Dolphins play to win! How DARE they improve, as they learn the new system, and get in sync. How DARE the coaching staff want to keep their jobs! How DARE the players LIKE their coaches, system, and other players? You people make me sick. I say how DARE you root against the team you supposedly love? How DARE you care more about unproven college talent over seeing our team have success with the players they have now? Finally, how DARE you call for a new coaching staff every year, for DECADES, and expect any continuity, or success? You trolls have been calling for a coaching change since about five years before Shula retired. You have no true loyalty, you false fan Trolls. You are an embarrassment to loyal Dolphins fans, and to Miami in general.

If you are going coach shopping, fire the guy that currently has the job. Now everyone in the league thinks he's a joke. Secondly, have you been to a Dolphins game since he took over??? Horrible gameday experience. That, above the losing is why many long time season ticket holders canceled their tickets, because this team has been THAT good in 8 years. As far as QB vs. coach, we'll agree to disagree =)

If only they had pulled out a few of their late losses.....We'd be set




Now ranked 16th overall, was ranked last. We're now 24th against the pass, was ranked last. 25 qb sacks /10 games = 2.5 per game.

7th rushing, 98.7 ypg, only allowing 3 td's on the ground.


23rd overall @ 19.3ppg. 25th passing with overall 83.3 QBR. 15th rushing, 4.0ypc and 112yds per game.

But some of you say nothing's changed. That's true but it's only your thinking. Same old loser mentality!


Ross has also showed he is willing to open up the check book to bring in guys like Marshall and Dansby. Try to look at the positive too and not just the negative. He is a new owner, only natural to expect some mistakes.

The team's beginning to shed some of its loser ways.



I know, save the shoulda, coulda, woulda...

Truth is, Browns, Broncos and even Giants game were all on the defense. San Diego might have been different if Marshall woudn't have dropped some clutch passes.

There are very few "franchise" QBs in an era. The draft road is littered with Couch, Linert,J. George types. Moore with a good gameplan, above average defense, a little more depth and a couple of upgrades in key positions could take this team deep nto a post season easily. "See Alex Smth" and the 49ers.

No excuse for the sh*tty start this year but if this team continues to play out the season showing consistant improvement I for one don't want to see a whole other regime change. Johnson, Wanny, Saben, Parcells, all this savior BS. The NFL lacks any serious world beaters right now. Other than GB and the 49ers because of their record. Everyone else is just ok but not dynasty great?

Go Phins!

I agree on the loser mentality....They actually look like a team now, giving it all they got...I'm not happy about the earlier season but can't stop watching my recordings now...Best I've seen the offense in years...

Buffalo has been blown out 3 games in a row. That team has fallen apart. Before we get too carried away, lets see how Miami plays against the better teams. We may be seeing fools gold.

We might, but it's better than no gold at all....

You see, Ross? The best way to attract fans is to put a winning product on the Field, and an exciting one at that.


Look no further than Alex Smith and the 49ers?

Last I checked Alex Smith's a top 5 drafted qb. Plus Harbaugh took over a 49er team littered with top 10 picks the last 5yrs.

Are you really trying to compare that situation to ours? Had Harbaugh taken over here the results would have been pretty similar.

The 49ers are practically littered with upper echelon 1st rd draft talent. They just needed the right discipline and know how to make it click.

You can turn steak to hamburger, but, you cant turn hamburger to steak!

I see whats happening. Everyone is getting hyped up about Matt Moore and the team in general. Did everyone forget the 7 back to back games we lost? They have beaten 3 shitty teams. We'll see when they play a good team, not the inconsistent Cowboys. But say they go 7-9, 8-8, even 9-7. What did they prove? Another mediocre year, now without the possibility of drafting a possible franchise QB. And worst, Sporanus and Idiotland will remain with the team. Get it? Wake up people. Whats the point of winning now?

I Think the last three weeks just goes to show Chad Henne was NOT the answer. Matt Moore may just be an average starting qb, but compared to Henne, he looks like a superstar. I am interested what Kris thinks about this!

Devils Advocate,

According to your very own thoughts about this team there's no reason to fear we'll be out of top 5 qb territory. So wth are you beeching about?

The reason for the offensive change IMO is they finally worked out how to use Reggie Bush, that opens the field up for Marshall and the rest plus Bush is always available for the check down , an injury to Bush and Moore will degenerate again.
Question is why so long to figure out what was pretty obvious to alot of us, that's a big reason why Sparano has to go

Exciting it is...My son is a Tampa fan and after the first few possessions he told me to quit yelling Touch Down...He was upstairs watching his Bucs and not used to me being so happy....

You guys thinking we're overhyped about the last 3 games are hitting the sauce a little to heavy.

Its not we're over-hyped about the last 3 games. We're true fans that love seeing the dolphins at least temporarily change its losing ways.

You guys are saying we still suck so terribly. If that's so true, then wth are you worried about? According to your own revelations we should be destined to draft a top 5 qb.

We terribly suck remember? Or are you afraid we dont suck as terribly as you forcast we do?

Hey, Devil, we could also take another approach, and ENJOY how we are playing right now. If we stop worrying about the season, and just enjoy what we have right now, I think our team would be better, our fan base would be better, and we would all be a good bit happier. Expectations for the season to come has always been our downfall. We won the most, when we were expected to win the least. Remember, we were underdogs to the Redskins when we beat them for the perfect season. Expect effort and preparation, no more. If you do so, you will enjoy the games, win, or lose (though obviously more when we win). People are paid to over analyze everything. I say life is too short. I'm not happy with losses, but they no longer affect my quality of life. I used to get way too gunched up over our record. Now, I get a little boost when we win, and am a little bummed for a little while when we lose. No more.

One more thought about Moore before you annoint him, how is he in a close game where he has to come from behind, they've jumped out to early leads against 3 poor teams so how would he be trying to engineer a 4th quarter comeback, running the 2 minute drill efficiently hmmm, yet to see him do anything other than throw picks in that situation.
That is the mark of your QB, the good ones make those comebacks

yesterday's gone

Are you DyingBreed reincarnated?

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