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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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The reason for the offensive improvement is the oline's had more time to play together. Carey hadnt played guard since college. Columbo still sucks at RT, but still didnt give up a sack today.

Now add, Moore hadnt taken 1st team snaps until Henne went down, they are solving the Bush usage issues, Clay's becoming huge, and Thomas has been solid if not always spectacular.

Also despite his well known dropsie issues Marshall's still one of the leagues leading recievers minus the dropsie issues. He's currently ranked 6th in the nfl in catches and yardage.

The question isn't why so long...This is a young team finding its self...They are just finally gelling as an offensive line and finding how Moore, Bush and the others mesh...relax...What do they have to lose...I say full speed ahead

today's here,

I've said many times Im dyingbreed. Im not trying to hide it. Yesterday's gone buddy! LOL...

yesterday's gone = DyingBreed.

Note the similarities in argument style.
Note the 24/7 posting.

What we think about who should go or not at the end of the Season should be disregarded now, at least I will try to do it. This Team is clicking on all cylinders and we must preserve it so.


Good man. That's exactly how I see it for now.

If Sparano/Ireland should stay. The primary requirement from Steve Ross is mandate a top 5 nfl qb draftee has to be made.

They can always be replaced after another terrible season or start. We would still at least have our franchise qb in the fold for the new regime.


Who's beetching? I'm commenting.

Congratulations you will not get Luck

Carey is a fat waste of space who will be replaced along with Columbo.
Agreed they've played better of late but they will be tested at Dallas.
My last post still stands about Moore coming through in tight games.
I don't think he has it I'm sorry.
I also still think that an injury to Bush would cripple things at this point

They've won 3 in a row, win out and they have a chance! It'd be a great comeback story and Americans always root for the underdog!

It may sound ridiculous right now, but, I would give up two 1st rd'ers to make RGIII happen. This dude has league mvp potential, not just franchise calibre potential.

2 1st rd'ers for a future league mvp qb is only kibbles and bits to part with.

Do not seek the approval of DyingBr....er yesterday's gone.

He has nothing else to do but argue 24/7.
His posts are neither headline news nor earth shattering revelations.

yesterday's gone has been here for a long time but he is using this name for only a few months now, that much is obvious. maybe he is kris...who knows.

Redsky, we will be mathematically eliminated within a week. Even running the table is not likely to be enough anyway.


If you believe all of those things then you know you dont have to worry about Sparano/Ireland being around next season or not being able to get a top 5 qb.

Just cant figure out the bashers point of view. Youre arguing against yourselves. Seems your argument is we wont get a top 5 qb, but your argument is also how badly we suck.

Doesnt that equal we will get a top 5 qb? Boy are you guys sounding stupid!


todays here

yesterdays gone is not likely dyingbreed, his writing is far more immature than dyingbreed.

Team bashers,

If this team is as sorry as you say. Then why the hell cant we enjoy 3 victories. I dont get it, do you?

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Hey, Husketer, I am just as happy never having to find out. If we keep jumping out to big leads, and keeping the gas pedal pressed, who cares how he would do when behind? Winning isn't enough? Now he has to win close, come from behind games to be a solid qb? You make no sense, man. This is just another example of being unable to reconcile one's expectations, and the actual results. You expect us to suck, so when we don't, you have to find some reason the results are false. You're like my girlfriend, who isn't ever happy, unless she has something to complain about. Next time you're about to post something negative, bust out a little "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" first, and see if you can't look at things in a bit more of a positive light.

Blog hit trolls, there's a new blog up. Meet you over there!



Blog hit trolls, there's a new blog up. Meet you over there!

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 20, 2011 at 10:35 PM

Nice try DyingBre....er yesterday's gone.

For those who want the dolphins to have s high draft pick, whenyou are watching the game, what kind if a game dip you expect . Matt Moore to come out and just down the ball on each possession and the defense just let coverage to be blown. So "true dolfans" can be happy. I just wonder what game plan for these last 6, games

Who would've thought before the game started that it would end with ex-Dolphin Tyler Thigpen playing vs. ex-bill JP Losman in mop-up duties for their new teams against their old ones?

Dammit you blog hit trolls are much smarter than I gave you credit for. The comments section on the new blog is closed. LOL....



Well I guess we are on our own for the next week.

I propose a conversation about the Miami - Dallas match up.

If it's Miami versus Dallas on Thanksgiving Day then Miami wins!

Leon Lett where are you???

Nyuk nyuk nyuk!!


On Thanksgiving Day in 1993, during a rare snow and sleet storm in Dallas, the Cowboys, who came into the game with a 7-3 record, were leading the 8-2 Miami Dolphins 14–13 with 15 seconds remaining in the game. The Dolphins attempted a 41-yard field goal to take the lead but the kick was blocked. While most of his teammates began celebrating, Lett attempted to recover the ball. He slipped on the ice as he tried to pick up the football, and Miami recovered the "muff" on the Dallas one-yard line. Had Lett simply done nothing, the Cowboys would have automatically received possession and could have run out the clock. By touching the ball and then failing to hold onto it, Lett enabled the Dolphins to take possession and then try another field goal with three seconds left on the clock. This second attempt was successful and the Dolphins won the game 16–14 as the clock expired.

Yeah the Dolphins won that game in 1993. They also lost every remaining game that year. An improbable colapse, and no playoffs.

Craig M

What do you say about VY now? First start and he beats the Giants, makes a ton of 3rd conversions, and is looking a heck of a lot better than your dream date Kyle Orton.

Care to fess up? Hot sauce is free today.

1993 - the year Dan Marino ruptured his achilles tendon.

1993 - the roster

The Roster:
Bruce Alexander
Fred Banks
Greg Baty
Stephen Braggs
J.B. Brown
Chuck Bullough
Keith Byars
Marco Coleman
Bryan Cox
Jeff Cross
Steve DeBerg
Jeff Dellenbach
Mark Dennis
Irving Fryar
Mike Golic
Chris Gray
Chris Green
David Griggs
John Grimsley
Bobby Harden
Dale Hatcher
Ron Heller
Mark Higgs
Liffort Hobley
Dwight Hollier
Jeff Hunter
Mark Ingram
Keith Jackson
Vestee Jackson
Terry Kirby
Chuck Klingbeil
Darrell Malone
Dan Marino
Tony Martin
O.J. McDuffie
Scott Miller
Scott Mitchell
Cliff Odom
John Offerdahl
Louis Oliver
Bernie Parmalee
Doug Pederson
James Saxon
Keith Sims
Frankie Smith
Pete Stoyanovich
Tom Thayer
Jeff Uhlenhake
Craig Veasey
Troy Vincent
Richmond Webb
Larry Webster
Bert Weidner
Jarvis Williams
Mike Williams
Ronnie Williams

Forecast for Arlington Texas on Turkey Day:

Thanksgiving Day
Mostly sunny. Highs in the lower 70s.

Thursday Night
Mostly cloudy. Lows in the upper 50s.

Tim in Tampa,

Seeing JB Brown's on that roster list made me want to puke. Nobody got toasted like db JB Brown. He has to be the worst Dolphin starting cb of all time.

Could you have made that list an omitted JB Brown buddy?

Jamar Fletcher objected!!

Looks like the Boys are about seven point favorites.

Homecoming game for Coach TS and GM JI.

Let the "yo mama is a ho" jokes begin!

An analytical point. The eagles aren't much better than the dolphins, but there's much greater optimism about the eagles over the dolphins winning out....discussion?

Why can't we post to Armando's new post! We paid for this blog! Bunch of horse crap!

We did?lol.Better coach,better punt returner,young above average wr's and running back and better o-line coach.....anymore?Just thinkin redsky.

I'm sorry but anyone that say's andy reid sucks is an idiot.I belive your record shows how good you are and andy is a good coach.Just LOOK.HEY,dan didnt win one one and did he suck?Just sayin

if only i hadn't died

like the "no comment" post armando, felt i had to comment so am doing so on this post, one of your best, 11.45 am eh! very civilised birth time

hope all is well with u, best wishes either way

go fins!

COULD MOORE BE OUR HERO FOR THE NEXT 6 YEARS.....................................




Dang it.

Last night as I was rebooting the page for this particular blog, I noticed that Armando had put up his next blog (the one saying he was going to be out for a week).

I was so excited! I really thought I had a chance to be the first to post on that blog. I was all set to write "FIRST!"

Alas. Then I saw that he had closed the comments section.

I refreshed my page a few times to see if that would change.

It didn't.

My sorrow is unbearable.

Yeaaaaaah Fins:D

To Dolphins Defense.

Please make life miserable for Tony Romo on Thanksgiving Day!

Keep right on winning!!!!!!!!!!

We beat three stinker teams and half of you want to get drunk and square dance.

Next year will be like this year, by October the only discussion will be the next draft.

Lets repeat what we did the last 16 offseasons. Convince ourselves we just need a few players in the draft to be contenders. Then convince ourselves the draft was great and we are contenders. Then by the end of September we are looking bad, hopes fade, and by October already talking about the next draft.

Yeah, lets do that.

Fellow Bloggers, please excuse DC's absence this morning. Currently he has diarrhea in the other hole and not able to get the to keyboard right now. He will be back promptly after the flood ceases.

Mandos next blog that's up is the best one he's ever written. I agree with everything he wrote. Should still draft that qb. Trade up if you have to no matter the cost. The only thing they are doing now is making that trade up more expensive.

I wonder why Armando closed the comments sections on his last blog?

Don't think Armando closed it..it must be the Herald and something smells fishy in Denmark

Yeah I don't get it either....something must be going on.

Mark in Toronto, completely agree with your and Armando's comments this morning. Great to see the team rallying around Matt Moore and playing all facets of the game but we must come away with a QB in the first round, whether it be Jones, Barkley, Griffin III or somebody else. DOing what the Bills have done with Fitzpatrick would be a colossal fail.

We fans want victory, but we also want a great spot in next years draft.

The players are NOT thinking ahead to next years draft and are playing to WIN NOW!

So as much as we are correct in stating that winning out screws our chances of drafting a franchise QB...this group of players just laughs that off and they play hard on every down.

As Herman Edwards famously said: "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!"

So, yes victory taste sweet, for the moment...but mediocrity taste bitter and last a long time.

Such a conundrum were in this year....

If the Herald does anything with this blog, there's gonna be hell to pay. This blog is my methodone. Without it, I'VE GOT ANTS CRAWLING UP MY LEGS!

Taking a wild guess, the Herald is having financial difficulties. Maybe the comments section being closed reduces overhead somewhere in IT.

As far as the blog status, may be a problem with all the grabassing and trolling going on. I hope not the it it may lead to a shut down. Too bad.

Craig, agree that Moore has been a nice surprise. I trust him as a transition qb. No need to rush a young kid along with him as he's currently playing but like you said, tying a 10 million dollar a year deal into this guy? Not yet. Maybe if he plays this way all the way through next year. Still have to take care of this position for the long term though and that means targeting one of these kids and doing whatever it takes to get him. There is no excuse. There should be 4 guys to choose from and there's no way none of them are worth the price. Pull the trigger or I quit this team. And watchimgthe thr nfl (because i couldknow never supportget another team) until they change their ways.

Moore has the it factor a quarterback needs, Henne was robotic and not a leader, but we still have no head coach and Gm is full of nothing but mediocre...we are at best year in and out 8-8 team with this crew...

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