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Fins escort Bills to woodshed, administer whipping

This was a complete victory as the 35-8 score suggests.

The defense extended its streak of quarters without allowing a touchdown to 12. The offense rolled up four TDs in the first half to make this a walk before the second half was played. Matt Moore threw three touchdown passes and had a 133.3 rating.

And the special teams got a blocked punt and touchdown when Lex Hilliard recoverd a block in the end zone.



Stampede of Buffalo.

The Dolphins have won three consecutive game. They are 3-7. They travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.


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Hope it doesn't go away.......I enjoy talking with the other legit fans

And get a laugh out of the other morons here and there


I read a lot of your comments this morning from last night. I agree with a good chunk of what you had to say. I'm all for a first round QB but people need to take a look around the league and realize having one guarantess nothing. Here's a list from around the league:

Newton: 2-8
Bradford: 2-8
Ponder: 2-8
Gabbert: 2-8
Rivers: 4-6
Freeman: 4-6
Vick/Young: 4-6

I'm all for drafting a first round QB, but it doesn't guarantee instant success. I haven't even brought up the debacle that was Alex Smith before this year or many, many busts like Russell, Leaf, Harrington, Carr, Couch.....and on and on...

Great, let's grab a first round QB....check...I agree. But can we also realize we have other needs to address before we can compete for ANYTHING.

Mark in Toronto,

I was looking for you yesterday. I know there was time when we both hated the Bills. Got knows we are bombarded with Bills stuff when the team is going good. I don't hate the Bills like I used to but boy it's still nice to see our team put a beating on these guys like yesterday.

There are just two types of Dolphin fans and neither is likely to change their way of thinking. Just like religion and politics.

One fan wants the team to win today, whether they are 0-12 or 12-0. The future will take care of itself. They want that rush right now in the short term.

The other fan wants playoffs, championships and late season relavance. This fan is all about the future and the long term. Once the playoffs are lost this fan's mind is on next year and beyond.

It takes both types to construct a fan base so I'm not bagging on either. Personally, I am not getting any younger and would like to see another Super Bowl run in my lifetime but to each their own.

Good thoughts Chris.......

Haha, Craig, that's true. I don't hate the bills as much as I used to but I still enjoy laughing at them when they're down. This team caused me a lifetime of pain as Shula was never able to find an answer to them.

Of the wins this year, this is the only one I really got excited about.

What a colossal goof on the part of the Bills to sign Fitzpatrick to that long term deal. Destined to a lifetime of mediocrity together.

Ohio, I take offense at you calling me a moron above. I thought you were different.


At this point, I can't be mad at the team for winning. Most of us thought this was a mediocre (at worst) team this year, then got surprised and angry to see them winless, and now things are starting to even out some.

The Suck for Luck thing should now be boarded up for good. No reason to hope your team loses when it's OBVIOUSLY better than a cellar-dweller like the Colts.

Hard to say what happened. Could it be the players (coming into camp overweight, not ready for the Season, new OC, new system, etc.)? Could it be the Coaching (not getting the players up to start the Season, which is a historical problem with this FO)?

Whatever it is, some of it seems to have resolved itself.

Next question is would Henne be doing the same thing Moore is doing? That's an interesting question. Leads us to debate Henne's potential, which is a favorite of the blog.

Regardless, IMO too much has occurred to look away. If it were me, Sparano couldn't do anything to save his job (winning out would still result in him being fired). And looks like Moore is going to do just enough to knock out Henne as the backup for the team. And of COURSE I still want to draft a 1st-rd QB next year.

I think the bigger question in my head becomes what to do with Ireland. Not because I wouldn't get rid of him, but trying to predict what Ross will do. We've heard they have a good relationship. And Ireland's picks haven't all been bad. Many of his decisions finally panned out or were proven to be correct in hindsight (not taking Orton being a huge one). Ross might see this win streak (if it continues), and say, "with the right QB, this team could be legit as is" and keep Ireland around. Or he could stick to the plan and clean house.

Just like Ireland/Sparano to mess it all up when everything was perfectly clear. Hope Parcells doesn't call Ross with that "give 'em one more chance" speech.



ALoco go make some mint tea.

ALoco go make some mint tea.

haha DC, you were in the first category.......anyway folks, it looks like the comments section of the new blog has now been opened?

Look at it this way, all are saying its a QB rich draft, fine. We should certainly pick in the top 10. It is not likely everyone in the top 10 will be drafting a QB first, so if we are not in the top 5, there should be some reasonable room to trade up with someone in the top 5.

I'm not as obsessed with the draft spot as much as most of you. I'm more concerned with who the next coach will be. The fact that the team is winning now doesn't help Sparano, it makes it only look like he needed too much time to get his team prepared. Anything short of a miraculous 9-7 finish and I say he is whacked 24 hours after the regular season ends.

DC, according to mando, it was Ross and not Ireland that put the whole kaibash on the Orton thing.

I still blame Ireland for a lot of what's going on here. Picking a D lineman, a centre, and a power running back with 3 of your last 4 top picks is not maximizing your assets in today's nfl.

You need to draft guys that have a greater impact on your passing game and your turnover ratio as these are the two greatest factors in winning today. And the Dolphins are still lagging in both. I still ahve hope for Odrick as he seems to be a very disruptive force and may still prove to be an excellent pass rusher and force the opposing offenses into mistakes. However, not sure the 2 top picks this year may have not had a greater impact if they were spent on the secondary or another olb pass rusher or a receiver or god forbid, a qb. Torrey Smith, Andy Dalton, Prince Amukamara, Ryan kerrigan, Nate Solder, etc, etc, etc may have all been better picks than the guys we picked.

Nevermind, the comments aren't working on the new post, it was just the Herald website messing up on me.

The Communism arrive, censure,lack of free expression, 99%, 1%, what the hell is happening in our country?

Tony, can't cry censorship to Armando. He personally censors his own blog. At the same time he praises freedom of speech on the appropriate American holidays. Hypocrite indeed.

Armando shuts down the comment feed on his latest blog-post...

So I guess we'll comment here for the next 7 days.

I want to type that I understand where Mando was coming from when he posted, "Some Thoughts to Last You Seven Days".

To sum it up, "It's Damed if you Do, and Damed if you Don't."


For thoughs annoiting Matt Moore the Qb of the future, please take in account who we played the last 3 games, Secondly Fiztpatrick con the Bills in that ridicolous contract they gave him, he's no franchise guy. Thirdly, Matt Moore > Chad Henne by a long shot.

2 interceptions, a blocked punt AND recovery for a touchdown, 3 TD passes, 28-6 at halftime?

wow. Nice to see a complete game, regardless if the Bills are "regressing".

Do we really think the Dolphins would have made these plays at the beginning of the year even against a regressing Bills team?

Something has changed

aloco, read marooned posts upside down.lol


BUFFET OF KNOWLEDGE .................

Mark in Toronto,

We'll disagree about the last draft. I think we saw yesterday what not having a good centre meant to the Bills. Mangold has being the linchpin on the Jets line for the last few years and helps greatly with the running game. Regardless of what we all think, you still have to run the ball in the NFL and you still have to control the other team's NT. It was a NEED on this team and I think we could all agree that Berger was definitely not the answer. Likewise Thomas filled a need. I think the same could have been accomplished with Demarco Murray, but so be it. I have no problem wiht what Ireland did and we're starting to see some good things from Wilson and Clay too....

what up Rocko!

guess they're clucking elsewhere :)

its gonna suck posting under the same blog for the next 7 days...there will be what, 50+ pages of comments by then.
Hey, Miami Herald WTF?

good point, lol...............it will be a record high hits for one blog post

NHFINSFAN - get a life then. Waste of time blogging the same old crap day in and out about a losing team.

It always cracks me up when people come in here and BLOG about how stupid it is that we BLOG

how does that make sense?

HEADLINE: Miami beats another really bad team!

Ohio misses his Mrs. DC hahahaha.....

Toledo = another no name blogger growing a pair for 2 seconds

Skeet, your right, I need to get out more and try some new things.
Hey, is your wife available later tonight?


I'm available tonight.

I'm worried about my dear DC. I haven't seen him all day. I miss him. I hope he is ok. Someone mentioned diarrhea. Glad I got out in time.

armando has been banned because he refused to ban the Hippie Oder-eye,The Coalition has Spokened.

Blah Blah Blah., Blah blah blah blah.

Some of the teams which made it appear we would lose strength of schedule tiebreakers are starting to look like paper tigers. Talking about the Jets, Bills, Eagles, Chargers to name a few. Teams we've played so far are only .500.

Guys the truth is the Herald is cutting back and having me take a Thanksgiving vacation(I deserve it), So any way, I turned off the blog feed, If you need to blog, feel free on this one., Thanks
Have a great thanksgiving
Armando(AKA YEAH).

Ok, so now we're getting somewhere. Looks like we all don't have separate trolls. I'm thinking it's the same troll who has multiple targets.

It's gonna be a long 7 days folks!

Craig, running the ball is the most overrated part of today's NFL. The top ten rushing teams in the NFL only have a .522 winning percentage. Compare that to the top 1010 passing teams, top 10 turnover ratio teams which have a winning percentage of well over. 600. Running the ball is gone well passed its course. It just guarantees you being average. There are a lot of excellent running teams that stink or are average. And who's to say it wouldn't have been better to select one of those players I mentioned earlier, and move incognito or garner to centre?


Ohio, I was wondering what's different too? I know we played trash teams, but come on. 31pts. 20pts. 35pts. That's an offensive juggernaut there. Receivers catching almost EVERYTHING. Bush running hard. Oline blocking. Team being creative (and efficient) in the red zone.

Something clicked with these guys. Could it be it took them this long to get the system down? It does take time to learn a new system. Not sure what the defense's excuse is though. They've been playing much better too (though I'm interested to see them against an elite passer like Romo).

Thanks Armando, Have a great thanksgiving

3 more wins and ts will be offered another hc job in the future , experience , not losing the locker room at 0-7 and lockout season being the clinchers

go fins!

Guys the truth is the Herald is cutting back and having me take a Thanksgiving vacation(I deserve it), So any way, I turned off the blog feed, If you need to blog, feel free on this one., Thanks
Have a great thanksgiving
Armando(AKA YEAH).

Posted by: YEAH | November 21, 2011 at 02:20 PM

Hey, Why cant we post on the new post?, Could Armando be the elusive Yeah?,I think he can(And is Yeah), Your thoughts posters?

Troll, go see if you can call up your "Buffalo Bill" personality. I'd like to discuss the Bills game with him. He was nice enough to taunt us last week when he thought his team was the sh*t, and now he's nowhere to be found.


I don't see it being a question of how much you run, as much as that you have a serious threat of running, and can run when needed regardless of how much you pass. So those stats about winning percentages of top running teams don't really say much. It could be they just don't have a good passing game. Nobody is arguing you have to pass well, just that I think too many overlook the value of having a serious run threat. I think with Bush and Thomas we have that now. Defense have to honor the run.

I was not high on the Pouncey pick initially, but I believe it was the right pick now. We filled a position of extreme need, no way you can argue the value of a great center.

NHFINSFAN - That was not me that said I'm available, but you probably knew that

DC - Yea don't get me wrong, I'm not calling for the playoffs this year like some, I'm being realistic, but it does seem very different. And both offensive and defensive at once? Usually we get one or the other.

I am much more excited for next year now that we are at least beating the bad teams.

I don't think so FP4FG. If so Yeah would ALWAYS post first, and I've posted first before, so I just think YEAH is YEAH and Mando has better things to do.

They probably turned off the blog feed because no one would be monitoring it (and there's probably legal reasoning behind that). Though if you've been on the blog in the last, I don't know, 2-3 years, it doesn't seem there's much monitoring as it is.

Wolfy, How is the Ethereal plane Ride?, Long time no here.(BTW, Is there a Lay-over in pergortory)?

What was that Wildcat play? Who called that? In case things were going TOO RIGHT, what, they wanted to effe something up?

Message to Sparano:
You brought out the Wildcat because your team WASN'T creating offense. Now you have weapons at your disposal. Not necessary to run the Wildcat (unless it's a goal line "trick" play or something).

One hing Fin Fans, Though Ross blundered chasing Haurghbaugh, He was after the right guy., Being over here in San Jose I can tell you there's a lot of excitement for the 49ers., To bad Ross didnt dumb Tony when he had the chance., Another word, Ross is learning.

We have played ten games. In those ten games the team who's QB has the higher QB rating is 8-2. If we want to win more often than lose we must have the better QB the majority of the time. Simplistic but true more often than not.

Agreed FP. Harbaugh seems like a great HC. Knows his players, knows how to make the QB play at a high level. We'll see if they sustain that level in the upcoming years.

Sure would like a HC like that on our sideline. At least someone who can win in Sept./Oct.

DA, I'm not saying that its not nice to have a good running game. There are some nice teams out there that run the balk well, Houston, San Fran, New Orleans, just saying that its not necessary. Pats, pack, Steelers, giants, Detroit, and a few others are some good teams that are average or below average running the ball and win. Just saying that first and 2nd picks should be spent on areas that actually more consistently lead to winning in this league and the running game just isn't it. I know it contradicts everything we've been raised to believe but it just isn't true anymore. Give me qbs, receivers, tight ends that catch, speed backs, secondary, pass rushers. These are the money positions in today's NFL.

By the way how sweet was that pass by Moore to bush on the over the shoulder catch. Nice run and adjustment by clay too on the long bomb. These are the plays that kill.

DC, Still think YEAH is Mando, Any-who, Great win by the fins, Dont care how many injurys the other team has., A great(And Thourough) win it was.

Offensive tackles that wipe out opposing pass rushers are also money positions

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