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Get your Friday afternoon update here

Happy Friday, everyone. Here's the deal:

Daniel Thomas (hamstring), Vontae Davis (hamstring) and Clyde Gates (groin) are listed by the Dolphins as questionable for Sunday's game versus Kansas City. All three were limited in practice Friday, meaning they did not have full participation in practice even once this week.

No one is listed as doubtful.

Thomas continues to promise he'll play, as he did Thursday. So it's fair to be optimistic about his status.

Davis isn't promising anything. So be wary of his status if not outright pessimistic. Gates seems more a game-time decision.

Tony Sparano addressed the media for the last time this week. Here is everything he said:

(On once Clyde Gates gets healthy is there anything he can do to get on the field more)- “No, I mean I think he’s been getting better and better at practice…just getting him up to full speed. Depending on the game plan has a lot to do with how much we can get him involved. We’re hoping we can get him involved a lot more.”

(On once Clyde Gates is healthy if it’s a tough call to put him back returning kickoffs)- “It depends on the formula that’s at the game at the time. We’ll see, we’ll see how we go. Can’t answer that one right now.” (On how happy he is with where Daniel Thomas is after sitting out last week)- “I think he’s done a good job this week in practice. They’ve all practiced, some more than others. But they’ve all practiced. I’ve been pleased with what he’s done so far.”

 (On if the lockout has played a role in the league wide hamstring problem)- “Yeah I think so. I think the lockout and the amount of time you had to get ready to play the first game and all those things and then all of a sudden going from... I really, not being critical whatever went on during the lockout or any of those things, in other words I don’t know how guys trained. I have no really idea how they trained so some people may have lifted one day and ran the next day. And all of a sudden when you come into this environment you’re lifting and running in the same day. I think those things combined with practice, all those things, I think probably had something to do with that. I’m not sure you can ever simulate out there on your own what it’s like when you’re out here in practice as you guys know in our heat. Anywhere it seems high across the league when I look at injury reports.”

(On if Kendall Langford is at the level he was playing last year)- “He’s playing good. I couldn’t tell you his numbers last year or his numbers this year at this particular time. Doesn’t seem like he’s had a lot of chances in games at different times. It depends on who you’re playing and if it’s the hard ball running team, those type of things. I’ve been pleased with what Kendall and the front has done particularly as of late.”

(On Jared Odrick’s progression)- “I think he’s progressing really well, I do. He’s factored in a few games at a few different times. Again, then there’s been some games where he hasn’t had opportunities. He’s not different than, I mean he’s not really different than Charles Clay or any of those guys and that he’s kind of a work in progress right now. There’s some things that he learns every single game on how people are attacking him and blocking schemes and where the quarterback might be and where he needs to be within the rush, those type of things. But Jared is a really curious player and a conscientious player. He really wants to get it right. That with his motor and the way that he plays is a good combination.”

(On how teams are protecting against Cameron Wake differently this year)- “They are completely different right now than they were at this point last year. At this point last year he was kind of just getting into I think where people were all of a sudden paying attention to him. Maybe not even this point last year. Kind of in the middle of the thing towards the three-quarter mark I think people started to say hey, wait a minute here, we can’t let this guy wreck the game. That’s what you do when you’re watching some of these players. We play one this week in this Tamba Hali. Those guys can ruin the game for you if you don’t pay attention to where they’re going to be and all those things. With Cam he’s figuring out that protection comes in a lot of different ways. I mean it comes in sliding protection to him. It comes in the tight end being in his side, shrunken splits that have to do with receivers that can kind of keep you in a phone booth at times, all and any of those things... the running back chipping him. He’s getting better and better at it and he’s got a couple good teachers in (Bryan) Cox and Jason Taylor.” (On Jason Taylor’s comments about closing games, is there anything you can do differently)- “No, nothing different, the opportunities are there, the plays are there to be made, bad situations that have gone our way and not gone our way at those times. In other words, we have capitalized and continued to move the ball and still haven’t finished or stopped them on defense and maybe didn’t finish on offense. Situations where negative plays occurred this week we had a 36 yard negative play call against us on that play Brandon (Marshall) makes down the field. That was a heck of a play the guy makes. I think that there’s a lot of circumstances that go into finishing games, but your team got to finish them. I agree 100 percent with Jason (Taylor) in that situation. You want to give yourself a chance to win in this league. Give yourself a chance to win every week. I think that we’ve given ourselves a chance to win in a lot of games so far this year and we just have to figure out how to win in those situations.”

(On what stands out with Kansas City’s defense besides Brandon Flowers and Derrick Johnson)- “Tamba (Hali), Kelly Gregg, and there’s a long list. This (Kendrick) Lewis kid they got running around back there. They got some really good players on that defense. (Tyson) Jackson the defensive linemen, very active, really active, powerful, high draft pick guy. I mean, these guys get after you, they’re physical. This Kelly Gregg, the first time we played him he was in Baltimore. We had some run in with him. I remember him a couple different times there, really strong physical guy there. So they have a good defense. They get after you. Romeo (Crennel) does a nice job with those guys getting them to prepare, but they have a good defense. And so those two edge rushers with (Justin) Houston and with Tamba, they create some pressure.”

(On Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones competing for the starting job)- “Obviously, what happened here is we’ve had a different couple of injuries in different times with (Chris) Clemons and Reshad (Jones). And (Tyrone) Culver has stepped in so in different points we’ve had several guys playing back there. The only constant back there is Y.B. (Yeremiah Bell). And he’s a good soldier. So I just think that when you’re looking at that position as far as Chris getting an opportunity to compete there, it’s really predicated on practice and how these guys are feeling. And I think this week is the first week in the last couple weeks where all of them have been out there at one time and get some work done.” (On the free safety starting position a close race)- “No, not really, I think once we get them going I’m going to try to get them involved in some of these games in different ways and see whether or not we can sort some out and sort it out through practice, but that’s about it.”

(On comparing Tamba Hali to Cameron Wake)- “All the physical things that like these guys have Cameron (Wake) and Tamba (Hali), the DeMarcus Wares and those people that are the pass rushers. That aside, it’s the motor, the relentless motor that they have and this guy plays with a high motor. It’s like Cam (Cameron Wake). Like I said this before about Cam to me, he gets chipped, he gets banged, he gets bumped, and he still finds a way to hit the quarterback somehow. I mean, some guys would stop playing in those situations, but he makes the quarterback come to him. And I think this Tamba is the same kind of guy. He plays with a high motor all the time and I think that when you get those kind of players, that’s probably the biggest similarity. It’s a high compliment to them too because they have a hard job, they really do. Because everybody knows where they are and you’re going to go after them. And you got to address them and protect them. And sometimes you just got to block them regularly. You can’t keep 10 guys in and try to block them all the time. That’s a problem too so that’s when I think those kind of guys with those kind of motors can hurt you.”


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My Choice,

Rick Santorum.


Why doesn't somebody ask Sparano why he is still employed?

isnt it funny how the coach thinks EVERYONE is playing good;well, progressing;he likes what their doin out there;i mean they're improving,them guys in that locker room, they have guts. practice was great again all week. geez, has anyone not done good out there?? ever?? who?? how come we cant win one game??

i just can't stand reading and hearing this man talk anymore

(Armando from the last blog)

From receiver Brandon Marshall: Some of that extra gravity that follows him everywhere. He last used it against the Jets when it inexplicably carried him from the middle of the field to the sideline and out of bounds.

That was some funny SHAT.....

Happy B-day......

I can't believe how Sparano speaks about some of these "players", like they're really improving...come on man, please! Living in PA I don't get to see Miami alot, but from what I have seen, I haven't seen alot of "progress" from some of the guys mentioned in the article above. Some of the guys that were drafted or signed at the same time these guys were are way ahead of our guys and really progressing and being productive. I guess it's a testimony of Ireland's talent scouting ability and our coaching staff's ability to develop players.

...Happy Birthday Armando.

The most important thing going through Sparanos mind. Will he be able to golf at Aventura once he is done after this week. I think this is where the rubber will meet the road. The half way point of the season. I have a better chance at winning Power Ball then the Phins do winning out for a playoff chance. Seriously, let Todd Bowles be the interim coach, and move on from this disater of a season.

I think for the most...... part a player...is a player...is a player.....

Sure there are some exceptions...like MEGATRON at WR...or Demarcus Ware....or even an Ed Reed @ FS.....

but for the most part.....players are players....and there isn't that much difference between WR (A) on one team and Guard (B) on another.....

It all comes down to what PA finfan said.....Development.....and system....

But more so development.....

how come every player who joins the dolphins gets worse?????? even stars like marshall,dansby go downhill?? how come the rooks never improve?? why dont we have a 2 minute offense? why dont we have a legit FS,OG,CB'S,TE,RT?????? EVEN JAKE LONG has fallen off to 34th best tackle giving up 5 qb sacks already????

list me as doubtful for watching this mess. when's the draft?

Does Sparano have excerpts from Wanny's press conferences? They guy sounds the same as Dave.

players have to be sleeping thru his meetings if there anything like his pressers. its hard for him to answer "easy" questions in a clear manner.

Useless press conference, as almost everything in the Dolphins right now. Even the reporter's questions suck.
I wonder if Sparano could skip the press conference the rest of the season. He would spare the fans to read his completely pointless remarks and comments. This guy should be serving hamburgers in a Wendy's right now. He's not even honest with himself, otherwise he should have resigned by now.
He talks about progress, injuries, etc. etc. as if the Dolphins were in the race for their division.
Please, somebody tell this moron that we fans don't care what he says anymore !!!

Greg Z... I think if we had a sniff of any sort of quality at the quarterback spot. A lot of our deficiencies throughout the squad would be better hidden. Sure, we would still be bad in these areas. But at least there would be a chance that we could score more then 20 points. Or in close games, have a chance to win in a scenario where we had an opportunity to score with the ball in our hands at the end of the game. As bad as the team has been. We could have won some games if we had any competancy at quarterback. As it stands. every little mistake made is maginfied because this team has no margin for error.

Sparano is right, Gates definitely needs to get up to FULL SPEED.

Whatevers. Coaches are going to always be positive. Everyone is progressing. The other teams are just progressing faster and better.
No coach is going to step up to a mic and say "Player X is sucking. He's a bust."

Does it really matter if Davis & Thomas & Gates, etc.. plays or NOT. The Dolphins are still winless.. Let them Do like what Henne did, waive the white flag and flush the season down the toilet..

yesterday's gone,

Something about your posts?

I can't quite put my finger on it(yes I can).

BUT, there's just "SOMETHING" about your posts.


Posted by: odinseye | November 04, 2011 at 06:53 PM

What Tony said: Charles Clay and Odrick are goimg to be good players.


Did thet show any Bush in Porky's? That's kind of hard to find these days.

The refs threw the Giants game.

It was pitiful and uneeded.

Worst of all, it made the NFL look like what it's quickly becoming:

"Professional Wrestling"!

The Giants O-line was allowed to hold, collar tie and outright take down all game.

Some of the key calls against us were EXTREMELY questionable, like the pass interference on Marshall. They ALWAYS happened at crucial moments as well.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but when you review the "JOB" the refs did last week in it's entirety, it becomes painfully obvious that the game was "fixed".

It's a sad state of affairs when my Dolphins are 0-7, it's even worse when you realize the league has become the equivalent of "Big Time Wrestling"!

Bottom's Up!!!!

Sparano should not talk at all. Everyone can hear how stupid he is.

Odin, you were watching the same game I was. Refs sucked last week. I think they might want us to suck for luck too.

I thought that was kinda funny suck for luck. But seriously, I don't want to cheer for an 0-16 team. I can't stand that stuff and it makes me turn off foozzeball.

Hmm.., odin. It is well known(at least among us) that the League hates us and has done so for many years. So does Dan Dierdorf, who happened to be the "color" man announcer at the Giants game. Hmm.. But even if it was so, what can we do about it at this moment? Nothing.

The conspiracy theory started when Nickyboy Saban (GREAT friends with Bill Belichick)sabotaged this team on purpose and jumped ship. Cam Cam was just in over his head. Then another group of saviors aka dirtbags with N.Y. and New England roots (The Trifucta)moved in to finish the job and make this team a laughing stock for years. There is no other way to explain this ineptitude. This was done on purpose by a group of verminous moles with ulterior motives.Nobody could have made these BAD draft and free agent picks by accident. I smell a big fat Tuna rat.

I agree with Odin, the refs blew that pass interference call, it changed the course of the game, and if I'm not mistaken, it led to a NYG score. I'm not screaming conspiracy, but it does seem that alot of calls go against us, that other teams don't get called against them.

Wow it's like he was home schooled by a retarded baboon... just embarrassing.

I did write that there was a deep malaise in this Team going on for many years, and I believe it's true. Now, is it Conspiracy, or is it Metaphysical(what is commonly called a "curse"). I don't know at this moment.

I'm agree with you Odin, I did not make any comment before, but I notice that the refs always benefit the team with more wins or most popular, do you remember the play off game oilers - steelers in the 70's? or pats - raiders in 2001 or 2002 (I don't remember)?, for me those are the most famous controversial decisions, even us with young Dan Marino were refs favored from time to time.

Of course, in these Brand New Worlds, conspiracies, even very old ones, do not thrive and will not last long.

At the same time, the price for getting rid of some Totalitarianism, will be that we will have less, much less. So, don't you go around "protesting" against Wall Street , and else; you are wasting your time, and other's $. There is no escaping It. It has been written(by Us).

By Us, I mean ,and I will conjugate the Verbs in Spanish, which Language is more encompassing, Yo, Tu, El, Nosotros, Vosotros, y Ellos.

Christmas is coming soon, I wonder what Miami fans will get?


I supported Tony Sparano since day 1. Even after last year and this one with the QB position not being addressed. I blamed much on Dan Henning (rightfully so) and was very confident that this years continuity achieved by keeping Tony and Henne together was going to provide the ground work for a good year. Maybe not "Great" but a 10-6 or 9-7 with this teams talent SEEMED possible to me.

"......I WAS WRONG......"

I'm not going to join the bash the Dolphins brigade. I am not going to assist the local media from making matters worse. Helping them to inflate every small issue and shake anything that appears unstable. All in the grand media tradition of shaking it harder just to watch it fly apart.

Tony has fired every assistant he has ever had... yet the issues remain. Tony has NEVER answered the QB question with anything short of a punch line... The troubles remain...

Time to flush it and have another go from the top down. But hiring a Head Coach first... Bad move. I believe Ross needs to hire a Manager who has all the tools and the brains and the drive to put a team together coaches and all. Filling the shelves with big name coaches just because the fans like the look has been an utter failure in Miami since Shula left. Even the guys who were not big names were left in charge by guys who were.

Let a guy out of Green Bay, Pittsburgh, NE, etc put it all together as a team... a team with a system and a philosophy and a group of men who know what it all is and how to coach and lead men there.

Hiring.. Hot Shot, "Flavor of the Week", Super Coaches.... is nothing but asking to build another layer on our 16 year old Totem Pole of Failure.

Get is right, Ross. Your not a Billionaire because your an idiot... talk to the right people just like in real estate and fix this mess.... Before its too late and the flag and hope is completely evaporated and gone.

Being a fan of this team is beginning to feel like a long ride on the short yellow bus minus the headgear.

I see I'm not the only one who couldn't bear to read this blah blah blah...

I'd rather poke a sharp pencil in my eye than read more of Sparano's gibberish.

Is it April yet?

Shouldn't David Lee be on the chopping block also?

Fix it-

You are absolutely right about fixing this mess. I think a sharp minded GM from a winning organization should be our first hire, not the coach.

I've been researching possibilities, and I found a personnel guy from Pittsburgh who was hired by the Bills, and promoted after 1 year to Asst GM. His name is Doug Whaley.

Maybe it's no coincidence that the Bills have surged this year. I think the FO is most critical to a teams fortunes, good or bad. Unfortunately, ours has SUCKED for years.

I say hire this Doug Whaley guy from Buffalo (or someone like him) and let him get this mess straightend out. Hire a smart, hungry young coach (Rob Chudzinsky?), draft a franchise QB, and retool this roster.


So the Giants cheated. That means we would be 1-6 instead of 0-7. Not seeing how the Giants game accounted for those other 6 losses.

Do you?

Did we all forget the call last year against the steelers. The ref was actually smiling when he made the call and cost the Phins the game.

Or the year before with the fumble against New Orleans at the one? Living in the North east, I get to see the Patsies a lot. You never, ever see calls like that against them and I have watched a lot of football.

There are just too many game changing calls in any Dolphins game. Personally, I am for Dansby running full tilt into a referree, if just to prove that people are watching the same game.

Doug Whaley learned about Personnel working in a first class organization that does it correctly-the Steelers.

After he went to work for the Bills, they improved dramatically. He's a prime candidate to take over as GM and turn around some floundering team.

If you just came from Mars and listen to this coach every thing is hunky dory. Bottom line most players are regressing and some never showed up and are bordering on busts such as Odrick Misi Gates and Clay

Chudz would be a good mentor for our new franchise QB. UM guy, offensive genius.


A new suck for luck song done to OPP. It is pretty cool. Time to junk the current model, we need to rebuild from the core. BTW I hope Tony meatball jr is enjoying that big 6 figure checkbook as quality control coach. Next year he can pump Meatball Tony's septic tank for money, in reality its the same thing he did this year...

Barkley had a real good game tonight


This post may get erased. It is a song about CHad Henne when he was aat Michigan. Our Owner Ross is from Michigan U also. Maybe we need a song about him too. Anyway this song was out when Parcells and Ireland and Ross and Michigan grad picked Henne as the QB of the future. This clip Shows he had same probs in college, Stares recievers down, lack of accuracy and freakes out when blitzed.

I miss the days of Louis Oliver and jb brown!


Armando this is a cool clip of video, check it out b4 u delete it plz.

what a bunch of crap.Go fins!


Views from "an ex " coach... Any views from Dave Wanstead?

Yeah Tony. We know. Everybody's improving. You're pleased with everyone's progress. Dis,dat, da udder ting. Do you have any idea how much you're despised here? Have a bottle of champagne in the fridge for the day you're canned. Please disappear from our lives soon.

My Top 3 College QB's:

1. Andrew Luck
2. Matt Barkley
3. Landry Jones

Luck distanced himself with the triple overtime head to head show down against Matt Barkley.

However, on my chart, Barkley distanced himself a little from Landry Jones. Bouncing back from the triple overtime head to head loss to Andrew Luck with a 6 TD performance against Colorado last night.

IMO Both Barkley and Luck should make superior pro qb's. Short of getting Luck, Matt Barkley, should make one helluva consolation prize to any team "lucky" enough to grab win.

If we dont get Luck. Let's hope our next fo is "lucky" and smart enough to choose Barkley over Landry Jones. Or anyone else for that matter.

we all forget the call last year against the steelers. The ref was actually smiling when he made the call and cost the Phins the game.

Or the year before with the fumble against New Orleans at the one? Living in the North east, I get to see the Patsies a lot. You never, ever see calls like that against them and I have watched a lot of football.

There are just too many game changing calls in any Dolphins game. Personally, I am for Dansby running full tilt into a referree, if just to prove that people are watching the same game.

Posted by: klndry | November 05, 2011 at 12:19 AM


Barkley exhibited fine touch on his deep ball lastnight(6 TD's). He took just enough speed off of the ball to give his reciever opportunity to run underneath his scoring throws.

That's exactly how you throw the deepball.


This is DB. Youre absolutely right. Guys here crying about ref calls are sounding like their in deep denial about the flawed talent that's been on this team for the last decade.

The refs have actually done us big favor with blown calls the last few years. Saving the the huge pain and sufferings of potential huge 1st rd playoff embarrassments.

With the teams we've had the last few years. Do any of you in your right minds really believe we would come within 17pts of winning even a 1st rd playoff game? If so, you really ought to have your heads examined.

Im not in the "fan club" of seeing the Dolphins get into playoffs just for the sake of getting there. I've never been in favor of 62-7 playoff embarrassments(Jags).

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