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It's about quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks!

It should be no secret to anyone regularly reading this blog that I'm mostly focused on the quarterback.

I care how the current quarterback is doing. I want to know how the college quarterbacks are doing. I want to know who the next quarterback is going to be. And all this, mostly because I know the past quarterbacks have simply killed the Dolphins and you and, most importantly, me.

So quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks!

For the time being, I have to applaud Matt Moore. He is playing relatively well of late and overall through five starts, he's shown himself pretty much the equal of what Chad Henne was before he got injured.

The statistics speak for themselves. Moore has 4 TDs and 5 INTs with a 62.9 completion percentage, a 78.9 quarterback rating and 1,159 yard to his credit. In four starts, Henne had 4 TDs and 4 INTs, a 57.1 completion mark, a 79 QB rating and 868 passing yards.

Relatively equal.

The thing is they aren't supposed to be equal. Henne was supposed to be the better player. It shows us that if Moore continues on his current trajectory, he might come closer to assuring himself a role on the team next year whereas Henne is not likely to have a role on the 2012 Dolphins.

As to the quarterbacks that will have a role ont he team in the future, let's talk college QBs for a sec. On Thursday, my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-AM in South Florida and streaming live video here at The Miami Herald website hosted a segment with Bucky Brooks. Brooks is the talent analyst for the NFL Network and NFL.com.

I asked him about the incoming QB class of talent:

"This could be a pretty good class," he said. "I've been told by scouts that as many as eight guys could carry a second-round or higher grade. At the top of the board you have Andrew Luck who will likely go as the No. 1 pick. After that you have some intriguing possibilities. You have Landry Jones at Oklahoma, Matt Barkley at Southern Cal, Robert Griffin III at Baylor, this guy Ryan Tannehill down at Texas A&M. Those are some of your top guys."

As the Dolphins aren't getting Andrew Luck from all indications, we concentrated on folks other than the Stanford quarterback. I asked Brooks his opinion of Barkley:

"The big thing about Matthew Barkley is he plays in a pro style system that is similar to what most teams run in the NFL," Brooks said. "When you look at him on tape, he takes a lot of snaps from under center. He executes some form of a West Coast offense at Southern Cal. He has great instincts and intangibles. His awareness is on point. The one thing that people talk about is he doesn't have elite arm strength. When you think about the Matthew Staffords of the world, the Cam Newtons of the world, his arm strength is not necessarily in that class. However, he can make all the throws. He has the ability to come in and be a productive player. So he's one of the guys that is definitely sitting at the top of the board."

How about Robert Griffin III out of Baylor?

"Outstanding player. Outstanding prospect," Brooks said. "When you think of Robert Griffin, you have to think of someone with the athleticism of Michael Vick and also with the pocket presence of any of your top quarterbacks, whether it be Aaron Rodgers or whoever. This is a guy who can really do it all and he may break the mold of the spread quarterback myth when it comes to it. He's very efficient, very effective. He can make all the throws. he can spin it. He can throw it deep down the field. He can really put it in tight windows. Even though some of his production would be inflated by the nature of the Baylor offense because they're throwing at will, he's done a great job of making all of the throws. You can see all of the throws on tape. In fact, when I talked to a scout who just recently went through there, he said he hasn't seen an athlete like him that can do the things he does also as a passer. He is somebody who probably has not gotten enough of the attention leading up and through the season. But if he does come out, he'll get a lot of attention. He'll be a fast riser up draft boards across the league because he is so talented and so versatile."

I like Brandon Weeden so, of course, I asked about him. Yes, I know he's 28 and will be 29 next NFL season, which would be his rookie season.

"Anytime you're dealing with an older player there's a concern," Brooks said. "The thing that helps him is he plays the quarterback position and we've seen quarterbacks play up into their 40s and play well. The thing that helps him is the maturity should allow him to get on the field faster because he's been through a lot of experiences. He doesn't have to go through some of the things young quarterbacks go through in terms of having to get used to the lifestyle. I think he has a bigtime arm. He's very productive. There are things in his game you'd like to see corrected. He does take chances. He does throw the ball into tight coverage sometimes. But in terms of being able to spin it and having the arm strength and doing all those things that you look for, he grades out well on all those things."

Does Brooks think Weeden will be among those picked in the top two rounds?

"I think so. I see him as a top 64 pick ... His talent stands out on tape."


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Sliding safely into first...

u the man YEAH

Armando, RG3 would be the best for the phins. He's smart, athletic, and he's putting up great stats with no supporting cast and he's young enough to give Miami 15 great years. I pray to God we draft him.

Sounds like griffin should be our man

How worried is Ross ? If the dolphins keep winning and the players and fans get behind The coach he'll cop it for sure when he fires him ...

Did you ask about Landry Jones? Come on Mando.

Don't shoot the messenger now....but the Jets could possibly be drafting ahead of us. They are sinking fast while we are getting some mojo.

Tebow, another crazy finish, was nice to see Rex crushed. Now, can Tebow win like that for years to come? I say impossible. His arm is terrible. The Jets, like us, held him in check for 55 minutes. The buzz will fade on him as fast as it started. I don't see Elway sticking with him next year. I think his plan was to hope Tebow wins enough this year to be able to get something for him.

RoeBlount... I totally agree, his efficiency is outstanding! He is quite the prospect.

The statistics speak for themselves. Moore has 4 TDs and 5 INTs with a 62.9 completion percentage, a 78.9 quarterback rating and 1,159 yard to his credit. In four starts, Henne had 4 TDs and 4 INTs, a 57.1 completion mark, a 79 QB rating and 868 passing yards.
Take that Poizen....lol

Aloco and Babbale...

add this to your list of soon to be over use words....

'SPIN IT"....

Comming to a football blog near you.....

DA, who knew you were such an early riser. But I agree (unfortunately). What that they say about well laid plans? It was SO easy a few weeks ago. No wins, one of the top 2 picks next Draft solidly wrapped up, future was looking very bright.

Cut to today, and we now have a backup outplaying our starting QB. We have other teams in our division imploding as fast as we're gaining momentum. While we still have no Playoff hopes, we are firmly in the hunt for 2nd place in the AFC East, and that would be a monumental failure. Not of us, of those other crap teams who couldn't beat out a ballclub that went 1-7 first half of the season.

It would ruin all our plans for the Draft. It might save Ireland's and MAYBE even Sparano's jobs. It might lessen the need for a QB in the first round (who would be available in the 10-20 range?). It would give the starters, especially those we KNOW need to be upgraded a false sense that they aren't that bad and could actually keep their jobs next year.

I just can't believe it. How we ALWAYS end up disgustingly mediocre. We're rarely the worst of the worst. And constantly NOT the best of the best. This may be purgatory for us Dolphin fans. I'm not sure I can explain it. We're destined for eternal mediocrity.

This next post will be framed by Craig M (and might cause Poizen to throw up in his mouth a little). Go back and read my old posts. If there was ANYONE I REFUSED to give a chance to on this team, it was Matt Moore. I'll just say it, yes, I WANTED him to fail. I HOPED he'd be miserable. I HATED him. Everything about him.

That was then. After 4-5 games (whatever it's been), I'm not so sure. I still don't want to like him, but I can see things. I can see a gunslinger (my preferred instinct in a QB). I can see a guy getting the system down and getting more comfortable. I can see a pretty good arm. I can see...(gulp)...a backup I can be comfortable with.

And that spells bad news for Henne. It also helps solidify that whatever Henne was moving towards this Season (and he WAS moving), it was still not franchise QB-worthy. It was always only back-up-worthy. And it just might turn out Moore is more backup-worthy than Henne.

I still am not sold. I still think we can retain our last place position. But, I'm shaky. And, I can admit (because I'm a man) that Moore might not be AS horrible as I initially thought. He MIGHT be just as serviceable as Henne. He might be able to secure a 5-6 win Season. That makes things harder for the GM who will have to draft a franchise QB from a lower position. Good luck and godspeed!

kris, we need a good spinner on this team. We haven't had a true spinner since Marino. Who do you think can spin the ball the best out of the possible choices we'll have if we draft somewhere near the middle? Will there be any spinners left?

(don't answer, this was all a joke for your enjoyment).

kris, a bit of advise in 2 words.

Danella Sealock (traffic chick on NBC4 morning news).

You're welcome.

DC....i'll google that...

DC...Nice....real nice....

So, kris, what know dude? I mean, psychologically. Fans have been mixed-up as of late. Is it better to win or lose. When we're all the way at the bottom, it's easy to say lose.

But, we're now 3 games away from 2nd place in our division, and we play 4 more division games. While it's not helpful to our future, I can't really blame fans for wanting to win (that's a natural feeling).

So, do we go back to wishing for wins? Just to say we are within grasp of the division title next year if we get a few more pieces. Do we wish to lose, to get a better draft position? What a dolfan to do?

Don't get confused or allow Armando to employ his reality distortion field.

Take away the one game exception to Moore's normal play and you lose 3 TD's and 200+ yards, leaving Moore with 1 TD and 5 interceptions and playing at his normal 57% or so completion rate. The normal Moore game? O Td's, 1 int, and 150 yards. Wow. I am thrilled by those numbers.

I love how the Moore guys talk about Moore is improving and give him more time, blah, blah, blah. You would think the guy was a rookie not a 5 YR veteran.

Sorry, I meant now, what now.

DC...I don't think their is a right answer....

I uderstand both sides....and I know that sounds strange comming from a guy who has called out other's for riding the fence....

I like Moore....I liked him in Carolina....but I know he's not top tier....and I know he will have to catch fire like a Mark Rypien or a Trent Dilfer, or even like a Rex Grossman...and I don't want that for MY DOLPHINS....

I want us to come into modern day football....and I want to bring those that reminisce about the "perfect season" to come in the the present....kicking and screaming....

We need a modern offence (which we kinda have)...and we need a QB that can execute that offence the way it needs to be....

If we continue to win....the lets make a big play for Ryan Mallett...then maybe we can do both...

New Coach....

What year is Henne in?

YES! Im robbing-the-cradle but I would LOVE to marry Timmy Tebow and have his first born child:D

Keep improving Matt Moore and LETS GO FINS!!!!!!

I don't think people are fooled by Moore....they are just excited that he is playing well...and giving the team a chance to win....

Only the delusional would see him as a starter....but the same could be said for Henne...

and Guess What....this FO saw him as the starter...

Bet they're career's on it.....

New Coach, you gotta think about what this guy had to do in the few weeks. He JUST gets on the team in August. Doesn't know anybody, anything about the game plan. Instantly becomes the backup in a truncated year, so really doesn't get many snaps. Then the starter goes down, and he's thrust in the limelight. Now he has to get Coached up quickly, learn the offense, get comfortable with the personnel. This is a process that takes a year or 2, he's asked to do it all in a week.

We can assume with more time in the system, more comfort with the personnel, Moore won't regress, no? Look, I'm with you, I think the guy is good enough to be a backup. But did you even expect him to put 2 games together like he has? I didn't. If we beat Buffalo, then the guy's on a roll. Remember, he did win like 4-5 straight games for Carolina when he first started for them. Maybe he's developing into a pretty good option for backup for us.

We'll have to see. You're right, he might revert. But he's showing signs, I think that's what Mando is alluding to.




But Kris, Moore is not playing well. He had a good game against KC. The game before that he was 0 td's and 1 int, the game after that he was 0 td's and 1 int. Moore played well for 1 game.

Moore is in his 5th year. Henne is in his 4th. Moore is 1 year older.


Take that (for all the times you called me that)!





New Coach, you could also say in the last 2 weeks Moore has been the 2nd best QB in the AFC East. That would also be true.

There's so much parity in the league. And such a big drop-off between elite QBs and serviceable QBs. The only elite QB in our division is Brady. You can flip a coin on who's next. In the end, only thing that matters (when speaking about QBs) is wins/losses. Whatever you want to say about the guy, Tebow is a winner (what, now 4-1 record starting this year). He might not be able to throw a pass, but he's making it work somehow.

The fact that we're comparing Moore to Henne is showing he's getting comfortable in his role. Henne had the playbook back in April. Moore just got it in August.




ALoco, my grandmother drinks coffee. My father drinks coffee. My aunt (retired) drinks coffee. All these people I mentioned are over 60 years old.

So do you want to rethink your morning drink of choice?

DC Dolfan,

For the most part I agree. However, we are talking about the Dolphins and how much of a gameplan have you seen in 4 years? How hard is it to learn "dump the ball off to the RB 60% of the time."

I don't think there is much upside. In reality, after looking at the stats for a bit more, he is pretty much just an older, less efficient Henne - with a gunslinger mentality. That works both ways though... these guys are pretty much the same guy. Henne needed to break the mold this year.

Bottom line: neither is a franchise QB, the past suggests neither will change that, and the wise decision is to pick up a franchise QB in the draft... but the Dolphins are now trying to screw that up.


ALoco, I'm a dream-writer. I write my posts in my dream, having all night to develop them. I know how interested you are, and so it's important I get them just right. I do about 2-3 rewrites in my sleep. Then, when I wake up, I tediously transcribe them from memory. Once I get to work, I synthesize them to something more post-worthy (yeah, the originals are WAY longer than these posts).

Anyway, that's my process for writing.

How hard is it to learn "dump the ball off to the RB 60% of the time."

Ok New Coach, THAT made me laugh.

We agree after all is said and done. I don't care how much better Moore gets, like you, I want a franchise QB. And I believe, like you, the team is screwing up our plan.

I dunno, I obviously don't drink that muddy water.

I prefer tea and hot chocolate (with some bailey's).



moore has shown more fire/awareness in 5 games than henne did in his 4 years here. he's earned our respect.

Moore has learned in a few short weeks that running away from the pass rush is a better option than running right into it.

The Dolphins aren't playing better because Matt Moore is playing better than Henne. No, Henne was playing at a higher level than most of his teammates the beginning of the season. Now the rest of the team is catching up and thus Moore has a better supporting cast. When was the last time Marshall dropped a Moore pass in the endzone, Mando? I'm glad the Fins are doing better (to a certain extent), but don't make Moore out to be some kind of savior. Fact is, Henne was about the only one who came to play the start of the season. Do us a favor, Armando, and just don't talk about Henne. Your bias causes you to look unintelligent, and no one wants that. Just stick to the players who are currently playing.

ALoco, think about how much smarter you are from reading my posts though. I should be charging you guys, this is college-level information I'm giving you for free. You can stop paying for community college courses bro.

We need a tough, challenging Game from Buffalo; one of those 4th qt come from behind wins. You don't grow if not from adversity.





Barkley or rg3 are the best options for next season. Both are nfl ready. Keep moore and let henne walk. He will be asking for money he is not worth. See where he ends up, holding a clipboard for another team.

I suspect by season end Moore's numbers will be much better. It seems the coaches are just now getting the fact you have to keep attacking all game long on offense.

I feel a comfort with Moore that I did not feel with Henne.

DC @7:05,

I gotta admit if somebody didn`t come out and say it I would have never but I also secretly wished M.Moore would be a total flop. I went so far as to actually hope Henne would get injured (felt bad when he actually did) so that Ireland`s failure would be so complete that nothing could save him. I blamed him for the roster and early failure more than whipping boy Sparano, alot more!! No excuses for Tony who I wanted along with 90% of the blog to be replaced by Jim Captain Comeback Harbaugh but didn`t and still don`t blame him for being stuck with such a mediocre Team.

I hated Moore, hated R.Bush because I wanted the tender offer for M.Bush while signing D.Sproles. I hated the D.Thomas pick and really hated trading for him. Will admit I did like Pouncey and Gates though and felt that if a step back was needed to finally take a giant leap foward then so be it. To now going from really shell shocked to numb with this team at the prospect of never getting out of NFL purgatory like DC elluded to earlier and guys there is a case to be made that Moore has indeed been better than Henne. I thought his running Vs. the Giants was amazing. If it`s Henne he`d have been toast and the kid does look downfield and survey before checking backdown. You can`t analyze his play and not say some aspects aren`t a breath of fresh air and fellas an 8-8 comeback from this team brings the lot of them back in my opinon, reaching for bucket puking at the thought!!!!

New Coach and DC....

While I am on the fence about the winning or losing...and whats best....

I do agree with both of you in respect to Super Mario and the Boy Wonder giving us all the finger on the way out the door by winning just enough games to NOT get a top QB.....

However....there are ways around that...If Mallett is improving...make a play for him...and the QB coach (Mallett may need the continuity and structure)....but with the Peyton Gate...Beicheat and Kraft may be less likely to let the future go....


we can't win for losing fin4life. up is down and black is white.

I bet Hartline misses Henne, lol



They say confession is good for the soul....but wow....that was a lot to bear....

Why does this Aloco fellow judge who is a good blogger or not when he himself never has anything of value to say?



Ohio, this last game Moore spread it around a bit. I think at first, it was just too much, so he had to just focus in on one guy (Marshall). But now, he can look at others. So Bess/Hartline will get at least 1-2 balls their way.

Gene Sikel....

You have to take eveything with a grain of salt....the good and the bad.....

cause if you stick around long enough....

your bound to get both....

Gene, ALoco = kris.

just kidding.

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