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It's about quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks!

It should be no secret to anyone regularly reading this blog that I'm mostly focused on the quarterback.

I care how the current quarterback is doing. I want to know how the college quarterbacks are doing. I want to know who the next quarterback is going to be. And all this, mostly because I know the past quarterbacks have simply killed the Dolphins and you and, most importantly, me.

So quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks!

For the time being, I have to applaud Matt Moore. He is playing relatively well of late and overall through five starts, he's shown himself pretty much the equal of what Chad Henne was before he got injured.

The statistics speak for themselves. Moore has 4 TDs and 5 INTs with a 62.9 completion percentage, a 78.9 quarterback rating and 1,159 yard to his credit. In four starts, Henne had 4 TDs and 4 INTs, a 57.1 completion mark, a 79 QB rating and 868 passing yards.

Relatively equal.

The thing is they aren't supposed to be equal. Henne was supposed to be the better player. It shows us that if Moore continues on his current trajectory, he might come closer to assuring himself a role on the team next year whereas Henne is not likely to have a role on the 2012 Dolphins.

As to the quarterbacks that will have a role ont he team in the future, let's talk college QBs for a sec. On Thursday, my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-AM in South Florida and streaming live video here at The Miami Herald website hosted a segment with Bucky Brooks. Brooks is the talent analyst for the NFL Network and NFL.com.

I asked him about the incoming QB class of talent:

"This could be a pretty good class," he said. "I've been told by scouts that as many as eight guys could carry a second-round or higher grade. At the top of the board you have Andrew Luck who will likely go as the No. 1 pick. After that you have some intriguing possibilities. You have Landry Jones at Oklahoma, Matt Barkley at Southern Cal, Robert Griffin III at Baylor, this guy Ryan Tannehill down at Texas A&M. Those are some of your top guys."

As the Dolphins aren't getting Andrew Luck from all indications, we concentrated on folks other than the Stanford quarterback. I asked Brooks his opinion of Barkley:

"The big thing about Matthew Barkley is he plays in a pro style system that is similar to what most teams run in the NFL," Brooks said. "When you look at him on tape, he takes a lot of snaps from under center. He executes some form of a West Coast offense at Southern Cal. He has great instincts and intangibles. His awareness is on point. The one thing that people talk about is he doesn't have elite arm strength. When you think about the Matthew Staffords of the world, the Cam Newtons of the world, his arm strength is not necessarily in that class. However, he can make all the throws. He has the ability to come in and be a productive player. So he's one of the guys that is definitely sitting at the top of the board."

How about Robert Griffin III out of Baylor?

"Outstanding player. Outstanding prospect," Brooks said. "When you think of Robert Griffin, you have to think of someone with the athleticism of Michael Vick and also with the pocket presence of any of your top quarterbacks, whether it be Aaron Rodgers or whoever. This is a guy who can really do it all and he may break the mold of the spread quarterback myth when it comes to it. He's very efficient, very effective. He can make all the throws. he can spin it. He can throw it deep down the field. He can really put it in tight windows. Even though some of his production would be inflated by the nature of the Baylor offense because they're throwing at will, he's done a great job of making all of the throws. You can see all of the throws on tape. In fact, when I talked to a scout who just recently went through there, he said he hasn't seen an athlete like him that can do the things he does also as a passer. He is somebody who probably has not gotten enough of the attention leading up and through the season. But if he does come out, he'll get a lot of attention. He'll be a fast riser up draft boards across the league because he is so talented and so versatile."

I like Brandon Weeden so, of course, I asked about him. Yes, I know he's 28 and will be 29 next NFL season, which would be his rookie season.

"Anytime you're dealing with an older player there's a concern," Brooks said. "The thing that helps him is he plays the quarterback position and we've seen quarterbacks play up into their 40s and play well. The thing that helps him is the maturity should allow him to get on the field faster because he's been through a lot of experiences. He doesn't have to go through some of the things young quarterbacks go through in terms of having to get used to the lifestyle. I think he has a bigtime arm. He's very productive. There are things in his game you'd like to see corrected. He does take chances. He does throw the ball into tight coverage sometimes. But in terms of being able to spin it and having the arm strength and doing all those things that you look for, he grades out well on all those things."

Does Brooks think Weeden will be among those picked in the top two rounds?

"I think so. I see him as a top 64 pick ... His talent stands out on tape."


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DC...don't start that sh*t

Gene, it's easy to say take it with a grain of salt when you've been anointed best poster of the blog.

For the rest of us, "LET THEM EAT CAKE!"

LOL kris. All in good friday fun.


It wasn't a dis at Moore.......I LOVE the numbers Moore and Marshall are putting up, I think it was good stuff.

Just kind of making a funny cuz Henne seemed to look to Hartline a lot

lol @ DC....


AND Hartline was an Ohio St. guy and Henne was a Michigan guy Ohio.

That means ONLY 1 thing you know.

It's racial.

Your right DC....its all good today....I feels like a win is on the horizion....

I was ALoco's favorite yesterday......guess I've been dumped for Kris

Ohio Dolfan = ALoco's flavor of the day Thursday

The hype on Tebow is, he'll fade fast. What? Yeah, is team sucks, his OL sucks, his defense sucks, BUT dummies, he wins. Tebow puts W's on the board. Some of you people should have your blogs revoked. Why does anyone think Tewbow is playing ahead of Kyle Orton? you remember him dont you? Tebow WINS, bottom line.
Think how much Moores stats would be today, if that idiot Marshall, could you know,,,catch the ball.

you guys are funny today....good one Ohio....

kris, you know, I feel a win is on the horizon too. I'm kind of disgusted about it. We beat Buffalo and now people are talking about the Dolphins again. SH*T, could Colombo be our RT NEXT YEAR TOO? Could our CBs next year be Davis and Smith? Could Reshad be our FS?


DragonFly........I have no issue with your Tebow comments

But Marshall HAS been catching the ball for Moore?He has actually been more of our offense besides Reggie? Seems like you are stuck on an irrelevant beef from 4 weeks ago to me

Matt Moore will make a fine backup for a good number of years, like a Don Strock was to Dan Marino, but, let's be serious.
The fact that the team has won a couple of games with Moore in as the starter and Moore did some things that you didn't see Henne do doesn't make him starter material.
Look at his stats and his quarterback rating and it tells the whole story.
Moore had two decent games against opponents who were not playing very well when Miami played them. That's all.


PS.... KRIS ,IF YOU GET BAD POSTS AND SIGNED BY ALoco ,know it's fake aloCO ...........

DragonFly, Tebow's defense doesn't suck. They're very good. Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller? STUDS! Andre Goodman (pick 6). Another Dolphins cast-off that's been better after leaving the team.

No issues with the rest of your post though.

wow, some real brotherly love going on in here today.

ALoco's pet lizard must really be cheering him up on this fine Friday morning :)


DC...you can have your CAKE (win)...and eat it too...

Regardless of a win on Sunday or not.....The writing is on the wall....Super Mario is gone....and barring a 7 win season....so is Boy Wonder...

Escorting them out of the building will be Mr. Columbo...one of the CBs via trade I hope...and the answers to many more questions will come with the new FO....

January will truly be a NEW YEAR for the Dolphins...

NO!!!! What will Poizen do if he loses Columbo in his life!?!?!?!


I hope so kris. I wish I trusted Ross to do the right thing. But my history with this team is they're all about snatching defeat from the mouths of victory.

I'll have to see it to believe it.

Now we know there will be another team drafting a QB next year. The New York Football Jets.

Sanchez is horrid.

Tebow, Tebow, Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. This guy Tebow never has a bad word to say about anyone, not even his haters. The worse thing he does is win games, makes fools out of the so call NFL scouts. Puts W's on the board and has single handedly put his team in contention to win the AFC West. Wish the Dolphin had him. But no, Ireland was told by Dolphins scouts Tebow will never make it in the NFL, hasnt got the arm. Makes you wanna laugh, dont it. Rex Ryan said, after their game, the Denver belly option is the hardest offense to defend in the NFL. See what Darrel Revis said about Tebow.

Ok party people. Gotta go take care of some REAL business for a change.

Stay classy San Diego!

I may be confused but given ALoco's statements in his post at 8:17, is he trying to tell everyone he only has a 30 second attention span?

If you take a look at the quarterback prospects for the 2012 draft, assuming they all come out, there is one besides Luck that would be perfect for passing to someone like Marshall and for the short swing passes to Bush and he is Brandon Weeden.
All you need to do is watch Weedon throw during a game and you will see what I mean. Forget about the fact that he is 28 years old. He can make all of the throws he needs to make and he can help this team immediately.
Players like Bush and Marshall should be able to thrive in an offense that features a quarterback with his skill set and others like Charles Clay should be able to benefit, as well.
He will be on ESPN tonight if you would like to take a look. You may come away with a different feeling about him once you see what he can do.

Professor Lou,

I believe the last time someone posted accolades like that about an older QB, we drafted him. You might remember John Beck... that didn't pan out so well.

A QB is going to take at least 2 seasons to get acclimated to the NFL and Weeden will be 30 by that time. Forget the anomalies and by 35 most QB's are in decline. That means we will be back on the treadmill shortly after getting off it.

The Dolphins need to find their QB for the next 12 years.

Give me a qb, any qb.

Moore has until the end of the year to show what he's got. He may still pull off a Fitzpatrick.

DC, try a coffee with a shot of Bailey's and frangelico. Will get you loopy and taste good, warm you up and get you wired. As I read the other day "drinking a stimulant with alcohol will impair your judgement and make you do things you don't normally do.' Awesome!!

By the way, how good is Von miller? Awesome pick by the broncos. This is a guy that creates havoc, leads to turnovers and impacts the result in a ball game. Not fvckin center or a 3 4 de

Ross would NEVER invest in a 29 yr old QB...NEVER!

With that said....Griffin seems to have that "sizzle' that Ross is seeking.

I have not seen enough video of Griffin to make an educated opinion, but if the paid scouts say he is the real deal...then I'll accept that as an endorsement.

Oh yea...and all this talk about the Colts releasing Manning if they draft Luck and the Dolphins picking him off waivers.

NOT going to happen...Ross has gotten burned too many times since buying this team.

He knows the way to the Superbowl is through the draft...and the way to perpetual playoff appearances
is by drafting a franchise QB in the first round.

The best QB in this coming draft is Tannehill no question anout it. Luck is good but I am not sold on him. Most people talk but they never see a game. I am not an A&M fan but Tannehill is gift it.


Good post this morning at 7am. The only thing I'd take exception to is your comment that 'Moore might be able to leadus to 5-6 wins a year'. Come on man.....we should have won the last FOUR games. Defence screwed us in the losses to Denver and NYG. Any kind of backbone and the 'Phins have won four in a row. Moore's doing what I thought he would do. He's serviceable, as you said. I see him along the lines of a Jay Fielder. Good game manager and if he's not turning the ball over we've got a chance to win. Hopefully he keeps it up because I'd like to see him on this team next year.....as a backup to Jones or Landry.

NH, I have to admit that I haven't seen griffin play and I've personally pulled for Barkley and Jones because I have and they fit the mold of an NFL qb but the reviews I read on griffin, nobody else gets the same type of report, it appears he has it all except height and a combo of Vicky and Rodgers??? Why isn't this guy #1? Nobody else is that, well except Aaron Rodgers.

Well, it took Ireland and SpOrano 4 years, but FINALLY, they've DONE IT!

Whether it turns out to be Moore or Henne, I think it's safe to say:

We have our Backup Quarterback of the FUTURE!

Woooo WHOOOO!!!!

I should have mentioned, under that scenario Moore starts the year and the kids learns from him. It's his job until the team starts losing or the kid shows he's ready. I wouldn't care if it meant the kid sits for a year, as long as we had our future franchise QB on the roster.

Getting RG3 is like having our own version of Cam Newton on a more talented team!!! Meaning we have more talent than the panthers

Haha, aren't Jones and Landry the same person???


The turnovers are killing the dolphins. They don't have the type of defense that is opportunistic enough for a guy who has a negative touchdown to interception ratio.

DragonFly13 @8:38,

I really think T.Tebow will be a fad that will fade eventually. I watched that funky motion of his last night and don`t see how that is correctable. Also saw plenty of him at Fla. and wait till he fires one in the flat and puts it in the stands or short hops WR`s 5 yds. in front of him.

My Majic Crystal Ball tells me....???.....The day of the overloaded front is coming and soon, Mr. Tebow shall be dared to win with his arm

You guys are killng me been going through the earlier posts great stuff today, BLOG ON FIRE!!

RG III sounds VERY intriguing!

Then again, I thought Ray Lucas was the answer!

If we win out and by some miraclesneak in the playoffs or just win out, we can trade a receiver or a D-lineman to the rams with our first round pick and get their pick then we use it to get RG3. RG3 would be the best for the phins. He's smart, athletic, and he's putting up great stats with no supporting cast and he's young enough to give Miami 15 great years. I pray to God we draft him. He is completing 75.4 percent of his passes while averaging 339 passing yards per game WITH NO OTHER REAL TALENT. He also has rushed for 1,880 career yards and is a hurdler on Baylor's track team. He's got the arm, he's got the size, he's got the athleticism and he's got the brain, amazing accuracy on the deep ball. The phins need to draft RG3

By the way....what happened to Mr Crow? Is he on vacation? Nice game by the Jets last night. 'They are who we thought they were'.....big frauds!! They didn't do enough in the offseason to help Sanchez, who isn't that good to start. So all those who've lamenting the job our GM has been doing and praising the job the Jets did....go f*ck yourself!! They've shown once again to be the frauds they really are. And all the parrots that wanted Rex Ryan as our Head Coach four years ago....guess what?....he's won nothing to date.....and ship's crumbling!! Tomlinson's getting old, Sanchez doesn't have it and the same criticism I heard about Henning I am now hearing about Schottenheimer. 'Too conservative'. 'Doesn't trust the QB'. 'Doesn't through down the field enough'. Heard a stat yesterday tha last year they threw the ball over 30 yards 40 times. This year, so far, THREE. What does that tell you? Their team is going NOWHERE and me as a Dolphin fan....LOVE IT!!

Btw, I think it was kris who posted this morning, that the Jets may finish behind us in the standings and draft that QB they want. I don't think he's far off on that post. They're an agreessive team and I could totally see them trading up to get their next QB. Thye are paying Sanchez $14 million a year and I think he's clearly shown he's not the answer. They're going to draft a QB in one of the first two rounds next year. Bank on it.

DC...you can have your CAKE (win)...and eat it too...

Regardless of a win on Sunday or not.....The writing is on the wall....Super Mario is gone....and barring a 7 win season....so is Boy Wonder...

Escorting them out of the building will be Mr. Columbo...one of the CBs via trade I hope...and the answers to many more questions will come with the new FO....

January will truly be a NEW YEAR for the Dolphins...

kris | November 18, 2011 at 08:46 AM


From your mouth to God`s ears, Halleluja Brother!!

Tim Tebow is like the Wildcat. Remember when the Dolphins caught the league by surprise with it, it faded fast after that first year right?

Please can we draft RG3 if he comes out, dont tell me he comes out of the spread option because so did Cam Newton and look at the sucess he had. The dude has improved statically in each of his 3 seasons, he's a pocket QB first who can use his legs to escape, just not sure if he reads defenses.

Matt Moore > Chad Henne take that poizen. I hope by now people realize Henne no franchise QB, just a seviceable backup!

And Danella Sealock is hot!!! I would love to stick my sausage in her soup!



The whole T-Bow "experiment" was subterfuge!

T-Bow? Psssssssssssfpt!

T-Bow = Elway Sucking For Luck!

Elway was just about suicidal when T-Bow won a game with two......TWO(2) pass attempts!


Btw, I'm not a TEbow fans BY ANY MEANS, but you've got to hand it to the kid.....all he does is win. I don't think he'll ever be a good enough passer to be successful in the NFL long term but he's 4-1 this year. He's screwing up their plans for a top QB this year, his stats are really ugly but at the end of the day isn't winning the most important thing? I have to think Elway pulling his hair out as we speak. Gotta think Denver still takes a QB top 2 rounds as well.

To the guys that ae COMPLETELY sold on Barkley can you please make the case that he's not the next Sanchez or Leinart? I'm not saying he is, I just haven't seen him enough to have an opinion one way or another. If we're going to make him a top 5 pick, we've got to get this one right. Leinart was a pretty good QB in College and been a lousy pro. How sure are you that this won't be the case with Barkley? Again, I'm not saying he will be, I just want to hear from someone who knows more about this tan me and is that sure that he's the guy....thanks.

Craig M @9:44,

Disagree with your thoughts on Ryan while I hate him in the puke green there is no doubting he can run Coaching circles even with those boobs of his around Sparano.The Jets from the moment he got there were the very same team that Mangini coudn`t get to .500 with few exceptions because B.Scott ain`t that great more like R.lewis can make you look that good. The real players on the D are D.Harris and Revis yet he wins with them even though that team is to old and beat up and he`s .500 at 10 weeks while we try and crack .300 Football with arguably the same talent. I say this to you because I genuinley believe he gets more out of our team if he were coaching it. Look at Harbaugh with the team that couldn`t under Nolan/ Singletary and you see the difference between the have`s and have not`s. That s why my hope now s J.Fisher who didn`t win the S.B. but boy he was always in the thick of it with his blue collar squads and is still plenty young.

I think the problem with playing denver is that your own team's players have bought into tebow. It seemed like the last drive last night the jets knew they're gonna lose and just wanted to avoid the inevitable. I thought the same when denver played miami.
They think "maybe he is the messiah" and let him win LOL


I agree with your post. He does get more out of that team than Sparano gets out of this team....no question. I actually like the guy. I like his bravado and I find him entertaing. But I wonder if he takes it too far. I wonder if shooting his mouth off makes it impossible for his team to do well. I also think it's an act that can grow tired in a hurry, the same way that a guy like Jerry Glanville's act can grow tired in a hurry or even Chucky's. I guess I take offence to people who claim hiring Rex would have made us instant winners. It hasn't happened in New York and before everyone throws out two straight AFC appearances, you don't get anything for finishing fourth.

Russell Wilson of Wisconsin is the man!


Nice post and I agree.

However, having said that, allow me to translate Craig's post for you.

FVCK Rex Ryan!

FVCK the jets!


(You have to admit, it has a ring to it)

I'm hardly a Henne apologist, but the Henne/Moore comparison is hardly fair. Henne didn't get to pad his stats against the likes of Washington or Kansas City. Compare Moore's numbers against the Pats with Henne's and that will give you a better perspective. Henne is the superior qb of the 2, for whatever that may be worth. The real difference this season has been the defense, anyway, despite the obsession with qb's. Our offense looks much better than last year across the board, unless they're running Bush into the line for his typical 1 yard loss.

And Craig, on your jets rant, keep in mind that the jets still have 3 more wins than us this year and played in back to back conference championships while we watched the playoffs. We're in no position to mock the jets although I am enjoying the current implosion.

Craig M,

I`ve only seen Barkley play 3 times but the one difference I see between him and Leinert/ Sanchez is that those two played on semi Pro teams and he doesn`t you add the fact his RB`s are Freshman blowing blocking assignments and his best WR is also a Fr. by the way so you wonder how much he needs to improvise with the routes under pressure and you can`t dismiss his poise at least, my two cents on the kid.

Rex Ryan has given us plenty of reasons to mock the Jets.....no matter what their record shows

It's funny we are complaining about the Dolphin QB situation but look at the Jets they traded up to the #5 pick in the 1st round 3 years ago for Sanchez and he hasn't developed into a franchise QB at all and they have to stick with him to justify the high pick. Henne had his chance to prove he was worthy of a 2nd rd pick. That was a Parcells pick so thats why they stuck with him so long.

I also think it's an act that can grow tired in a hurry, the same way that a guy like Jerry Glanville's act can grow tired in a hurry or even Chucky's.

Posted by: Craig M | November 18, 2011 at 10:04 AM


This might be the most prophetic thing you've ever posted.

When you make it to the AFC Championship Game, you can carry on like Martin Payne and it's all GOOD.

Middle of the pack or worse and the Rex Ryan show IS what it IS!

An ugly, disgusting, Fat a ss Gas Bag!


I saw your post to me yesterday.

Joe Schmoe cuts on me every chance he gets, so I was cutting back.

Still, Buffalo did play a 3-4 back then and Bruce Smith was a Defensive End(same position as Odrick)not an OLB/DE(like Wake).

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