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It's about quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks!

It should be no secret to anyone regularly reading this blog that I'm mostly focused on the quarterback.

I care how the current quarterback is doing. I want to know how the college quarterbacks are doing. I want to know who the next quarterback is going to be. And all this, mostly because I know the past quarterbacks have simply killed the Dolphins and you and, most importantly, me.

So quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks!

For the time being, I have to applaud Matt Moore. He is playing relatively well of late and overall through five starts, he's shown himself pretty much the equal of what Chad Henne was before he got injured.

The statistics speak for themselves. Moore has 4 TDs and 5 INTs with a 62.9 completion percentage, a 78.9 quarterback rating and 1,159 yard to his credit. In four starts, Henne had 4 TDs and 4 INTs, a 57.1 completion mark, a 79 QB rating and 868 passing yards.

Relatively equal.

The thing is they aren't supposed to be equal. Henne was supposed to be the better player. It shows us that if Moore continues on his current trajectory, he might come closer to assuring himself a role on the team next year whereas Henne is not likely to have a role on the 2012 Dolphins.

As to the quarterbacks that will have a role ont he team in the future, let's talk college QBs for a sec. On Thursday, my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-AM in South Florida and streaming live video here at The Miami Herald website hosted a segment with Bucky Brooks. Brooks is the talent analyst for the NFL Network and NFL.com.

I asked him about the incoming QB class of talent:

"This could be a pretty good class," he said. "I've been told by scouts that as many as eight guys could carry a second-round or higher grade. At the top of the board you have Andrew Luck who will likely go as the No. 1 pick. After that you have some intriguing possibilities. You have Landry Jones at Oklahoma, Matt Barkley at Southern Cal, Robert Griffin III at Baylor, this guy Ryan Tannehill down at Texas A&M. Those are some of your top guys."

As the Dolphins aren't getting Andrew Luck from all indications, we concentrated on folks other than the Stanford quarterback. I asked Brooks his opinion of Barkley:

"The big thing about Matthew Barkley is he plays in a pro style system that is similar to what most teams run in the NFL," Brooks said. "When you look at him on tape, he takes a lot of snaps from under center. He executes some form of a West Coast offense at Southern Cal. He has great instincts and intangibles. His awareness is on point. The one thing that people talk about is he doesn't have elite arm strength. When you think about the Matthew Staffords of the world, the Cam Newtons of the world, his arm strength is not necessarily in that class. However, he can make all the throws. He has the ability to come in and be a productive player. So he's one of the guys that is definitely sitting at the top of the board."

How about Robert Griffin III out of Baylor?

"Outstanding player. Outstanding prospect," Brooks said. "When you think of Robert Griffin, you have to think of someone with the athleticism of Michael Vick and also with the pocket presence of any of your top quarterbacks, whether it be Aaron Rodgers or whoever. This is a guy who can really do it all and he may break the mold of the spread quarterback myth when it comes to it. He's very efficient, very effective. He can make all the throws. he can spin it. He can throw it deep down the field. He can really put it in tight windows. Even though some of his production would be inflated by the nature of the Baylor offense because they're throwing at will, he's done a great job of making all of the throws. You can see all of the throws on tape. In fact, when I talked to a scout who just recently went through there, he said he hasn't seen an athlete like him that can do the things he does also as a passer. He is somebody who probably has not gotten enough of the attention leading up and through the season. But if he does come out, he'll get a lot of attention. He'll be a fast riser up draft boards across the league because he is so talented and so versatile."

I like Brandon Weeden so, of course, I asked about him. Yes, I know he's 28 and will be 29 next NFL season, which would be his rookie season.

"Anytime you're dealing with an older player there's a concern," Brooks said. "The thing that helps him is he plays the quarterback position and we've seen quarterbacks play up into their 40s and play well. The thing that helps him is the maturity should allow him to get on the field faster because he's been through a lot of experiences. He doesn't have to go through some of the things young quarterbacks go through in terms of having to get used to the lifestyle. I think he has a bigtime arm. He's very productive. There are things in his game you'd like to see corrected. He does take chances. He does throw the ball into tight coverage sometimes. But in terms of being able to spin it and having the arm strength and doing all those things that you look for, he grades out well on all those things."

Does Brooks think Weeden will be among those picked in the top two rounds?

"I think so. I see him as a top 64 pick ... His talent stands out on tape."


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Been a while Bro, was reading late last night and caught some A-Hole ripping on you who through my name into it you seemed to know who it was, not sammie or any of those clowns or was it.

Craig M / odin,

Coudn`t agree more with the clown act getting old and if you go the route you better win baby!

Good morning guys,

After Luck I have said all along I would prefer Matt Barkley over anyone else. After Barkley I'm going RGIII over Landry.

The more I watch Barkley the more I like him. I'm not going to act like I know how to break down a QBs mechanics or anything but I just like the way he has a feel for game and he seems from the naked eye to his receivers in perfect stride so they can run after the catch. He also is a little more athletic then I originally thought.

The more I watch Landry Jones the less I like him. He throws some really nice balls where he hits his guys in perfect stride but he follows that with some really ugly balls where he completely over throws the receiver and just doesn't seem sure where he wants to always go with the ball. It seems like the receivers are already finished their routes and he is forcing a throw for better or worse.

RGIII I have seen play the least of the 3 but I liked the limited action I saw. I like that although he is athlete he is ALREADY a qB first in college. Most athletes try and turn into QBs in the pros and you get mixed results. Vick was always run first and although he played good 1 year I never fed into his hype. RGIII has just had a 300 yard passing game and 100 rushing yards, thats very impressive regardless the competition.

So if Miami picks top 5 to 7 which seems likely I think Barkley may be gone if Washington or Seattle (Carroll) are there or trade up I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on RGIII. Jones would be my last resort.

Regardless Miami needs to pull thr trigger and get a QB in this years draft.

robert in az,

Nobody ever talks about the pitfalls of making moves like that. The CLASSIC comment you get from Ireland bashers is 'well at least the Jets are trying'. Never mind if you have to mortgage your future to do it or vastly overpay the guy to the tune of $14 million a year, 'at least they are trying'. The Jets have been OVER-aggressive and to those who've criticized Ireland for not being more like this, this is what can happen. Pretty bright future the Jets have now...

Still, Buffalo did play a 3-4 back then and Bruce Smith was a Defensive End(same position as Odrick)not an OLB/DE(like Wake).

odinseye | November 18, 2011 at 10:14 AM

I commented on this as well and it`s very true it was the hybrid 3/4 - 4/3 and they were the rare team back then with the personel to run it with underated Talley and Bentley manning the MLB spots also Cornelius Bennett was a monster in it especially when the got Bryce Paup to go opposite him adding big Ted Washington to man the Nose was another move. In todays game Washington would be a 10 Mil a year 3/4 NT.

Ok...this is irrelevant cause I agree with ya...but Henne got injured when the OLine was a semi-permeable cheese-cloth. Now you could argue he was holding the ball too long making the OLine look bad, but let's be honest...the team was stinky generally.

So, yeah I get your point....we need a new qb. Just trying to be fair. Balanced.

Is it just me, or did I really see Moore out-perform Henne in the pre-season?

Was Moore destined to become the starter regardless of if Henne got injured or not?

Andy NJ,

Agree love the poise on Barkley under pressure also Landry has all day behind his OL

Odin, growing up in bills country or it was at that time anyway, I swear buffalo ran a 4 3. It may have been a hybrid but I remember Bruce smith was always locked on Richmond Webb back then. That really wouldn't happen if he was exclusively a 34 de.


You me and alot of folks saw that the big excuse was he did it against scrubs

"The statistics speak for themselves. Moore has 4 TDs and 5 INTs with a 62.9 completion percentage, a 78.9 quarterback rating and 1,159 yard to his credit. In four starts, Henne had 4 TDs and 4 INTs, a 57.1 completion mark, a 79 QB rating and 868 passing yards."

The difference that people seem to miss is that Henne had the majority of snaps in the preseason + the 1st three games...How does Moore and Henne compare on lets say Moores last two games vs. hennes regular season...include scoring in the red zone and 3rd down conversions as part of the statistics


It was the hybrid alot like what Saban ran here athough when Paup and Washington got there they went with it base for a while.

If we win out and by some miraclesneak in the playoffs or just win out, we can trade a receiver or a D-lineman to the rams with our first round pick and get their pick then we use it to get RG3. RG3 would be the best for the phins. He's smart, athletic, and he's putting up great stats with no supporting cast and he's young enough to give Miami 15 great years. I pray to God we draft him. He is completing 75.4 percent of his passes while averaging 339 passing yards per game WITH NO OTHER REAL TALENT. He also has rushed for 1,880 career yards and is a hurdler on Baylor's track team. He's got the arm, he's got the size, he's got the athleticism and he's got the brain, amazing accuracy on the deep ball. The phins need to draft RG3

But Craig, how did it hurt the jets to make the Sanchez move? They went far into the playoffs twice. If they decide to go another direction, they draft someone else, and move on. While the jets mortgaged a draft to get Sanchez and it didn't work, we were busy picking content Davis and Sean smith and pat white, and Patrick turner. Didn't really help us much. I'd rather still make the move for the qb. It has the higher upside and best chance to help your franchise. Ireland is a clown. Don't try to justify him. He's killed our franchise.

By the way....what happened to Mr Crow? Is he on vacation? Nice game by the Jets last night.

Posted by: Craig M | November 18, 2011 at 09:44 AM


Mr. Crow: 973
Craig M: 1

The Bills defenses back then (early 90's) were more opportunistic than dominant, but still one of the best the AFC could offer then. They had a lot of good individual parts.

They could really stick it to the bad teams in the league, but it never seemed like Marino had ongoing trouble with them. Even running backs like Sammie Smith, Mark Higgs, and Bernie Parmalee, etc...would work them over occasionally. Thurman Thomas was the x-factor separating Miami and Buffalo back then. Not Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, or the weather in Buffalo. Tom Olivadotti had no answers, but neither did anyone else in the AFC.

When those Bills defenses had to man up vs. big bad NFC East offenses, they wilted pretty quickly. Then Thurman Thomas lost his helmet, and the Super Bowl losing streak was on.


The only thing about RG111 that gives pause is he`s smallish and like a Vick for example you wonder how he`ll deal with the pounding but your right he is maybe the most interesting guy in the pack and could make some sorry they passed.

Mark in Toronto,

I don't agree. I know I'm in the minority on it and that's fine. I think a guy like Jim Harbaugh comes in here and a lot these players are playing better, as what happened in San Francisco this year. Go back and look at the SF team from last year, pretty much the same roster and no effort or energy. That's on Singletary. Fast forward a year....completely different team. I blame a lot of this on Sparano and the coaches. I actually don't thin this roster is nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Guys weren't ready to play this year, hence the injuries and blwon assignments. I think Jeff Fisher comes in here next year, with a new QB and a few additions and deletions and it's a totally different team. Hopefully that happens and then we can talk about it next year.

The reality for the Jets is that they gambled and lost. They've invested in Sanchez and it hasn't worked. Now they'll have to pay for a costly mistake and eventually have to start over.


Your right but back then nobody in the AFC really could match up with the big nasty NFC East or 49ers. It was in a way I believe more fun to let the Super Bowl shell shocked Bills go and take their beating for everyone. It just seemed as if they stayed frozen in time with Norwoods missed F.G. and would retreat into a shell because I remember and maybe you do that Buffalo out played and would beat the NFC squads reg. Season then fall appart on super Sunday. I remember one game in particular they had Vs. the Giants in N.Y. were B.Smith said he was the best pass rusher not LT and backed it up hammering Simms all day. It was actually a back and forth between them because Taylor was on Kelly like white on rice as well. One of those games you just never forget.

Jets don't have to start over. They just need to find a new QB. The gambled on Sanchez and it didn't work out. At least they gambled, took a chance. We play it way to safe way too often.

Has anyone taken a look at Fishers stats? They are mediocre. They are what they are regardless of the excuses about VY or the owner.

Just what did Sanchez do in college to make the Jets give up so much for him? He was pedestrian at most and I dont think he started until his senior year, I might be wrong about this.

Craig M @10:44,

I agree 110%, fantastic post!!

..Here is my take on the quarterback situation...I'm going to avoid any debate on the subject of the possible first round guys. Opinions drive the format of this blog. But I will obstain. There was one guy..Luck. After him any of the guys could be worthy. They could all be garbage. But I can't sit back and make stuff up about any of them just to make a point, and waste peoples time. Truth is I haven't seen any of these guys play more then a few snaps. And, it isn't fair to make a judgement about a quarterback on higlight videos, or one or 2 games. I support taking a guy in round 1. Whoever it is, it will be a step in the right direction.

Disclaimer... I do reserve the right to debate the possibilities of trading up for Luck(as he is a guy I have watched)The possibility of trading for Manning(or another vet)And that Kellen Moore will not be drafted in round 1(another quarterback I see A LOT)


Maybe that's what it is with Barkley his poise but he seems to have that "it" factor already. I really like his control and the way he plays.

On a side note. I remember once thinking Henne had "it". It was his freshmen year at Michigan and then every year after that he looked like a complete robot out there. Not saying robotic types dont succeed look at Manning but he is the ultimate expeception being that he is one of the best ever. Henne regressed every year at Michigan. Maybe not from a statistical standpoint but if you followed him like me you would see why I have been sick and tired of him since late last season and never game him fighting chance this year to lead Miami to a winning record.


RG3 is 6'2 and 222 lbs. He ain't too small at all. He the same size as Christian Ponder with better skill set.

Here's a prediction for 2012, Luck Sucks... If and when the Dolphins suck for Luck. You kids are so crazy to think for one second that a proud Miami Dolphins would do so is beyond words. At least we have a coach ( Sparano ) that's not ready to lay down and give up like, Johnson, Saban and Parcells. Finish this season the best we can and kick ass in 2012, no Luck needed!

Andy NJ,

I did see that with him at Michigan love College ball and thought Henne was going to be special. Then like you saw the up down hot and cold streaky player he was. You know who he reminded me of was Scott Mitchell our back up when Danny gets hurt in 93, same type of player. Shula took Detroit on that trade they were stuck with they`re 90`s Henne wasting a good team that had all World talents like Herman Moore, Barry Sanders along with Brett Perriman and an above averege D.

Regardless, as a Henne backer, I admit it's time to turn things over to someone else. For whatever reason it hasn't worked. I honestly don't care if it's Jones or Barkley or somebody else, I'm ready to turn for this team to spend the next 304 years to find out if one of these guys can be 'the answer'. I'll support whatever they do and hopefully we'll all see the results we want.


Good comparison with Scott Mitchell. Both big and strong and inconsistent. I like the comparison.


The Bills did have fairly regular success vs. the NFC East and NFC in general from 1990 to 1993 during the regular season. It gets harder to believe that the 1990 Bills Super Bowl Squad lost to a combo of an aging Otis Anderson, and back-up QB Jeff Hostetler. Bills were much better on paper offensively, hands down. Testament to Bill Parcells coaching ability back then.

The Bills even beat Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys in 1993 regular season, which was wedged in between epic Super Bowl disasters to the same team and coach. Those Bills teams were a case study in sports psychology.


I hear it`s more 6`1" 220 which is Vick like and don`t forget Ponder never finished a Season at FSU either because he was a bit frail. I`d actually say Ponder is a bad comparison because he was to frail really shoked me the Vikes took him 12th overall he was supposed to be late 1st Rd. to 2nd. I think RG111 is a tougher kid like Vick but the hits wear more in the NFL. That said again your right that kid could be one of the top two in the draft and if he shows awesome at the combine may be a top 3 pick.


Yeah I agree good Scott Mitchell comparison. The thing that always drove me nuts about Henne supporters is hey always say he can make all the throws and has a strong arm and puts in the time but the biggest thing he seems to be missing just in my opinion is feel for the position. That goes with me saying he is robotic. He started doing a better job of moving this year but will mixed results.

To me Henne was always better when the pressure was off. If Michigan or Miami was trailing big he could throw for a bunch of yards and make some really nice throws but when the games mattered or were on the line I knew I couldn't count on him.

Craig, jets may need to start over but we still need to start ... period. Still prefer the approach to make gutsy calls on a first round qb to standing around taking linemen every year.

Those Bills teams were a case study in sports psychology.

dln265 | November 18, 2011 at 11:13 AM

That would be hilarious if it wasn`t so tragically true, a case study in Sports psychology, LMAO!

Andy NJ,

"A feel for the position" probably best sums him up, nicely worded!


Any chance that Henne goes anywhere and has future success? I'm all in from moving on for him but I look around the league and there just isn't enough QBs to go around. Would be interesting to see if there's room for him in a place like NYJ or Buffalo. Yeah, I'm not saying as a starter and I realize the Bills have committed to Fitz but I still think Henne would be an interesting option for the right team. It's not like he's old and I still think he's a better QB than the David Carrs and Curtis Painter's of the world. The guy ends up in the right situation and I think his career can still be salvaged.

..Who says the jets have to start over? Seriously, if they get any sort of quarterback play, they are in the hunt.

Also, we thought that Henning handcuffed Henne. Have you seen the playcalls Schotenheimer calls for snachize? Every pass is a 3 step drop, or timing route with a single read. Here is the irony.. Henning recieved a lot of abuse here(myself included. I'm guilty) But it is totaly obvious watching Henne at the beggining of this year. And Snachize with the jets..that both coordinators realize their guy is limited at best..and because of that their playcalling and sanity have been questioned.

We'll get either Barkley, RG3, or Jones as long as we draft in the top 15 and as long as all of the above declare for the above. These guys aren't all going to be taken top 5 or 10.

I think a lot of posters are missing the fact that many of the bottom dwellers this season are already invested in 1st round QBs for the time being.

When you really look at it closely, and assuming Indy takes Luck...the next three teams that will be taking QBs are the Dolphins, Redskins, and Seahawks. That's our competition. All of the above will be drafting in the top 15 and if all QBs declare, each one of these teams will be getting a 1st round QB....maybe not the QB of their choice, but a 1st round QB none the less.

Oh....and I'm not too worried about the Jets, even if they end up drafting ahead of us (which I truly don't believe will happen)....they're not going to give up on Sanchez after a mere 3 seasons....it just doesn't happen with 1st round QBs unless they're complete busts. Sanchez sucks arse, but I wouldn't quite put him in the Jemarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf category.

Craig, jets may need to start over but we still need to start ... period. Still prefer the approach to make gutsy calls on a first round qb to standing around taking linemen every year.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 18, 2011 at 11:21 AM

The Jets won't need to start over. The biggest difference between the Jets of this season and the Jets of the last two seasons who got to the AFC Championship is the running game plain and simple.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sanchez was never the reason they went to the AFC Championship the last couple of years. It was defense and the running game and Sanchez was simply asked to make a play here and there which he did.

They will revamp the running game in the offseason, Sanchez isn't going anywhere.

Disclaimer... I do reserve the right to debate the possibilities of trading up for Luck(as he is a guy I have watched)The possibility of trading for Manning(or another vet)And that Kellen Moore will not be drafted in round 1(another quarterback I see A LOT)

Darryl Dunphy | November 18, 2011 at 10:54 AM


Been a while, I`ve actually seen Jones, Barkley and RG111 play. I`ll tell you the best athlete hands down is RG111 but I wouldn`t go all Vick either like Brooks did. He`s got to run a 4.2/40 and throw it 75 yds flat footed 1st.

Barkley, who by the way I know you saw Vs. USC because we were on here bloging is a cool guy under pressure, love him sliding a bit carrying the USC Q.B. stigma.

Jones is the guy I`m not so sure of because he plays behind an offensive line that gives him enough time to order a pizza back there and those usually are the ones that fade under the NFL pressure.

Moore I know nothing about except what I see on Sports Center and that you seem to like him.

Sorry guys, we disagree. The Jets having to go and draft ANOTHER QB is starting over. They have three years invested in Snachez and it's not working....he's regressed. To expect any QB not named Luck to come in and lead his team to a championship is not realistic. Take a good look at the Jets roster, it's geting old. The Jets needed to win NOW, with giving up picks for Sanchez, Holmes and Cromartie. It hasn't worked out. They're as far away from a championship if not further away than we are. Their roster's gtting older and they don't have their full arsenal of picks. I don't care that they have 5 wins and we have two, their roster isn't any better than ours.

Excuse me Darryl we were watching Barkley Vs. Stanford and you saw him match Luck pretty much with a cast of Fr. RB`s and WR`s around him

Craig M,

Agree that team has gone the route of the older FA for to long now, remember Favre was the Q.B. with a geriatric WR Corp the year before Ryan gets there. They had to do it last year and damn near did, I remember having a bad feeling when they housed N.E. in Foxboro but the high salary cap and age will have Rex rebulding next Season. I don`t think they give up on Sanchez just yet though.

look at this with some realism. jets were in the AFC championship game the past 2 seasons,just 1 game away from a super bowl with a young qb. this year they have 5 wins and are still in contention for the playoffs. we bombed both years and may finish with 4-5 wins this year. big difference.

DC, no throwing up yet... :)

I like Matt Moore, he is not a true started in the NFL though. His pocket awareness is shot, considering he knows Columbo is gonna let a guy loose at him most of the time. he does not even survey that side when the play is to the left. He looks middle as a look off instead of right. VERY DANGEROUS. That was somethng Henne was doing correctly, hence why he did not fumble after hits from the right side.

My only comment about the two. I do not think the team playing with Moore was exactly the same mentally or toughness. It took a good amount of time for this team to Gel. Marshall is not nearly dropping the smae amount. The O has taken more chances and used Bush much differently.

I think we are seeing a team that has finally got the playbook down, and the o-coord learning the piees better.

I do not think we would not have won those games if Henne played. JMO

Either way I hope Henne moves on, and I would not mind Moore being here competing as a back up.

Because of Beck I'm afraid to pick Weeden.
Because of Harrington I'm afraid to pick L. Jones
Because of Pat White I'm afraid to pick RG3.
Henne or Moore == Matthew Barkley.

@ Craig M -

Sanchez has a 5 year $60M contract with $28M guaranteed....he's not going anywhere.

That's why historically, it's been such a gamble to take a QB in the 1st round. You either sink or swim with the pick. They have at minimum, one more year with Sanchez before they could cut him lose or trade him without losing their arses.

It would be one thing if the Jets hadn't ever done crap with Sanchez at the helm, but they went to the AFC Championship the last 2 years. Like I said, they will revamp the running game (LT is out of gas and Greene just isn't cutting it) and they will tweak the WR corps again. They will try to go back to what gave them success the last couple of years.


That's my take on it too. The Jets gambled and lost and I as a Dolphin fan can take great pleasure in that fact. Teams don't get anything for going to the AFC championship game two years in a row. It's win the big one or bust....They're in the same situation as us, except with an older roster. LT is done, Sanchez not the answer and you're already seeing signs of an unhappy Holmes. Change is on the horizon in New York and for that we can celebrate!

fin4life....I like Kellen Moore. Just not in the first 2 rounds. That was a cheap shot at Yesterdays Gone(or the artist formerly known as Dying Breed)..

Anyway...Good to see you to bro. Sadly, I only was able to watch the 4th quarter of the Stanford-USC game. It's not like I do not want to hear other folks opinions about these guys(assuming they aren't just spewing stuuf they read somewhere else)I just feel like there is such a dropoff from Luck to the others that it is going to be a crapshoot. Not to say the other guys will be poor. It is just going to be a brutal topic that is going to be beaten to death. I have no horse in the race, or enough information to make an educated argument.


I wasn't trying to say Sanchez was going anywhere....yet. But I do believe they will take the necessary steps and draft another QB in the first two rounds this year. This is a good year for QBs and I think they'll realize that it's time to start developing another one.

Craig M,

Have noticed that in Santonio as well.

...I know you guys don't care. Tommorow is the biggest day for sports fans across Montana. The Brawl of the Wild. Actually one of the oldest rivalry games in the country 1897-2011. Tommorows game is the first time the state agriculture school(MSU..the jv) will be ranked number one in the country. The Griz are ranked 8 and underdogs for the first time in 20 years. The game will decide the Big Sky Championship, and more importantly bragging rights. The game will feature perhaps 2 future Phins..Trumaine Johnson(corner back)and Caleb McSurdy(MLB)

@ Craig M -

I could see them taking a QB in the 2nd...but not the 1st. That's a ton of cap space taken up by one position. The Jets already have cap issues, and a 1st round QB while you already have another 1st round QB on the books seems very difficult to manage.

Such a senario could actually set them back even more in building for the future.

At any rate, I'm not going to get overly reactionary to the Jets loss last night and last Sunday, or the two wins Miami has put up. I think the Jets will, at minimum finish 8-8 and I think Miami only has 2 or 3 wins the rest of the season to finish @ 4-12 or 5-11. Personally, I don't think the Jets are on quite the skid everyone is making it out to be. They lost to the Pats last Sunday (which most teams do)...short week...then road game in Denver.

As for the Phins, this run the table stuff is utter nonsense. I will eat my words if it happens, I have no problem doing that....but I'm pretty confident that I won't have to.


If they've figured out that Sanchez isn't going to be the answer it might not be a bad idea to draft a guy like RG III or Weedon. Under the new CBA, the cost to have a first round QB on the roster isn't that cost prohibitive. The Colts are about to do it with drafting Andrew Luck first overall and they will still have big money owing to Manning. I'm pretty sure that Rex will tell Tannenbaum to get him a QB. Maybe they do something crazy like go and get Manning. It's an agressive organization and they won't sit back and let Sanchez be mediocre for yet another year. Not when the rest of their organization is aging.


I have seen the guys I mentioned and of course Luck play don`t know a great deal about the others and feel the most Pro ready after Luck is Barkley in all honesty because of the Pro Style Offense and his overall poise. Jones scares me because I really feel alot of players could succeed given the time and the Wild Card is RG111 cause he`s a baller. If you haven`t seen this kid download everything you can on him terrfc athlete could be either the best of the rest or the next great QB athlete converted to another position.


Why can't Miami make the same trade that the Giants did for Eli?


Just a question, because I still haven't seen enough of Barkley to have an educated opinion on him. Is he that good or a product of the system he plays in? My fear is that we see the same from him that we've seen from Leinart and Sanchez. I get that people are saying he's the real thing but people also said the same about the other two USC QBs. He looks to have all the intagibles but that's what I worry about most. Myself, I like Landry Jones but then you just never know how someone's skills are going to play out at the next level.


Your always talking about those smaller schools and how they play send me a link. Regarding the players you mentioned don`t think anybody else called Jimmy Wilson`s name so I`ll check out these Corners you told me before the draft were better than him, what time is it on and by the way you liked Wilson at FS said he could be groomed for the positon, still feel that way??

Who cares if Sanchez turns out to be a bust. We also invested 4 years in Henne for nothing. We may not have wasted much money on Henne, but we wasted plenty on a whole bunch of other players. This organization has been worse on all accounts than the Jets over the last few years. Pointing the finger at them doesn't make sense.

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