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It's about quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks!

It should be no secret to anyone regularly reading this blog that I'm mostly focused on the quarterback.

I care how the current quarterback is doing. I want to know how the college quarterbacks are doing. I want to know who the next quarterback is going to be. And all this, mostly because I know the past quarterbacks have simply killed the Dolphins and you and, most importantly, me.

So quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks!

For the time being, I have to applaud Matt Moore. He is playing relatively well of late and overall through five starts, he's shown himself pretty much the equal of what Chad Henne was before he got injured.

The statistics speak for themselves. Moore has 4 TDs and 5 INTs with a 62.9 completion percentage, a 78.9 quarterback rating and 1,159 yard to his credit. In four starts, Henne had 4 TDs and 4 INTs, a 57.1 completion mark, a 79 QB rating and 868 passing yards.

Relatively equal.

The thing is they aren't supposed to be equal. Henne was supposed to be the better player. It shows us that if Moore continues on his current trajectory, he might come closer to assuring himself a role on the team next year whereas Henne is not likely to have a role on the 2012 Dolphins.

As to the quarterbacks that will have a role ont he team in the future, let's talk college QBs for a sec. On Thursday, my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-AM in South Florida and streaming live video here at The Miami Herald website hosted a segment with Bucky Brooks. Brooks is the talent analyst for the NFL Network and NFL.com.

I asked him about the incoming QB class of talent:

"This could be a pretty good class," he said. "I've been told by scouts that as many as eight guys could carry a second-round or higher grade. At the top of the board you have Andrew Luck who will likely go as the No. 1 pick. After that you have some intriguing possibilities. You have Landry Jones at Oklahoma, Matt Barkley at Southern Cal, Robert Griffin III at Baylor, this guy Ryan Tannehill down at Texas A&M. Those are some of your top guys."

As the Dolphins aren't getting Andrew Luck from all indications, we concentrated on folks other than the Stanford quarterback. I asked Brooks his opinion of Barkley:

"The big thing about Matthew Barkley is he plays in a pro style system that is similar to what most teams run in the NFL," Brooks said. "When you look at him on tape, he takes a lot of snaps from under center. He executes some form of a West Coast offense at Southern Cal. He has great instincts and intangibles. His awareness is on point. The one thing that people talk about is he doesn't have elite arm strength. When you think about the Matthew Staffords of the world, the Cam Newtons of the world, his arm strength is not necessarily in that class. However, he can make all the throws. He has the ability to come in and be a productive player. So he's one of the guys that is definitely sitting at the top of the board."

How about Robert Griffin III out of Baylor?

"Outstanding player. Outstanding prospect," Brooks said. "When you think of Robert Griffin, you have to think of someone with the athleticism of Michael Vick and also with the pocket presence of any of your top quarterbacks, whether it be Aaron Rodgers or whoever. This is a guy who can really do it all and he may break the mold of the spread quarterback myth when it comes to it. He's very efficient, very effective. He can make all the throws. he can spin it. He can throw it deep down the field. He can really put it in tight windows. Even though some of his production would be inflated by the nature of the Baylor offense because they're throwing at will, he's done a great job of making all of the throws. You can see all of the throws on tape. In fact, when I talked to a scout who just recently went through there, he said he hasn't seen an athlete like him that can do the things he does also as a passer. He is somebody who probably has not gotten enough of the attention leading up and through the season. But if he does come out, he'll get a lot of attention. He'll be a fast riser up draft boards across the league because he is so talented and so versatile."

I like Brandon Weeden so, of course, I asked about him. Yes, I know he's 28 and will be 29 next NFL season, which would be his rookie season.

"Anytime you're dealing with an older player there's a concern," Brooks said. "The thing that helps him is he plays the quarterback position and we've seen quarterbacks play up into their 40s and play well. The thing that helps him is the maturity should allow him to get on the field faster because he's been through a lot of experiences. He doesn't have to go through some of the things young quarterbacks go through in terms of having to get used to the lifestyle. I think he has a bigtime arm. He's very productive. There are things in his game you'd like to see corrected. He does take chances. He does throw the ball into tight coverage sometimes. But in terms of being able to spin it and having the arm strength and doing all those things that you look for, he grades out well on all those things."

Does Brooks think Weeden will be among those picked in the top two rounds?

"I think so. I see him as a top 64 pick ... His talent stands out on tape."


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Craig M,

That`s it in a nutshell you just never know. Me I think Jones is the bigger gamble would like to see him in a Bowl game this year Vs. a pass rush that can make it real tough on him. Barkley plays in a system,no doubt, but the other USC QB`s including the litte remembered John David Booty all played with incredible Semi-Pro talent around them while Barkey has faced a mean rush in two of the games I`ve seen and handled it well with really only Freshman talent around him at RB and WR which tells you he is playing sand lot Football when he breaks contain or has to move in the pocket,throw early, given you know his WR are probably out of position in those situations the majority of the time.

Can you people see we had no running game with Henne. Now the guys are doing their jobs. Moore although I have nothing against the guy, but he has 0 pocket awareness, no recognition, and drops the ball when hit. Hope Henne dosen't sign next year, he deserves more. Take a look around the league!!!!

I think Henne ends up in Baltimore I really do, they loved him and have said they were debating Flacco or Henne in Rd.1 08. Also Cam takes every chance he gets to prove Miami wrong, got a feeling about Henne and the Ravens who really don`t have a competent back up.

Henne couldn't deliver a drive much less a win in the clutch to save his life. This team was spiraling down with him at the helm...in case you didn't notice. Big arm...whatever. Good Riddance! Moore is a better leader and has the team moving. He is better than Henne.

I'm pretty confident that Henne won't be re-signed. I'm 99.9% confident we'll have a new coach and FO next season and I see no reason why they would keep Henne around, especially since they will be drafting a QB in the 1st round.

It'll be interesting to see if the new regime keeps Matt Moore as a backup and/or starter until our new QB is ready.

I could see Henne going to quite a few places. There will be mroe than a few teams looking for a backup and/or QB to add competition.

One team I could see is Denver, as I don't think they'll be keeping Tebow around and I think they're going to do just enough to push them out of the hunt for one of these 1st rounders. I could also see the Skins showing interest. They may want to grab someone capable as a backup and/or starter while they groom they're 1st round QB.

Craig, the jets still have the better qb and the better pass defense, they also are much better in the turnover ratio than we are. In all the areas that matter, the jets may be an average team, but are still better than us.

Weeden is at best a second rounder because of his age. If he were 21 or 22 he'd no doubt be one of the first 15 players taken. But since Luck may not be available the Dolphins could pretty well for themselves to take Justin Blackmon in the first round and Weeden in the 2nd.

@ T. Martin -

Interesting perspective on taking Blackmon.

Actually, depending on where Miami, Washington, and Seattle draft, Blackmon could be gone before these QBs. If Carolina or Cleveland draft before the above mentioned teams, I think Blackmon will be gone as both of those teams will be looking to add some talent to help their young QBs out.

I think Blackmon would look great in a Phins uni, but just can't see a new regime passing up on one of these 1st round QBs yet again. Not to mention, the Phans are well beyond restless for a franchise QB.....the franchise pretty much has to make a move on that this season. I don't think the Phans are going to go for another 2nd rounder despite the fact that Weeden does seem to be quite capable of being an NFL QB.

The thing underscored by the statistical comparison of Henne and Moore is that Moore makes a better backup QB than Henne would. Which makes it all the more painful that Henne was the starter for 2 years.

holy cow DC talks a lot

By the time its all said and done some of the 2nd round qbs will be taken earlier than expected like we saw last year. Tannehill can certainly maneuver his way somewhere into the first for example.

You are correct Sanchez only started for 1 year at USC. I believe because he was picked by the Jets he was overhyped being in the New York market. They have no running game so he needs to pass a lot more which makes them less effective.

The Giants makes the trade for Eli.

Everyone thought they where crazy.

Fast forward a few years later.

Giants just kick NE @ss in the SB.

And Eli wasn't regarded as good as Luck.

TRADE UP FOR LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LUCK is the best bet you can make in the next draft.

Why wouldn't take those odds.

All the analyst are watching this guy.

And everyone is convinced 5 yrs from now. Luck is going to be the QB everyone is still talking about.

Miami can survive without the draft picks. They have been waisting them for years.

Why not waist them on a safe bet. Someone that can change the way this team plays football.

@ phinsfan78 -

I certainly wouldn't be opposed to trading up for Luck. It would be quite pricey but worth it IMO.

That said, there's a big difference between this current situation and the situation that led to the SD/NYG swap of QBs in that it was made possible for the fact that Eli said he would absolutely not play in SD.

It could actually be flip flopped in the current situation. It could very well be that he is more than willing to sign with Indy....but not at all willing to be involved in a trade to Miami.

I believe there will be trade offers to Indy from Miami, Washington, and Seattle for Luck. It's going to get competitive and very pricey if indeed a trade takes place. I could actually see Indy wanting to do it because they could just hold on to Manning for another run and still draft one of these other QBs for the future.


There is alot of people, especally some of the ones on the blog. Who thinks giving up two first round picks for any one player is too much.

I know what is saw. So maybe your the one living in an Alternate Universe.

Henne went 0-3

Moore is 2-4

Henne set records against the Pats(6-3) and really can't be blamed for the loss against the VERY GOOD Texans(7-3) or Cleveland.

Moore has been shaky at best and beat the Chiefs(4-5) and the Redskins(3-6)Woooo Whoooo! Not exactly a couple of powerhouses there.

The stat comparison is COMPLETELY skewered as well. Thomas missed the Pats game and Bush(69 yards in first three games with Henne)was a non factor and used totally wrong(Henne was actually leading all QB's in rush yards).

Other than a few catches against the pats, Fasano had more drops than catches(0 catches/Cleve. 1 catch/Texans).

Clay didn't play(injured)and didn't have a catch until after Henne's injury.

Marshall led the league in drops AND drops in the ENDZONE for the first three weeks of the season.

One last note of importance, the Defense was ABSOLUTELY horriffic until WELL AFTER Henne's injury.

The simple fact is, you couldn't have stacked the deck any worse AGAINST Henne. If anything could POSSIBLY go wrong the first three weeks of the season, it DID.

So, you can believe Moore is better with his 2-4 record on the season thanks to KC/Wash(combined 7-11 LOL). You can also bet that Moore will at least be our back up(if not the starter) next season.

Still doesn't mean he's better than Henne.

I believe Henne has played his last game as a Dolphin, but keeping Moore over Henne is just ANOTHER dumb a ss blunder by this team.

Would you say that Marshall plays like Steve Smith?

I think thats why Moore is winning. And Henne couldn't.

Moore gets it. He understands how to get the ball to his recievers. Even when everything is breaking down.

Plus he's alot more mobile than Henne.

Henne shouldn't even been playing this year, much less no competition.

I am not sure Henne get's many offers from other teams. Possibly as a back-up. If so, Miami would be dumb not to try and keep him as a back-up and starter until the QB they draft can take over. If we draft in the top 3 or 4 I think they will go with Barkely. If we manage to somehow win some games and draft 8-12 I think Griffin or Landry come into play. I can't imagine anyone taking a 29 year old rookie to play QB in the first round. Maybe 2 round. If we don't draft a QB for whatever reason I would like them to take Trent Richardson. He is the best RB since Adrian Petersen.


You're right. Why would any player want to come to Miami.

Thats why we got Bush instead of Spoles.

Not complaining. I like Reggies work ethic.

Henne had 4 years.

Moore had 4 weeks.

No question who has the most upside.

Miami needs to make a statment.

And trading up for Luck is just that.

The fans and players respect bold moves.

The worst thing this team could do is sell the farm to trade for Luck. #1 there is NO guarantee Luck will succed. # 2 there is a history in the NFL of good young prospects never developing because the team that drafted them were so awful that the young QB got so beat up he never developed. Think Barkely, Griffin or Landry. Keep building.

There is one thing I`d like to know about. What to do with Henne. Has he any trade value. That is could we tender him with second round value. Maybe somebody will give us a third round pick for his rights.
Good organisations don`t let assets just walk out the door.


You're saying the same thing the've been saying for years.

The fans are tired of these backup QBs.

The next jersey I'm buying is Lucks. And alot of other fans feel same way.

This FO is not makeing the same moves as I would.

Maybe it's because they can't get players to want to play for Miami.

And that because Miami doesn't want to get a QB in there that everyone can stand behind.

Maybe they could just sell some of the cattle for Luck?

Barkely, Griffin,III and Landry are backup QB's? What do you have a crystal ball? If you want to buy a Luck jersey then buy one. I am sure the Colts would appreciate it.

I don't care what anyone says, Eli Manning is NOT what I consider a franchise QB. I think he's a very good/solid starter, but DEFINITELY not a Franchise QB.

The two most overlooked fact that goes into evaluating QB's are the SYSTEM their going into, versus the QB's PARTICULAR skillset.

Two examples I'll throw out there are:

1. Brett Farve. In Green Bay's system, Farve looked invicable for years. Their system played into his skillset in that it was a great system that **ALLOWED** him to use his awesome improvisational skills.

He never even came close to greatness after leaving Green Bay. You can throw out the age/diminishing skills thing if you like. But I point towards the terrible systems in NY and Minn at the time.

The second example I'll throw out there is at the opposite end of the spectrum:

2. Trent Dilfer. I don't think I'll get any arguments by saying Dilfer was NOT the prototypical Franchise QB.

Still, the system he encountered in Baltimore(great D, strong run, dominate TOP)allowed him to win a Super Bowl.

I didn't use Aaron Rodgers as an example, but he and the Packers system reinforces my belief. Rodgers is DEFINITELY a franchise QB and having him in a great system really proves the point.

He quickly established himself after Farve's departure. He BATTLED his way to a Super Bowl Title and is following up with a 9-0 season. Rodgers is GREAT, but he's not doing this all by himself. The Packers system compliments his skills PERFECTLY. Probably moreso than it did Farve!

Sanchez is God Awful, PERIOD! He's benefitting greatly from the jets system at the moment. If Sanchez had been drafted to almost any other team, he probably still would NOT be starting.

Matt Moore is CLEARLY a better QB than Sanchez(Henne too in my opinion). The problem is, though Miami's system has improved under Daboll, it's still not quite as good as Shotty's in NY.

I said all that to say this, when it comes to bringing a rookie QB into the NFL, the system he walks into is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than it is to Vets.

Ross has some very important decisions to make this off season and I think he needs a lot of help making them. It's not just the question of what QB we end up picking in the 1st round, it's absolutely CRUCIAL that we bring in a Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator that knows how and can develop a system that FULLY compliments the rookie QB we get.

It just not as Black and white as; whose better Luck or Barkley?

God Help Us!!!!


every draft is a crap shoot.

Luck IMO has the best odds.

Don't you want to draft a QB. And be done with it for the next ten years?

Or do you want to live in embarassment?

Guys it's OK to say all this stuff but what makes you convinced that the Colts would evr give this guy up. If he's everything people say he is why would they even consider it when they have had such a nice ride with Manning for 12 years. They'd be giving away another chance for multiple ten wins seasons and chance to win the Championship. Can't see it happening.

1st, 2nd this year.

1st and 3rd next.

I thinks the colts would go for it.

They already have Manning. And they can draft someone else

Was reading on NFL.com that Dungy thinks the Colts should draft luck and then trade him

Would you say that Marshall plays like Steve Smith?

I think thats why Moore is winning. And Henne couldn't.

Moore gets it. He understands how to get the ball to his recievers. Even when everything is breaking down.

Plus he's alot more mobile than Henne.

Henne shouldn't even been playing this year, much less no competition.

Posted by: phinsfan78 | November 18, 2011 at 02:20 PM

I understand and respect your argument.

However, let me ask you this. Lets say Moore loses 5 or 6 of our next 7, where does that leave your opinion and how much does it change?

There's two things I know for sure. Henne is more in tune with Miami, it's players and Dabolls offense.

Henne would definitely be the better back up of the two. Not only for the reasons stated above, but talen-twise and Cap-wise!

PS: I like Moore and I just can't bring myself to want the Phins to lose. Having said that though, I think Moores two victories were an abberation(against weak opponets) and it's pretty much going to be ALL DOWNHILL from here.

Every single word typed here about Luck is a WASTE of time and space. He ain't coming here. Let it go. Be done with it. Move along folks.


I think Trent Richardson is head and shoulders above Ingram. NO CONTEST! He looks like the real deal to me.

Still, I see us going QB first round NO MATTER WHAT(and he won't be 28 years old either(God I hope not).

@ Jeremy -

Actually, a lot of good organizations let assets walk out the door. If they didn't, there would be no FA.

Henne can't be traded right now because 1.) the trade deadline has passed; and 2.) he is an unrestricted FA at the end of the season so the Phins wouldn't own his rights.

This isn't an issue of cutting him vs. trading him....the Phins and Henne would have to negotiate another contract and then turn around to make a trade. The trade partner would have to be wiling to foot the contract Miami made with Henne or get Henne to re-negotiate a new contract once the trade was completed. None of the above is in the best interest of Chad Henne, so I don't see why he would go for it.

Henne's interests are best served by being an unrestricted FA and entertaining offers from whomever might be interested rather than re-signing with the Phins and letting the franchise dictate the terms of where he would go.


The best 3 QB's today are Rogers,Brady and Breese right? Rogers was drafted in the mid 20's, Brady was drafted in the 6th round and Brees in the 2nd round. There are NO guarantees when drafting a QB. Much less if he comes to a team that is void of talent because you traded your best players and future picks to get him. If you LISTEN to draft analyst and comentators you will realize that Luck while a very good prospect, is no slam dunk. I have heard a few analyst say he is very much like Matt Ryan.

Odin, Thats true

Henne can come in and finish a game with a win. If the game is close. I think he's good for a hand full of plays he has practiced.

But not for a streach.

Counting the chickens before that hatch, dolphins beat two scrub teams and they think that they are going to win out, SMOKE SCREEN, that is the most idiotic comment i have ever heard coming out of Speranos mouthalong with defending Scrub Ireland, lets suppose that they win the next seven games which is highly unlikely, at the end of the season they are going to ask them selves we should of won at least two or three of the first seven games that we lost, to get to the playoffs, its the same $$it every year, we've got nothing to look forward to unless they get rid of Ireland and sperano, dolphins are better off staying where there at, and draft between 1st and 5th round for a decent QB and of-coursea new GM and coach, those two clowns $uck big time of course the players like them they are SOFT, i have been a dolphin fan for 35 years, and cant believe i have lost interest in them.

Henne had 4 years.

Moore had 4 weeks.

No question who has the most upside.

Posted by: Salinger | November 18, 2011 at 02:31 PM

So ah, Moore's 5 years in the NFL don't count.

That's funny, cause when the same was said about Henne during the off season, you said all his years count-Dooh ;)

What this 4 weks stuff anyways?

He's been in Miami for over 17 weeks now and been a starter for 6!

You know what? NEVER MIND!!!!


1st and 2nd this year and 1st and 3rd next year? What are you nuts? Your refuse to undersatnd that there is a possibility the guy might not be elite at this level. What about if he tears a knee or a shoulder then what? You just traded your future away for a wet dream.

Its a gamble with good odds.

People can be too cridical on the 1st round picks. Cam Newton comes to mind.

But it's also about the bold move.

What if Ross did land Harbaugh?

The fans and players respect bold moves to try to make the team better.

Thats how you get players to want to play here.

@ Anthony -

I'm not sure about Ireland, but Sporano is gone, even if they did happen to win out (which they won't). I think Ross made it pretty clear last off-season that Sporano is not in his long term plans. The only thing that could have saved Sporano from his eventual demise was a playoff run, and that's not going to happen. Even if they win out and go 9-7, that's not going to win the AFC East or get a wild card birth.

I suspect Ireland will also be gone. I believe this to be true because if he gets a seasoned head coach, that guy is going to want his own people in the front office....not some twit like Jeff Ireland.

Hope you guys understand that trading up for Luck may cost a minimal of two 1st rd'er with possible other considerations.

If I had a crystal ball into the future and saw Luck winning at least 2 or more SB championships, then hell yes its worth it. But if he wins only 1 SB, it's only marginally worth it. He wins no SB's, but leads an all out assault on the record books. It's just Dan Marino all over again.

Think about it guys, of all the 1st overall drafted qb's in nfl history, only John Elway has won more than 1 SB championship. It only took him the last two years of his career to do it.

So carefully think about the price of moving to the top of the board to take Luck and evaluate you may see two, one, or even zero SB championships as a result. Many qb's have had great careers and no SB championships. Havent we at least learned as much with our experience with Marino?

Just because Luck maybe highest touted qb coming out in quite a while doesnt guarantee the most SB championships. See Tom Brady:

3 SB championships, draft status 6th rd.

Our Season is NOT over. It is obvious the there is some kind of internal problem with the Jets, Buffalo has been figured out by the League and we are beginning to play as a Team. Not over under any means.

Everyone I know loved watching Marino play.

And I'll say it again. Marino played well enough to win 5 SBs.

I'm not saying Luck will for sure bring Miami a SB.

But it will be the best start to trying too win one.

Tom Brady is a far better qb now than when he was helping to lead the Pats to 3 SB championships. He now threatens to obilterate Nfl offensive records nearly every season.

Yet, in becoming a far superior qb to the Brady with the 3 rings, he has no new rings to show for it.

Phinsfan 78,

Cam Newton with all his glory has won 2 games this year and managed to lead his offense to 3 points last week. Then look at Andy Dalton. He has 6 wins and lead his offense to over 20 points against the Steelers. You never know who is going to be a grreat QB until they start playing in the NFL.


I was going to say EXACTLY the same thing. Great that Newton's putting up numbers and all but the ONLY number that actually matters is in the win column. People will say it's because of the lack of talent on the team and that's fair but can we wait until Carolina is doing something of note before we annoint this guy 'the next one'.

true but as a player Newton has exceeded expectations.

Which was my point.

But would you say Luck is the best odds. Given all the scrutiny?

Was reading on NFL.com that Dungy thinks the Colts should draft luck and then trade him

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | November 18, 2011 at 03:00 PM

If the Colts have the #1 pick they will draft Luck and keep him. With Luck on the sidelines learning from one of the greatest to ever play the game they can start their own quarterback "program" like the Packers.
The only other option would be for them to trade the pick and try to accumulate as many picks in the draft as possible. The Colts are another team in need of help at a number of positions. However, I don't see that happening. If the Colts pick #1 I don't think they will pass up the opportunity.

True enough, Marino was far the superior to Bob Griese, when talking qb vs qb alone and how they stack up. However, passing records aside, Griese mabe every bit Marino's equal or even superior in terms of win percentage alone.

We all know that Griese's far Marino's superior in terms of championship win percentage. What this tells me is that a team doesnt have to have Superman as it's starting qb when it's clever enough to place the right personel around him.

Still you cant have "Olive Oil" as your qb neither Popeye. Brutus will simply ravage her!

Marino's career in retrospect was a tragedy. A great QB that never had a quality RB to share the load or a good defense. For all his glory Don Shula failed Marino. Look at it this way John Elway never would of sniffed the Super Bowl trophy if not for Terrell Davis. Those Elway Super Bowl teams were in reality Terrell Davis team. Elway went along for the ride.

Albert @ 3:28 PM,

Cam's performances prove two things:

1. Yes, he's far the superior athletic phenom that came out in this season's draft. He uses his offensive weapons well and is a weapon himself.

2. This does not always result in being the "most effective" qb that came out. Effectivess boils down to wins and losses.

So thus far Andy Dalton is the most effective qb that's arisen from the 2011 draft. Sometimes most effective trumphs best!

Brandon Weeden FTW

This is what scares me about Griffin III a little bit. Great athletic talent....no question. But is it going to translate to wins in the NFL? I supposed you could say the same about Vick and Vince Young. Awesome athletes and all but for all that they are, it hasn't translated into Championships in the NFL. Why? I don't buy the argument that the talent they play alongside of hasn't been good enough. Vick played on some good teams in Atlanta and in Philly last year and this. Young the same (maybe not quite as good, mind you). I think when the FO is evaluating these guys the big question is, will the team win with these guys. Tough question to answer but who really cares about the stats, when the only stat that matters is in the W column.

1st and 2nd this year and 1st and 3rd next year? What are you nuts?

As we all know. The definition for insanity is doing the same thing over and over.

That not what I'm trying to do.


Just goes to prove that it's extremely difficult for hof qb's even to win SB championships on thier singular greatness alone. Luck's acquistion alone doesnt guarantee a free pass to the Lombardi trphy storehouse.

Great decisions have to be made in building the talent level around those qb's. Usually on both sides of the ball. If not, then all you have is a record breaker and not a championship trophy maker.

Kind of a small sample to try and prove an opinion. The first 4 games of the season, Henne was one of the few highlights, and playing markedly better than previous years. Ranked #9 in QBR ratings prior to his injury. Now that the defense is finally showing up, a run game has materialized, and the right side of the line is finally starting to block, you're going to credit Moore with that? Please. There is a reason he got traded from a 2-14 team to keep the likes of Jimmy Clausen. Henne is clearly a better QB than Moore.

yesterday's gone

You are exactly right. That is my point of why you can't mortgage your team and your teams future just for the right to draft a player. The Miami Dolphins already had the experience of a record breaking QB. It was a great ride but at the end it left us empty in the Championship column.

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