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It's about quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks, quarterbacks!

It should be no secret to anyone regularly reading this blog that I'm mostly focused on the quarterback.

I care how the current quarterback is doing. I want to know how the college quarterbacks are doing. I want to know who the next quarterback is going to be. And all this, mostly because I know the past quarterbacks have simply killed the Dolphins and you and, most importantly, me.

So quarterbacks, quarterback, quarterbacks!

For the time being, I have to applaud Matt Moore. He is playing relatively well of late and overall through five starts, he's shown himself pretty much the equal of what Chad Henne was before he got injured.

The statistics speak for themselves. Moore has 4 TDs and 5 INTs with a 62.9 completion percentage, a 78.9 quarterback rating and 1,159 yard to his credit. In four starts, Henne had 4 TDs and 4 INTs, a 57.1 completion mark, a 79 QB rating and 868 passing yards.

Relatively equal.

The thing is they aren't supposed to be equal. Henne was supposed to be the better player. It shows us that if Moore continues on his current trajectory, he might come closer to assuring himself a role on the team next year whereas Henne is not likely to have a role on the 2012 Dolphins.

As to the quarterbacks that will have a role ont he team in the future, let's talk college QBs for a sec. On Thursday, my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-AM in South Florida and streaming live video here at The Miami Herald website hosted a segment with Bucky Brooks. Brooks is the talent analyst for the NFL Network and NFL.com.

I asked him about the incoming QB class of talent:

"This could be a pretty good class," he said. "I've been told by scouts that as many as eight guys could carry a second-round or higher grade. At the top of the board you have Andrew Luck who will likely go as the No. 1 pick. After that you have some intriguing possibilities. You have Landry Jones at Oklahoma, Matt Barkley at Southern Cal, Robert Griffin III at Baylor, this guy Ryan Tannehill down at Texas A&M. Those are some of your top guys."

As the Dolphins aren't getting Andrew Luck from all indications, we concentrated on folks other than the Stanford quarterback. I asked Brooks his opinion of Barkley:

"The big thing about Matthew Barkley is he plays in a pro style system that is similar to what most teams run in the NFL," Brooks said. "When you look at him on tape, he takes a lot of snaps from under center. He executes some form of a West Coast offense at Southern Cal. He has great instincts and intangibles. His awareness is on point. The one thing that people talk about is he doesn't have elite arm strength. When you think about the Matthew Staffords of the world, the Cam Newtons of the world, his arm strength is not necessarily in that class. However, he can make all the throws. He has the ability to come in and be a productive player. So he's one of the guys that is definitely sitting at the top of the board."

How about Robert Griffin III out of Baylor?

"Outstanding player. Outstanding prospect," Brooks said. "When you think of Robert Griffin, you have to think of someone with the athleticism of Michael Vick and also with the pocket presence of any of your top quarterbacks, whether it be Aaron Rodgers or whoever. This is a guy who can really do it all and he may break the mold of the spread quarterback myth when it comes to it. He's very efficient, very effective. He can make all the throws. he can spin it. He can throw it deep down the field. He can really put it in tight windows. Even though some of his production would be inflated by the nature of the Baylor offense because they're throwing at will, he's done a great job of making all of the throws. You can see all of the throws on tape. In fact, when I talked to a scout who just recently went through there, he said he hasn't seen an athlete like him that can do the things he does also as a passer. He is somebody who probably has not gotten enough of the attention leading up and through the season. But if he does come out, he'll get a lot of attention. He'll be a fast riser up draft boards across the league because he is so talented and so versatile."

I like Brandon Weeden so, of course, I asked about him. Yes, I know he's 28 and will be 29 next NFL season, which would be his rookie season.

"Anytime you're dealing with an older player there's a concern," Brooks said. "The thing that helps him is he plays the quarterback position and we've seen quarterbacks play up into their 40s and play well. The thing that helps him is the maturity should allow him to get on the field faster because he's been through a lot of experiences. He doesn't have to go through some of the things young quarterbacks go through in terms of having to get used to the lifestyle. I think he has a bigtime arm. He's very productive. There are things in his game you'd like to see corrected. He does take chances. He does throw the ball into tight coverage sometimes. But in terms of being able to spin it and having the arm strength and doing all those things that you look for, he grades out well on all those things."

Does Brooks think Weeden will be among those picked in the top two rounds?

"I think so. I see him as a top 64 pick ... His talent stands out on tape."


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First things first....Moore wasn't traded. They chose not to resign him because they drafted Newton first overall and obviously wanted to play him. They also didn't want to give up on their second round pick from the previous year in Claussen.

Secondly, he is NOT the reason they went 2-14 last year. He started THREE games and the Panthers were decimated by injuries.

Trying getting your facts straight before spouting off....

Good chatting with you guys. I'm out.


Let's Take A Snapshot Of The Stanford Oregan Game:

Oregon played as great a defense against Luck as Ive seen all season. They didnt shut him down but they slowed him down. They were able to get at least 2 more defensive stops than the Stanford's D. Proving Luck really is human.

Ok, what about when this same thing happens on the Nfl level. We have Luck, face a high powered offense(like Oregon), and that team is good enough to get a couple stops on Luck, yet we are unable to stop them defensively.

Guys, then we see the same results we saw with Luck vs Oregon. We still have to build greatness around him on both sides of the ball. Luck is human. Can anyone remember the Oregon qb's name that beat him?

I guarantee he isnt anyone threatening to become a 1st rd nfl qb pick.

Weeden= undefeated

Luck would be the perfect qb to have with a front office craftuy enough to build a championship calibre defense. I wouldnt count on him to win very many shoot out games if we have the lesser defense.

Funny thing about shoot out games, the defense that can get at least one more stop than the opposing team's defense, is usually the team that wins that game. Not the greater qb.

Have we learned nothing from the Marino era?

Marino was part of the problem. He made this team better than it really was. We paid a huge price in draft positioning in the Marino era. It was very difficult to add the neccessary on both sides of the ball because of the depths he sunk us to on draft day.

That was the real problem with the Marino record shattering era.

Take the 49'ers, Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, super teams of the 80's 90's eras.

These teams were consistently bad enough to get premium draft picks, then when finally getting the right qb and men in charge, proceeded to win championships.

Marino's greatness only increased the difficulty of landing championship pieces around him.

The blog's not showing my pots now. I guess it no longer believes Im human. LOL

What if Ross did land Harbaugh?

The fans and players respect bold moves to try to make the team better.

Thats how you get players to want to play here.

Posted by: phinsfan78 | November 18, 2011 at 03:14 PM

Good question. Probably better off than today.

Luck's best chance of winning a championship is to land on a team awful enough to pick top 10 2-3 seasons after they land him.

It take more than a QB to win. Comparing Newton and Dalton and saying one is more effective than the other is a pointless exercise.

They're both playing well and both putting up good numbers.....the difference.....Panthers have only one win because they have NO defense whatsoever and also lack playmakers for Newton.

The Bengals also drafted an outstanding receiver and he and Dalton have good chemistry. The Bengals also have a pretty stout defense.

Straight up wins and losses aren't always a good measure of a QB...you have to look at what's around them. The QB can make a lot of difference to be sure, but football is still a team sport last I checked.

Another case in point is Tebow. People can talk all they want about the win record with Tebow in....that's great....but bottom line, they're winning in spite of Tebow, not because of him. Denver's D has been playing lights out as of late....had they not had the pick 6 last night, Tebow would not have been in the position to make that last drive.

When are the knowledgeable Football People(besides Craig) going to come on here. I would like to talk some Football and not about next year.

@ oscar -

Why....this season is over; at least we can dream about a better one next year. Even if the Phins win out, they don't get a wild card with a 9-7 record.

Not for me, mac. But besides, there's so much Football to talk about. Like, how on earth did Denver beat the Jets. Was it the Jets fault or Tebow's prowess. etc, etc. Or you don't care to talk about Football in general? You'll never learn it that way.

Trade up for Luck. Why is that out of the question Armando? If not I really hope we land Jones. I think I would take Barkley over RGIII, but I like him as well. The Dolphins need to quit winning right now, and make the Colts the best offer come draft time.

I AM SO HAPPY THAT "QUARTERBACK" FINALLY IS GETTING RECOGNITION IN MIAMI! Miami owes that to the Bob Griese's, Marino's, etc. etc. etc., but also I thought that Bob Griese was our best in the clutch! WE WANT ANOTHER BOB GRIESE ELITE QUARTERBACK! Go MIAMI! I TOO WANT TO KEEP MOORE AND LET HENNE GO!!!

@ Oscar -

The Jets blew it in the end because they changed up the defense they had been playing all night and put in an extra DB. Dumb....if it's not broke, don't fix it. Make Tebow throw the damn ball. The defense they were using prior to that resulted in allowing a little over 100 yards of offense all night and I lost track of the punts....think it was 11.

It's not Tebow, he's not a magic leperchaun like a lot of twits seem to think. What Tebow and the Broncos are doing will only work in very close, low scoring games....if he has to pass, they're done for.

@ Oscar,

Before you get carried away by Tebow-mania consider this:

Denver's defense isnt good enough to slow high octane opposing qb's to point where it will set up his late game heroics. Remember, he faced Sanchez, king of uneven gametime performances.

Tebow seems to thrive against none prolific opposing qb's. I doubt you'll see any shootout wins posted on Tebow's performance resume anytime soon. He's not a complete qb.

Sanchez used to be king of winning "dirt ugly" football games. Tebow has dethroned him in that area. Tebow's now king and Sanchez is his paulper.

Sanchez is proving to be more franchise calibre game manager than franchise calibre passer. With a great run game and defense he's magic. Lessen those two things around him and he's turnpike litter.

Im sure the Jet fo is now highly reconsidering the huge bounty they gave up for to obtain a glorified game manager(Sanchez).

Tebow won't be king of crap for long.....I believe the Chargers are going to finally wake up and smell the coffee and put some points on the board against Denver. Then they have Minn which could be a very interesting game and I think Tebow will have a shot in that one.

Up next are the Pats and Bears. Brady will shred that Denver D and know Tebow "magic" will save the Broncos. The Broncs won't be in any position for last minute heroics, they'll have to play a complete game or find themselves down by 4 TDs.

The Chicago D will lay him out the next week....literally, he might get hurt in that game. No way that spread option is going to work against that D. Bears have also been putting up points as of late. Bye Bye Tebow time.

Who knows with the Bills and Chiefs in weeks 16 and 17....I could see it going either way.

@ yesterday -

LOL...I've pretty much been saying that for 3 years since Sanchez came into the league. I always got a good chuckle on this forum reading posts about how good Sanchez is....even though statistically, he was about where Henne was....but yeah, Sanchez was a "winner".

He had a great running game for a couple years and a good D. Now....no running game is realy hurting him. Not to mention idiot Rex went and gave away one of Henne's favorite targets in Jerricho Cotchery and also got rid of Edwards for Burress. The only ball Burress played the last 3 years was with his cell mate's.

They really should have left well enough alone in the WR corps in the offseason and examined their run game. Everyone had to know LT would run out of gas eventually and last year looked like his last gasp. Greene has never cut the mustard....don't know why they didn't look to improving their run game.


Cam Newton maybe the exception to the rule. Still wanna see how that plays out over the next 2-3yrs.

Sanchez is exactly why you have to be so cautious in taking a qb based on only one year of success. Cam or not, it's a very highly risky ploy. That's why Im very cautious of RGIII too.

Despite the knocks on size and mobility, a qb like Kellen Moore offers far more evidence to take risk than even a qb like RGIII. With a guy that has a well document and proven track record as a winner. "Rarely" do you ever go wrong.

Though his physical attributes dont measure up to those qb's considered top 3-5, Kellen Moore's track record for wins and performance highly suggests otherwise.

According to Bill Parcells:

"You are what your record says you are".

Moore hasnt just beaten scrubs in his college career. He's laid the hammer to some of the legit "big boys" in the collegiate ranks too.

Common Man.. Really people.. Are we going to once again LISTEN to what a Scout has to say?

I been asking ARMANDO to do a post and report on the Stinking Dolphin Scouts for 7 months now and not happening.

So TODAY all of a sudden Armando mentions Scouts which is a good thing except that I don't buy it.

Question: How many of YOU reading this post about Scouts and QBs ALREADY know what was posted and can scout better then the scout Armando interviewed?


We ALL are better at Scouting players then anyone with a Scout title.

I watch Collage just as you do for years and watched these kids mature and grow. That does not make me a scout but I can recognize talant and consistecy from year to year and make an observation.

My observation on Andrew Luck is that this kid IS the closest thing out there that has the CLASS, poise and blood of a top 5 or top NFL QB today.

I watched this kid Luck drive the team down the field just like Marino, Manning, Rodgers, Elway has for years and he IS THAT GOOD at accomplishing that. I watched this kid go over to his recievers who may have dropped or missed up and Luck handled it like a PRO with CLASS.

NOTE TO ALL: NO Guarantee on ANY Draft even a #1.

Matt Barkley is ALSO a great kid who has and can get it done and I would place him at #2.

I'm not going to go through the list except that we have all seen what our Dolphin Scouts have produced for many, many years.

ARMANDO... Please do a investigation report on the Dolphin Scouts.. Not the boy, cub or girl scouts, the NFL Dolphin Scouts.

WE ALL deserve to know about these individuals and their record. I'm sure they track their success and pros and cons.

We want to know.

SCOUTS, SCOUTS, SCOUTS. Give us the Scouts.


Seeems teams having the most consistent success select players based more on soundness than accolades. Our scouts seem to seek out personal glory rather than seeking out players who will lead us to glory.

They want players in thier opinion everyone missed. Hardly do they realize other teams didnt miss on these players, they were ranked much lower on the other teams draft board.

However, there are times a homerun can be hit using this method. But its not to be confused with marring yourself in inconsistency. It's a sure fire way to your franchise far more harm than good.

@ yesterday -

Sometime you have to take those risks for the reward. Fortunately, with the new CBA, it's not quite as risky taking those early QBs. Nobody is going to lose their arse anyway.

Personally, I'm sick of the play it safe approach that has been going on....forever it seems. If the Phins pass on a 1st round QB this year, I seriously don't know what I'm gonna do.

I don't have any problem with K Moore in later rounds...but I will crap a brick if the Phins draft him in the top 10 or 15....or in the 1st round for that matter. He doesn't have a lot of upside potential as an NFL QB IMHO.

weiners <3

@ Oscar -

More general football food for thought:

Is the complete collapse of the Colts really all because they're lacking Manning? I keep hearing radio hosts and other sports pundits singing this song....that a team that looks to go 0-16 would actually be a playoff team if Manning was there.

Personally, I don't think so. They've been on a slow but steady downward spiral since Dungy left. Hiring Jim Caldwell made perfect sense at the time, but I don't think this guy is a head coach. In reality, I think Dungy left and Manning became the defacto head coach and offensive coordinator.....Caldwell is just a figure head.

What has this team done since Dungy left? Have they made any big moves in FA to get Manning more talent? Have they made any splashes in the draft? Nope and Nope...all they've done is shed some good players....retired a few....gotten older and slower....and really haven't added a whole lot to fill the gaps.

I think the writing was on the wall last season. Surely the Colts would be a better team with Manning in there, but playoffs????? I don't think so.


Im sorry but I gotta laugh at all this "Is Moore the guy?" talk, seem to remember all the same things being said in his rookie season after he replaced an injured Delhomme and won a few games in Carolina. Sure enough he started the next season and they propmptly ended up 2-14 and drafted Cam Newton whilst benching an inneficient Moore along the way. Now please tell me what makes anyone think anything is different here. He had played well aginst KC and Washington (half a game).
IF he gets past Buffalo somehow although in his favour George Wuilson being injured helps him, he will be devoured by Ware and Dallas.
Personally I can't wait for Miami to reach that 8th defeat that signals the end to dreams of a winning season, that could and hopefully will happen Sunday when Buffalo bring the dreamers back down to earth. All winning does now is hurt the chances of the Dolphins future.
Before I get all the be a real fan grief, I have been a Miami fan since 1986.
When I lived in the UK I followed every game in all that time somehow, from listening to radio broadcast on longwave radio in the early hours to satellite tv in the early hours at times.
I have been a Dolphins fan through thick and thin but enough is now enough, I, like many others have had enough, they have blown chance after chance at drafting/acquiring a QB to resurrect the Dolphins franchise, they finally have that chance this year if they get back to what they have done best, losing games.
So yes as painful as it is I will continue to root for losses in the belief that we will be a far better team next year for it and hopefully beyond once we are rid of Sparano and Ireland and with a new coach/QB to lead us forward.

You like to talk about QB's, you just don't know anything about QB's. If anyone thinks M. Moore is the long term answer at QB it's time to get in line for some special education.

Just this season alone Mando is blaming Henne for everything that happened bad to the Phins. Henne dropped passes in the end zone, he played horrible DB, he couldn't block. The 1st four games the whole team played like crap. Now that the "D" has improved, the blocking has improved, the coaches are using Bush and Fasano better, and Marshall is actually catching some passes M. Moore is a MVP candidate.

Whoever the new coach is, I doubt very seriously that they will want to build a team around M. Moore, he is a career BU. The problem for the last 15 years is we have been playing back ups as starters at the QB position. Shut up already!

IMO i don't see the fins winning more than two more games - lets be realistic they beat two crappy teams. But they are looking much better so who the f knows. RG3 or Landry Jones - new coach new GM and it would be cool to have a new owner. All these so called stars own a piece of the FINS like they are a toy - too much of a distraction IMO.

Bang on Dead Fish, couldn't agree more. Can't stand to listen to this crap, 2 wins and all the idiots find their voices!!!
Made me laugh at first, Vontae Davis sucks, gets disciplined then after one interception has suddenly turned a corner.
Clyde Gates is turning things around all of a sudden,er when did this happen.
And now Matt Moore is a hidden saviour, when Buffalo wins Sunday watch all this talk change.

My biggest question that no one every talks about and seems to matter so much in the NFL is can any of these guys, outside of Andrew Luck, actually read defenses? This is a huge issue with the new young QBs in the NFL. Gabbert seems to have a hard time as the game moves to fast for him at times, The Vikings rookie suffers the same at times. Rookie Andy Dalton seems to be the best so far. Can RG3 make the reads?

Currently 12 Teams Yet To Win A Super Bowl:

7 Teams that have been in the league longer than the Dolphins

Buffalo Bills(1960), Tennesse Titans/Houston Oilers(1960), Atlanta Falcons(1965), Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions.

5 Teams that have come into the league after the Dolphins

Cincinatti Bengals(1968), Seattle SeaHawks, Jasonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, and Houston Texans.

So think about this dolfans when next you feel the blues about not winning a SB in 37yrs. If they were so easy to come by every nfl team would have won at least one.

Trade down as long as you can get Griffin III, the guy can play he could be injury prone like Vick. If trading down and acquiring an extra pick then PICK WEEDEN. OMG I have to admit I have seen very little of this guy but then I found some highlights and man that dude can flat out throw the ball. Of course he is 28 and that will bring John Beck memories but this guy can play. At the very least we could see which one is the better QB and trade the loser sort of speak (or Moore) to a different team. A new regime is needed as well, one that is not afraid to at least give a shot to guys like Devlin. Sparano is terrible HC not doubt about that either. BTW please DO NOT pick Barkley, he just does not have the arm just like Sanchez, Leinart, etc. Jones doe shave the arm but his intangibles suck and he can not lead (just listen to him talk and u reach your conclusions). All the other QBs are not worth mentioning here.

Today I am a proud person as I came out off the closet to all my co-workers~~~

Where is this closet that people keep talking about?

Craig M

I don't recall spouting off, just stating an opinion. Secondly, traded or released, the end result is the same, the Panthers didn't him, which was my point. I never stated that Moore was the reason they were 2-14. You should probably not try and read into things, as it leads you away from the facts as stated.

You think Moore is the better QB, I think Henne is. We're all entitled to our opinion. But save your sanctimonious act for some of your buddies. I'm not impressed.

Nobody other than Luck looks even close to a sure thing.

Jefferson took he words right off my keyboard. The WHOLE team was playing like crap when Henne was in there. Why the constant negative slant towards Henne? Moore is not as good as Henne, period. How soon we forget that when Henne was in there there D was a train wreck, there was no running game, they were badly misusing Bush, and Marshall dropped everything thrown his way. Mando would still be crucifying Henne if he had thrown the 100 yd pick 6 to Revis. Now, by 2013 I hope a top tier QB that comes from this years draft is starting. Henne is not head and shoulders above Moore, but he is better. Stupid bias article once again. Bottom line is the first 6 weeks of the season the coaching staff didn't have this team ready to play, they looked out of shape, and Marshall had his head up his ass. That's the biggest difference between now and then, not Moore. If you want your best chance to win next year, Henne should start next year while, Barkley, RG3, Tannehill, or whover gets ready for 2013.

bottomline who ever the new people are making the decisions in miami next season they better draft a 1st round qb of the future if not i'll jump on a plane and punch them all in the face!

If the Miami Dolphins win their remaining games and finish at 500 for the season it will not take away the anger and fustration of the fans. To start the 2011 season at 0-6 is so unaceptable, Mr. Ross the owner of the Dolphins said in a news conference it will take awhile for the Dolphins to be one of the elite teams in the NFL. Well Mr. Ross i disagree you can make this team a winner NOW!!!!!

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