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Karlos Dansby: I am the NFL's best LB

Karlos Dansby got the game ball today after he had a sack, an interception and led the Dolphins with 10 tackles in their 20-9 victory over Washington.

Afterward, Dansby was feeling pretty good about himself. He was feeling so good, he said he's the best linebacker in the NFL.


So I asked him, better than Baltimore's Ray Lewis? 

"I'm better than everybody," he answered without pause, prompting me to write a column about it in today's Miami Herald. "Everybody. Period. Point blank. I just haven't had the recognition, man. I'm more versatile than everybody. Period. Pont blank. I'm more versatile than everybody. Hands down. I can do it all. I can take the tight end. I can check the running backs. You don't have to put me in one hole, I aint no hole guy. You can play man-to-man all over the field, man. I can do it all. I can do it all. I can hit guys. I can drop in coverage. I can blitz the quarterback. I got, what, 28 sacks, almost 30 sacks.

"I'm just trying to get my pick game up. I'm trying to get into the 20-20 [interceptions-sacks] club."

Dansby believes he has logical reasons why he thinks he's the best right now.

"I''ve played every position there is at linebacker," he said. "I played sam my first two or three years. I've played the weakside, the Mo. I've played the Will and now I'm playing the Mike. I can do it all. Nobody else can say they've done that and played at a high level. Nobody else. Everybody plays weakside or play under at the Mike. I've done it all. I can press the guard. I watch film."

Brian Urlacher?

"Aging," Dansby said. "He's aging fast, man. He's a great linebacker, but he's aging fast. I respect all the linebckers. But I'm better. That's just how I feel."  

I wish I had asked him about Patrick Willis, but at some point, everybody has to mean everybody, in his mind.

If you missed it yesterday, I want to share with you my column that appeared in Sunday's paper about Brandon Marshall. I guarantee you'll come out of that read seeing a different side of Marshall.


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I'm back.

Slow down Carlos my man great game I will give
that but you are no Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis.


This is what happens if the Colts draft Luck:

1. Peyton will be pissed.
2. Peyton will use no-trade clause in his huge contract.
3. This forces Colts to play and or pay Manning
4. If they cut him they are still on the hook for his huge contract and get nothing in return.

So, if the Colts draft Luck, expect for things to get very ugly before its over. Im sure Manning has a no-trade clause because all of the mega-stars always do. They have power veto in any trade.

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 13, 2011 at 05:02 PM

Still, in the Colts situation, should they have 1st overall pick. A lot will ride on how doctors access Peyton's shoulder is doing come April 2012 when the draft occurs.

If its a successful doctors report at that time no way do I see them drafting Luck. They'll take a #1 qb to be Manning's successor. But it may be in thier best interests to trade down a little bit in doing it.

Mando - can you just not tell us this crap - I was feeling great about the win , then I hear this from Dansby

You can be sure Polian will draft Luck. They will find a solution. Manning may not even be able to play again. Even if he can, at his age and condition, its all down hill from here.

Peyton has made millions, he may agree to make it easy for the organization that made him a multi-millioniare.

yesterday's gone,

It going to get ugly in Indy. Dustybottoms brought out a good point of which with that Neck Injury, will Manning even be able to play.

Manning also wont want to be Tebowed and if they do draft Luck, Luck is a very smart kid and may if drafted ask to be traded as if he's going to have to sit for 3-4 years he may as well have stayed in collage.

Shouldn't we be commenting about the Game that just passed, be it good or bad? Or have you forgotten it already? Or you just don't care? Instead of talking about what is going to happen next year.

Seems to me Peyton will understand perfectly well if a team wants to move on from an injured 36 yo QB past his prime.

The organization has been good to him, he is a class act. He'll play somewhere and he is stinking rich for life, I see no bitterness from this.


Manning in Aqua??

Do you like Football? Or are you just along for the ride.

Whether the Colts draft Luck or not will depend on what thier doctors are telling them about Peytons recovery come April(draft time).

If the doctors are saying Manning has made a full recovery I believe the chances of them drafting Luck could hugely drop. Ler's see what happens come April.

shut your pie hole dansby. If you have to declare you are the best, what's up with that? let your play speak for itself. you are 2-7. shut up and play, please.

I meant Aqua Velva.

Who is paying you?

Dansby got the Game Ball and Reggie Bush got an NFY $5000 fine (which goes to charity) for throwing that TD ball into the stands.

The key board meant to say NFL.

HAPPY to know..We have the best LB and the best CB tandem..Wow, I'm best guy on this board!!

Davis declared that about him and Smith. Look at what happened then! Dansby just jinxed himself and the team! Butt Head!

Love it! Dansby is backing it up. Funny what a little winning will do

Yea and Reggie hit that lilttle kid in the head with it. He was ok but really funny.

Stupid stupid stupid. Another wasted dolphin effort. All we accomplished is confirming we will suck next year too. We can start thinkng about the great OL or TE we draft in April now that we've screwed our draft up

No rob dolphin. I'm the best -)

Hey, Amigo, what did Marshall say about the Game?

Best LB yeah right losers are 2-7

stick a cork in it dansby--your team is still two and seven and last in the league in turnovers.....one good game against a bad offense does not give you the right to run your mouth and proclaim your right to being the best there is at the position no matter how highly overrated you are....

Forget Andrew Luck; we are going to win this division with a 3-way tie at 9-7. The winner of the last game of the season between the jets and the dolphins will win the division. We will win and go on to face the packers in the superbowl.

Dansby the best Linebacker combined with having the best CB tandem in the NFL...Dolphins are going to be amazing this season...


I like Dansby, but seriously, this is no time for self promotion. This team isn't winning another game this year, so take your humble win, a home win for the 1st time in a year, and appreciate it. Geez...always someone saying something absolutely stupid...

Dansby should go talk to homeboy davis and take some advise at running his mouth about being the best out there....

How'd that work out thus far...just sayin!!!

for those that are pissed that miami won please go find another place to rant like the new york times any qb drafted might end up a bust. you do not worry about the draft till after the season as proven by Alex Smith it is not so much the QB as it is the coach. Smith was considered a bust but playing pretty good and if it was not for Ted Ginn droppies he would not have a interception today against giants

Dansby is clearly concussed.

OK, Dansby has played very well the last two games. We'll give him that!

And I'm the successor to Dan Marino the Fins have been looking for!!!!!!

Speaking of Ted Ginn, Parcells made the right call on that coward, didn't he?

Phins win and Mando finds the first guy to stick his foot in his mouth. Hey they beat a team at home and it was a yawner, but they won.

Thats that lack of discipline I was talking about......That to me is a direct reflection of poor coaching....

Dancing on the sidelines aftyer your fist HOME WIN in a season and a half.....

Telling the press your the bestLB in the game.....

Just silly and shameless......thats why we are 2-7.....in a nut shell....

It looks like Moore hurt his hand. Sparano should let Losman take some snaps with the first team offense. Moore needs to run out of the pocket, then scan the field in every game thus far, as he did against the chiefs. Our offensive line is not good enough for Moore to be a pocket passer.

yea right




We apparently have the best linebacker and the best corners in the NFL...But yet we're 2-7. Go figure.

Love it!! Dansby and this starting to feel it, that's what winning does. Continue to play hard!

You can say there's some validity to Dansby rants right now. He's been somewhat of a terror to opposing oc's the last 3 games.

However, in Dansby explaining he's played all of the lb positions to be played, it lends creedence to most versatile lb in the league. A smart reporter would have asked, "Karlos, at which of those positions have you made all pro or pro bowl even"?

Still, over the last 3 nfl games, it could be reasonably argued Dansby has been the best. But 4-5 other lb names could also be thrown into the same argument hat.

Should Dansby play at the current intensity level of the last 3 games over the remaining 7 games. He should at least be a pro bowl selection.

I'm a big dansby fan. Was happier than anyone that he signed. His play and odricks play over the last month make me happy. I know we have some players but man we need a qb.

Karlos Dansby had a great Game.

Ted Ginn has learned to run routes and the League should beware.

The only thing that I am worried about, on our attempt to run the table and win the division, is, when we play the cowboys in two weeks, on a short week. Sparano seems to make the same mistake of over practice and the players have no energy for the game. Listen up Sparano, all the players need that short week is, a walk through on Wednesday. Anything else is going to be overkill and we are sure to tire out in the 4th and loose the game!


heres a thought, how bout he just keeps playing at that level and keeps his mouth shut, nothing good ever comes from running your mouth...its like we have adopted from the channing crowder/porter poolhouse mentality when we win a game...

2-7, consecutive losing seasons and no pro bowl appearences should more than enough tell him that he AINT that good of a player.....


do you guys what remember what winning IS any more.....

I swear some some people just rush on here to make themselves look dumb.....

winning a game is not WINNING in the NFL......A winning season is barely considered winning....

Winning at the bare minimum is winning THE AFC EAST.....anybody remember what that felt like...that was WINNING.....how about being in position to have a say in who WINS the AFC EAST......remember that feeling....no....cause your to used to being a loser......so a losing record satisfies you.....it sustains you....you wrap yourself in losing like it is a warm blanket on a cold night......

Don't field a better team Mr. Ross....these losers will happily give ALL their money 8 times a year......just for one or 2 wins......

Under the radar, Burnett had another solid game. He had 6 tackles and played fairly well in coverage. 3 games in a row now opposing TE's havent had a field day against our ilb coverage.

The communication between Dansby and Burnett has gotten much better as of late. Resulting in as a whole the entire defense playing a little more consistent.

Is it a coindence over the last 3 games the pass pressure has become better as a direct result of the ilb play getting better?

Imagine how good we could be with a good QB, hmmm I wonder if the genius's that run the fins are working on ways to trade up in the draft now we're wrecking any chance we had of getting one of the top QBs

Mark T,

You're absolutely right. Odrick's play seems to have risen over the past 3-4 games too. The entire front 7 of our defense seems to be in much better synch now.

Even JT looked liked the JT of old for a several plays.

Stockholm Syndrome is rampant on this blog.....

I'm gonna sign-out and run an ANTI-VIRUS CHECK....to be sure me or my computer don't contract it.....


See the post from kris @6:01 pm


R u serious...run the table and win the EAST, *lmao*....I cant even believe that you yourself are serious when you say that....My god, does winning against bad teams really convince people out there that this team is ascending from last year....WOW!!! Some of you really are desperate for any hope you can get!!!


Like I said earlier, Should the Colts get 1st overall pick, a lot will ride on the doctors report of Manning come April. Lets pray Peyton rehab is 100%.

This may give us best chance to move up and get Luck yet!

Running the table only means a 9-7 final record. Someone flunked math because 9-7 aint winning the Afc East.

Consider the teams we beat. Denver beat KC today completing only 2 passes. 2. Only. 2 completions was enough to beat the team we beat last week. Yeah we are rolling....in mud.

9-7 aint getting us a wildcard shot in the afc period! Some awfully good teams have to play awfully bad for that to even remotely happen.

It's even more remote this team run the table the rest of the way!

tailgate blues, blow it out your ass. kris can feel how he wants and I can feel how I want. Either way it's none of your F'n business. I'm not here to make you happy. I go to the games to see WINS. Get over your sooty ass self.

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