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Karlos Dansby: I am the NFL's best LB

Karlos Dansby got the game ball today after he had a sack, an interception and led the Dolphins with 10 tackles in their 20-9 victory over Washington.

Afterward, Dansby was feeling pretty good about himself. He was feeling so good, he said he's the best linebacker in the NFL.


So I asked him, better than Baltimore's Ray Lewis? 

"I'm better than everybody," he answered without pause, prompting me to write a column about it in today's Miami Herald. "Everybody. Period. Point blank. I just haven't had the recognition, man. I'm more versatile than everybody. Period. Pont blank. I'm more versatile than everybody. Hands down. I can do it all. I can take the tight end. I can check the running backs. You don't have to put me in one hole, I aint no hole guy. You can play man-to-man all over the field, man. I can do it all. I can do it all. I can hit guys. I can drop in coverage. I can blitz the quarterback. I got, what, 28 sacks, almost 30 sacks.

"I'm just trying to get my pick game up. I'm trying to get into the 20-20 [interceptions-sacks] club."

Dansby believes he has logical reasons why he thinks he's the best right now.

"I''ve played every position there is at linebacker," he said. "I played sam my first two or three years. I've played the weakside, the Mo. I've played the Will and now I'm playing the Mike. I can do it all. Nobody else can say they've done that and played at a high level. Nobody else. Everybody plays weakside or play under at the Mike. I've done it all. I can press the guard. I watch film."

Brian Urlacher?

"Aging," Dansby said. "He's aging fast, man. He's a great linebacker, but he's aging fast. I respect all the linebckers. But I'm better. That's just how I feel."  

I wish I had asked him about Patrick Willis, but at some point, everybody has to mean everybody, in his mind.

If you missed it yesterday, I want to share with you my column that appeared in Sunday's paper about Brandon Marshall. I guarantee you'll come out of that read seeing a different side of Marshall.


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Armando, did someone ask him or did he volunteer this? Any athlete at that level of play is going to tell you the same thing. It's about elite status & ego. Can't blame the guy, you want him to say he stinks?

Peyton is now too high of a risk no matter what the Dr's say. Polian will draft Luck. Peyton has too much class to be a problem.

Yes, I am serious. If Miami runs the table, they have a good chance of winning the division.(superphin) Here's how: The Bills will loose 4 of their next 7 games; leaving them at 8-8. The patriots or the jets will loose tomorrow, leaving one of them at 5-4 and the other at 6-3. Regardless of how this works out, both teams of the jets and the patriots will loose 7 games when all is aid and done. I have examined all three schedules. This is provided that the dolphins run the table.

At best, I see us going 3-4 over the final 7 games. Meaning a 5-11 finish and drafting somewhere between 3rd to 6th overall in 2012.

I bet you don't even live in Florida, do ya? For the 1000 time, I really can care less what some out of state, fake ass troll thinks.

Bond you are just too deluded to even bother replying to, cheered me up though after this latest setback today, thanks for that.

0-7 doesnt convince ppl this team is bad, but 2 wins in a row will convince some that we have turned the corner from bad to only semi-bad...or almost semi-good

Should we just name Matt Moore the next Payton Manning then....*lol*

Bobbyd12 you aren't dealing with reality. Next year when we are again 2-7 at best you can look to these stupid meaningless wins as to why.

You people, do not understand. Ofcourse we cannot get a wildcard. There are too many good teams this year. However, just like in 2008, we can only get a spot by winning the division. When we loose a game, the dream will be over for this season. The only problem that I see on our offense, is Matt Moore refuses to scramble out of the pocket like he did against the chiefs. That is our only hope of running the table. Our offensive line is not good enough to protect the pocket passer yet. I know Losman will scramble out of the pocket every game if he ever gets a shot.

So pbj, when the team is the same or worse next year will these absurd wasted victories make up for the fact that we won't be in the playoffs?? Boy these meaningless wins sure are great!!!

better chances are that sparano will develope a fist pump fetish than miami having a winning record right now bond....but i guess i dont blame you for being a dreamer...

It pretty much all you can do as a finfan at this point!! Maybe playing some Madden 11 and taking miami to the super bowl will make you feel better...just sayin!!

David Bond,

By your formula 4 near impossibilities have to happen.

1. We run the table.

2,3, and 4. Bills, Jets, nor the Patriots can win another game after today.

Nice wet dream. I think I'll go stroke to my super model pin up calender right now. With any luck she'll come down off the wall and wack it for me.

I bet you don't even live in Florida, do ya? For the 1000 time, I really can care less what some out of state, fake ass troll thinks.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | November 13, 2011 at 06:15 PM

Is that why you responded 3 times? Because you don't care? I see.

And why does it matter where anyone lives? I must admit I'm not a big fan of giant roaches, haitan cabbies, tons of mosquitos, and an airport where everyone pretends they don't speak ingles.

David Bond,

Again we have to run the table and everyone else in the division has to do exactly what we did in the first 7 games. Boy are you dreaming.

Yesterdays gone, I predicted 4-12 at the beginning of the season when the David Bonds of this blog and Bobbyd's were predicting playoffs and winning seasons.

Looking at the teams we have left to play they are all in playoff contention and will be till the end of the season so losing them all is what I would see more likely.

We have played 2 bad offenses the last 2 weeks so please guys don't be fooled by our defense not giving up a TD lately. Our next 7 opponents can all move the ball and score points although the Bills struggled lately.

Manning will b a dolphin next year

No, Yesterday, all the other three teams have to do is loose 3 more games; that's it. Just loose 3 game. If you look over the 3 schedules of our opponents, you will see how it is possible; and by the way, the redskins are no pushover. You will see what I mean in the next couple of weeks. The redskins are about to crush some teams. Then you will see how far the dolphins have progressed. I am telling you, if we can start scoring some point in the first half, we are going to run the table. The defense is keeping all games low scoring, so it is only common sense, that if we score 3 or 4 touchdowns, we are going to win the rest of our games. If we had scored 4 touchdows in all of our games this year, we would be 7-2.

Even if the Manning approved and the Colts did trade him. I dont think the asking price would be below 2 1st rd picks.

For a team like us, it isnt worth 2 1st rd picks for a qb with at most 3 great seasons left. With Manning, we'll be picking bottom 1st rd even when we can draft 1st rd again.

In 4-5 seasons we'll be right back where we were when Marino left.

UH OH, there you go with the shoulda coulda woulda guessing game bond......thats what losing teams do...think about the what might've been instead of what IS.....

AND that never works!!!

What a great Coach Jim Harbaugh is!

David Bond,

Even so, I dont see us winning any tiebreaker scenarios. This offense still doesnt consistently score enough points. Chances of every thing falling into place just right are so painstakingly remote.

Every winning streak starts with a Win.

"You are what your record says you are"

You are what your record says you are, when the Season is over.


SF unquestionably had a lot of talent both sides of the ball. So until they fall from thier cloud, it can be accurately assumed it was coaching.

But the greatest difference of all maybe what Harbaugh has gotten out of qb Alex Smith. That's why that hat team hadnt blossomed before Harbaugh's arrival.

49ers looking much improved primarily because Alex Smith looks much improved. Enuff said!

As long as your Team is not mathematically eliminated, you don't quit on It.

Yesterday, remember, the first tie breaker is division wins. We can still post a 4-2 divisional record if we run the table.

It also helps that the niners play in a very weak division and has less teams in their conference to contend with over a playoff berth....just sayin!!!

Eli Manning is a great QB.

Home guaranteed a WIN

and guess what?

Dolphins WON!


two good games against sub-par opponents will not convince most of your arguement in miami running the table bond.....the first seven games have proved that much in watching this teams OVERALL performance...

and even if we sneak by a struggling bills team, it only takes one BAD game in dallas or hosting phili here to settle down your presumed hype for this team....Bear that in mind as you make those assumptions...

"Coach has installed a great System and it has helped me tremendously"-Alex Smith.

It is looking that the Giants also play in a weak Division.

Superfin, the reason that we lost 7 games is because their was division on the team. The offense and the defense were at odds with each other. It was like two different teams in the locker room. The two have become one now and now we see the difference. I know that we still need a QB, but at least Matt Moore can punch it in the endzone every now and then.

And it's becoming very apparent that most of you here don't read Football news about other Teams, and very little about the Dolphins.

bond knows nothing. watches too many soap operas.

2 first rounders is worth a shot at a superbowl w/manning

And Armando probably is going to fire the whole lot of you.

Peyton is done. Neck surgery is serious. Probably won't make it through training camp.

Peyton isnt done hes the best of all time...would b 12&4 instantly next year w/him

Although.....it will be fun when the "Dream Team" comes into Joe Robbie/Sunlife/Landshark/Dolphin Stadium and underachieves (again) in front of about 35,000 of their adoring Philly transplants. Their boos will drown out the cheers from the 10,000 or so Dolphin fans in attendance.

Yes....at this point, its all about ruining the hopes and dreams of others. Philly, Bills, Jets, Raiders....pay heed all who enter!!

Ct if he can ever get back on the field, how many hits can he take? I say 3. He'll be done by game 5. And you are going to pay superstar money for him?

The fact that Armando asked Dansby about Urlacher and Ray Lewis tells you all you need to know about his knowledge of the NFL today (as opposed to 8 years ago).

Oc...its all worth the reward

ct, the reward will be Matt Moore coming in off the bench. Peyton is done.

Dansy...you have 2 wins....Shut UP and Play..

Not at the table, Karlos!! ( ;

The Luck Bowl is over for us. Dead issue. Move on.

My penis is bigger than everybody's, including elephants and horses. Check the film baby.

Sparano deserves a 10 year contract extension for what he has done the past two weeks. Any other team would have folded up shop but these guys play like they are in the playoffs every week. Jeff Ireland deserves a 25 year contract for the Matt Moore/Reggie Bush pickups. They have really worked out the past two weeks as well.

Amazing what one good game does for your confidence...and your delusions of grandeur.

I'm the smartest guy out there PERIOD HANDS DOWN! I'm smarter than Einstein Rockefeller Henry Ford Bill Gates and Stephen Ross!! I'm smarter no doubt about it
Hands down!

Well Karlos, I am the best on this blog.

I've been first, second, third, fiftieth, two hundred eighth, AND three hundred nineteenth.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

No, Peyton Manning can be cut by Mar 1, 2012 and the Colts are off the hook. If they don't cut him or he retires by Mar 1, 2012 the Peyton Manning is scheduled to make $35M next season....this will be Peyton's last season.

Peyton gave the Colts an option in his contract after the first year due to his shoulder status. As it stands now, the Colts can just decline the option with no financial repercussions. The remaining years on the contract will be voided and he will become an unrestricted free agent.

I seriously doubt he would want to come to the dolphins given he only has three or four more years left. I can see him going out west though to the 49ers to join forces with Harbaugh or maybe Baltimore with the other Harbaugh.

Tonight Mark Sanchez looks like...well.... Mark Sanchez!

Sanchez has two alter egos. Sanchise and sancrap. Both good and bad for the Jets they both usually appear in very same games.

Stop it. This is my team and I will be back to play with it.

Maybe top 10, but def not best overall. But I would say the same thing too if I were over 30, scheduled to make 10 million next year with a new regime coming in.

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