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Karlos Dansby: I am the NFL's best LB

Karlos Dansby got the game ball today after he had a sack, an interception and led the Dolphins with 10 tackles in their 20-9 victory over Washington.

Afterward, Dansby was feeling pretty good about himself. He was feeling so good, he said he's the best linebacker in the NFL.


So I asked him, better than Baltimore's Ray Lewis? 

"I'm better than everybody," he answered without pause, prompting me to write a column about it in today's Miami Herald. "Everybody. Period. Point blank. I just haven't had the recognition, man. I'm more versatile than everybody. Period. Pont blank. I'm more versatile than everybody. Hands down. I can do it all. I can take the tight end. I can check the running backs. You don't have to put me in one hole, I aint no hole guy. You can play man-to-man all over the field, man. I can do it all. I can do it all. I can hit guys. I can drop in coverage. I can blitz the quarterback. I got, what, 28 sacks, almost 30 sacks.

"I'm just trying to get my pick game up. I'm trying to get into the 20-20 [interceptions-sacks] club."

Dansby believes he has logical reasons why he thinks he's the best right now.

"I''ve played every position there is at linebacker," he said. "I played sam my first two or three years. I've played the weakside, the Mo. I've played the Will and now I'm playing the Mike. I can do it all. Nobody else can say they've done that and played at a high level. Nobody else. Everybody plays weakside or play under at the Mike. I've done it all. I can press the guard. I watch film."

Brian Urlacher?

"Aging," Dansby said. "He's aging fast, man. He's a great linebacker, but he's aging fast. I respect all the linebckers. But I'm better. That's just how I feel."  

I wish I had asked him about Patrick Willis, but at some point, everybody has to mean everybody, in his mind.

If you missed it yesterday, I want to share with you my column that appeared in Sunday's paper about Brandon Marshall. I guarantee you'll come out of that read seeing a different side of Marshall.


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Mark, here were my picks for this past weekend...I made a few $$$

Pittsburgh (-3,5).
Tennessee (+3,5).
Miami (-3,5).
New Orleans (-0,5)
Chicago (-2,5).
New England (+0,5)

Quick 500$$ made baby...

I bet you don't even live in Florida, do ya? For the 1000 time, I really can care less what some out of state, fake ass troll thinks.

Posted by: bobbyd12

No one cares about you, let alone what you care or don't care about. Stop acting as if your Florida residence matters.

Considering you are probably a displaced Northerner who couldn't hack it up there, like most of Florida, you think you're more important?

You're a meaningless fool posting on a blog like the rest of us. DEAL WITH IT & Stop whining you sissy momma.

#1 Dolphin Fan,

Im intresting in betting on teams, how do I go about doing this. Making 500 bucks sounds nice!

So we are now tied with St. Louis, Minn (they're not going to beat GB tomorrow), and Carolina for the no. 2 draft pick. Of the three, only Minn. may be in the market for a qb.

Posted by: cosmodo | November 14, 2011 at 01:52 AM

Considering Minnesota just traded up in the last draft to take Ponder, who has looked promising, why would Min be in the market for a QB?


I am in fact a York U grad. Hey don't you owe me a few bucks after the game yesterday?....kidding!

On to next week....can't quite figure out who the Buffalo Bills are these days. I think the wheels have fallen off but it'll be interesting to see what they do against us this week. The defence has looked awfully good the last couple of weeks.....and before people jump all over me, yes, I realize those are too pretty bad offences we played.

Minny would only be interested in Luck I think. I don't think they give up Ponder for Jones or Barkley. Seems like a somewhat lateral move.

Nice betting Montreal. I also had the pats and Steelers. Unfortunately thought Washington was better. Was also going to take Philly but thankfully got turned off by that ridiculous spread. I never take a 2 score favourite.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have finally found our missing persons, Jarded Odrick and Koa Misi actually made some plays out there.

Craig M since we get similarly exposure to the bills, we both probably see the same thing. Their defense has stopped getting turnovers which exposes them for what they are, a poor pass defense and a mediocre run defense. Also Fitz seems to have slowed down considerably.

I owe you money too? Get in line after the govt, visa, the gf, and .... I think that's it.

I get it Mark. Just kidding!

Fitz seems like a different guy since the big contract. I think the losses of Williams (one of their MVPs) and Merriman have been huge. It's a funny league. They looked SO good and played with such great energy earlier and that is all gone now. I'm blaming it on their being forced to play in the dreaded Rogers Centre....it's been all downhill since then...


SF 49'S ............... 7-1


THE DOLPHINS............ 2-8

D.THOMAS ................ THEN WE PASSED ON THAT ANDY DALTON................



What are you thinking in the CFL? I went out on a limb and picked Hamilton to upset Montreal on the weekend and picked Edmonton over Calgary. Can the Ticats do it again this week over the Bombers? I'm thinking BS beats Edmonton and then pays at home for the Grey Cup. Thoughts?

Spiderman, you don't make money by betting on games...LOL!!! I was just lucky. I always win at least once or twice a year but that's it.

#1, well I thought it was a regular thing, are the odds better or worse than betting at the race track?

People, don't forget the GOAL of this year (given to the HC by the Owner).

He said, make the the Playoffs or you're gone. Best record we can have is 9-7. That's not good enough to make the Playoffs. Therefore, if Ross was serious (and a man of his word), nothing Sparano does now will save his job (and it shouldn't).

So don't start jumping on any bandwagons. It would be foolish. When Jan. comes around, there will be a new HC here, should be a new GM too, and then we can talk about bandwagons. I'll wait until I see a team that possibly could make a Playoff run before I decide to jump on any bandwagons.

Craig M, I agree Bills are beatable. We're making more plays then them right now, so it'll be another game where a few plays will determine the outcome.

What I've noticed is last 2 weeks we came out like gangbusters right off the bat. If we continue that quick start, then it'll be a long day for Buffalo. But if we come out with too much confidence, and think we can just turn it on whenever we want, then I think they'll hit us in the mouth and push us back down to Earth.

Oh, and message to Karlos, Patrick Willis ISN'T saying he's the best LB in the business. AND his team is 7-1, about to clinch a Playoff spot in the next 2 weeks.

I'd MUCH RATHER be him than you.

DC, my 5 win prediction might actually come true! I can actually see this team, as it's currently playing, beating Philly, Buffalo & Oakland or the Jets.

Our pass defense is as bad as I could ever remember it. Guys are ALWAYS running wide open. Davis got that int cause Hankerson fell down. If not, he was wide open.

What gives?

Spiderman, I wouldn't know. Don't know anything about race tracks...The odds in football are NOT that great...You need to pick 6 teams and cover the spreads. I do it because you really get into games. For example, last night I was a HUGE Patriots fan because I was 5 for 5 and I needed New England to cover. The Saints'game scared the crap out of me. I thought it was in the books until the Falcons tied it at the end. Thankfully Mike Smith's stupid decision allowed me to cash in. LOL!!!

the only "best" player on the team is Jake Long. I believe he's the best left tackle in football. Everyone else at every position on our team is not even close. Dansby hasnt produced a whole lot since we signed him. I like him, but I dont think he has even played up to what he was on the cardinals. Enough about all this andrew luck talk...its very tiring. Why is everbody so obsessed? Let the season play out, then maybe early april we can discuss draft possibilities. But come on. I think we will have 5-7 wins...so thinking we have a top 2 pick is stupid. Another pass rusher opposite cam wake would do wonders for this team. Believe me.

#1, well I want to be more into the games and wouldn't mind cashing in a few weeks a year, so how do I get into it?

I think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill Armando. There's nothing wrong with Dansby feeling that way.

A player needs to have confidence in himself, especially when playing defense. Just hope it doesn't turn to arrogance like in Davis's case.

You need to find a bookie with betting slips or online.

My mailman used to provide the slips until he got fired for engaging in gambling acts while on the job. LOL

Craig, I know you're kidding and I know absolutely nothing about the CFL other than the tiger cats are ALocos favourite team.

ALoco, admittedly Dalton has done OK but the Bengals and Dalton haven't exactly lit it up. He's managing the game well. Jury is still out on him

Wait, so is it true that if you dont pay your bookie, you might find yourself swimming with the fishes?

Spiderman, Joe answered your question. Sorry if I don't reply right away, I'm working and sometimes I get behind what I have to do. LOL!!

#1, welcome to the club of working and blogging.

Joe, agreed. We have one of the worst secondaries in the league. To me, that's the #1 reason we've won the last 2 games. The opposing offenses have not had QBs that can consistently get their teams down the field via the air. Not sure why ANY TEAM would run against us. It's too easy to pass against our porous secondary. If I'm Buffalo (or any remaining team on the roster), I air it out 75% of the time.

The Skins basically were afraid Rex would throw a pick, which is why he was benched a couple games ago, so didn't let him air it out all over the place. Shanahan wants to be a run-first team (though Kyle, his son and OC wants to be a pass-first team, which is part of the reason they are playing poorly).

When we play teams that are fine with their QB airing it out (NE, Dallas, Oakland, Philly) we'll have a tough time.

We'll be competitive with teams which have a run-first philosophy or who don't have consistent QB play (so Bills, Jets).

I think our secondary is in as much of a shambles as any of our other priority needs right now (RT, QB).

Unless you decide to rat out your bookie before he comes to collect

My god, Did Vonte have the celebration of the year, for "1" int? He looked like Publishers Clearing house came to his door.

Secondary is horrible, and so is Marc Colombo. Guys, you REALLY need to understand how that RT position has hurt us.

Look at EVERY other team in the league pretty much. They get big plays from their TEs. Now look at the last 2 weeks. We've gotten BIG plays from our TE (Fasano). Now ask yourself, where was he in the game plan first 7 weeks? Don't look to Daboll, he used his TE last year in Cleveland.

Fasano has been kept in to help out Marc Colombo. And that's on the HC. HIS STUPID DECISION to go with Colombo forced us to keep Fasano in to help block.

There goes MOST if not ALL of your down-the-middle passes. Again, you can't blame the OC for this. He knows how to use his TE. You can lay the blame directly at the feet of the HC. I also don't really blame Ireland. They HAD to have talked before he brought in Colombo. And Sparano, being the oline coach he is, could have said, "I don't want him, he sucks." But Sparano was eager to get Colombo, because he knows how Sparano "like to practice."

This is why Sparano won't be here next year, and why no one should go out of their way to give him credit for winning 2 games, since it's doesn't take away from the shame he's due for losing all the games he has this year.

Yes, I gave Columbo props last week, not this week at all. He was so late off the ball he couldn't even catch a whiff of the Right ends fart after he has destroyed our QB.

That's for sure Ryan kerrigan was having a field day.

Poizen and DC, you guys are stressing out for nothing. Colombo is fine. Our coach watched tape...He said so.LOL!!

Other strange things happening now that didn't happen earlier this Season:

- All of a sudden Bess is being thrown to on 3rd downs again. Should be a bigger part of the offense, someone finally noticed.

- Dansby making plays. If he was REALLY the best, it wouldn't have taken him 7 games to get hot.

- Burnett defending receivers better. Made a few good plays last few weeks.

- Reggie Bush cutting to the outside and making big plays.

- Fasano being let out of jail to run routes.

- Nolan realizing blitzing is the only way to help his horrible secondary.

Some of this I put on a new OC, new philosophy and new QB. Guys needing to gel together. But somehow SF was able to do it this year, and a lot of that IMO is due to the Coaches understanding that in this lockout year, you need to play to the strengths of your team, instead of trying to fit your team into your desired philosophy. Miami coaches have been too late to realize that.

DC, but can you remember back to a time when the secondary was this bad? I can't.

Every week, the middle of the field is WIDE OPEN. DB's are playing off, WR's & TE's just run unchalleneged and find a hole in front of the safeties.

I would throw it on Miami all day long. Aside from the Dansby int, which was a great play by him, almost every other int has been gifted.

The Wilson one against Cleveland, the Davis one yesterday. Our DB's are no where close to challenging plays.

THE CELLAR ....................

ANDY DALTON .................................................

Im back on the RG3 bandwagon. I think the Dolphins should draft him.

Joe, I really can't. I think we were better in '07 than we are this year (as far as secondary). I NEVER see any DB around any receiver. NEVER! Like you said, the Davis INT was because the receiver slipped. Dansby did make a great play on a ball, but he's a LB (and it was Rex Grossman, who throws one of those every game he plays in).

There's no rhyme or reason for it. Our "best CB tandem" reverted this year. Smith was average last year, this year he's AWFUL. Davis was probably in the top 1/4 of the league last year, he's now bottom 1/4. I can't say one good thing about any DB we have. Wilson gets the most props because he's the newest guy (hasn't had a chance to show us how bad he really is).

After QB and RT, I think that's our priority. I'd do it before we go after another OLB. Before another WR, even before a TE. It's THAT important. We need a REAL cover Safety. We need at least ONE real cover CB.

I agree Joe, they are really, really bad.

Spiderman, he might be available when we pick. Unless we move up, looks like we need to look for QBs in the 2-4 range (since we're probably out of the Luck sweepstakes). PLUS, Luck looked human this weekend, anyone see that? Not very spectacular. Weedin looked MUCH better.

DC, I agree with you Luck looked average at best against a Oregon defense that sure isnt LSU or Alabama. He reminds me of Chad Pennington with a slightly better arm. Weedin looked great but whats the diffrece between him and Chris Weinke? Jones Barkley RG3 is the ???

I hear a lot of good things about that Barkley (sp?), but I haven't watched him play. I did watch a few Andrew Luck (Stanford) games...Is this Barkley kid that good?? I'd like to hear some opinions...

IND 0-10 Peyton Manning-vet STAR (assuming recovery)

MIA 2-7 Matt Moore- vet backup *

CAR 2-7 Cam Newton-young STAR

STL 2-7 Sam Bradford- young 1st rd’er

MIN 2-6 Christian Ponder- young 1st rd’er

CLE 3-6 Colt McCoy- young starter

JAX 3-6 Blaine Gabbert-young 1st rd’er

PHI 3-6 Michael Vick-vet STAR

WAS 3-6 Rex Grossman- vet backup *

SEA 3-6 Tavaris Jackson- vet backup *

ARI 3-6 Kevin Kolb- young starter

*Most obviously in need of franchise QB

Andrew Luck- 1
Matt Barkley- 2
Landry Jones- 3
Ryan Tannehill-
Robert Griffin III
Brandon Weeden
Kellen Moore

Andrew Luck looked human against Oregon, and Matt Barkley has been coming on strong. Barkley is a VERY close second right now, and seems like a can't miss prospect like Luck.

Brandon Weeden has been coming on strong, too. He'd be a TOP prospect except he's 28 years old.

We need an EXTREME MAKEOVER of the roster, but there are 3 major issues to be resolved immediately after the season ends:

1. New GM
2. New HC
3. Franchise QB

This would not be the first time a team has gone up against the oposition that was either ranked poorly in pass or rush defence,and been unable to make great numbers by trying to pass or rush against that weakness.

yesterdays gone@5:55
Gonna agree with you, at least that man has done something to back up what he is saying, unlike the other two. I say let him rant. And the point trying to be made that we are 2-7, and he has no right to rant, realy has no bearing. He alone did not make us 2-7. And Im so tired of the whole Luck crap, The probability of us getting luck was slim anyway. and have you seen him play lately, now that he is actually getting to the meat of his season. Meaning actualy playing ranked teams! If he continues to play like the past cpl weeks his stock is gonna drop anyway.And still, one major thing,(not to my knowledge) he has not even said he is coming out yet.

Dansby played lights out on Sunday, and we fans are happy for him and the team’s performance in the last two games.
Having said that, we wish the guys would only walk the walk on Sundays. This “open mouth, shoot self in foot” approach is unwelcome.
Miami Dolphin fans suffered mightily through the first seven games of the season, and it was humiliating. So how about we all calm down, and let performances on the field do the talking.
Go Dolphins!

Luck = Pennington with a stonger arm....#1 pick, no thanks


Hey d-bag, 2 words....Patrick Willis

in no other year in a long time will the 1st pick be worth more. If manning is completely healthy, a big if. the colts could turn that pick into a huge number of picks. and not to even drop back that far. to even go down to the 5th pick i would think they will get 2 1st rounder and more. if many is healthy they gat fix a lot of holes by trading that pick. i don't see us trading up for luck. but there are at least 3 other guys who are franchise quality QB's.


ROFL! No "patrick willis????" W T F is patrick willis? To be sure, he is a motor-mouthed moron to even mention his name in the same sentence as any of the best (Urlacher, lewis, Matthews, or Cushing). But willis isn't anyone any better than than dansby. I don't see or hear anyone even mentioning the guy's name on Sunday highlights on anyone's show. Matter of fact, now that I think about it, he probably is a lot better than willis is. Definitely more versatile.

...Yes and S.Smith is one of the best CB in the league like V.Davis (with just one interception)...and Marshall is a monster... and maybe Sparano is a hall-of-famer.
Sure, your momma too...
For God's sake, players, staff and many journalists think we fans are stupids. They insult our intelligence week after week.
This team is getting to a point beyond redemption.

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