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Koa Misi shows up! (Yeah, not so much on the field)

Koa Misi made a rare appearance in the Dolphins locker room on Monday. He showed his typically friendly disposition although it seemed he needed a haircut.

But I digress.

The point is Koa Misi was visible in the locker room. Now, he needs to show up with more frequency on game days.

The truth about the Dolphins 2010 second-round draft pick is that he has been something of an enigma this season. He wasn't exactly an impact player last year but this year he's been less productive than he was as a rookie.

Misi has 25 tackles through 11 games. He has one sack. He has one forced fumble.

That's it.

Last year Misi contibuted more. He averaged 2.56 tackles per game last year compared to 2.25 per game this year. He had 4.5 sacks in 16 games compared to his one sack this year.

He had two forced fumbles, two passes defensed and three tackles for loss. This year, no passes defensed. This year, he has three tackles for loss.

Not what I would call significant improvement. Not what I would call improvement at all, actually.

Now, if you talk to coaches, they'll tell you about things Misi is doing better technically. They'll tell you he's often in better position and is setting the edge better and on and on. But ask why his bottom line numbers aren't thus better and you get silence.

And, without apologies, production is more important than technique.

Misi came to the Dolphins as a try-hard defensive end who needed to make the transition to stand-up 3-4 OLB. He gave hope last year that he could make the transition.

This year? Not quite as much.


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Armando, Your blog is a staple I would read on a regualr basis and I more than likely will continue to go to the miami herald from time to time for Dolphins news and updates. But your writing as of late has been no more than any other joe blow who posts their comments on your blog. Rarely informative and always negative. I think I could easily get paid to simply rip and shread what everyone in the dolphins organization does or does not do. I recognize that feeding the negativity of your readers fuels more posts and hits but, come on man! And posting numbers stating 2.56 versus 2.25 tackles per game is pathetic. A difference of .31 tackles per game and you are killing the guy. I get that his numbers are not improved over last years BUT a) this year is not over and b) defense as a whole was a joke for the first half of the season. so in my most humble opinion your blog is a FAIL.

There are two guys that I would like to see this team target in the upcoming draft at the OLB position:

Bruce Irvin, 6-2, 245, West Virginia
Nick Perry, 6-3, 250 USC

Irvin played DE at West Virginia but is projected at the OLB position in the pros.
Perry plays DE at USC and is still projected to do so in the pros if he goes to a team playing a 4-3 but he would play the OLB position in the 3-4.
Either guy opposite Wake would be a major upgrade over Misi.
My man crush Aldon Smith was converted to OLB at San Fran and has 7.5 sacks to this point which is not bad considering he was only involved in 7 games.

Bruce Irvin - 21 sacks in 2 years with a total of 26 tfl's.

Nick Perry - 22 sacks in 3 seasons with a total of 28 tfl's.

Good Afternoon guys,

I remember waiting eagerly as Dan Marino announced Koa Misi's name. I shook my head in disbelief as I have with many other Dolphins draft picks as of late. I actually wanted Sergio Kindle and I was clearly wrong but I never liked the Misi pick either. He stinks.

He can't set the edge at all. He was horrible last year and I see no difference this year. He plays on the other side of Cam Wake who is constantly double teamed and he does nothing at all.

From what I see he is one of those high motor guys with limited skills. He has no move outside of bull rush and yet he isn't that over powering for a bull rush to be his only move.

Misi, Pat White, Merling the list of 2nd rounders goes on and on. Daniel Thomas anyone?

All draft picks that are not playing at a pro bowl level before the end of their 2nd season are busts.

Just because other teams give players time to develop, doesn't mean that we should do that.

Misi in 3 years at Utah, 10.5 sacks. No, not per year, total. In that tough Mountain West Conference no less. Gee, thanks Jeffy.

Dense, it's not that he hasn't done it in 2 years at pro, he hasn't done it in 5 years when you factor in his college ball. How long should we wait? It's never been there.

Andy, Sergio even with a broken skull would've been a better pick.


I prefer this quote:

"Nobody talks to baby like that." - Dirty Dancing


I hate the the 3-4 defense. There are simply not enough good 3-4 outside linebackers to go around with all the teams adapting to the new scheme. I hope the next Head Coach is a 4-3 guy.

Cam Wake can play a 4-3 DE. Yes he will have some problems but all smaller, pass rushing DE's usually do but as long as he can fight and is serviceable in that department he would be just as effective a pass rusher. The other side could be Odrick who is a guy who can be moved inside or outside depending on the situation. Same goes for Starks.

In the mean time the next staff could cut ties with guys they have no ties with. I would much rather see Burnett go but to an almost equal degree see Misi go if he shows nothing in camp.

Another Acorn from Ireland & Parcells, what more can I say beside BUUUST !

***Breaking News***

Jaguars being sold to a Pakistani.

Not even the NFL is made in America anymore.

DA, the US and Canada have to pull up their socks and teach their kids old fashioned work ethic and a blue collar mentality that made each country great. The Asian kids generally are hungrier, came from more humble beginnings and generally are more willing to do what it takes. This continent's under 30 crowd isn't what it used to be. Too soft.

Mel Kiper,

Yeah most of those terms get thrown around far too often by people like us who more then likely are just copying what we hear but as far as "setting the edge" it's not rocket science. Misi can't hold up vs linemen or blockers and force the action back inside. It's pretty simple watching him that he can't do that and his sack production is what it is. He has 1 move that I see him use and he goes all out hoping his will and tenacity get's there which unless the coverage is there it usually don't happen for guys like him


you're right: Armando's posts trend towards the negative. But adding "your writing as of late has been no more than any other joe blow who posts their comments on your blog." was a bit much.

I remember saying that draft was awful and mark i think it was (apologies if I'm wrong) said that it was a great draft and i was an idiot.
I think it's been proven that te draft was horrible. Odrick is going to be a bust and IMHO should be what this blog is about, not misi, or both, since they are both awful. But the whole draft was awful, because EVERY draft of irelands is awful. We have had no steals, no lasting players, and have serious problems seeing what a player does on Saturday, which is more important and does not get the significance it deserves.
Next draft, we need Ireland out, and sparano, or else we are ruined. I'm too tired of missing out on players such as dez Bryant and jermaine Gresham, and i can name much more that we thought about drafting but picked losers instead.

'We've got Andrew Luck, we've got an asset, we trade him.' ...

If Dungy thinks he can be traded. Then he can be traded.

Two 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. And we have a bonafied, kick @ss QB.


Defending Ireland's drafts doesn't sound like something I would do, haha. I think I have gone as far as to say, let's see what happens. In retrospect the only one I think I really liked was the Vontae draft.

Thanks to Armando for holding the FO accountable for the bad draft picks over the years.

Add MISI to the LONG LIST of players who won't grant Armando an interview.....

If your name isn't Jason Taylor....you ain't getting any positive press from Armando....

It's a good thing we get to hear from 52 of 53 possible players alienated.....

Good job Armando....

Dolphins in Depth my (insert profanity here).....

Oops, good catch Mark, I EFFED UP the quote.

That made no sense...lol....

It's a good thing we get to hear from ONE player out of the possible 53.....

kris, Mando's doing a great job PERIOD.

And that's UNDEBATABLE!!!

I know you love to hear those words, like, "I love it when people say those words that get kris all riled up."

LOL, do I know my fellow posters or WHAT?

Hey TROLL.....

look at my post @ 1:09....i screwed that up BIG TIME.....

That's CUT AND PASTE material for you.....

savor it.....

and re-post until your heart is content......

So the team goes 0-7 and we should be saying something positive?

Do you spend your hard earned money on Miami?

Well if you do then you have invested in a bottom feeding team.

Somebody should say something.

whats up DC.....

Not sure why Armando has fallen in love with the word PERIOD....

From poster's....i kinda expect it....from the author of the blog....it seems kinda silly.....especially Blog after blog.....

This post proves once and for all and without any doubt that you Armando are unqualified to be a Fins sportswriter.

Do you mean to tell me that you don't know that Misi is splitting time, exactly half his time, with JT this year? Yet you compare his numbers from last year when he played full time to this year playing part time? And don't disclose that fact to your readers?

Give me a break.

And like a true belly crawling gutter snipe you throw in a veiled personal attack on Misi by referencing his hair. Connotation = he's too lazy to cut his hair so is too lazy playing on the field. Priceless.

Why you are bashing Misi...

We are 3-8, I doubt an OLB will have anything to do with being 3-8.

Yes it sure would. Imagine a GM that realizes the value of the plamaker positions. A first round, olb, qb, offensive tackles, free safety, top end skill wide receivers, skilled tight ends, what a concept.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 29, 2011 at 09:19 AM

You just might be on too something-lol.

I don't want to knock Pouncey, I **NOW** think he's a stud.

BUT, it is common knowledge that MOST GOOD GM's DO NOT use a top 15 pick on interior lineman.

BTW, my MOCK for last year had us taking Nate Solder at 15.

Mark Toronto,

I have been way off on many drafts as far as guys I wanted Miami to draft but there were some drafts at some point or another guys became stars. Here are a few years that stand out in my memory.

2001 Jamar Fletcher - I wanted Drew Brees! Now he wasn't an instant star but he eventually became one.

2003 2nd rounder Eddie Moore - I remember wanting Victor Hobson. Hobson was a Michigan guy who never really amounted to much.

2004 Vernon Carey and that's who most projected the U prospect going there and I was on board with that one.

2005 Ronnie Brown I hated the pick. I wished I wanted Aaron Rodgers and Miami did too but I wanted Braylon Edwards who again Michigan man who I liked and he is so so but when he is on he is pretty good.

2006 I remember wanting Haloti Ngata who was picked about 10 or spots higher then Miami picked but after that I actually wanted Manny Lawson but when they picked Jason Allen I thought to myself who the H is Jason Allen.

2007 I again can not tell a lie here I HATED HATED HATED Tedd Ginn but I wanted Brady Quinn when he made i past Cleveland. So I was wrong on that one.

2008 I wanted Jake Long and still think he was the right choice. I hope this year Miami finds a way to get Barkley or RG3 and the pick can stop being compared to Matt Ryan who is good to very good but not great.

2009 Only if I were GM for 1 day in my life. I wanted Clay Mathews and Miami went Vontae and Clay a pick later.

2010 After failing to get a rush LB in the previous year to pair with litle know Wake or Porter I wanted with the 12th pick Brandon Graham and then when they traded back I wanted Sergio Kindle. Double whoops.

2011 I wanted Ryan Mallet at 15


How about a post telling us how PRODUCTIVE Jason Taylor is on this 3-8 team.....

After all....he does have a BALD HEAD...no hair cut issues for JT....

Maybe you could write about his productivity on the 1-15 team....

Or the TEAMS productivity when he isn't on the roster....

Take your pick.....

Another thing that bothered me about taking Misi and taking him do high:

We had a solid(possibly/probably better than Misi) Strong Side Backer to begin with.

The guy Parcells and SpOrano didn't like. He wasn't prototypical enough or some damn thing.

The guy we let walk away to Cleveland for NOTHING! The guy that went to Cleveland and started tearing it up right away.

This might not have been a major blunder, but when you just keep adding one blunder to another, your grand total is still a cluster fvck of BLUNDERS!

Jason Taylor is 40 years old and is more productive than Koa Misi, just why should Misi be playing all the snaps? If he cant show any flashes in half the snaps why would the Dolphins put him in all the snaps?


This FO made Ricky and Ronnie split EVERY SERIES regardless of who was playing well....

Do YOU trust their judgment????

I don't....

Making Ricky and Ronnie split carries cost them games last year....

This might not have been a major blunder, but when you just keep adding one blunder to another, your grand total is still a cluster fvck of BLUNDERS!

Posted by: odinseye | November 29, 2011 at 01:26 PM

Exactly, Odin. I've often thought that if the 'brain trust' went strickly by ratings, we would be a whole lot better off.
But instead, they always seemed to want to appear smarter than everybody else.

"Setting the edge" is one of those terms you guys heard by the talking heads on ESPN and started using to sound more knowledgeable.

Who are you trying to kid?

Posted by: Not Sexually Attracted To Mel Kiper | November 29, 2011 at 12:36 PM


Setting the edge is something my Pop Warner and Junior High School football coaches taught me years ago.

We can tell you've NEVER played ball.

Who YOU trying to kid?

Andy, this team has been haunted by front office after front office selecting role players and players who play less valuable positions for ages and because of that we've dropped off the radar.

Selecting guys like pouncey is fine when you have a crazy good nucleus of impact players on your team already. This team has done it backwards forever.

Jack Del Rio fired....according to reports

Colts Fire D-coordinator.....

Why is Sporano still the HC of this team.....

No Play-offs....and for those that wanted him....No Luck....in some's opinion...Sporano couldn't even get that right......

Mr. Ross.....Sporano serves no purpose...other than to look like a sad puppy dog....and spinkle in a win here and there to tug at the heart strings of the Dolphins faithful.....

Give him his millions....and send him on his way......

Consider it a peace offering to FIN NATION......

kris, The only thing I trust Sparano and Ireland to do is F up the organization more.

I think Misi is symbollic of the Dolphins this year. The talent is there - the results are not there over 16 games. Thats is what Peter King was gushing about. This team has slowly (and I mean slowly) accummulated talent at a greater clip than any of their AFC East foes over the last 3-4 years mostly through draft position alone (I don't think Ireland has done anything notable). The funny thing is the team is in pretty good shape in terms of keeping its picks this year (thank Ireland for one thing at least) and the Pats despite having a zillion picks every year seem to have upgraded their offense nicely on the line and TE, but their defense has gone downhill. Another year of high picks in each round is definitely going to make a difference even its Ireland running the draft again in '12. QB is the position that makes the biggest leap in wins, so why not add your QB last if you are going to suck for lack of talent? Then you reap the rewards for those losses in the interim. I'm never a proponent for losing intentionally and suck for Luck could backfire on the Dolts (some qbs don't make the transition to the next level no matter the hype, some decide they won't sign w/ a franchise, nothing is guaranteed), but this club has sucked for 3 straight years while adding some nice talent on both sides f the ball. The NFL is like that - you just turn a corner sometime and suprise people.

kris, Mando's doing a great job PERIOD.

And that's UNDEBATABLE!!!

LOL, do I know my fellow posters or WHAT?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 29, 2011 at 01:11 PM

DC, you know your posters.

I think it was around the time Kris first started posting here(could be wrong about that). I made a big LONG WIDED post(as some are known to do here-lol)and ended it with-PERIOD!

He just about CRUCIFIED me. Didn't have a problem with the content of my post, but that big ole-PERIOD at the end, un uh BOY-LOL.

The coach firing dominos are starting to fall. Which means the offers to certain former coaches, and other candidates will immediately follow. Perhpas we should be on the train as well, before someone we like accepts a job somewhere else.
Worth a thought Mr. Ross. We already know you aren't afraid to look at coach replacements before a season is over, or before he's even fired. Time yet?

AndyNJ, 12:22 post, couldn't agree with you more. I've been posting the same thing for quite some time now. Our players are more suited for a 4-3 defense. No question. We don't have a James Harrison. We don't have their linebackers either. Why are we trying to be the Pittsburgh Steelers? Odrick, Misi, Starks, Soliai, Dansby, name them...All better suited for a 4-3. Like you said, hopefully the next HC will see this and re-adjust...


Thats what I'm saying....its hard to evaluate players on this team...when the FO can't seem to give them clear direction or guidance.....

Marshall goes from Pro-bowler to Average

Dansby gets stripped of play calling duties...for new LB

Bush goes from "in space" play maker....to below average "between the tackle" RB....

Welker LEAVES...and becomes ALL WORLD.....not this FO....but it just as easily could have been.....

the list goes on.....but i'm sure you get my point.....

Why SHOULD Misi be splitting time with has been JT.....Season is over....has been for about 6 weeks.....

Play Misi and see if he has what it takes....JT won't be back next year.....give the young guy the experience....

Misi is quietly functional - at least he does more than Crowdre w/out the mouth. We need more from Wake's position - he is fast and has a hell of a motor - but plays small. He is serviceable- but he is 29. He has flashes - but has been dominated in games like the opener against much less experienced players. Don't get me wrong - very nice pickup for a free agent and all, but you can never have too many D-linemen (well I guess you can when you dont have a right offensive line or a qb). Don't get me wrong - I said 'Wake's position' not 'Wake' - you have to evaluate what you erxpect from any given position on the field - it is up to the coach to utilize those players where they are best.


its something about talking in absolutes....that gets me going....I always believe there are 3 sides to every syory....

Your side....
my side...
and the truth....


Parcells wishes us well on espn.com.

I don't wish him well. I would rather him find one of his horse's heads in his bed one morning.

So I'm still unclear: is it against the pass or the run that Misi excels?


Yeah man absolutely on the 4-3!

Ross wants to win and I think he will go for a big name guy. I don't think Cowher will be Miami's next coach nor my guy Gruden but Jeff Fisher is interesting to me. He always fielded tough competitive teams and has had success with grooming QBs around run 1st teams in McNair and even some extent VY. If he was Miami's next guy the 4-3 would be back.

If Philly keeps it up and they do fire Reid I would welcome him with open arms!


1:41 yeah dude "setting the edge" is not like saying the way a QB sets his feet or something. It's an obvious football 101 fundamental. I'm with you there in that this Kiper name hasn't played organized football.

Rob Dolphins said:

"We should have drafted that TE that plays for the Saints...What school did he play for?..Must have been to far to send a scout...Ireland must go!!"

Last night on the Mon. night telecast, one of the announcers (not Jon Gruden) said that after Jimmy graham was picked in the April, 2010 draft, that Bill parcells called the Saints (either GM, or Sean payton) and said he was going to take him in the 3rd rd. with the Dolphins' next pick. Shoulda', coulda', woulda'. I think he is a great player, but to be honest, I don't know why some of the bloggers are down on Fasano. I have seem him make some excellent catches this year, good blocks and good route-running. The game plans earlier in the year did not give him many opportunities, but when he has had them, he's done well.

AndyNJ, Once Reid gets fired from Philly, he will take time off since he has major family problems. Both his sons are addict and always in trouble, well unless he doesnt care.


I would have agrred with you on Burnett the 1st 5-6 games, but his production has picked up noticeably. 12 tackles last week against Dallas and I believe either 1 sack, or a pressure (2?).

I might be willing to wait for Reid if I knew he was agreeable to coming. But assurance is going to be hard to come by, especially since we don't even know if he'll be fired. Dangerous game to play.
Throw cash and power to Fisher first, then make the rounds to Cowher, Gruden, and whoever else is on the hype wagon. I really don't know who would be best fit, but as long as it's not some greenhorn who needs to get cut his head-coaching teeth on our poor franchise, then I'll be on board.
Correction, no re-tread firees either. One man's garbage is probably garbage elsewhere too.


I'm from Philly and follow as much football as I can even the "the Nightmare team" and Reid can give to poops about his spoiled rotten, oxcontin addicted sons behaviors. I'm sure he wants to help then and be a father to right thier ways but his kids aren't in high school they are mid 20's. What can he possibly do to help them. Reid is a head coach 1st and foremost and if the right job is out there he will take it. He may sit back for a year but it wont be because of his junkie kids.

Wow, am I a flip-flopper. Ok no re-tread firees EXCEPT Reid. Philly is stupid, the only reason he's on the hot seat.
OK. The rest of what I said is OK, now. (sort of)


Burnett was all over the field in Dallas. Maybe he had something to prove being that Dallas made no attempt to resign when his contract was up. Maybe the stage of a Thanksgiving game amped up his play but just like Armando's previous blog stated the "Dolphins standards must regain former levels".

He hit the nail on the head with everything he stated earlier. I heard on NFL Sirius the other day that Miami may want to consider Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson to add as as supporting cast to Moore. I almost crashed into the Black Friday traffic. I am not pleased by a guy coming to play for 1 game. Burnett has been a massive dissappoinment all year and needs to fight for a roster spot next year because he has showed no reason to be here beyond this season.

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