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Let the deconstructing of Andrew Luck begin

At least people waited until after the 2010 college football season to start ripping Cam Newton's abilities and professional prospects. The Heisman Trophy winner who would go on to be the No. 1 overall draft pick was allowed to play the season and no one really questioned his ability as the nation's best QB.

(They questioned how much he was playing for -- as in $$$ -- but not that he was a fine player.)

Seems Andrew Luck, the likely first overall selection in the 2012 draft and a Dolphins' target, is already being criticized by folks who aren't really experts on the topic -- starting with former Giants quarterback Phill Simms.

"I think his best quality, by far, is he’s big and strong and he’s going to be able to move and run in the NFL," Simms said on SiriusXM NFL radio this week. "There’s no question. I mean, this guy is strong. The throwing? He manages a game. I see all that.

"But the one thing I don’t see, I just don’t see bigtime NFL throws. I don’t care what anybody says. I’ve watched a lot of him. He never takes it and rips it in there. And you can say what you want but, man, you’ve got to be able to crease that ball every once in a while. We see it every week in these games. Hey, he can develop it but even in the USC game, you know, he’s very careful with it, guides it a lot. That’s what I see. There’s not a lot of rotation on the ball and there’s not a tremendous amount of power. Not that you need to have that power arm. I’m not saying you’ve got to have that exclusively but, man, it sure helps when you can do that because there’s four or five plays a game it is about arm strength. And sometimes quarterbacks who don’t have it, they pass those plays up. Why? Well, they go, ‘I don’t know if I can make that throw,’ so they throw it short. That’s why I’m a little more reserved in my judgment than everybody else."

Simms is an NFL Super Bowl champion QB. He gets paid to analyze games. He's a media star. But he has no credentials as a scout or personnel man. And he's not passing along information he has heard from a scout or personnel man. So one has to weigh his expertise and draw your own conclusion on how much you buy his view or not.

There's also this: Last week Simms said the Indianapolis Colts would not select Luck because Peyton Manning wouldn't let them.

Yeah ... right.

Seems to me Simms has a latent Andrew Luck burr somewhere.

But ...

Suppose for a minute he's right. Is this the first of a coming chorus of voices that will tear at the fabric of Luck's kingly garments from now until April? The supposed first overall pick endures such treatment starting every offseason. Simms has begun the exercise a bit early with Luck.

I personally don't know as much football as Simms nor have I his credentials. I only pass along what two scouts and a couple of experts who study tape are telling me about Luck.

And they like the kid a lot.

And in the highlights I've watched, he looks darn good to me! I would love to see more 14- to 16-yard outs but that doesn't mean he can't make the throws. He attacks the seam of the defense like he woke up after two years of sleep and just spotted breakfast. He is athletic to escape the pocket. He has nice footwork. His release is quick enough and has a high release point. His accuracy doesn't seem to be an issue.

Does that mean Andrew Luck is going to be a Hall of Famer? Of course not. Like everyone else, I want to see more and have the experts see more so they can tell people like me what they think. But to already say he doesn't impress?

Let the paralysis by analysis begin!

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Darryl, DC, I look at KC and they do nothing well. 25th in total offense, 29th in passing offense (both worse than Miami). 18th in total defense and 21st in rush defense and if there is one thing Miami is competent at, it's running the ball.

Factor in KC has won so many in a row and may be feeling good about themselves - just smells like a trap game for KC. We saw NYG fall into that same trap last week (against the spread) and the Giants are a whole lot better than KC.

Just don't be surprised. Gambling is based on hunches and all these indicators tell me that Miami should be within 5 points.

Of couse I provide taht analysis there with the caveat that I am a .500 gambler. Exactly even for the year so I'm as likely to be right as wrong.

LOL Mark, at least you're man enough to admit you're only right half the time.

At least concerning OUR team, you've been more right than wrong. But, that's not hard, just say the opposite of what Ireland/Sparano are doing, and you're likely to be right 100% of the time.

Mark..Lol. That is an honest statement@12:24. I like to bet games, and believe in my own mind that I have a clue. But if I was any good at it i would live in Vegas. I get a laugh at folks who claim they are an above 500 gambler for a season(if they bet the spreads)It is virtually impossible to do this for regular weekend gamblers. Any person that can win at more then 50 percent should be living in Las Vegas.

I'm pushing for Phil Simms as the next GM. With his experience, ability to telestrait, and insight into guys like Andrew Luck he should be able to find this team a group of players that will get this team playing .500 ball.

Darryl, DC, that's right. If I could bet at a .600 clip, I wouldn't work. I do it for fun, and I do it because the Dolphins stink so much so I need something to occupy my Sundays. Like I said before, I'm billing Ross if i have any gambling losses this year.

I also like Arizona, Green Bay, and New England this weekend although i just read that Kolb is likely out.

HE is the obvious choice, if for no other reason, because of his Parcells connection. Let's not break the cycle. It's like a chain letter. We don't want to bring any bad luck to the team, now, do we?

Phil Sims, superbowl winner, all-pro, etc, etc. and you dont think Sims is qualified to evaluate Andrew Luck? Mando, buddy, what on earth are you smoking these days, I like to try some,,,lol,,lol,,,
Mando, Landry Jones,,,Landry Jones,,,,

To the one guy (yesterday's gone) who STILL thinks Sparano is a good HC, here's a stat: 7-23. That's our record past 4 years against teams that ended the Season with a winning record.

Still want to keep Sparano?

Kansas Citey 31, Dolphins 13

You have to be crazy to pick Miami to win any games this season. The Cheifs have an awesome home crownd and just beat the Chargers who walked all ober us.

A good bet would be over/under on the oline false starts for the game because they cant here the snap count. I say over 3.

in Madden 2012 if a Dolphins opponent scores over 17 points does the game automagically end?

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | November 03, 2011 at 11:07 AM

That is the POST OF THE DAY.....lol....

kris | November 03, 2011 at 12:02 PM

I missed this post earlier, happen to agree with Kris, LMFAO!!

Better educated... If you are going to call people out for their mistakes. Shouldn't you check your punctuation first? Just Sayin'

I never said I wasn't crazy.

I don't know about Madden ending the game after opponents score 17 but i recently downloaded a cheat that ends the game after the 3rd quarter. I win about half the games now....

Besides; we speel real good.

And better educated the apostrophe is Don't not Don;t, clown!

Some observations:

1) No matter what the Dolphins' record is, when a Miami Dolphin player puts on the uniform, he becomes a hero to me. I genuinely look upon the player with awe. This, in spite of the fact that I know that some of these players are reprobates, drug abusers, and thugs of one sort or another.

I feel the same way about the people on this blog. While I derive great entertainment from your comments, I genuinely shudder at the notion of any of you people being inside my home.

2) There was a famous/ridiculous comment by an American senator after Hitler invaded Poland that went something like: "Oh, God, if only I had a chance to speak to him beforehand, I could have stopped it!"

I kind of feel the same way about Lindsay Lohan. If only I weren't married, and if only Lindsay were my girlfriend/wife, I really believe that with my love/devotion/passion/guidance, Lindsay would have been spared the horrors of bulimia tattoos, alcohol/drug abuse, and kleptomania that have ravaged this once beautiful woman and her once promising career.

3) Is Phil Simms really in the Hall of Fame? How can Phil Simms be in the Hall of Fame and not Ken Stabler? They both won one Super Bowl. But for multiple years (1973-1977), Stabler was considered one of the very top quarterbacks in the league. Was Simms EVER considered a top 5 QB? I don't think so. I don't know how often he was even considered a top 10 QB.

Then, if that's the case, Joe, don't criticize ANY player on the field, and only the owner and FO. Right?

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 03, 2011 at 11:26 AM

Uh NO! You criticize the FO for bring those players in. The flip side of that coin is, even though it's not their for being drafted, players make allot of money. When they don't produce, they should be criticized.

What's with you oscar? Do you want to blame no one for why this franchise sucks? or only some people? When you're winless, more than 1 person or player is behind it. There is plenty of blame to go around. Players, coaches, management. Take your pick. You should start with all of the above.

Big deal if it's a team sport. Talk about stating the obvious. The team is assembled by Management. It's obvious the players aren't good enough. Ownership hired manegement (or inherited it). Everyone is to blame.

Tthis franchise is set to be demolished very soon. Buckle your seatbelt & enjoy the ride. As sad as it is, a complete overhaul is the only reason fans have had to be optimistic about this team over the last decade.

KC in 2011 is in some respects Miami in 2008. Slow start, workable schedule, over achieving, game manager for a QB. After almost beating the Giants it's hard to imagine KC takes us lightly. Haven't seen a line yet but can't imagine it being under a touchdown. Guessing 7-7.5 but we'll see.

Our schedule is not easier than Indy. Jets, Pats and Bills might be in the playoffs. Plus Philly, Giants and KC. Just the Dolphins Luck, we will go 0 & 16 and still dont get the 1st pick.

I think the Dolphins are almost in game shape now.

KC better watch out.

KC and the Sun Life band....get down tonight.

Maybe it should be Sun Strife Stadium?

Sun Stroke?

random word association is flowing from me.

Too much caffeine.


Chris, I understand your comparison but there are MAJOR differences. Same can be said about the Bucs & Lions. All 3 are pregressing nicely. I said it last season & got ripped for it. Other teams are getting better results in less time than we are.

Some said it was schedule, some said it was flukey. Whatever you want to call it, Facts are not debatable.

4-12 year 1.
10-6 year 2 (Playoffs)
4-3 midway year 3

10-6 (just missed playoffs)



We are a mess, period.

PS, KC opened up -4

Darryl, DC and Mark,

I wouldn`t touch this game with that spread with a ten foot pole. I got this feeling that after putting together they`re only combined team effort of the year and rolling snake eyes that this just might be the game were the wheels come all the way off on this team. I also believe that the way Sparano chose to play last weeks game after the F.G. to start the 2nd half probably lost him the little respect he had in the Locker Room. I get that K.C. is due a trap letdown performance but believe the Dolphins all but in full mutiny mode at this point regarding their Coaching staff and see a very flat game on the horizon. This trap game you guys talk about could just be the Dolphins hanging it up ala last years Season finally at N.E. I`d take K.C. with the points.

And to the enlightened and very educated joker, I say me an de oder bogers can speel and rite jusd fyn!!!

Yep and it stands right now, Indy is projected to have the weaker record. Primarily due to playing jax twice and Carolina. Better hope those teams improve. I think Carolina will.

Fair assessment Joe. I was only referring to the Chiefs this year vs Miami in 2008, not a body of work.

I'm really surprised the Chiefs are only -4. I don't bet Dolphin games but that one gives no love to KC at all. The mere fact that they have something to play for while we do not should give them the mental edge, which should be worth something.


While I wouldn`t normally argue what your saying I`ve read in some publications that if the Dolphins and Colts both finish the Season 0-16 that Miami would be awarded the 1st selection. In looking over their respective schedules it appears on face value like Indy has the weaker schedule but then you must take into account that they are playing a 1st place schedule as 2010 Div. Champs while Miami has a 3rd place schedule and whether this weighs in the decision or not is my question. Normally I`m pretty clear on these rules but must admit that this one has me a bit confused as well, going to go look it up

The Phins have been in practically every game this year so I don't expect Miami to be big under dogs all year except maaybe against the Pats.


The Colts play Jax and Tenn. not Carolina who`s in the NFC South and are not going to get any better either.

It occurred to me that I may have been unjustifiably agitated with what I perceived to be conservative play calling in the 2nd half of the Gmen game. The fact is that the right side of our 0-line has struggled all season and then our Center & LG were injured either before or during the game. Our O-line was at it's worst last weekend, and they were up against one of the better pass-rush D-lines in the league.

Not making excuses for the fish, I'm just making an observation.

I've been so cranky lately.

the only game i believe we have a shot to win is this up coming game Nov 13 - vs. Washington, 1:00 PM ET
the rest, we will lose them all,,,hopefully. GO LUCK!!

Here's my approach to gambling and the Dolphins (in this case, fantasy football). I automatically start ANY player playing against Miami.

And I'm in 2nd place.

I personally am interested in what Simms has to say, however, like the Tebow mess (warring factions of analysts), Luck is going to bring the fight out in everyone. SO take it all with a grain of salt, and file it all as information only. I saw the same curiosities that Phil did, and noticed Luck's ball looked pretty darned nice when he threw a deep pass. But the ball does wobble and putt a little on shorter passes, and contrary to what Armando says, Luck's release point is low. He looks a little like Phillip Rivers with more touch.
All information, only. I'm still happy with Luck based upon the other things I hear about... so far.

If the Dolphins were alcohol, they'd be so bad even Lindsey Lohan wouldn't touch it!


As far as your call regarding D.Bowe if he`s on your fantasy team I`d take him in a heartbeat as well. It doesn`t appear like Davis will be available on Sunday once again and you gotta love Bowe on Wilson. A miss match you know Haley will look to find and even if it`s Smith you can`t say our prospects get better.

BTW, the low release point I mentioned doesn't mean anything, other than a contradiction of Armando's note. Marino had a lower rlease than many (around the ear), so that's fine. Romo and Favre have a high release point.

Good strategy, I'm sorry to say.

Always take the defense that goes against the fins. Does everyone realize we've scored MORE than 17 points in only 1 game this year? And that was the season opener against what has proven to be the league's worst defense.

Why do I look these things up?

It's morbid curiosity, and it's unhealthy.

Thus my post last week where I was called a Knucklehead.. Landry Jones has a certain zip on certain passes that Luck does not. The ball jumps and even has a little movement on it. Jones will be a better pro.

all i hear is andrew luck this landry jones that....blah blah blah........the best qb coming out in the draft is absolutely hands down CASE KEENUM....... WWW.DRAFTCASETOTHEFINS.COM

Simms is a dolt. I get so sick of him blabbering on about things he doesn't know about on the air. If you notice, he has a tendency to be adamant about the way he sees something during a game, and then 9 times out of 10 he ends up being wrong (instant replays, etc).

He's not the only former QB to stink up the air waves. I'm really looking forward to the day Steve Young's espn contract is up. That guy just goes on and on and on, then Stewart Scott changes the subject, then Young goes back to what he had been droning on about before.

I wouldn't miss Troy Aikman or Joe Buck either.

Youknow, I called someone a knucklehead last week but I dont think it was you or was it?


It has no bearing at all. Only the strength of schedule matters. This is why it's virtually a cinch Indianapolis would win any tiebreaker with Miami and select first.

dan | November 03, 2011 at 01:59 PM

Then the confusion isn`t blog related but in the anual confusion regarding NFL rules in some publications because some are stating the contrary and as it stands I believe the Colts truely are in some sort of Suck for Luck type mode because even without Manning they`re not as bad as they`re showing right now. There usually steady D on pace to give up the most points and they have the skill players to play a little more of a short range West Coast style attack predicated on the yac but nothing, a Coach who just stands there like some sort of statue and a disinterested owner acting like everything is fine and you wonder what the plan is or if there is any. I think Miami will at some point pull out a win and Luck will end up playing apprentice to Manning`s sage. Wonder then about the other Q.B.`s even though I`d start at Landry Jones and Barkley 1st.


I'm curious about Keenum too. He's been lost in the accolades of the top 3. I predict he'll climb FAST in the combine, so hedge your bets there.

I was with my nephews this past weekend (6 and 4). They wanted to play Connect4. The 4 yr old still doesn't have the concept down. Suffice it to say, I beat him everytime.

Then, I realized that he was the Miami Dolphins. And I was the rest of the NFL.

True story.

Ahmad Bradshaw out for Season with broken foot suffered during the Dolphins game.

It's not what you think. He was giggling so hard running through the hole Odrick left that he lost concentration and broke his foot.


During the pre-game I had to listen to Dierdork go on & on about how Miami's D is a top 10 D....WTF?!

Do they make $#it up just to make the games
seem more meaningful? I think Dan needs to spend more time prepping for his game days.


The fins can only Connect 3...quarters, that is.

I'm taking whatever defense plays Tebow the rest of the season in fantasy football.

Have heard a lot of speculation that Luck might demand a trade out of Miami if drafted. But what if Indy drafts him? Would he be willing to sit for 3-5 years behind Manning? Seems to me if he's a gamer he'd want to get on the field and might not be thrilled with that situation.

No, I will not let it go...

Keenum is currently listed as a possible 203rd pick. I predict he will climb in the combine, but I'm not sure if 10th pick is realistic. He's got the Houston curse of Andre Ware that will have NFL teams wary. The combine, and maybe the senior game is his equalizer. We'll see what happens.
His size is OK, 6-2, but preferably taller.

Case Keenan and Nick Foles are sleepers

Chris, where'd you hear that?

But let's just think about it for a second. Miami is abysmal, but have you SEEN the Colts in action yet? If Manning is done, can't come back, they need to TOTALLY restructure their team around Luck (he can't win with the current make-up). That includes a new Coach, and who KNOWS who the OC is.

So, it just doesn't make sense why Luck would ask for a trade from Miami, only to go to the Colts (or wouldn't ask one from the Colts).

I trust you Chris (as far as hearing that somewhere), but I put it in the same category as UFOs and Bigfoot.


I`ve heard that regarding Luck alot myself but The situation regarding Eli Manning was unique in that S.D. was willing to deal him straight up for Rivers and the 1st pick of Rd.2. If Luck were drafted by us and we own his rights for 4 Seasons I could see Ross signing him to the new Rookie Cap with the condition that an 80 Mil deal kick in year two or something. I believe at this point for Ross that in hosting the 1st non sell out Seasons in the last 15 and the fans actually attending games getting smaller by the week that Ross would do whatever it took to get him in a Dolphins uniform should Miami have the pick. I also think that all the negative vibe Miami`s way could change 180 degrees if after the Season Ross puts a G.M. in place that gets them a competent Coach a good month before the draft. All big if`s but the changing of hearts and minds about Miami will start with the new group Ross puts in place to run the F.O. at Seasons end and the Coach that group hires.


I heard some anouncers on ESPN Radio speculating that last week am not saying for one minute that Luck actually said it or that I heard him personally say it but did here talk on ESPN regarding whether Luck would actually play for Miami

QB Prospects for 2012 Draft, Breakdown ..my opinion ;)

A. Luck = Pros: Big, smart, strong, agile, winner, leader, accurate, strong arm, savvy, polished, sees the whole field.
Cons: Pushs ball just a bit on shorter passes, needs more zip in NFL.

M. Barkley = Pros: Smart, agile, accurate, good velocity, leader, good decisions under pressure, sees the whole field.
Cons: 6-2 (shorter than desired). Rumors of lacking arm strength but I haven't seen that so far.

Landry Jones = Pros: Big, accurate, leader, polished. *I don't know enough about his field vision, or football IQ. I'll trust what the scouts say that he has all those things.
Cons: System QB? Heard rumors about lack of arm strength but again I haven't noticed it.

Ryan Tannehill = Pros: Nice arm, confident, makes big plays. Good size.
Cons: I don't understand the praise for him. He forces passes, seems less involved with leading his team at critical times, and isn't really winning games.

Robert Griffin = Pros: Gigantic upside. Fast, mobile, big arm, good accuracy, competitor, makes big plays.
cons: Raw talent. Plays a non NFL system, and ad libs a lot. Same arguments against Tebow and Cam Newton. Not sure about his football IQ, no reports I can find. More of a gamble.

Brandon Weedon = Pros: Big, strong, unflappable, mobile, big arm, accurate, leader, winner.
Cons: Except maybe playing against stronger competition, I don't see many flaws. Time will tell once the analysts weigh in.

Kirk Cousins -= Don't know enough yet.

Nick Foles = Don't know enough yet.

Kellen Moore = Pros: Has every quality you'd want in an NFL QB, save maybe a huge arm. But it's strong enough for most throws. Definite winner.
Cons: Short. around 5-11. Other QBs have been short and managed, but not many. Maybe arm strength concerns.

Case Keenum = Pros: Owns records, big throws, big plays, legendary in his world. Seems like he has it all.
Cons: Shortish (6-1, 6-2). Possible system QB, like Andre Ware proved to be. Mystery until the combine.

Jarrett Lee = *On this list soley from my observations.
Pros: Smart, unflappable, big throws, big plays, accurate, nice deep ball, winner, leader.
Cons; Shorter than desired 6-2. I see no other flaws personally, other than he's currently not getting talked about.

Have never seen Luck play and would rather have Simms as an announcer than a boring gas bag like Diederdorff.

Is that okay?

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