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Live blog of Bills at Dolphins right here

We are less than one hour before kickoff and already the Dolphins chances of winning today have improved.

The Bills are starting backup Chris Hairston at left tackle because starter Demitrius Bell is injured and out. Also, playmaking strong safety George Wilson is out. Da'Norris Searcy starts in his place.

For the Dolphins, Phillip Merling will get another chance to play a football game. It's a while for him as he's been inactive six of the past seven games and five in a row. Tony McDaniel is inactive.

The other inactives are Dan Carpenter, Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Barker, Ryan Cook, and Will Yeatman.

The live blog goes on in the comments section. Join me there. Oh, and one more thing: RG3!


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Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

Not first

WELL, it's time for my weekly

***Sports Writers Critique**segment***

Armando Salguero's

Miami Dolphins see something special in Cameron Wake, just not sure what

I like the article **Overall**. Good layout and **Stats** that most readers thoroughly enjoy.

Definitely could have been better though in regards to stats. Like including tackles and tackles for losses. Impact plays and overall OLB-ing play.

The quotes from Taylor(undoubtedly well qualified to comment on the subject)were **Good**. However, much like the stats, it could have been better by including more **PLAYER** quotes(as opposed to ANYTHING Ireland has/had to say).

The quick paragraph on the inter-workings and behind the scene moves to sign Wake away from Indy was **Inspiring** and **Awesome**.
(Though it wouldn't have hurt to get a little more **In Depth** with the **Details**). We fans **ALWAYS LOVE** the little **Insider glimpse**.

I do have to take **EXCEPTION** with Armando's Title and Closing comment:

**Miami Dolphins see something special in Cameron Wake, just not sure what**

I think the **Special** something is quite obvious.

Last year(and the year before, for that matter)the question was, can Wake become a **COMPLETE** OLB. I believe this has been answered. I believe he has become a **SOLID**(if not relentless) OLB in that he can be on the field every down, not only NOT being a liability on run downs, but actually excelling in sealing the edge and being a run stuffer. Wake is **Most Likely** the most **Complete** OLB on the roster, there is no quit with this guy. He's the best we got, Bar None and would start on **MOST** NFL teams.

As far as being a sack master, I think he has done **EVERYTHING** that can be expected up to this point. Wake established double digit sack totals last year and is on par to repeat.

The only knock can't really layed at his feet either. Taylor has played well, but is aging fast and has obviously lost a step. Wake continues to get sacks and has drawn the attention and blocking schemes from opposing Defensive Coordinators. The only **VALID** criticisms have to be placed **SQUARELY** on the shoulders of Jeff Ireland. As **Armando astutely points out**, It's not Wakes fault nor responsibilty to bring in someone that compliments his play in the manner of which a Woodley **Type** compliments a Harrison **Type**.

So, resident **Sports Writer Critic** says:

OVERALL, **Good Story** Armando, four stars ****

Look for more **Critiques** of your **Favorite** sports writers(and the gross misuse of the **Star Key**) by following me on **TWEETER** ;)


Anyone see the Lee Corso f bomb on gameday? That was hilarious!


Armando's Wake article was that the Dolphins saw something special enough to give Wake the biggest contract ever given to a CFL player coming to the nfl. Nothing indicating he isnt special now.

It's only about them seeing something special enough to outbid other teams for his services.

George Wilson is out Mando? HUGE!!!

And with that backup LT, Nolan would be smart to move Wake around and let him regain his elite status!!!


With a backup LT, Nolan should give the Bills a steady diet of middle and opposite side of Wake blitzes. The pass protect will be geared to get help against Wake.

Then to change up the pass rush, throw in a few safety or corner blitzes on Wake's side because the focus will be on stopping Wake.

Hey hey fellow Phin fans

Let's see if this game comes down to a field goal attempt by Graham.

Wow, the stadium looks empty!

Yikes, that stadium is empty as hell.

Tyrone Culver is our starting FS? Wth, just happened?


Link to game for those in the need

Jason Taylor clapping like this game is worth something.

Vegas gives the lowest home field advantage in the league to the Dolphins. Actually tied for last with a couple other teams.

Holy cow must be 10 to 15 thousand fans at the stadium today

Thanks for providing the link for those less "fortunate", Soiled, but god do i feel bad for anybody who would actually want to spend their Sunday afternoon watching a Fins game online.

I appreciate the critique of my work. Just remember, if it's not good enough, remember that I write hard. I don't give up.

Holy cow must be 10 to 15 thousand fans at the stadium today

Posted by: SoiledBottom | November 20, 2011 at 01:02 PM

Season is over, not many Bills fans in SoFla. I'm surprised anybody even bothered to show up.

I remember there were a few fans wanting us to take CJ Spiller

Chris Berman just got a stiffy

So far the best LB in the NFL and the best CB tandem in the NFL are not into the game.

That link only has audio for me

Bills have more playmakers on offense than either KC or Washington.

The best are off today...were featureing Tom Olivadotta's D-fense

Johnson was open. Bad throw by Fitzpatrick.


try again

New Years Resolution Mando: 1 wk without a smart A comment.. You seemed bothered by Dansby's claim he's the best, would you rather he lament and cry to you that he's the worse player ever?

lucky we overthrew that pass it was a TD with Vontae DAvis lagging behind the play

Gotta get Reshad out of there.

Apparently holding is now legal in the NFL...

RG3? Forget it, Mandy. Don't you know that the "fans" want us to win as many games as possible, even though we have no shot at making the playoffs, even if winning too much were to cost us a high-draft pick? Nope, mediocrity must reign in Miami.

WTH does write hard mean? Is that like professing you're the best writer in the country? Like Dansby?


I wasn't bothered by Dansby's comments. I'm the one he made them to.

I'm bothered that it isn't true and he hasn't played like it with any sort of consistency. If you've been watching you would know that.

Dansby saying he is the best...is like taking the gold medal at the special olympic's

Andy Dalton dropping bombs already today. Coulda had him. But Ireland didn't like his momma

Armando which "crowd" are you in?

Are you rooting or hoping we win?

Or are you hoping we loose out?

Except of course when Miami holds...

How many special teams flags has Masturd drawn this year? 413? He's worthless. #CouldHaveHadShockey

Gates has to learn how to return kickoffs.

Bills using Fred Jackson conjures up images of the Ravens using Ray Rice.

nyfinfan, write hard is my equivalent to when players on a losing team say they played hard.

Big whoop.

It means zero. It was also a joke. Don't take everything so seriously.

Can't wait for next year. I just know Ireland is going to draft a stud offensive lineman and give Matt Moore the time he needs to prove he's the next Tom Brady. Go Fins!

He's not the best, but I'd like for him to keep aspiring to be the best! Being confident is better than getting down on yourself! Minor physiological battles Mr Mando..

This is already looking like a 5 or 6 cocktail game. Actually there all 5 or 6 cocktail games.

Would like to see Moore try and go deep to Gates a couple times today.

Odinseye, I'm in the crowd that realizes this season is over but I'm just trying to enjoy whatever happens because there's nothing I can do about it.

Beautiful pass by Moore under pressure to Bush. Great matchup for Miami.

Is John Jerry that bad that columbo is still starting 10 weeks through the season?

First down...rush; do we even study our own tendencies?

Henne does not make that throw to Bush.

Three first down plays...all rushes up the middle...yawn.

Oh nooooooo!! wildcat!

another gravity tackle ?

robby, Dansby didn't say "I want to be the best."

He said, "I am the best."

He feels he's already there. That's not as cool as aspiring and trying to strive for that goal, Mr. Robby.

I would like the Dolphins to try the wildcat with Daniel thomas. Former QB.

Would love to see him throw it.


four first down plays...all rushes...not much yardage...???

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