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Live blog of Bills at Dolphins right here

We are less than one hour before kickoff and already the Dolphins chances of winning today have improved.

The Bills are starting backup Chris Hairston at left tackle because starter Demitrius Bell is injured and out. Also, playmaking strong safety George Wilson is out. Da'Norris Searcy starts in his place.

For the Dolphins, Phillip Merling will get another chance to play a football game. It's a while for him as he's been inactive six of the past seven games and five in a row. Tony McDaniel is inactive.

The other inactives are Dan Carpenter, Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Barker, Ryan Cook, and Will Yeatman.

The live blog goes on in the comments section. Join me there. Oh, and one more thing: RG3!


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They better throw a pass to Brandon SOON!! He will get poopy fast if they don't!!

If we could create a QB with Henne's strong arm and Moore's touch we might have something.

Odinseye, I'm in the crowd that realizes this season is over but I'm just trying to enjoy whatever happens because there's nothing I can do about it.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 20, 2011 at 01:17 PM

Armando, well said, can I hang in your crowd?

PS: I got your joke earlier. I give it 3 stars ***.

Not as Good as your article, but Good nonetheless ;)

Timeout! YEAHHHH

Football in Miami is in sad shape.

I watch colleges pile 90,000 into stadiums every Saturday but the Dolphins have trouble getting 65K into this stadium.

The Canes are no better. They're lucky when they get 50K in the stadium.

Is that Moore or Rogers?

yeah, so when you run on first and get 2 yards or negative yards, then you're in third and long...even though we made it, odds are not in your favor...

Daboll calling some nice plays.

Colombo is an embarrassment!

He can't even fall down and block(cut block) on A SCREEN!!!!!


Hartline came to PLAY!!!! Alright!

fifth first down play...another rush, for little yardage...Am I missing something?

I smell a shootout today.

Fasano!!! Yes!!! 3 weeks in a row!

Red zone troubles looking like a thing of the past.


fieldgoal shootout ?

Moore looks good to me. Results speak louder than misconceptions.

Love the play call!

On first down-AwwwwwwRiiiiight Miami!

Daboll! Daboll! Daboll! Daboll!

Interesting point on Brandon Marshall Robby. he says he's a leader. Not getting a target on the first drive will test that.

Good play calling. This is an improving offence. Good, Ross?

I can't believe there's so few people either

Im beginning to like Dabol's offensive. It far more creative than Henning's. Welcome to the 21st century Miami Dolphins!


Are you going to wait for some network talking head to say Moore is starter material? I'm not.

Matt moore is impressing me, more and more each week

Actually Armando said I think I am the best, and now I have to go out and prove it.
That was on the CBS per game show.
So who is right???

Nice coverage - Good Kick!

(fingers crossed-TIGHTLY!)

Moore getting fitted for a Gold Jacket after the game.

Calm down, I'm joking. But He really looks calm and in control these last few games. Maybe something clicked?

I don't care about future draft picks or winning Super Bowls (although that would be nice) I just want exciting games. Nothing more nothing less.


Bills expect Marshall to be primary target on 1st drive. Great game planning by Dubol to open up with the unexpected. It could set up bigger things for Marshall as the game goes on.

Im loving Dubol's unpredictability. Wasnt our primary problem under Henning predictability?

I like it!

Still hold my breath during every special teams play though.

Come on D

Fitz keeps throwing high, lets get some int's!

Nice hit by Bell

How is that not holding on Wake!!!!!!

That run reminded me of the run Fitzpatrick had against the Dolphins in 2009 for like 44 yards and a TD.

I guess Miami's speed has improved since then.


Just like Dolphins and Canes home games, it seems the attendance in your live blogs is way down too!

Holding on Wake though!

Doesn't matter now, but C'mon MAN!

Call this shyt, he's our best pass rusher!


Armando, Apparently, Mr. Sarcasm, doesn't get sarchasm!

I can here Wannestat now, "Don't worry guys, punting isn't a bad thing". Of course he says it with that I just crapped my pants look on his face.

Charles Clay Yes!!! 46 yard pas

This Clay kid is coming on strong!

wow!! wow!!

WOW! Nice Throw and catch!

Mando, u should have your research dept analyze how much more Wake is being held this year. Unless u fly solo at theHerald.


Moore is looking like a GUNSLINGER!!!!

God I love it.

Daboll's jammin!

Go to Fasano, open it up for Clay!


Dansby said he thinks he's the best and has to prove it. He did not say, "I want to be the best. He said I think I'm the best.

He also said:

“I’m better than everybody. Everybody. Period. Point blank. I just haven’t had the recognition, man. I’m more versatile than everybody. Period. Pont blank. I’m more versatile than everybody. Hands down. I can do it all.”

Nice block by Hilliard!

Who are these guys???? I think I like 'em, a really lot.

Two TDs in the 1st quarter! When is the last time that happened?? Still no Beast.

Wow ! When was the last time we were 2 for 2 Red Zone TD's

Even on Bush's first down run, Colombo was blocking or own guys and falling all over himself.

Get that Shmuck off the FIELD!

Most impressive offensive first qtr in as long as I can remember!!!

Let Clay, Hartline + Thomas play + we might see something-also Gates should get a shot

Clay. Playing well. Thomas has already shown he is a player. Clyde Gates coming on. Jones playing well. The draft is looking pretty good.

We are much better when the ball goes to all different receivers rather than locking on 1 the whole game, u see it every week in the NFL, just wish the diva rcvr would get that

Scaring the hell out of me. It's beginning to look like we have an offense in Miami.

Sob... sob.... Goodbye RGIII!

Ugh! nice to see them playing inspired football, but the other half of me sees each win as getting farther from picking a franchise QB next year.

Holy monkey that was a short kickoff!!

Tony Sparano said it; 'It only takes one win" looks like he was right!!1

You Suck for Luck fans have no right cheering this performance.

I hate to say this, but Moore is begining NOT to look like a back up..anybody else agree?

We need to stop focusing on the QB's in the draft any of them could get injured or get hit by a bus between now and then. Let's have some pride to win. true Phins Fans will understand that

Dansby looked pretty good on THAT ONE!


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