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Live blog of Bills at Dolphins right here

We are less than one hour before kickoff and already the Dolphins chances of winning today have improved.

The Bills are starting backup Chris Hairston at left tackle because starter Demitrius Bell is injured and out. Also, playmaking strong safety George Wilson is out. Da'Norris Searcy starts in his place.

For the Dolphins, Phillip Merling will get another chance to play a football game. It's a while for him as he's been inactive six of the past seven games and five in a row. Tony McDaniel is inactive.

The other inactives are Dan Carpenter, Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Barker, Ryan Cook, and Will Yeatman.

The live blog goes on in the comments section. Join me there. Oh, and one more thing: RG3!


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Robby that was his knock all his careet

Good D!

Miami, 2td's 1st qtr and Marshall has ZERO receptions. Who would have "thunk it"!

Have NO PROBLEM with us winning, was never on the suck bus for Luck

Fineurope, that may be true, but we still need to see him against the jets and patriots do this. Also, he's Matt moore. We still need to draft a qb.
It's more like EVERYBODY has stepped up. Making blocks, tackles, catches, and runs the same players didn't the first seven games.

rg3 is unbelievable....500 yards of total offense last night...and has a masters degree. you can be assured he won't use double negatives when addressing the press.

Duboll's now looking like the best decision this fo has ever made!

Matt Moore is having a good first quarter.

That does not make him an elite QB. C'mon people!

We all know we need a QB. We just need to draft the best QB available at our spot. They have passed on so many over the years that's why we are in this mess. Interception Yes!!!!!!!

YESSSSS!!! A turnover!!

Nolan Caroll-finally!!!

what the heck...I'm living in Bizzaro world we are making plays!!!


Do you mean RGIII will not be saying "aint notta" at his pressers?

LOL numbnut

Understand we still need to draft a QB, But I LOVE the wins..kinda tossed between rg and landry in the qb race though.

Nolan Carroll?

Whose THAT?

Do we have a Nolan Carroll?

We're gonna score again before Mando gets the 1st quarter update up.

Maybe this cranks up Carrol's career here!

I can't believe my eyes....

Dolphins are dominating on both offensive and defensive lines.

Brandon slips on 1st pass his way!

The Beast on the ground for endzone pass nice


Love me some Clay!


Mando not saying elite QB (regarding Moore) but looking at his last 5 games he has steadily improved, and finding his rythem with this offence. basically its making him look realy GOOD..

LOL at Mando.


Charles Clay?

Whose THAT?

Do we have someone named Clay?

Why was Brandon Marshall the only player who didn't celebrate with his teammates that touchdown Clay made?

Really boosted?

And that surprises you

U guys are idiots. Brandon Marshall does more than u know and is the reason alot of these guys are open

We are still using bess wrong and still using bush wrong. He should be returning kicks.

I guess second quarter update won't show up till half time on iPhone....

Gotta like what the Phins are doing so far in this game. Taking advantage of all opportunities....

Mfisher, except for last wk, its happened every wk for 2 yrs!!

Don't disagree imimounts, but the lil b I t c h attitude is what bugs me!

I was never really par of the suck for luck campaign, but part of me was concerned that we will get back into the middle of the pack here and. It get one of the top 4 qbs to secure our future.

However, seeing Moore, even in some of the losses, has been a good step forward. I am feeling good that when we do have that rookie qb, we won't have to rush them on the field.

yes it's always slow.

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