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Live blog of Dolphins at Kansas City here

There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma overnight and it shook the ground in Kansas City.

A Dolphins victory would be much more earth-shattering today.

It's now 11 months since the Dolphins won a game. They've lost 10 consecutive games in the regular season, dating back to Dec. 5 of last year.

Today they are on the road.

They have a career backup starting at quarterback.

They have Nolan Carroll starting at one cornerback spot because starter Vontae Davis was left behind for violating team policy. (The near fist fight with Brandon Marshall in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble Saturday was not the reason Davis was left back. I've confirmed the reason Davis got left back is he was late to work. Simple as that. The lateness got Davis into trouble with Marshall and a near fist fight followed. Players get into actual fights in practice all the time -- it is not unheard of. But the discpline angle of it is what caused coach Tony Sparano to leave Davis home, Davis didn't even realize that was a reason he's out today. Davis thought he was being left back over the verbal argument. Amazing the lack of vision not to see being late is bad!)

Daniel Thomas is active and will play today.

The inactives are Davis, Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Barker, John Jerry, Will Yeatman and Phillip Merling.

Clyde Gates, who was nursing a groin injury the past two weeks, is healthy.

Think about this: Jerry and Merling are today less valuable to the team than Julius Pruitt, a WR who was just signed off the practice squad. Doesn't say much for those two high draft picks.

There is a live blog today as every game day. Go to the comments section below for the start of the festivities. I'll be there in a bit.