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Live blog of Dolphins at Kansas City here

There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma overnight and it shook the ground in Kansas City.

A Dolphins victory would be much more earth-shattering today.

It's now 11 months since the Dolphins won a game. They've lost 10 consecutive games in the regular season, dating back to Dec. 5 of last year.

Today they are on the road.

They have a career backup starting at quarterback.

They have Nolan Carroll starting at one cornerback spot because starter Vontae Davis was left behind for violating team policy. (The near fist fight with Brandon Marshall in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble Saturday was not the reason Davis was left back. I've confirmed the reason Davis got left back is he was late to work. Simple as that. The lateness got Davis into trouble with Marshall and a near fist fight followed. Players get into actual fights in practice all the time -- it is not unheard of. But the discpline angle of it is what caused coach Tony Sparano to leave Davis home, Davis didn't even realize that was a reason he's out today. Davis thought he was being left back over the verbal argument. Amazing the lack of vision not to see being late is bad!)

Daniel Thomas is active and will play today.

The inactives are Davis, Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Barker, John Jerry, Will Yeatman and Phillip Merling.

Clyde Gates, who was nursing a groin injury the past two weeks, is healthy.

Think about this: Jerry and Merling are today less valuable to the team than Julius Pruitt, a WR who was just signed off the practice squad. Doesn't say much for those two high draft picks.

There is a live blog today as every game day. Go to the comments section below for the start of the festivities. I'll be there in a bit.


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I'm back!

Kinda early aren't you Mando. Didn't set your clock back?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Is Unfoiled Home right ?

Did you get your BBQ ?

Miami Dolphin fans wanna know

Soiled :)

PS...why didn't we at least take a look at Plax or T.O.? Or Garrard? Or a whole host of players we could have at least looked at.

As has been the case MOST sunday's (last sunday being the exception) one of my friends invite's me over to watch the game at his house....he has Direct TV.....and a MAN cave that would put most DIY and Home Improvement channels to shame.....TV's GALORE......

ANyway.....there are a few of us out of state fans that meet at his house drink...eat...and talk SHAT.......

why is it week 9 and I no longer feel like going.....

Could it be that MY TEAM is 0-8...

could it be that I sound like a total douche if I udder the words "suck for luck" among true football fans....

Could t be that football just isn't fun any more when your teams incompetence is so blatant....and seems never ending.....

In any case....I will go.....take my weekly ridicule.......and start my week pissed off...


GO BILLS.......

BTW....by far the most obnoxious fan over the house is a Cowboys fan....go figure....

Home heading to the bunker

getting foiled up for the game

Go sean smith! Huh?

Dear Armando,

How old are you? Your pictures makes you look about 30, but you have said you covered Miami(college) in the mid 80's. And Im guessing that is an outdated picture. Im guessing 49. Am I right?

It's now 11 months since the Dolphins won a game. They've lost 10 consecutive games in the regular season, dating back to Dec. 5 of last year.

Good Morning Ladies,How does Fisty keep his job??????, I see it as KC 27 Miami 3 fist pumps and a TD.(AKA 16 points)

thinking Thomas has a good day...

Dear Mr. Salguero

From an article of yours....

"If the Dolphins get the first pick they will simply select Luck because, I guarantee you, that’s exactly what owner Stephen Ross wants."

So if the Dolphins keep loseing coach Sparano kees his job......and if they win does he get fired ?

Soiled :)

Kris, I go to my Nighborhood Bar wearing my #13 Marino Jersey, The Guys at the Pub are Mostly Giant fans and ussually feel sorry for me being a Dolphin fan so they all buy me a drink, My advice to you is find a Pub or bar near you that atracts a NFC team and wear your phin gear, They'll feel sorry for you and you'll end up drunk....LOL

look at all of the talent that's OUT today. boy, are we in trouble. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dear Judy Finkle

All that talent out today.....we just mite win

Sad really

Soiled :)

If you don't like pain, don't watch the Phins for a few weeks. I think I have to clean the toilet or something. Much less disgusting to watch.

KC 24 Miami 19. 3 tds and a FG to 4 fist pumps and a td.

If you need it


Just don't blame me if you watch it

Soiled :)

Kindry, So we agree that Carpenter will be nursing a sore leg later this afternoon...

This is the one. If they are going to win one this year, this is the game.

Phillip Merling Profile (from NFL Draft Scout)

Positives: Well built with thick legs and long arms, tight waist and hips, and minimal body fat...high energy player, best on the move....flashes good explosion off the ball.

Compares to: Justin Tuck, New York Giants. Both defensive ends will make a nice living coming off the edge.


Apparently, that was before he went on the Vernon Carey diet plan.

OMG! Home was right on the HAARP set off and created weather like the earthquakes,floods,hurricanes,tornadoes,crazy snowfall and monsoon rain!

Home was right! LMAO! OMG! Never thought i would say that! LMAO!

judy, do you tinkle with your finkle? wear jock straps under your mini skirts?

It's not true. Bill Parcells did not treat me the same way Bill Clinton treated Monica Lewinsky.

Who is starting at safety?

Who is starting at safety?

Posted by: dishpan | November 06, 2011 at 12:22 PM

you're on the phone with vegas, aren't you?


No safety today. One less guy to blow the play.

Miami 20 KC 16 Wake 2 sacks, someone in fin secondary gets a pick, Thomas over 100 yds. I said it earlier in the week, I think we win today. I post this with the expectation of getting beat up by all of you, but I hope after the game I'll be the one laughing. Have good day folks going to go watch the game.

I can't believe you guys are betting against your own team. I'm very disappointed in the way some of you fans have acted this season. From the "Suck for Luck" to betting against your team to posting pictures of me sodomizing a dolphin. I quit!

Kris..My suggestion is too embrace the ineptitiude. Watching the Phins is like watching a 3 hour comedy routine. There is no shame in rooting for a team that stinks if you do not let it affect you in a negative way. I know it is difficult. But the Phins are like the crazy unlce who is to far gone to try and help. so just enjoy the madness, and recognize the fact that we are feekin horrible..And nothing anyone does this year is going to change that fact.

I think it's fair to say we suck!

Well Said Darryl......................

The Miami Dolphins

Strategically losing now for a better future tomorrow

General Sparano

When the 'canes come out of the tunnel they have they set off the hurricane siren and use fire extinghishers to create the illusion of a storm.

When the Dolphins are coming out of the tunnel they play a recording of a big "sucking sound."

OK Guys, Gonna go get drunk......, GO PHINS..

Cuban..What up?? For the sake of the bloggers out there. I don't want to revisit to much of last nights "food blog". But since you are here I have a question that you may be able to answer...What is the name of the Oxtail dish popular in cuban cuisine? That stuff is a pipe hit. Can't remember what it is called.

Boomer Esiason just picked the Dolphins to upset and just told Marino "I know you want them to lose to get Andrew Luck" Marino was like WTF lol

The Miami Dolphins

Strategically losing now for a better future tomorrow

General Sparano

Posted by: SoiledBottom | November 06, 2011 at 12:35 PM

It's better than the old slogan:

Miami Dolphins
The Less We Spend, The More You Suffer


That isn't really oxtail. Its cuban water rat stew.

slaton did a much better job returning kicks last week than gates has. and he is inactive? decisions like these are why sparano will be unemployed soon.

Darryl D, it's "Rabo Encendido!"

Be interesting to see how Long plays today. If he's hurt it may be time to shelve him for the year. I'm sure there's some long lost Cowboys castoff we can sign to plug that hole.

Gentlemen.....thanks for the advice....i'm on way to take my lumps....

See ya after the game....

austin pay attention, the guy is injured.

going to gigstream to watch the game.


He's a Penne type. Don't ask this guy to throw long. He will get picked.

Good afternoon everyone.

Awaiting a flyover here.

tell me what you think of the account of the Davis reason he got left behind is good or bad news?

One possibility, you think Sparano is keeping the discipline.

Second possibility, you think it ridiculous team doesn't use a player that could help.

Third possibility, you think if Vontae was healthy, he would be playing today.

Un morron-on encendido.


Strategically losing today for a better future tomorrow

General Sparano


Strategically losing today for a better future tomorrow

General Sparano

Posted by: SoiledBottom | November 06, 2011 at 01:00 PM

we have a winner!

Armando, I offer a fourth possibility - when the secondary gets toasted, they can use the excuse that their best corner wasn't out there today


Armando, Jay Glazer on Fox Sports said that Vontae Davis was late to the walk-thru and that Marshall got in his face about it. Somehow Davis wound up on the ground and Marshall spiked a ball on Davis' head. That's why Davis got benched. Any truth to that?

Scott Pioli just said hello. I've now talked to the KC GM more than I have the Miami GM the past few months.

SEAN SMITH! Love this guy

I hate the team is so secretive

Mr. Salguero says good morning

Jeff Ireland says mind your own business

SEAN SMITH never turned his head around

redsky, please read my post. Very similar account except for the spiking of the ball -- which ultimately is not the reason he's not here.

Tough to feel good about this team. Whatever happen to our D our O and our QB. Tougher to watch.

Any other links other than first row for the game?

hello ladies and germs

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