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Looking ahead to the Bills who may or may not stink

The Buffalo Bills, the next opponent for the Dolphins, have hit an interesting point in their season.

After starting out an inspired 4-1 and leading the AFC East, the Bills have, shall we say, hit a rough patch of late. No, check that. If "of late" is defined as yesterday, the Bill have stunk. They lost 44-7 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

It was their third loss in four weeks. It was their third loss in four road games.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions including one that was returned for a TD. Running back Fred Jackson also had a fumble that turned the ball over. The 37-point loss was the worst of the season, surpassing a 16-point loss only one week earlier.

So the Bills are not just going badly but getting worse.

That, of course, only matters if you adhere to the facts.

"Listen, I think Buffalo has been playing really well," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said moments ago. "I don't think because of what happened yesterday, you can look at any of that. The bottom line is just looking at the game, I haven't watched it yet, but it appears to me that turnovers had an awful lot to do with it.

"It seemed like they had three or four turnovers in the game."

Yes, the Bills had four turnovers. That is playing poorly in my estimation. That is not playing really well.

Anyway, the Bills are beat up, having lost key contributors at WR, OLB and DL in recent weeks. The Dolphins are 2 1/2 point faves.

The Dolphins, winners of two straight, are also playing well -- except that the facts actually back up that stance.


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I'm back.


I'm on my 40 hour coffee break. I have time to write another 92000 words before 5pm....

Buffalo will be an important game to test where we are right now....Blah blah bleeh blah blooh hooh hooh......

The Dolphins will be 3 str8 winners after this week.

but still..


Bills always play hard against the Dolphins.
Throw the stats out and get ready for a tough divisional match up.

At least Henne won't be throwing his annual three picks against Buffalo.

I agree with all of you fellas. Excellent posts today! I bow down to all of you! :P

I believe this is one of only 3 games left in the year that Miami has a legitimate chance to get another W.

Based on the past two weeks, I think the Dolphins get this one. I think it'll be close, something like 17-14 or some such score.

After this? Think we can take out the Eagles (lol "Dream Team") and probably the Jets to close the year out. Maybe Oakland if the Bad Raiders show up.

Other than that? Yeah...not much else to cheer about. So I'll just enjoy it while I can till the house cleaning begins in the offseason.

Go Dolphins!

Man, does Sparano actually believe the words that come out of his own mouth or is he just a habitual liar?

Why do you guys even bother interviewing him? He just makes up falsehoods in excess.

Are you a Dolphins fan, ALoco? Because everybody that follows the Phins knows what an Original is.

We do not need to win anymore, what does finishing 6-10 and out of the top 10 picks in the draft prove?? Nothing changes with wins, this team, season, and regime are dead and all that is left is the waiting until Jan 2nd for it to become official. So here is a message to the Dolphins, the fans want you to lose because that is our only hope to get better. Right now we are stuck in neutral. We are not asking you to lay down like Indy does each and every week (gotta love those Colts), you can play hard and lose, nothing wrong with that.

Of course if you bunch of losers had played better in the first 7 weeks then we would all be excited by this turnaround but when the season was lost after week 7 we no longer care about you or your winning. Did you notice yesterday that half the seats were filled and of that half, half of those were Redskin fans?? So unless you lose and we get a franchise QB in here those stands are only going to see less and less behinds in them.

Oh, looks like the trolls got up. Right around noon too, good job! I'd ask you for an opinion, but that would defeat your purpose here (since you don't offer football opinions).

What a loser you really are!

the bills are beatable but I doubt we'll win. I don't care about Luck or anyone else. If moore can start and win consistantly then all we need is to pick in the top 10 and we can get a QB that can be groomed to take over. so just win baby.

Mark, exactly. Buffalo is playing just as great right now as Marc Colombo is. If you told Sparano it was 12pm, he'd say it's 12 AM. Just like Shanahan. When will these guys learn that just because they can stump their dog, doesn't make them smart.

He could have said, "they're coming back to Earth, but are a division rival, so it will ALWAYS be a competitive game no matter what the records say." And leave it at that.

Very true Sam. Wins these last 2 weeks have actually felt like losses. We've already played ourselves out of Andrew Luck and are potentially running ourselves out of the chase for the 2nd and 3rd best qbs.

God forbid one of them doesn't declare or subsequently has a poor showing during the combine and grading process.

We need good qbs to emerge or mortgage the farm for Luck if Indy is listening. And we won't be able to do that if we win 6 or 7 games.

If that happens, attendance will continue to plummet like you said.

IND 0-10 Peyton Manning-vet STAR (assuming recovery)

MIA 2-7 Matt Moore- vet backup *

CAR 2-7 Cam Newton-young STAR

STL 2-7 Sam Bradford- young 1st rd’er

MIN 2-6 Christian Ponder- young 1st rd’er

CLE 3-6 Colt McCoy- young starter

JAX 3-6 Blaine Gabbert-young 1st rd’er

PHI 3-6 Michael Vick-vet STAR

WAS 3-6 Rex Grossman- vet backup *

SEA 3-6 Tavaris Jackson- vet backup *

ARI 3-6 Kevin Kolb- young starter

*Most obviously in need of franchise QB

Andrew Luck- 1
Matt Barkley- 2
Landry Jones- 3
Ryan Tannehill-
Robert Griffin III
Brandon Weeden
Kellen Moore

Andrew Luck looked human against Oregon, and Matt Barkley has been coming on strong. Barkley is a VERY close second right now, and seems like a can't miss prospect like Luck.

Brandon Weeden has been coming on strong, too. He'd be a TOP prospect except he's 28 years old.

That is ridiculous, I will buy tickets regardless, so speak for yourself, Sam, not the "fans" you speak of. I don't want the team to give up, that is a lousy mentality. I pay to watch them play, I want them to win. I don't care about the top ten picks in the draft, I care about winning, now, not later, now. What if Andrew Luck loses a limb? What then? Top ten pick for what? A 15th pick QB? Smart choice!

And beside that, if the Fins lay down now, knowing this brash league and Stephen Ross, we might begin to expect the Los Angeles Dolphins.

Exactly DC, nobody ahs taught Sparano how to spin. Your version would be more honest or even leave out the down to earth part. Just say "that they've had a tough time the last few weeks, but have a good record, and have kicked our butts a few times in the last few years so we shouldn't feel good about anything."

That way, you don't infuriate the opponent and you don't insult the intelligence of your own fans who've grown so tired of your nonsensical lie filled quotes and idiotic fist pumping for 25 yard field goals.

Maybe our answer at quarterback is...................................................................................................Matt Moore!

I'm sick of people bringing up Weedon. i don't want to draft any 28 year olds who are starring in college. he should eb starring in college. heck, at 28, he should be dominant and in his prime in the NFL.

He's a non factor.

Weedon = Chris Weinke.

A grown ass man beating ove kids is like a big brother always beating his little brother at games.

I think our best hope at this point is Matt Barkley.

We don't suck enough for Luck.

At this point, things are evolving so rapidly, it's hard to even tell what will happen. We need to play out the Season, then see where we fall in the Draft, then see where all the QBs are ranked, then make a decision. Right now it could be ANYTHING. We could get the 2nd pick, maybe we get the 6th-7th pick. Maybe we trade for Peyton if the Colts are going to take Luck. It's all up in the air, we need to keep all options on the table.

I'm more interested in WHO will draft these players and Coach them rather than WHICH players we're going to Draft.

Can we be bad enough for Barkley?

At this point, things are evolving so rapidly, it's hard to even tell what will happen. We need to play out the Season, then see where we fall in the Draft, then see where all the QBs are ranked, then make a decision. Right now it could be ANYTHING. We could get the 2nd pick, maybe we get the 6th-7th pick. Maybe we trade for Peyton if the Colts are going to take Luck. It's all up in the air, we need to keep all options on the table.

I'm more interested in WHO will draft these players and Coach them rather than WHICH players we're going to Draft.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 14, 2011 at 12:43 PM

Wow that was extremely informative, it not totally obvious. You have a rare talent for saying absolutely nothing with many words.

I think the QB we end up with will largely be determined by who we pick.

Right now ANYTHING can happen, come to think if it, that is always true.

Wow that was extremely informative, it not totally obvious. You have a rare talent for saying absolutely nothing with many words.

Posted by: DC DollBoy | November 14, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Black Pot, meet kettle! Please continue to prove how much of a loser you really are. LOL!

My definition of an Original: those of us in 1966 who either witnessed it at the OB or heard it on the radio, the Inaugural Game of the franchise, in which on the opening kickoff Joe Auer went all the way for a TD. Miami 7-0. You do remember or have read about it, don't you?

We Originals know much Football, infinitely more than most Generics.

Here's my take on the GM/ HC upgrades we need.

Buffalo Bills Asst GM Doug Whaley spent 11 years in the scouting dept of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was hired by the Bills and quickly promoted to Asst GM. He is a bright young talent evaluator, ready to take over our FO.

Rob Chudzinsky is a bright young offensive genius who played and coached at UM and has been an outstanding OC in the NFL. He has a knack for helping young players excel, and would be a great mentor for our new franchise QB.

So, what I hear you saying Troll, is that you're one of the biggest losers out there. And I agree, wholeheartedly. Keep preaching loser, I know you want to try and get respect, too bad you don't have a brain with which to posit an opinion.

Don't worry though, you can get through life mimicking me. See how it feels to be respected, I think you'll like it (though you'll never truly have it yourself).

Lew-hew-zer-her!!!! LOL!

Forget Andrew Luck!! I wish we had Andy Dalton!!

For instance, Buffalo might be a good Team, but for certain, and luckily for us, we won't be facing those 2 ferocious Redskins DE's again. Lord have mercy!

fin72, you mean you don't like the idea of a QB Coach who's never been a QB or coached QBs?

I'd like to duplicate whatever Harbaugh did in San Fran. He could probably even turn Henne into an elite QB.

sam 1966,
exactly how do you go out and play hard if you plan on loosing??

"Ok, guys. We've won two games in a row. If we win tonight, its called a winning streak. IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE."

-Major League II

"Ok, guys. We've won two games in a row. If we win tonight, its called a winning streak. IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE."

-Major League II

Posted by: Dolfdan13 | November 14, 2011 at 01:16 PM

Great line!

Congrats Dolphins on winning the games that were possible to win. Many have said (including me) that the Fins would win a couple games maybe this year, and KC and Wash were the best chances. Well they took advantage of that, and did well. Again congrats.
Now, fans, get used to the fact that we won't win another game this year. We'll be in a few, look good at times, but.. come up short. Sorry. We'll still end up drafting near the top next year. But I can say that the folks who siad we have some good pieces to build with (me as well) weren't wrong. But this year is done. No hard feelings.
I'm REALLY excited about next year.

After the surefire #1 QB, picking other QB's in the Draft is like playing roulette. For instance, last year everybody knew(you did, didn't you) that Cam Newton was going to be a star in the League. After that, I think one blogger here liked Andy Dalton and neither did the rest of us and he's good. I liked Christian Ponder and he is a work in progress. Pure gambling.

Have you people even watched Luck lately? Since he started playing some ranked teams I personaly dont think he has looked all that impressive..and as he plays more ranked (better) teams how is he going to look then? If he continues playing as he did the past cpl games he might as well stay another year in college because his stock is going to drop.
On another note: if we were to win out (don't think we are) would that not raise more questions than answers surrounding this team?

Shouldn't you put on a towel... MR. Brown?

We're out of towels!!

Major League

The Dolphins were so close to true success = Andrew Luck. What exactly does a later draft pick get Miami? Another defensive lineman?

JS, we have a chance against any team that doesn't have an elite QB. So I can see us winning one of the Buffalo matchups. And maybe the Jets. Depends which QB shows up in the Oakland & Philly games. Philly just got beat by the lowly Cardinals, coming to the East Coast. They are a mess (perfect chance for us).

I can envision us winning a couple more games, like Joe predicted, maybe 5-11, 4-12. Hope that doesn't take us too far out of Top 3 QB contention.

Guys -- what happens if the Dolphins actually get on some sort of a roll -- say winning five of their last seven games to finish 7-9.

Talk about nightmare scenario!

We lose the opportunity to draft ANY of the top QB prospects. No Luck. No Jones. No Barkley.

Pluse -- all of a sudden there is the risk of a 'how Tony Sparano turned things around / Tony Sparano never lost the locker room' vibe taking over, making his (still) inevitable firing at the end of the year all the more messy, further dividing the locker room, and potentially turning more fans off from the team.

My stomach hurts. I need to lie down.


Only got 32 hours left of my coffee break. Please read my last 1728 posts since last week so I don't have to repeat them all for the 83rd time.



I'm not sure what you're saying about the QB coach. Please elaborate.

Chudz was a TE, I know, but he HAS shown brilliance as an OC.

If only we HAD gotten Harbaugh, huh? That would've been great. MAYBE then we'd be 8-1 instead of 2-7, right?

I've been researching the options for HC and GM, trying to keep a positive outlook for the future. I think I'd rather have a smart, young, hungry HC than a retread. Chudz could be the next Sean Payton.

It's perfectly possible to "play well" and ruin things with a few turnovers. Playing "badly" is what the Colts are doing -irrespective of turnovers.

Testing 1-2-3...

Dolphins fans are required by law to HATE the stinkin' Jets. So watching their "franchise" QB melt down is just JOYFUL!

Check out this video of Mark Sanchize-


As I stated last week........a very confused fanbase

I say give Sparano another year. I really do. I also think this team finishes with 6 wins. The players haven't quit, that is important given how this season has been. Continuity in this league is important.

fins72, I was talking about Karl Dorrell, our current QB Coach. He's never coached QBs (or never was a QB), yet in his ultimate wisdom, Sparano thought he'd make a terrific QB Coach. So that's what I was referring to (I haven't heard about the guys you were mentioning, though they sound pretty good from what you said).

Kinda like Reid making an offensive Coach the DC. He'll probably be fired for that mistake (though I'd love Reid being the HC here. As long as he gets a real DC to take care of the defense, since he knows nothing about that side of the ball).

Reggie Bush looks like he's been playing really hard and with some heart these last few weeks. Him and Marshall really look legit.

I bashed him (Reggie) early in the year, but I'm willing to admit great effort when I see it

Que sera-sera, Whatever will be will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera-sera.

Even Doris Day knows dolfans trying to predict the outcome of its 2012 draft is, well, simply foolish!

DC Dolfan,

probably wasn't too easy for Sparano to hire an OC, QB coach etc. with his status of "dead man coaching".

Ohio, kardashian adds game!!!

haha....good point Mark :)

Agreed ralph, he probably didn't have much of a choice at that point.

I mean, even though the calls that have him running up the middle are still stupid play calls....I was watching him closely and he's busting his arse on every one of those plays running hard

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