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Looking ahead to the Bills who may or may not stink

The Buffalo Bills, the next opponent for the Dolphins, have hit an interesting point in their season.

After starting out an inspired 4-1 and leading the AFC East, the Bills have, shall we say, hit a rough patch of late. No, check that. If "of late" is defined as yesterday, the Bill have stunk. They lost 44-7 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

It was their third loss in four weeks. It was their third loss in four road games.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions including one that was returned for a TD. Running back Fred Jackson also had a fumble that turned the ball over. The 37-point loss was the worst of the season, surpassing a 16-point loss only one week earlier.

So the Bills are not just going badly but getting worse.

That, of course, only matters if you adhere to the facts.

"Listen, I think Buffalo has been playing really well," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said moments ago. "I don't think because of what happened yesterday, you can look at any of that. The bottom line is just looking at the game, I haven't watched it yet, but it appears to me that turnovers had an awful lot to do with it.

"It seemed like they had three or four turnovers in the game."

Yes, the Bills had four turnovers. That is playing poorly in my estimation. That is not playing really well.

Anyway, the Bills are beat up, having lost key contributors at WR, OLB and DL in recent weeks. The Dolphins are 2 1/2 point faves.

The Dolphins, winners of two straight, are also playing well -- except that the facts actually back up that stance.


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Reggie has started doing exactly what a lot of experts,fans and myself said he could'nt do..run between the tackles.

I would really like to see one win against either NE or the Jets and the way the Jets are playing I think they are beatable when they come here. But we have got to find a way to score more points our defense cant hold everybody to 0 TDs

If our defense just yielded 2 TDs yesterday we lose!!


I gotcha. And yes, if Reid were fired, I would take him in a second. He gets the most out of his offense. He turns so-so QB's into stars.

People thought I was crazy when I said Kevin Kolb would peter out in Arizona. But Philly Qb's die out when they leave. It happens over and over. AJ Feeley anyone?

Guess What?

Fans rooting for losses to secure a higher 2012 draft status consider this:

We could possibly win our next 5 in a row

1. Bills-- winnable
2. Cowboys---winnable Because of Romo
3. Raiders---winnable
4. Eagles----winnable The dream's turned nightmare.
5. Bills---winnable

Then there's:

6. New England---Revenge motive
7. Jets--Almost never swept by both Jets and Pats in the same season.

So as you see, there's chance of finishing 8-8, drafting outside of top 10. You better begin looking long and hard at Casey Weedon and Kellen Moore as possible future dolphins qb's.

Weedon nor Kellen Moore are horrible picks. Weedon as a 28yr old rookie isnt horrible if the kid proves be a franchise calibre qb. even at 28yrs old we get upto 10yrs out of the guy(38yrs old).

Wasnt Marino 38-39yrs old when he left the scene?

This team does play for Sparano no doubt. I disagreed with not keeping Ricky Williams and I think that cost us initially with Bush not being able to break tackles and run. As for Marshall man great games the last two weeks with him production wise. This team clearly did not look like it gelled, but it does now and with Moore throwing deeper its giving the offense options. It just sucks it took seven losses to figure that out. 9-7 and back in baby!

If it is any consolation to anybody here, the QB we have stashed in the PS is as good as any that was picked after Cam Newton, and better than all accuracy wise.

DC Dolphin,

Running Bush up the middle are not stupid calls. If they only ran him outside the defenses would just simply lineup to stop everything on the edge.

You have to run Bush up the middle even if it accomplishes nothing except to keep the run defense honest. If you dont keep them honest nothing to the outside would work.

Please Dolphins-

We don't suck enough for Luck-

At least...Be bad enough for Barkley!

I think it's hilarious that someone else has noticed that DC Dolfan is super annoying. Hilarious.

Nevertheless, I agree we have to draft a QB next year to compete with Devlin and Moore. My choice would be Weedon, age and all.

Oscar, Weeden looks awfully good.

yg, that wasn't me who was talking about Bush (I think it was Ohio).

But, I agree with you, you have to disguise the run plays.

However, it's very uncreative to run up the middle EVERY first down (like we did pretty much all game). Daboll needs to understand he has to be creative ALL game to help this team win. Defensively too. When you surprise the other team good things usually happen.

There you are troll (@ 2:13), I was looking for you. I think it's hilarious that I'm the only one paying you any attention (since the rest of the blog just treats you like the troll you are).

That speaks volumes to what they really think about you (very little), and what they really think about me (they respect me).

Sucks for you both ways, LOSER!!!! Must be hard being you, glad I don't ever need to worry about that, lol!

I know some of you hate to hear this, but I like the progress Matt Moore's making. Sure he had an uneven game yesterday but he finished it off very well.

He completed 20-29 passes(a whopping 68%). No tds passing, but he didnt need to, Bush had two tds rushing on the ground. Take away the pick and add at least 1 td passing, Moore easily has 100 plus qb rating yesterday.

Believe it or not, Moore's improving right before our very eyes. When has Henne ever led a game clinching late td drive to seal a victory?

Im not declaring Moore franchise material just yet. But I absolutely love the way he's subtley improving right before our very eyes!

FF72, I think he is a 1st round talent, but he might drop to the 2nd round due to his age. Easily reachable for us.

Sparano is right not to take the Bills lightly. The last thing this team needs right now is to be overconfident. They're 2-7 for God's sake! They've blown games this year because they didn't focus for a full 60 mins or they eased up on their opposition. There's been too many games in the past when we SHOULD have easily beaten the Bills but took them too lightly and lost to them. This Bills team is still very capable of beating us. It would be really good for this team to remain focussed. They've accomplished NOTHING to date...

yg, I agree, he's improving. He's no longer the worst QB in the league. Not sure that helps us become the elite team we all want us to be, but I'll give due credit when it's deserved.

Does anyone think Reggie can become a 1000 yards rusher for Miami?


A lot of draft experts had Weeden going in the 4th or 5th rd due to his age, but he's been moving up the draft boards lately. Most likely a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

I would DEFINITELY take him in the 3rd.

Matt Moore's qb rating was 47.5 at half. The kid really bounced back very well to finish with a qb rating in the 70's. Im really beginning to have a very cautious and growing amount of respect for this kid.

Remember, this is only his 4th-5th season and he's already beginning to make us forget about Chad Henne. Should he play well against the Bills and lead us to victory. Im officially declaring Henne's time in Miami completely over.

Henne wont even be a backup in Miami. It will be Matt Moore and whoever is our #1 qb draft pick. More's currently playing well enough to groom a #1 qb pick for at least a year.


Can I hear you say that again? 'He's not the worst QB in the league any more'.....it has a nice ring to it.....just joking with ya!

Never said he was a superstar but he's been bashed enough on here by Armando and others unfairly. He's more along the lines of a Jay Fiedler.....smart, game manager. He's not going to win you too many games but he's hopefully not going to lose too many either. There's still a need for a franchise QB, no question but with any luck Moore and the Dolphins could easily have been 4-0 over the last four games. They threw away the games against the Giants and Broncos.


All you hear about Weedon is AGE, AGE, AGE. I'm not advocating drafting the kid but you've got to be impressed, the kid is having one Hell of a season. I've only seen him in limited action but he's put up some pretty impressive numbers.

Yea it was me talking about running bush up the middle.......I guess stupid was a harsh word, just in some of the earlier games they did it time after time after time, with nothing happening, like bashing your head against the wall.

I love what they've done with him the past few games. I get excited every time he gets the ball!


Sure Reggie can be a 1000 yd rusher here, if used properly.

The last 3 games he has about 230 yds. That translates to about 1300 yds for a full season.

Clever play calling is the key. Reggie has a LOT of talent.


I absolutely do believe Bush can be a 1000yd nfl rusher. With a great blocking oline. However it will still be extremely difficult because we employ a 2 rb system.

But becuase Bush has the speed to take it too the house every play. That's a Barry Sandereque quality where a guy can be bottled up all game, average 1.1ypc, then bust one for 70yd td.

A defense can hold a rb like Bush to 30yds the entire game, then bam! He has the speed to break one 70yds with less than 5minutes left in the 4th qtr to finish for 100yds rushing.

That's the true danger of a rb with Bush and Sanders-like speed.

Moore is already the backup next year. Signed cheap and henne is a free agent. Done and done.

The thing about Weedon most are not considering is even as a 28yr old rookie he can have a 10yr Nfl career. The Marinos and Montanas left the game around that age.

Even if he plays to an age of 35yrs old, that's still 7 season. Dont forget, even 7 seasons is like an eternity in terms of nfl longevity.

If Weedon's indeed very good, You shouldnt take his age as a detriment and neither should whoever's running our front office.


I beg to differ. All depends how Matt Moore performs and continues to progress this season. If we finish 8-8 for example, it means Moore made huge strides in his progression process and we wont be drafting a day one rookie starting qb anyway.

So that means Moore would be our 2012 starting qb and the rookie qb sits at least a season unless Moore is injured or out for the season.

Not every play is going to gain 3+ yards. But every play should have a purpose. If you don't run Bush up his Guard's backs now & then, the sweeps won't work, play-action doesn't work, etc. For what it's worth, I prefer Bush's 1 yard gains to Ronnie Brown's 3 yard losses.

Don't worry, yesterday, they signed Pat Devlin and Jimmy Wilson which nobody else wanted to touch with a 10f pole. I think we are safe in that area.

Blog Fodder,

You have a legit point. I havent seen a rb dancing behind the line of scrimmage only to consistently lose yardage since Brown left. Even Philly tried to get rid of him, but, the other guy's physical turned up a brain tumor and cancelled the trade.

If the formula for beating the Bills is forcing multiple turnovers, not sure we should be considered favorites!

Weeden's age is discussed so much because people are trying to determine his draft value. It IS a factor to consider.

If two QB's have equal talent, and one can play for 15 years while the other can only play for 10, you would one the one for 15 years.

But I'd rather have a STAR for 10 years than a mid-level type for 15. NO QUESTION!

yg, I liked some of what Brown could do...but his consistent 2-3 yard losses were drive killers. Bush is much quicker to the hole and hardly ever loses yards.

I think if both Bush & Thomas become everydown backs, defenses will have less to key on than when we had Brown/Williams as the RB duo.

It also looks to me as if Thomas is becoming a much better blocker.

I like seeing Clay out there too.


We can only assume one could play for 15yrs. Even when qbs come into the league at the youthful age of 22-23yrs old it's rare to see them last 15yrs.

Im sure if the nfl history qb longevity were averaged out. We maybe surprised to find it fall well under 10yrs. So that's something a so-called wise gm may want to keep in front him when evaluating or anticipating selecting a qb like Weedon too.

If you got 10yrs of service from a guy like Weedon, it's still a coup. Stability of your starting qb position for even 7-8yrs is absolutely phenominal.

The thing is ff72, that after Luck, I really don't see any obvious star QB's, even Weeden. There are very few Marinos and Cam Newtons that can come in and set the League on fire. Still, and in his favor, the man is much more mature than the avg QB drafted and that might help speed up his progress. Later.

Blog Fodder,

Bush adds the edge busting factor to our run game. We did not have this factor with Brown-Williams. All they had to do was focus on overplaying to the middle against our run game.

With the outside threat of Bush, they have to play our run game a little more honestly. However, with occasional great run blocking in the middle of the oline, Bush can pop a big run inbetween the tackles too.

I havent even talked about the element Daniel Thomas brings. He's capable of breaking 15-50yds runs too when clearing holes cleanly. Its just he maybe brought down from behind on the longer runs.


That's both the exciting and mystifying part about rookie qb evaluations. You cant say with 100% certainty who will and wont be a star nfl qb.

Tom Brady(6th rd), Aaron Rodgers(2nd rd), Drew Brees(2nd rd). These are currently the top 3 qb's in the nfl. Where they were all drafted, nfl gm's didnt see them playing at the status they're all playing at now.

If they would have, all 3 of these nfl qb's would have been 1st overall picks.

If we aren't drafting Luck then we are not drafting a day one starter regardless of what Moore does from here on in. And that's OK. I wouldn't mind starting Moore for at least half a season. If Moore plays like hasselbeck, rookie sits a year, if he plays like mcnabb, rookie comes in mid year.

And I still say forget Weedon. 28 is too old. It takes 3 years approximately to master the offense, by then he's 31. I'd rather take my chances with a younger guy.

..So I was at the Boise game on Saturday. I'm not going to kill Kellen Moore because they lost. But one thing that is SHOCKING in person is Moores lack of size. I cannot argue his intangibles.He has been great as a college qb. But his balls have no zip. Accurate in college, I'm not sure some of those throws aren't INT's in the NFL. Again, this I'm not saying this stuff because Boise lost. Moore did bring his team down the field, only to be foiled again by the kicker. I just see him as a slower Colt McCoy. IMO, no way is Moore a first round pick. He is just to small, and not mobile enough, with linited arm strength.

Qualities Making A Franchise Calibre QB:

1. Physical tools
2. Cerebral, processes the game well
3. Great desire, a chip on his shoulder if you will.
4. Fearlessness. A great qb never plays scared. Still there's a fine line between not playing scared and playing smart. He must fully know where that line begins and ends.

5. Must know both his limitations and those around him.


I agree, and am looking forward to seeing Thomas bust some of those longer runs. I think he'll be a back-breaker toward the end of games. Seems like he's been a step away all season.

Bottom line is we need a REAL OC. Our Fins have talent. COACHING COACHING COACHING is the KEY. Our players have to be put in a position that enhances their strengths. I can't believe we are 2-7, should be more like 4-5 and fighting for a wild card SPOT, but, because of COACHING, we are at 2-7.

Anyone else want to chime in??

Aaron Rodgers was taken at the bottom of the 1st, but your point is still valid.

Drafting QB's is something of a crapshoot.

Rodgers was a first round pick, brees, 1st pick of the 2nd round. Brady a once in a generation fluke.

The vast majority of the top 15 qbs were first round picks. That's where your best odds lie.

LOL Craig, I know, never thought you'd hear it from my mouth, did ya?

But got to give it to the guy, he came in, learned the offense, and has been a serviceable QB. Even the Giants game. Can't really blame that loss on him.

All in all, I hope people think I've been relatively fair to both QBs. I'm not asking them to be Rodgers (you need a franchise QB for that). I just want them to make plays, not make mistakes, and don't lose games themselves.

For the most part, both QBs did that in every game (I guess you can blame some of the Cleveland game on Henne and some of the Jets game on Moore). Otherwise, they haven't been terrible.

But like you said, we still need to Draft a starter. I'm not tuning out calls for Moore to be the backup next year though (he's earned that much in my book).

Darryl, I see the same thing as you. Kellen Moore just looks like a longshot. Brees is a smaller guy but he's still bigger than Moore.

You can look at this team, and sure QB is a need, but would we be saying this if Henne didn't get hurt and was still playing well??

Right Tackle is in my book the number one priority, and getting more youth on the line. Richie O. and Vernon C are not long term answers. John Jerry just couldn't pan out.

Another pass rusher needed.
Young TE needed.
Perhaps an upgrade to Hartline?
Secondary help.

Those suck for luck guys are still here? What kind of moronic fans hate winning? Only SUCK FOR LUCK guys! SAM posted players shoukd play hard, and LOSE! What a moron! Tell Matt Moore to play to LOSE so HE wont be able to start ever again? Yeah, I see that happening! These idiots forgot ith what pick in the draft that we got DAN MARINO! Guess you SUCK FOR LUCK guys think that if a QB isnt taken in the top 5, than he isnt any good! Tell that to Dan MArino 27th pick. Drew Brees 32nd pick. Tom Brady 199th pick. To suggest we LOSE to get a good qb is absolutely idiotic, stupid, is not based on reality, nor history. SO keep wanting to lose! Suit yourself, but I HATE losing, and know that ANDREW LUCK hates it too, as well as he hates fans that want to lose. EVER HEARD of trading up in the draft? Guess that never happens huh? Only in MIAMI does fans complain about WINNING a game!


All I can say is this. If this team goes on the kind of roll that lands us just outside of the top 10 drafting order. Weedon could be the best of the best left to choose from as far as legit rated 1st rd qb's. As many as 4 qb's could go topr 10:

1. Luck
2. Barkley
3. Landry

Weedon definitely maybe the 1st qb selected outside of the top 10. What we want as fans and the options we're actually presented with draft day. Could be like the difference between the sparrow and the eagle.

They both can fly but the eagle flies higher.


You're right on point about Kellen Moore. Too small for the NFL. Almost all the experts agree.

Mark T,

My primary point is that today's top 3 Nfl qb's would have never lasted as long as they did had gm had the true ability to accurately gauge how they would truly perform.

As the current top 3 nfl qb's all would have been 1st overall picks in thier prospective draft years. As the current top 3 nfl qb's it's obvious all 3 are outperforming thier 1st overall predecessors in thier respective draft years.

It unequivocally proves it's not always about who gets the 1st overall qb. That alone doesnt guarantee SB championship rings. All 3 of the current top 3 nfl qb's have SB championship rings. 6th rd'er Brady has 3.

the fins began to grow when they won their first game. how did they do it? the offense opened it up by ESTABLISHING a second threat in the passing game(clay). some defenses may fear brandon marshall, and then only because he gets the most targets, but the really good offenses have multiple stud recievers, example dez bryant, miles austin, jason whitten... any one of these recievers for dallas can all of a sudden become romo's favorite target, and all are EXCELLENT after the catch. how do you hang 30 points on a rex ryan star studded secondary? look no further then dallas. miami doesn't have a recieving core like the cowboys .. but the major contributing factor to our 30 point win over kansas city had a lot more to do with CLAY then most people realize, and miami better NOT forget it! CLAY is a scary big man when running around in the secondary, and he will demand far more attention then brandon marshall, yep we beat washington, but it could have easily been another loss, NOTE: CLAY had ONE reception and the offense looked weak, compared to the previous week. miami needs to target CLAY as much as it targets marshall. CLAY should be moore's other favorite target, and the offense will keep growing. please don't forget that miami got it's first win when clay got multiple targets in the same drive. antonio gates does not become great if he only gets one or two passes a game, he is not a star if he only catches one pass per game. miami needs to establish CLAY as another star, it has to establish this other stud reciever to give defenses something else, something bigger to fear then brandon marshall. donald lee became great after leaving the fins because the packers decided to throw to him more then once a game, if miami can begin to feed clay the ball, it may NOT have to look for a tight-end in the offseason, he has been doing good, and NOW is the time to BUILD on it!

If all these QB's go before Miami picks then I would sign Hennne back.

Who would you rather have Henne or Sanchez? Not even close. He is a poor man's Chad Pennington with half the football knowledge. They can have him!

Mark..Finsfan72...I like Kellen Moore, I think that realistically he is a mid second-early third guy. Could go higher, could go lower obviously. But seeing him in person I would go so far as to say that Pat Devlin is a better prospect.. Better arm, better size, better mobility. The Boise media guise lists Moore at 6'1 190 plus....NO WAY,not on skates, not soaking wet..

Enough with the Weedon talk...no way Ross signs a 28 yr old franchise QB.
Nuff Said.

Did you all see Rex Ryan call Sanchez stupid? haha.....I hope we beat them, I hate the Jets and I hate Rex Ryan (and his foot fetish)

I'm still saying the Phins will be drafting in the top ten. They should be able to land either Barkley or Jones.

Sorry, I just don't see Weeden being a 1st round pick. Very hard for a guy who will be 29 when the draft happens to prove to an organization that he will have NO learning curve and that his skills won't rapidly deteriorate. They just do after 30, no matter how well you take care of yourself. I think Robert Griffin has a better chance of landing in the 1st round than Weeden. Weeden may sneak into the 2nd, but I think he'll be more like a 3rd rounder...maybe even 4th.

Glad to see less talk of Kellen Moore. I really like the guy as a college QB....but he is going to be pretty limited as a pro prospect. He simply doesn't have the stature or the physical tools to do much at the NFL level. Think Flutie, only far less mobile. At 5'11" and 185, he's going to get killed out there. Personally, I think 4th round is being generous....he may end up being one of these QBs that put up huge numbers in college, but doesn't even get drafted or goes very late.

Joe Montana didnt have a particularly big arm and was well under 200lbs too. All he did was go onto win 3 SB championships with the 49ers.

Montana wasnt a 1st rd qb pick and Moore has had a far more decorated college career. What we cant measure about some of these qb's are the intangibles. Heart being foremost.

Take Henne for example, he has all of the physical elements you expect of a protypical nfl qb, yet still seems to be lacking.

QB mobility isnt how fast a guy runs. Its how well he feels the pocket and the defenders around him. Marino had this. There probably werent many of his olinemen Marino could win a footrace against. But he had a quick release and uncanny ability to feel the pocket.

Also uncanny accuracy is far superior to rocket arm alone. Kellen Moore is completing 70% of his passes. I'll take ball placement over rocket arm anyday. Great ball placement almost always leads to 5 or more yards of yac aand gives the reciever better chance of taking one all the way to the house.

Great ball placement is also critical when operating inside the redzone. Kellen Moore has very good ball placement on his throws. So did a guy by the name of Joe Montana.

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