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Looking ahead to the Bills who may or may not stink

The Buffalo Bills, the next opponent for the Dolphins, have hit an interesting point in their season.

After starting out an inspired 4-1 and leading the AFC East, the Bills have, shall we say, hit a rough patch of late. No, check that. If "of late" is defined as yesterday, the Bill have stunk. They lost 44-7 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

It was their third loss in four weeks. It was their third loss in four road games.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions including one that was returned for a TD. Running back Fred Jackson also had a fumble that turned the ball over. The 37-point loss was the worst of the season, surpassing a 16-point loss only one week earlier.

So the Bills are not just going badly but getting worse.

That, of course, only matters if you adhere to the facts.

"Listen, I think Buffalo has been playing really well," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said moments ago. "I don't think because of what happened yesterday, you can look at any of that. The bottom line is just looking at the game, I haven't watched it yet, but it appears to me that turnovers had an awful lot to do with it.

"It seemed like they had three or four turnovers in the game."

Yes, the Bills had four turnovers. That is playing poorly in my estimation. That is not playing really well.

Anyway, the Bills are beat up, having lost key contributors at WR, OLB and DL in recent weeks. The Dolphins are 2 1/2 point faves.

The Dolphins, winners of two straight, are also playing well -- except that the facts actually back up that stance.


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...Someone mentioned this earlier. I think before we start seriously discussing quarterbacks prospects for this team. We need to figure out who is going to be coaching this team. This will be a huge factor going forward as far as what sort of system we will have. If we change coordinators, if we try and stuff a pass first offense down the throats of a team built to run. Or, totaly change the personel to join the rst of the league..just in time to see the trends change again.

It takes the proper combination of luck, skill, and system for a quarterback to gel into a true leader, and franchise guy. The way this franchise is set up now. Any rookie coming in here would most likely fail. The franchise(Ross) has to find the right mix of head coach, and GM to increase the odds that the guy we choose to play quarterback. Will give this team the best chance to meet the 3 criteria above.

Well DC, I'll give you props for owning up to your earlier thoughts on Moore. He's no world beater, but he is serviceable as you've said. It's interesting that we haven't heard any more 'Moore was the guy who led the Panthers to a lst place finish' from Armando or 'you only win with stellar QB play in the NFL'. Moore wasn't great yesyerday but he was good enough for us to beat the 'Skins. Like I said he's not going to win games for us, hence the reason he's a backup....we just don't want him losing them for us.

I saw Foles play on saturday against colorado. I would add him to the list of QBs worth looking at. he's big, strong arm and very accurate even in 50+mph winds on saturday. The team around him sucks but he's pretty solid. He might fall into the first round.

Darryl Dunphy,

I think Kellen Moore's going bottom 1st. Dont be shocked if a smart gm like Green Bay's Ted Thompsom see's the value.

Picking absolute bottom first, a team with no glaring needs will be drafting in terms of greatest value. A player like like Kellen Moore wont be available when they pick bottom 2nd, so they take him and he sits 3-4yrs behind Rodgers.

At the very least he's great insurance should Rodgers go down with season ending injury 2-3yrs down the line. Then Kellen Moore comes in, performs extremely well, then Packers gm Ted Thompson's hailed genius again.

So dont be surprised Kellen Moore goes bottom 1st rd. That's where the playoff teams with the brightest gm's usually make thier picks.

Foles = Henne


If a smart gm like Green Bay's Ted Thompson gets his hands on a qb like Kellen Moore bottom 1st rd. It'll be another case of the richer getting richer.

Let's start screaming "Occupy Green Bay" Nfl 1 percenters!

Does anyboday else like RG# or does the braids scare you off?

Ted Thompson + Mike McCarthy = Kellen Moore as the next Aaron Rodgers


The one thing about Foles that I didn't know is that he calls his own plays...Impressive. I would take the kid from Arizona State before Kellen Moore.. I want a guy that can deliver the ball from the pocket, and that is big enough to take hits, yet mobile enough to avoid some of the big ones...Moore just doesn't fit my personal criteria for what I want in a quarterback...If he makes it, and has a wonderful career..Great. I just think the odds are against him. From his arm strength to his size, to his mobility..All well below average.


The most glaring problem I see with RGIII:

Even before Saturday's game I looked up his stats and found he been "SACKED 18 TIMES".

He has great mobility and speed, but it shows me he may just hold the ball a little too long. He may have the over resisting urge to hit the long td a little too much. In the Nfl especially you better get the ball out of your hands quickly.

The packers aren't drafting Kellen Moore in the 1st round. They have a porous pass defense that needs to be addressed and they already have Matt Flynn NFL ready. They aren't taking a 3rdqb string qb with their 1st pick.

YG....You could be right. If Moore is to indeed go in the first round. It would be to a team that can afford sitting him for awhile. Still, I do not think his skill set warrants using a first round pick on him, when you could just as likely get him later down the road. Like I said earlier. I enjoy watching Kellen Moore. I think he has been great. I just don't see him as the next great quarterback in thr NFL..even if he does end up in a situation like Green Bay where he can sit and learn with no pressure...Could be wrong. I just do not see it.

Darryl Dunphy,

Joe Montana and Drew Brees didnt fit many experts draft criteria as far as size being a very important element. Still between the both they sport 4 SB championship rings.

People forget Joe Montana was well under 200lbs in the height of his greatness. Both Montana and Brees have proven its not the height of your physical stature that overcomes the game. It's the height of your game that overcomes your physical staure.

YG, Baylor offensive line is terrible, hint why he has 18 sacks. If you look at his 3 years at Baylor, he has improved every year and has a higher completion percentage than Kellen Moore.

Mark T,

That's the genius of a guy like Packers gm Ted Thompson. He doesnt do the things an average joe like me and you would think he would. Smart gm's draft qb's before they actually need them.

Exactly what have you seen from Tom Flynn to make you think Ted Thompson's joined to him by the hip? He could be trade bait at any moment. Especially if a smart guy like Thompson felt Kellen Moore has far more upside.

YG..I can appreciate your conviction about a player. You are certainly not sitting on the fence with your opinion. I know telling you, or anyone for that fact that I saw him live with my own eyes holds litlle or no value..Especially since I do not get to make the draft choices. But seriously. I have seen better prospects at the FCS level this year then Kellen Moore.Guys with better arms, bigger, faster..Playing against competition that isn't to much less then what Boise plays against each week in their conference.

Also it isn't a fair comparison between Monatana, Brees, and Moore. Seriously, I see Joe Montana almost every Saturday waliking around Missoula(his son is a QB there) and he looks bigger out of pads, out of football then Moore does..It is Jaw dropping how small Moore is. also Montana,and Brees have cannon arms compaired to Moore. they also had escapeability that Moore doesn't have.


If Baylor's oline is terrible, that's all the more reason RGIII should no he doesnt have long to hold onto the football. Still the oline cant be to terrible if it allows its qb to be among the nation's leaders in td throws.

Absolutely no way a qb throws as many tds as RGIII if his oline is that consistently terrible. Suggest to me thier no more terrible than the other top college qbs and RGIII needs to learn not to try and hit the big play every play. Im not buying it.

People forgot Montana played in a different era. Defenses are bigger, faster and stronger now. Brees is fortunate he is on a very good team, lots of weapons to run and recieve. It's the exception rather than the norm. It's too much of a long shot these little guys will be durable today.

Montana also has world class support on offense, defense and coaching. Rare situation.

yesterday's gone - I appreciate your passion for Kellen Moore....I really do. I'm a MWC guy myself (UNM alum) and I live in New Mexico (MWC/WAC country), so I've had the opportunity to see a lot of Kellen Moore.

I'm not just talking arm strength here...there are ample examples of successfull, franchise QBs out there with limited arm strength. That said, I can't think of one franchise QB that is 5'11". The only time you'll see Moore's specs at taller than 5'11" is in the Boise program at the game. The vast majority of scouts have him pegged at 5'11"....I've met him and stood next to hime....shook his hand....he's 5'11".

Sorry, I don't see any GM going after a 5'11" QB with their 1st round pick. Bare minimum is 6'....and at that, you better have some major intangibles and be pretty mobile. Kellen Moore is about as mobile as a fence post in concrete.

Not to mention....and I hate ragging on the MWC or the WAC, but neither of these conferences are exactly what I would call competitive (at least where football is concerned). Ultra sub-par competition for the most part for Boise State and Kellen Moore through his entire college career....and let's not forget about the blue field and blue uniforms that gave Boise State an advantage at home for years.


Its quite a fair comparison of Moore to Brees and Montana. Thier draft statuses fell for the same exact reason. It forcasts size and great arm alone does not a great nfl qb makes. Many with great size and arms have greatly humbled by the nfl game.

Throughout his career Kellen Moore has consistently played big in big games. Never once have I seen him play down to level of his opponents.

Those are my two primary requirements for taking a risk on supposed big name qb's. Also qb's playing perrenially powerhouse teams far outnumbering thier opponents in overall talent can be decieving too. Many of these qb types get greatly exposed in the nfl.

Never in the nfl is degree of great overall talent is as huge as it is on the collegiate level. If that's the primary reason a qb won and put great number in college. It will be quickly exposed in the Nfl.

How is a blue field and uniforms an advantage?

DC Dofan.....

I think you and Dc Dolboy are really saying the same thing....and after all HE IS on a Dolphins Blog...SO he must be a Dolphin FAN....

That was pretty much your logic to me yesterday right....

Doesn't really apply at all right....

Just checking....

2009, I think it was, Moore and Boise St upsets #1 Georgia. The Powerful SEC.

Guys in no way am I saying we should definitely take Moore. Im just throwing out facts why you cant discount him as easily as many of you seem to do.

I dont have a crystal ball, for all I know he could turn bust. Im just saying I see things about him that suggest it would not shock me in the least if he was very successful at the pro level.

Im just saying he cant be as easily discounted and disregarded as some of you may think. Ive seen our fo go this road before only to have it result in many years of fan regret.

Guess Im out guys.

yg, your an idiot.


Are you saying I fit in with the rest of the crowd? Im absolutely thrilled I've gained your approval. ROTFLMAO!

You mean you don't know who yesterdays gone is? It's a new name he started not long ago.

Since we are talking about the Bills may as well talk about the Colts Stampede Blue for an update;

Bill Polian: Peyton Manning Will Be Back With the Colts In 2012.

During the post-game interview, Bob Lamey talked to Polian about how 'better days are on the way.'

In response to this, Polian said that he expects Peyton Manning 'to be back with us next year, healthy.' It was a statement clearly aimed at fans, perhaps intending to let them know that, when Peyton returns, things will get better.

Again, this statement was odd considering that Peyton confirmed two weeks ago that he is still healing slowly. It read even more curious when considering the Colts (0-10) lost this afternoon and both the Dolphins (2-8) and the Rams (2-7) won.

This means the Colts are firmly is the 'Suck 4 Luck' driver's seat, and if Indy drafts Andrew Luck then that effectively ends the Peyton Manning era in Indianapolis.

Luck and Manning cannot coexist on the same team. Luck wants to play right away, and Manning (if healthy) has no interest in leading a rebuilding effort at 35-years-old.

lol kris. No, doesn't apply. Even though both were idiots, your guy wasn't criticizing you. He was criticizing Marshall. This guy is criticizing me.

While your guy was an idiot for calling Marshall a "thug", which can be seen as an underhanded racial slight, he also said he wants the team to go 9-7. What I was pointing out was for the team to go 9-7, he'd HAVE TO support Marshall (since he basically IS our offense). So I was trying to point out to that guy that he was being hypocritical, by not liking Marshall the person, but liking Marshall the Miami Dolphins football player.

Plus it was GAME DAY! Not really an appropriate time to start fighting between Dolphins posters.

My troll joker simply doesn't like me. And NEVER talks about the team (so who know what he thinks about them).

All in all though, neither of those dudes matter one iota. And that's how it's comparable (IMO).

LOL, I thought you'd take that wrong yesterday (since you didn't respond). Probably thought I was taking his side, huh? Never that, you're my DMV brethren (DC/Maryland/VA). Just knew you'd be wasting time with a guy who thinks the way he does.

More importantly though kris, hope you enjoyed the ride into work today. Did you listen to the junkies (or espn radio)? All the complaining and whining about the whooping the 'Skins took yesterday? I LOVED IT!! Took the long way to work JUST to hear them longer. Going extra long way home.


To my troll fan club, FYI, I'm leaving the blog now to go to the gym (ON THE COMPANY'S DIME)! See you when I get back!


Its been said Manning could possibly be ready to begin practicing again as earlier as mid January. Even if ready to play, I believe the Colts shelve him for the rest of the 2011-12 season.

Still its great news for the Colts should this occur because it means they dont have to draft a day one starting qb. If the Colts go 0-16, it obviously suggests the Colts have far greater personel problems than just a Manning or Luck easily fixes.

So, if they finish 0-16, it may better serve them to trade down while still staying middle top 10 drafting order. They could gain at least another 2nd rd'er this year and at at least a 1st rd'er next year and still get a great qb to sit behind Manning for few seasons.

When a team's 0-16 its far more than a qb issue, its a personel deficient issue. You address that by gaining more high level draft picks. That's how I would approach it as a nfl gm.

we cannot fall out of the top 5 in draft or we are scrwed, and it looks like we might just do that with 5 wins. unreal how dumb this is getting. bills better come in here and give us a loss. we cannot afford more than one more win. those top 3 qbs are miles ahead of every other one

5-11QB ^= RD1


No matter how great, a single qb alone doesnt make an 0-16 team a playoff team. Colts also have injuries that go further than Manning himself.

All of this is the perfect storm when you consider Curtis Painter doesnt even seem to be a legit Nfl backup qb. But Luck's a better qb right now than Painter probably ever will be.

Weeden > Luck

I think that, from the Draft, the player that is playing the best is Clay. He is a x threat, commits no mistakes, can catch very well and is an excellent bloker at least on plays downfield where he blocked for Reggie's TD yesterday and last week also for another TD.


You also gotta figure at least 6-7 teams in the top 10 drafting order wont be drafting a qb rd 1. So a lot depends on the makeup of the 2012 draft order of teams that will make it up.

One thing sure for now is Luck has the greatest chance to go 1st overall. How the other qb's go heavily depends on what the teams need, the availability of that player of thier needs.

For example: The Rams look like they'll pick squarely around top 5. But, its highly unlikely having drafted the kid from Oklahoma just a few years ago they'll be taking a qb. Their goal will be a top defender or offensive piece to place around Bradford.

It all depends who's picking where and what thier primary need is. Never know, depending on who picks on top of us, thier needs and availabilty of the player to address thier needs, we can sit at #7 and still land Landry.

We dont know what happens until we see how it plays out. Anything else is just over speculating.

Lets talk about Odrick. Suddenly he's not looking like such a bad #1 pick anymore. The guy's had a sack in each of his last 3 games. Plus he also has a pick 6 this year.

If Odrick continues on his sack a game pace. He finishes the year with 10 sacks and a pick 6. Not bad for a guy just a short season ago we all thought was chronic injury nightmare.

Big Kudos to Odrick. Keep up the good work dude!

Again, Matt Ryans fails to beat an upper echelon franchise calibre qb. This seems to be becoming a habit.

No argument Ryans a very good qb. But there's still question if he's a legit franchise qb. He seems to be so far failing test for franchise defining moments.

Isnt that what franchise calibre qb's are judged upon most?

The other draftees are also playing well, but making the usual rookie mistakes. Pouncey has been solid these past 2 weeks but still is hiking that ball pretty high and is a lucky thing Moore has good hands. D. Thomas is reverting to his college habits of not going to the right hole quickly enough, but boy, when he gets it right consistently, lookout! Wilson is playing the most difficult position 1-1 with great receivers and overall he seems to be improving. I still think he should get a shot at FS, the ball comes to him. Gates, hmm.., why is he not being used more, could it be Matt Moore doesn't have the arm to let him go and get the ball? Overall, there is huge potential with all these guys.


Spiderman - The blue field/blue uni, blue shoes, blue socks, blue helmet have a camo effect. Teams have been complaining to the NCAA about this for years, but pretty much falls on def ears as we are just the lowely MWC/WAC out here.

Boise is moving on the "greener" pastures though in order to become BCS school next year. The BCS has pretty much put the smack down on the blue on blue gimmick.

huge potential,lol how many times have i heard that about the last 3 garbage drafts

ygone colts we know will draft luck. the skins will def draft a qb, zona,sea might also. but yes lets hope whatever teams in front of us wont need a qb. its so huge for this franchise to not win more than maybe one more game this year. if so we can finally start to build a real future


Gates needs to get better with pure route running. With his speed its easy to just out run a guy deep. Plus we dont have a qb with that kind of consistent deep throwing touch.

Just yesterday Moore missed Marshall deep on the trick pass play. So with the qb we have Gates needs to become more refined as a route runner. Then maybe he catches one, get a missed tackle, then take one to the house.

Gates would already be prospering if we had a qb with good consistent deep touch. Right now it's more of a wasted play than anything else. Even the defenses now know it very unlikely our qb will connect on a deep throw.

gates was just another awful gimmick pick, kinda like pat white was

A team is as good as is in the two last games, the dolphins won 2 in a row opposite the Bills, so I think that will be a winnable game, but I am still afraid of the conservative play calling of coach Sparano

just won 2 games vs horrible teams. be real here, no reason to win a couple more and destroy our draft. we dont need or want to win anymore this season, doesnt help anything and can ruin the future. be a smart fan think with your head not your heart


As a 4th rd'er I wouldnt exactly call Gates a wasted pick. Because of that Im willing to give him 2yrs unless its indisputably apparent the guy's a bust.

Still, I would like to see him incorporated into the offense more before seasons end. I believe he could be special if he learns to master route running better. Right now we dont have a qb to rake full advantage of his speed.


Im sure if you go up to one of our players and suggest they should tank the rest of the season to secure a higher draft position. Im sure you'll end up with more than just a dusty bottom.

4th rounder or u mean before delonte carter, k.hunter, taiwan jones, just to name a few rbs we could of gotten there and not traded up for thomas who hasnt been good as any of those 3. and could of taken mallet instead early on

its frustrating dude, and now we keep trying to screw the draft more and more. u watch we will go 5-11 and destroy any chances at the big 3

and oh yeah after they traded up to get thomas, 9 picks later goes d.murray

Very valid post @3:53, Darryll. My view on Sparano, besides liking him as a person as most of his players do) is I feel he is not the right Coach for the Miami Dolphins, specially at this moment. Yes, his players play hard for him and don't beat themselves(count the # of penalties in the past 2 games). However, he has a young Team in his hands and he has not shown a talent for developing players, specially with that select Draftee class we just had. There are other negative issues against him, but the above one is the one that worries me most. I say, go.

spranao is an awful football coach,period. glad hes gone. and see why he was voted most disliked coach. good human being, awful coach

Henne who?

cassel was awful so no biggie there, but to lose schaub for season , i feel bad for houston. they were rolling

What's amazing is how long it took the the O coord. and HC to figure out that Bush is not a power back to be run straight up between the tackles. It was a no-brainer from the beginning. In many early posts, even lowly me (a humble fan) was calling for screens, wheel routes, tosses, end arounds, double screens and a few others. Lo and behold, he scores with two of those against the Skins! I was like "WTF took these morons so long to figure it out?" It's called EGO.

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