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Looking ahead to the Bills who may or may not stink

The Buffalo Bills, the next opponent for the Dolphins, have hit an interesting point in their season.

After starting out an inspired 4-1 and leading the AFC East, the Bills have, shall we say, hit a rough patch of late. No, check that. If "of late" is defined as yesterday, the Bill have stunk. They lost 44-7 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

It was their third loss in four weeks. It was their third loss in four road games.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions including one that was returned for a TD. Running back Fred Jackson also had a fumble that turned the ball over. The 37-point loss was the worst of the season, surpassing a 16-point loss only one week earlier.

So the Bills are not just going badly but getting worse.

That, of course, only matters if you adhere to the facts.

"Listen, I think Buffalo has been playing really well," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said moments ago. "I don't think because of what happened yesterday, you can look at any of that. The bottom line is just looking at the game, I haven't watched it yet, but it appears to me that turnovers had an awful lot to do with it.

"It seemed like they had three or four turnovers in the game."

Yes, the Bills had four turnovers. That is playing poorly in my estimation. That is not playing really well.

Anyway, the Bills are beat up, having lost key contributors at WR, OLB and DL in recent weeks. The Dolphins are 2 1/2 point faves.

The Dolphins, winners of two straight, are also playing well -- except that the facts actually back up that stance.


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Here's my take on the GM/ HC upgrades we need.

Buffalo Bills Asst GM Doug Whaley spent 11 years in the scouting dept of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was hired by the Bills and quickly promoted to Asst GM. He is a bright young talent evaluator, ready to take over our FO.

Rob Chudzinsky is a bright young offensive genius who played and coached at UM and has been an outstanding OC in the NFL. He has a knack for helping young players excel, and would be a great mentor for our new franchise QB.

Posted by: finsfan72 | November 14, 2011 at 01:05 PM
Very interesting take. Just not sure Ross wants talent as much as he wants a SPLASH...unfortunately.

NTW, in your earlier post you listed teams and their QB's...better hope the Browns don't draft in front of us..McCoy is NOT the real deal...except against US, of course! LOL

Buff Bill, the Dolphins have been in decline since Shula and Marino were forced out! This is bad! We NEED an elite QB to be a nucleus for a new team!

That should have been BTW..not NTW..as i was referring to Finsfan72's earlier post. Sorry.

IMA W, good post!


Armando, why does this site cut off people and go blank at times?

Good Morning DolFans!

It's opening day of Deer Season. Getting ready to go out and put some meat on the table, Old School Style!

I'm feeling like Daniel Fvcking Boone!

Just wanted to repost on of the best posts I've read lately:

I swear to GOD, I have never ever been subjected to this many men acting like puzzies!

Of course, I grew up around real men, that stand up for their belief and hold cherished treasures close to their hearts.

Mando, you have a blog full of panzies that understands not, the meaning of devotion.

Outside a few legitimate fin fans, this blog is full of queers, wishing their team down the tube. Disgusting!

For every positive post, their are two dozon whinning peice of crap putz that drags the blog down.

Two-thirds of you would rather seen a loss these past two weeks, and another loss next week against the Bills.

Let me correct that equation.

Nine-tenths of you puzzies would jump on the broken down cart and cry when the driver spun an axle in a muddy creek. Wishing grandma would jump from the buckboard, and save your pathetic retarded azzes.

Shed ur diapers sissies! Miami will go three in a row.


Posted by: . | November 15, 2011 at 12:11 AM

My apologies to all you REAL fans, but I have to say, I LOVE this post!

PS: If I see any Buffaloes, they're going DOWN!

Here Bambi, HERE BOY!!!!


We don't need an elite qb. We need a very good qb, and a coaching staff and
Gm. That's whAt we need. But an elite qb doesn't sound so bad either.
Ryan leaf was to be elite. Jamarcus russel, Matt stafford, etc.
I watch a lot of college football...and I'm telling u there is not much difference between luck and Russell Wilson, Ryan mallet, Rg3, wheeden. (I'm pretty sure barkeley and Landry jones are not the answer for the NFL).
All i know is if this next season, we don't get rid of sparano, Ireland, and daboll, none of it will matter.

You can all put the talk of there being any obstacles to Polian drafting a QB high...the NFL is first and foremost a business, and good businesses do whats best for their future and don't worry about hurting anyone's feelings...


The Dolphins were so close to true success = Andrew Luck. What exactly does a later draft pick get Miami? Another defensive lineman?

^^^^ Jared Odrick's starting to bring it though...

Been away for some time,are DC Dolfan and Krissy still dating each other?

Posted by: Buffalo Bill | November 15, 2011 at 01:16 AM

Its to bad you have been away Buffalo Bill....here's what you missed....

your team won A GAME.....and everybody was shocked....the bills usually don't win till about mid NOV....but I don't have to tell you that...your a bills fan....you know how it goes....

Then you guys won another....and another....and people started to believe....ME INCLUDED....I wanted you guys to knock off the pats as the AFC EAST CHAMPS.....I even called you out.....but like most things in Buffalo....you were a step behind the REST of the world.....Bad internet connection in the boondocks I guess....

Anyway after the 44-7 drubbing you took from the Cowboys your team has been EXPOSED as FRAUDS.....they haven't beaten ANYBODY other than the pats...and one luck Division win a year is a given......

You screwed yourself with Fitzpatrick....who is laughing ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.....and will hold your team hostage for at least 3 years while your team tries to recoup some investment from him....

Enjoy your 6 win season....and really savor these last VICTORY.....it may come from the Titans or the Broncos...but it won't beat both....and you can take that to the bank.....

The Harvard Grad took the Bills to the cleaners...lol.....

you might as well cut him now....and draft one of these much hyped QBs coming out this year.....


Its all good....even brother's don't always see eye to eye...if we couldn't throw the occasional jab from time to time.....then it wouldn't be any fun.....

Odin...your re-post @ 12:11 REEKS of one poster in particular.....I mean dripping...like hot, nasty cheese from a fat man @ss in August in Iraqi.....you even stated "that once you read this particular poster (who post under multiple names) twice....you knew immediately it was him......

SO.......whats my beef....other than I think the post was IDIOTIC.....

How are you going to make a WHOLE post about MANLY MEN....and call others PUZZIES.....and.....wait for it.....wait for it....

NOT SIGN YOUR DAM NAME TO IT........HOW IN THE EFF DO YOU DO THAT......Who is really the puzze.....

I ask you ODIN...who?????

what about going against the norm...Hiring the coach at Oregon and draft Griffin to run the spread??Could be the way to scare jets and new england in a hurry up offense, they run a play every 13 seconds and fun as hell to watch. You need the right quarterback and Griffin is the one. 4.3 speed and the quickest release sence Marino...just saying!!!

Sounds like everybody is happy with Ireland?

Those front 7 Injuns we played last week were tough as hell.

Buffalo Bill, let me add to kris' post on what you missed.

The ENTIRE year you were away, we spoke about you, EXACTLY ZERO TIMES!!! If you hadn't come back, we would have forgotten you even existed.

Which is much like your crap team. Happy for you that you started strong. But much like everything else from your God awful part of the World, they won't be able to finish what they started.

The ONE year you had a chance to do something, ANYTHING, and your 15 minutes is over. How'd it feel to be on top for a week? See, when Miami puts it together (see '08), we WIN THE DIVISION. Sorry Bill, that probably went over your head. See, there are 4 teams in the AFC East. And at the end of the year, the team with the most wins gets a title. Post your email and I'll send you a picture of the banner, you'll like it, though I know you've never seen one (at least THIS decade).

Anyway, good catching up with you Bill. Keep in touch. It's always nice hearing from insignificant people. Wish I could care about you enough to get passionate and angry, but, unfortunately, you're just not that important (you or your team).

Oh, and if you'd like to come back Sunday and rub in a win (if your crap team can muster it), please do. We agree on one thing, we both want the Bills to win on Sunday. So I'll gladly accept your gloating. It will mean we'll have a chance to get a franchise QB next year. While you'll still have the Harvard "Half Year" Hotshot. Lucky you!

Sounds like everybody is happy with Ireland?

Posted by: Victor Barney | November 15, 2011 at 08:15 AM

There is only one player from this year's draft who has contributed on a consistent basis; Mike Pouncey. Thomas has played in the last 6 games and had one good game, followed by one decent game, and 4 less than stellar performances. Thomas was hampered somewhat by a hamstring injury which hit epidemic proportions on this team this year so it is hard to guage the success or failure of that pick.
Clyde Gates has done absolutely nothing for this team. When he was drafted they were excited and talked about how they would use him to "take the top off the defense." To this point he has 1 reception for 8 yards. Gates in the 3rd round was a mistake, in my opinion, because he is too raw. Guys like that should be picked up in a later round because they are going to be a project.
The only other player who they hit on in the draft would have to be Charles Clay. Clay was a very good pick in the 4th round and should turn out to be a good player for this team. The question you have to ask is, "Why isn't he being utilized more by Daboll?"
So, of their top four picks in this year's draft, only one has contributed consistently. Clay has shown flashes when they use him but was nursing an injury for most of the season and now that he is finally healthy may be able to contribute more. But, the fact that Thomas and Gates have not been able to contribute to the offense is something that everyone needs to look at when evaluating Jeff Ireland's performance as GM.
GM's don't hit on every pick but to have a 2nd and 3rd round pick who contributed little so far, especially after being so aggressive to get Thomas in the 2nd round, is something most will have to question.
Will Ireland be given another year to do his job? It's hard to say. I guess it will depend on how disgusted Stephen Ross becomes with the situation.

I'd rather beat the Bills, the hell with a "better chance of getting a franchise QB"...I want to win. Lots of good QB's will come out of college and Matt Flynn is also available...We'll see how Matt Moore does in the next couple of weeks...We have a better chance to win games playing Matt Moore than we do playing Chad Henne...We'll have options...


Wins will complicate what we all know needs to happen. We all know we need a franchise QB (wins complicates that). Matt Flynn is NOT a franchise QB option (sorry to say). He's another disaster in waiting like Joey Harrington. I guess 30 years isn't enough of a lesson to show you that taking another team's backup WON'T get you an elite player. And if you still don't understand, how can I be sure the Ownership will? Easy, if we're 3-13, 4-12, then it makes it MORE likely the Ownership will breakup this horrible FO, will go in a new direction, and will make sure the new leadership understands you need to Draft YOUR guy (that's how almost all these other elite players were found).

Unless you feel Matt Flynn should be spoken in the same sentence as Drew Brees. No, I don't either.

I used to hate the bills more than anything on the planet. But they've become so pathetic. Haven't hit on a draft pick in forever. Their qb is an expensive fraud who is nothing bit a placeholder, their RB undrafted, wr is a 7th round pick, defense sucks balls. Now if they beat Miami, it only does us more good in the long term. Wins this year mean nothing, if anything they are detrimental. There are no playoffs and draft slots are ultra valuable in the NFL. So Buffalo, bring the wood, please. But given how sad and pathetic your existence is, I doubt you can.

Jules Verne, whatever turns you on man...But just so you know, I'm not gay...Fantasy is one thing...Reality is another...LOL!!

Matt Flynn could be the next matt hasselbeck, mark Brunelleschi, or matt schaub. Just saying.

DC, we don't know that for sure (Flynn)...Would you have said the same thing about Rodgers when he was on the sidelines watching Favre? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for drafting a QB. I'm just saying we might have other options.

Oh Montreal. I respect you WAY TOO MUCH to say what I want to. But please, PLEASE don't compare Matt Flynn (a serviceable QB in college) to Aaron Rodgers (a highly touted player out of college).

Even Matt Moore can look good on any given Sunday. But do you think Matt Flynn can play 8 games in a row with a QBR over 100 (like Rodgers)? Has he done ANYTHING in his past (college or Pro) to lead you to believe that?

Guys, sometimes a back-up is just a back-up. They may have a good game (Moore), they may win 7 games a Season (Henne), but in the end, they are what they are. Accept it.

Three-game winning streak???

DC, I'm not comparing, I'm just saying you never know. Now if only Ireland would of drafted Andy Dalton instead of Mike Pouncey (no offense to Pouncey), we wouldn't be having this conversation...right?

Jeff Fisher and Andrew Luck both suck. I didn't see anything against Oregon that made me want to mortgage the frachise so we can have an insane little kid tossing the ball around as if he were a cheerleader giving out T shirts. Indy can have him. If he can't handle the Ducks, he's not going to put us over the Jets or the Patriots.

NC, peyton couldn't handle Florida in college but he turned out OK.

Oh Montreal. I respect you WAY TOO MUCH to say what I want to. But please, PLEASE don't compare Matt Flynn (a serviceable QB in college) to Aaron Rodgers (a highly touted player out of college).

Even Matt Moore can look good on any given Sunday. But do you think Matt Flynn can play 8 games in a row with a QBR over 100 (like Rodgers)? Has he done ANYTHING in his past (college or Pro) to lead you to believe that?

Guys, sometimes a back-up is just a back-up. They may have a good game (Moore), they may win 7 games a Season (Henne), but in the end, they are what they are. Accept it.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 15, 2011 at 09:48 AM

It makes you wonder why so many teams passed up on him doesn't it? Really strange...

And Jeff Fisher is good for about 8-9 wins per season, on average. C.f., Dave Wannstedt, more mustache, 2 more wins per year.

It was never a question of Personnel, rather, and for various reasons, the Team not playing together. They are now.

Montreal, that's the story of our life (drafting the bridesmaids, never the bride).

But, more importantly, what's this fascination by Canadians over Matt Flynn? First it was Mark in Toronto a couple days ago talking up Flynn. Now you Montreal.

What do you guys know that I don't? I know he's closer to you up there in Wisconsin. Do you guys have some deeper insight than the typical NFL fan? Is he on some reality program up there in Canada? I know he's not Canadian because he went to high school in Texas.

So, what gives? Yes, he was on a National Championship team. Yes, he had ONE good game in the NFL. Even though I believe I could throw at least 2 TDs if I was the starting QB for Green Bay (that's how good their offense is).

But he's a 7th-round draft pick. What's the likelihood he's this hidden gem? No, Montreal, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure he's was a 7th-rounder for a reason. And I'm pretty sure I know why no team has traded for him and made him their starter. And I'm pretty sure I won't be hearing much about him being a star in the NFL.

I don't know that for a fact. Just like I don't know that Tony Sparano won't ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame for Coaching.

But I'm pretty sure. Taking an educated guess here.

We plan to make a run to get to 9-7 which, the way this Division is now, might qualify us for the Playoffs.





但他的第七轮选秀权。什么的可能性时,他的这一隐藏的宝石? ,蒙特利尔,我不知道,但我敢肯定他是有原因的第7个全才。我敢肯定,我知道为什么没有一支球队交易了他,使他他们的起动。我敢肯定,我不会听到他在NFL的明星。




DC, I watched that game against the Patriots and I was impressed. Stuck in my head for some reason. Can't tell you how good he'll become but staying a few years in GB is pretty darn good, they know how to get young quarterbacks ready for the NFL.

Oscar, I've seen you posting before about Dolphins history.

Please go investigate WHEN the last time was that a 9-7 team got into the Playoffs in the AFC East.

Then come back and we can talk about your post @ 10:15am.

I know this will not be a popular post - but don't give a crap. 1st.. we would have won 2 of the last 3 losses if Henne was playing (that's 4-5 for those of you keeping score at home - and IN the hunt). If our defense plays like it has been the last 2 (or 3) games (and ALL of last year), the O-Line (save for the revolving door on the right) plays like they have been, the running game follows suit just as they have been... then all of a sudden Henne (the afterthought) starts to look like a top QB. He was showing that promise when he went 0-4 to start. Imagine him playing on THIS team! Moore has played GREAT... but he WIll show his colors. There's a reason 3 teams thought of him as a back up. And if and when we dump Henne - mark these workds... he will end up with Buffalo or something - and come back here and F*#&CK us! And here's the next zinger that will get all your NFL conspiracy theorists going... the fact that Sporano NEVER lost this team... they they ALWAYS played and practiced hard - for HIM... that speaks volumes for what kind of coach and man he is. Show me how to carry yourself when times are tough - not when they're rosy.. THAT is the measure of a man. And Sporano has performed GLOWINGLY through this horrific coaching hell. I believe that the 'coaching problem' is a 'GM problem'... the whole talent recruiting team needs to be b*#%tch slapped. If you give Sporano players that CONSISTENTLY perform - he WILL be an excellent coach. If we bring in Chower, but not a talent evaluator... he's going to have the same success as Sporano. Just keep reminding yourself how great the folks in Cleveland must feel after running Belechik out of town after a few sub-par season. NO - I'M NOT COMPARING TONY TO BILL FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ONLY TRYING TO FIND SOMETHIN TO NAY SAY IGNORING THE 'POINT' OF THIS POST... I'm only suggesting that if we dump him - we'll never know. And if Chower, or Gruden are not playing ball... we're taking a flyer on an unknown. How'd the work out with Saban? RIGHT NOW - we've got 53+ guys ready and willing to go to war for Coach Tony. As far as coaching goes... that is 2/3's of the battle. Everything else is correctable.

And if Ross predictably let's the Fans make his decisions for him - he WILL fire Tony even if we win out. I - for one - think Ross is a total BUFFOON... and I would be VERY impressed if he went against popular opinion, grew a set, and made an unpopular decision and kept him.

And I can tell you this - the first 53+ people that will line up to praise Ross's unpopular move will be the players. The 54th will be me!


DC, excellent post at 10:26!

We have a better chance of winning with Matt Moore imo...First of all, Henne chokes in the red zone. Moore has pretty good mobility, Henne can't escape pressure at all. When he gets blitzed, he's a dead duck. I think it's time to turn the page. Henne wasn't the right QB taken in that draft.

Matt Flynn was passed up by so many teams in the draft probably because he could never win the job outright at lsu. He was part of a two headed attack like lsu is using right now. He sure does look good when he's in there now in green bay though. If he goes to a team that runs a similar offense, I think he could be a top 15 qb. Sure not an Aaron Rodgers (there's only about 3 or 4 of those on the planet) but good enough to win it all with a decent cast.

We aren't winning the division & we aren't beating out the Jets or Steelers/Ravens for a WC.

The pats & Jets have the soft part of their schedule coming up, we already played ours & we were awful.

Playoffs? Really? Sheesh! We are on track for 5 wins. Beating 2 lousy teams inspires delusions of lunacy.

Had Miami beaten Cleveland & Denver, like they should have, we could be 4-5 & it would be possible. If we could have finished off the Giants & been 5-4, it'b be more likely.

But, anyone who thinks this team will win out while other teams collapse needs to have their heads examined.

Can't answer for other Teams, Joe, only for Ours.

Montreal, ok, you made a great point there. That's the only positive I can say about your boy Flynn. I'm sure he's been coached up in Green Bay. You're right, they do a great job of that.

Mark brunell drafted in the 5th round. Hasselbeck drafted in the 6th round. These guys in green bay have done it before. You put Flynn in a similar offense and he can do it again. Decent size, good arm. He's the best pro option if you ask me. Granted I'd rather have Landry Jones or matt Barkley but after that, he's probably the most viable option depending on the price.

What I like the most from coach Sparano is how he prepare the game, the dolphins usually score in their 1st offense and do well in the defense during the 1st quarter. The adjustments during the game are not so good, but what I dislike the most is the conservative play at home. IMO that and the lack of conditioning was the reason for the 0-7. But who will coach the coach?

Joe, I feel the same way...Let's not get too carried away...Yes we're winning but reality is we still need a QB,WR,TE,FS,RT and CB. That's the reality. Another pass rusher wouldn't do any harm either.

ain't worry folks,the phins will pick between 1-5 and get that qb.lol

Mark, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Flynn is a free agent after this season...

Lakini, la muhimu zaidi, nini hii fascination na Canada juu ya Mathayo Flynn? Kwanza ilikuwa Mark katika Toronto siku kadhaa iliyopita kuzungumza juu Flynn. Sasa wewe Montreal.

Nini guys kujua kwamba mimi si? Najua yeye ni karibu na wewe huko katika Wisconsin. Je, guys na baadhi ya akili ya kawaida zaidi kuliko shabiki NFL? Yeye ni juu ya baadhi ya programu ya ukweli huko nchini Canada? Najua yeye si Canada kwa sababu alikwenda kwa shule ya sekondari katika Texas.

Hivyo, nini anatoa? Ndiyo, alikuwa katika timu ya Taifa ya michuano. Ndiyo, alikuwa na moja nzuri ya mchezo katika NFL. Hata mimi naamini inaweza kutupa angalau 2 TDS kama alikuwa QB kuanzia Green Bay (hiyo ni jinsi nzuri ni kosa yao).

Lakini yeye 7 mzima rasimu ya pick. Nini uwezekano yeye gem siri hii? No, Montreal, mimi sijui, lakini nina uhakika pretty yeye alikuwa rounder 7-kwa sababu. Na mimi nina pretty sure mimi kujua kwa nini timu hakuna biashara kwa ajili yake na kumfanya starter yao. Na mimi nina uhakika pretty sitaki kusikia mambo mengi kuhusu yeye kuwa nyota katika NFL.

Sijui kwamba kwa ajili ya ukweli. Tu kama sijui kwamba Sparano Tony si milele kuwa aliingiza ndani ya Hall of Fame kwa ajili ya kufundisha.

Lakini nina uhakika pretty. Kuchukua nadhani elimu hapa.

Soma zaidi.

If our defense plays like it has been the last 2 (or 3) games

Canadian, please investigate the horrendousness of the offenses we played last 2 weeks.

I mean, how soon we forget. We lost to TIM TEBOW!!! The guy who completes 2 passes in a game in the NFL. We let him score what, 15-16 points in 90 seconds? Seriously. This is who you're propping up because they looked good against the Chiefs and the Redskins? REALLY?

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but...well, let's just leave it there.

Lookidat, we are favored over the Bills by 2. But Buffalo is tied with the Jets and only 1 game down to NE. How about that!


Jos puolustuksemme pelaa kuin se on ollut viimeiset 2 (tai 3) pelejä

Kanadan, ota tutkia horrendousness rikosten soitimme viime 2 viikkoa.

Tarkoitan, miten pian unohdamme. Menetimme TIM TEBOW! Kaveri, joka suorittaa 2 kulkee peli NFL. Annoimme hänelle pisteet mitä, 15-16 pistettä 90 sekunnissa? Vakavasti. Tämä on kuka olet propping jopa koska he näyttivät hyvää vastaan Chiefs ja Redskins? Todellako?

Jokaisen oikeus mielipiteeseensä, mutta ... No, eiköhän vain jätetään sinne.

oscar,bills r banged up that's why.

Oscar, only for ours? What does that even mean? You made the 9-7 playoffs comment earlier. Are you trying to say you think Miami can run the table?

Just come out & say it. Don't make indistinguishable comments. If you have an opinion, state it & own it.

You said 9-7 might be enough the way our division is. So NE being 4 games up with 7 to play & they have the soft part of their schedule upcoming, you think there is a chance?

My 1st post offered opinions that refuted your post. The paragraph above this one expanded on that. You responded with something that made zero sense.

You should call your local mental health clinic to see if their are offering free brain scans LOL

I didn't look into his status at year end but if he's free, then all the more reason to sign him and STILL draft a qb at the top but doubt if he would choose here if the team drafts the heir apparent. It would likely be an either or scenario.

Then there's peyton. I would pull an Oakland raiders and get him if Indy has their hand forced.

mark, it looks like wash. is the front runner for pm.

Mark, agreed... But I don't know about Peyton. Neck injuries are pretty scary. One good pop and that could be the end. I don't know if I would pull the trigger on that one bro...

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