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Looking ahead to the Bills who may or may not stink

The Buffalo Bills, the next opponent for the Dolphins, have hit an interesting point in their season.

After starting out an inspired 4-1 and leading the AFC East, the Bills have, shall we say, hit a rough patch of late. No, check that. If "of late" is defined as yesterday, the Bill have stunk. They lost 44-7 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

It was their third loss in four weeks. It was their third loss in four road games.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions including one that was returned for a TD. Running back Fred Jackson also had a fumble that turned the ball over. The 37-point loss was the worst of the season, surpassing a 16-point loss only one week earlier.

So the Bills are not just going badly but getting worse.

That, of course, only matters if you adhere to the facts.

"Listen, I think Buffalo has been playing really well," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said moments ago. "I don't think because of what happened yesterday, you can look at any of that. The bottom line is just looking at the game, I haven't watched it yet, but it appears to me that turnovers had an awful lot to do with it.

"It seemed like they had three or four turnovers in the game."

Yes, the Bills had four turnovers. That is playing poorly in my estimation. That is not playing really well.

Anyway, the Bills are beat up, having lost key contributors at WR, OLB and DL in recent weeks. The Dolphins are 2 1/2 point faves.

The Dolphins, winners of two straight, are also playing well -- except that the facts actually back up that stance.


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Oscar, I wonder, is it better to be angry or clueless?

Have fun watching Miami make the playoffs!

Football players have no problem channeling anger in a constructive way. They just beat the crap out of the opponent. Most of them graduate pretty quickly from the Classes.

Unless it's the Dolphins, who let the opponent beat on them.

What's their graduation rate?

99% as long as they continue to play.

Hey guys, it's me, DC Dullfan, and I'm REALLY trying to get someone to notice me. Everyone's having conversations with each other, and NO ONE'S paying attention to me. Won't someone PLEASE pay attention to me. It's very lonely in my basement eating my Cheetos with this tinfoil hat on my head. Everyone else has someone but me. I'm lonely.

LOL! There Dullfan, I acknowledged you. Don't you feel like a star now.

Too bad you're still a loser. You'll always be a loser. But that's where trolls are made. Enjoy yourself. Talk to you tomorrow (I'll try to generate support on the blog for you, but it's hard, no one is interested in supporting a loser). LOL!

Hmm, playoffs? realy? It would be nice, just think that might be a stretch.

dolphins to win 3 in a row!

"Hey guys, it's me, DC Dullfan, and I'm REALLY trying to get someone to notice me. Everyone's having conversations with each other, and NO ONE'S paying attention to me."

Odin, meet Dullfan. Dullfan, meet Odin. You guys seem perfect for each other!

the whole DC Dolfan and DC Dullfan, and I think there is another DC something, just keeps me confused as to who is who..lol

just get back to losing now that those 2 awful teams are gone. we need one of the big 3 qbs. have to stay in top 5 of draft

We should NOT underestimate Buffalo just because they got blown out last week.

The KEYS to the game, if we want to WIN, will be playing solid offense, solid defense, no flubs on special teams and we MUST win the turnover battle.

If we do that, its a WIN!

Europe, allow me to help, DC Dolfan is the one who opines on football matters (usually), and specifically all things concerning the Miami Dolphins. I have used this and ONLY this name for the entirety of my time on this blog, roughly 3-4 years (I think, time flies when you're having fun).

DC Dullfan/DilDoid, as you can tell by the names, is a troll. They don't have any opinion whatsoever about the Dolphins, or anything else for that matter. Their ONLY reason to post here is to TRY to upset/embarrass/annoy me.

Of course, that doesn't work, because this person is pretty insignificant (as this person is ignored by virtually everyone here, except, ironically, me from time to time).

Why do I entertain said person? Because if you're on here enough, you'll notice at certain times of the day (and usually late night hours), these trolls control the blog. And I find that regrettable. Us REAL POSTERS should control this blog, not these useless embarrassments to the human race. So, I choose to stand up for the honorable posters who care about this team and wish to express their opinions and discuss/debate with like-minded people.

What you'll notice is most trolls don't really have a brain. A few intelligent zingers and they get all bent out of shape and go somewhere else (probably to jerk-off to a photo of Jason Taylor). They are like roaches, once you shine the light on them, they scatter for the dark crevices.

Anyway, my writing style is pretty recognizable. Anytime you're not sure, ask me, I will tell you the truth.

By the way europe, my wife is a Giants fan, and posts on a Giants blog, and tells me they have similar trolls. For all we know, these trolls just go from blog to blog and try to get attention.

So that's why I call them insignificant. They become something we just learn to accept as part of the technology (like the white noise on AM radio stations). You just kind of skip over whatever meaningless gibberish they post and move on to more interesting posts.

Odin @ 1:28 PM.....

Way to respond as only you can.....with humor and good spirits.....

and Congrats on the Buck.....never hunted myself.....I just enjoy the spoils.....

So, the troll who mimics the original is calling the original unoriginal.

Only makes sense to a total loser!

Sparano's press conferences are useless as usual, a weekly vomit.
Those who go to see the Dolphins winning will be in extasy if the Dolphins finish 7-9. Not me, believe me. They claim "a win is a win". I claim a losing season is a losing season. Specially if some wins mask the reality of this team. Those fans who claim to be the most loyal ones by celebrating those two wins are just deluding themselves. They will enjoy the brain wash from the staff saying "there are big hopes for the next season after such an improvement".
They are those kind of fans who enjoy to hear the positive (yet delusional) garbage from A.Cohen.
Yes, to be a real fan doesn't mean to celebrate every pitiful win and to avoid criticism in all its forms every time the team is having a really bad season.
But if you still don't agree with me, enjoy your great wins against the Chiefs and Redskins. Just don't complain if the Dolphins finish 3-13 or 4-12 "loyal fans".

Much like DC Dolfan, I too have an "Imposter Troll(s)" Multiples I do believe.

My "twin" has actally gotten quite good at imitating my posting style.

He even knows about the rift between Joe Schmoe and I as evidenced by his fake posts at 3:10 and 3:16.

However, If I was really going to respond to Joe Schmoe's post to Oscar, it would go more like this:

Excerpts fom Joe:

In this case, losing has it's perks.

More losses equals better draft picks.

You see, in the REAL WORLD, thats fact & so are these:

It will weaken our position in the draft

In reality, high draft picks are more important than the rare win Miami miracuously gives you once a month.

So, if you look at it that way, losing is in the best interests of the franchise, not winning.

THEN, after making all these statements Joe finishes up with this BEAUTY:

I'm not on the "I want my team to lose" bandwagon...........


If that' not ENOUGH, he goes on to accuse others of being "Oblivious" and "Atrocious".


After the high expectations for this Team(at least better than 7-9), this very dissapointing beginning to the Season has been extremely frustrating for all of us Dolphins Fans and, of course, has created anger in all. Some, may feel betrayed by the Team and are getting back by hating them. Others, have transformed anger into apathy and just don't care what happens anymore. Some, persist, despite their anger, in thinking that winning cures all. The reality of it is that this Season has been a disaster and, because of that and in fairness, everybody has the right to express their anger in whichever way they choose.

Speaking of Nail Polish..............

I had a smoking Hot little Blondie do my nails in "Black Crackle" last night.

Of course I was three sheets in the wind, but hey, it was WORTH IT!

Posted by: odinseye | November 15, 2011 at 03:16 PM

Amazing what they've done with Inflatable dolls.

By The way Odin, No one "Impersonates" You, Your just to Drugged up or to drunk to remember you write the stuff you write. Go to rehab hippie.

WOW!! 7 & 9...really????

Someone thinks this team will win 5 out of the last 7 ??? ...

....really ???

Tell me this isn't delusional...go ahead...I need a laugh this time of night !!

Buster, Odin has been Known to be Drunk/Drugged up enough to post something that outragous.

Amazing what they've done with Inflatable dolls.

Posted by: Coalition To Rid Odin. | November 15, 2011 at 08:19 PM

I'm glad your so satisfied with your toys, as for the "Amazing", I'll just take your word for it!

By The way Odin, No one "Impersonates" You, Your just to Drugged up or to drunk to remember you write the stuff you write. Go to rehab hippie.

Posted by: Coalition To Rid Odin. | November 15, 2011 at 08:25 PM


Everytime I sober up, I just re-read what I posted-Duh!

Who needs any memories in this day and age?


Get to Rehab Hippie.


I tried that years ago.

I ended up hooking up with my therapist first(moved in with her and everything), then her 19 year old smoking hot daughter.

Yeah, Rehab Rocks!!!!

**Which reminds me**, I've been trying to get with this new Doctor I've been seeing since I broke my ribs.

Oh God how I want that, she looks just like Leah Remini(the wife on the sitcom King of Queens). The more shallow out there would probably consider her a "Butter Face", but BELIEVE ME, I don't MIND, I don't MIND! Her Body ALONE MORE than makes up for it.

So much for the "Serious Relationship" I thought I was in, she got tired of me with a quickness.........go figure?

Just thought you might like to know............


Odin's use of Hottie

1. kinda sorta maybe almost not ugly after a 12 pack and pint of Jack.

2. right hand rosie

It's a shame when your franchise is so pathetic that fans have mixed emotions about winning and losing.
And does anyone trust Ireland & Sporano with another draft?
Im going to the Bills & Philly game so I want to win those and the Thxgiving game.
If we must lose for higher draft picks then so be it.
I can be all about now but it does nothing for the future.
Half the players should be gone next year anyway.

You know me Urban!

Thanks to my superb manipulation of the "Spirits", the word Ugly does not exist.

There's ONLY Good, Better and Great!

Besides the fact that the ugly ones need loving to, they just serve to make the pretty ones seem that much more appealing when you work your way around to them.

Treat the Fat and Nasties like Queens and you batter and bruise the Gorgeous ones(it's sort of like speed balling Cocaine and Heroin only you're using........you know.......the Monkey Muffins).

Can't say I remember any bad puzzy and I NEVER discriminate! In other words, and like My Grand Pappy always used to say:

"It's ALL GOOD"!!!!

Why on Earth do we need Andrew Luck for QB when we have Chad Henne?

That's what I want to know...

Mike Vick's Vet, you're kidding right? You can't be that misled!

If we win 6 games we will not be in the top 10 for picking - so what does free agency look like this coming year for QB's
Maybe if we get a new GM he might trade down so we can pick a new QB from the draft but we would probably have to give up the second round pick. Is it worth it ?? Probably yes the way we have used the second round pick in the past
so we can aggressively look for free agents to plug the holes we have in the secondary and for that we definitely need a better judge of talent than our current GM plus we will probably have to trade down if we want one of the top 3 or 4 QB's.
I agree that we might have found a jewel in Matt Moore - I for one did not expect to see him make so many good decisions and also to be so accurate. I thought he was going to be worse than Henne, but hey he is pretty good so far. If he keeps this up no matter who we draft he will probably be the starting QB next year.
I also disagree with many of you on your outlook for this year. I think we can win 4 more games or maybe 5 this year. We might also beat a team that no one expects us to win. We are not that bad as our record might indicate. remember we lost 2 games this years by less than 3 points and they could ( yes they could have ) gone our way with a little luck. so............. lets go out to the stadium and support our beloved dolphins. Faith can move mountains. Don't give up. Don't listen to all the negativism on the blog. They will do better and are already doing better.
I agree with TheOtherRick you can maybe keep Sporano but we must get a new GM. He is not doing us any favors with his picks and could have done much better in free agency. We lost top safeties that we could have signed.
Mr. Ross please start looking for that new GM NOW. We want our team to succeed.

See my full article at www.miamisportsminute.wordpress.com

Thinking that a Dolphins win this weekend not only puts last nail in Andrew Luck coffin, but Landry Jones as well. Read about the fall black plan on my blog..and why you really, really should watch the Oklahoma Baylor game.

Don't always agree with DC Dolfan but today I like what I read...just saying.

Someone above made the comment the fans want the FINS to lose for a high draft pick - uh...a true FIN FAN does not cheer for their team to lose. They will probably win a few more and end up with a high draft pick - if the powers that be are smart and fire Ireland - bring in a GM who knows football and how to deal for a higher draft pick like Landry Jones - Miami should have it's badly needed QB. Anyway, IMO they will still get a great QB in the draft.......but you go into the locker room and tell this team the fans want them to lose and see where that gets you. These guys want to win and I want them to win but I am realistic about how many games they can actually win the rest of the season. GO FINS.

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