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Miami Dolphins pass on Robiskie, look to Pruitt

The Dolphins have only four healthy wide receivers on the roster after losing both Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace to IR the past two weeks. And, the situation seems dire if you recognize Clyde Gates, one of the four Miami receivers, missed last week's game with a groin injury.

But the Dolphins didn't feel the situation was difficult enough to make a play for former Cleveland receiver Brian Robiskie who was available on waiver to them quite high in the process -- this despite the fact former Cleveland offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is now Miami's offensive coordinator.

The Dolphins passed on Robiskie and now seem more likely to add practice squad Julius Pruitt to the active roster. Pruitt today told The Herald's Barry Jackson that he's been led to believe he will be promoted to the active roster by gameday Sunday versus Kansas City.

So there's that.

I do not know the game plan obviously but I'd expect Pruitt to be a special teams addition and not necessarily a big cog for what the Dolphins are planning on offense.

There is one concern: Although Gates practiced today on a limited basis, the Dolphins have very little room for error here. If even one of their wideout pulls a muscle either during the game or in practice, Miami might be limited in the packages it can use.

It also might force the team to activate previously inactive pass-catchers such as tight end Will Yeatman. We'll see.

The Dolphins injury report is as follows: Yeremiah Bell (toe) , Marc Colombo (turnstile handle), and Mike Pouncey (neck) did not participate in Wednesday's practice. I jest, of course, about Colombo. He sat out with a knee injury.

Vontae Davis (hamstring), Gates (groin), Richie Incognito (ankle) and Daniel Thomas (hamstring) were limited in practice.

Kendall Langford (hips) and Matt Moore (ribs) were listed on the report but had full participation in practice.


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Hope he's good in special teams... Moore was downfield making tackles... Our special teams better not fall back to last years condition... The special teams is the only thing that has got better this year... besides Henne's surprising start, but that didn't last...

who cares, it's all garbage anyway. reading about this joke that they call a nfl team is like listening to dan deardork calling the game.

It just keeps gettng better with these idiots there gonna go into a game with 3 healthy WR`s watch Gates will be very limmited with that pulled groin. They had a shot in adding a very sure handed Brian Robiskie and pass, BWAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! So they`re going to tip they`re hand and let K.C. know a full 96 hours before kick off to practice they`re base D almost exclusively and prepare for a heavy dose of our running game, BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please find the time and do a report on the SUCK 4 LIFE Dolphin Scouts.

SCOUTS Armando. Do a report on the Scouts.

The Scouts SUCK and have SUCKED for many, many, many years and nobody brings THAT FACT up.

SCOUTS Armando.. Scouts..

Hopefully one day you will investigate the Dolphin Scouts and how much responsibility, RESPONSIBILITY these maggots have in the garbage draft choices that they recommended.

Bring on the Scouts. Not the Boy, Girl or Cub Scouts, the SUCK 4 life Dolphin Scouts.

Scouts anyone???

Perhaps when another of Armando's competition does a report on the Dolphin Scouts and I post it HERE, he will have lost that opportunity to be FIRST!!!

One guy that should get fire just as fast as Ireland is the strength and conditioning coach, who ever he is, unbelievable man! how many dumb groin, pull muscles and hamstring injuries! this guys didn't even get those injuries by playing on sundays! just pathetic man!

No way. 0-8??? Who would believe that??

If it's possible to clean house with all key personnel, then that's what should be done. Coaches, front office, scouts, trainers. I'd keep the cheerleaders.
Waterboys are OK.
Basically have a brand spanking new team next year, with mostly the same players - but with new attitudes. Don't laugh. New coach brings different player attitude becuase everybody feels they need to fight for their jobs.

By mostly the same players, I mean the talented ones (productive or not). Plus a new QB. Coach em' up.

WR's won't make any difference at all if there's no one capable of throwing them the ball. Moore tries hard but face it, he's back-up fodder at best. Henne is finished in Miami, next year he'll be riding the pine behind a real QB someplace else. Why the team doesn't just give Devlin a start I don't know, how much more awful can be possibly be than what they have? And who will ever know if he never plays?

Damn straight the Dolphins scouts suck: drafting, FA's, waiver wire, you name it & they suck at it. Look back at those recent Miami drafts, they are laughably terrible.

The Miami squirrels promote another acorn. This team is oak-less.

Who gives a toss what the Dolphins do for the rest of this season.
Having said that I hope we win at least ONE game.

Is this even news anymore? We suck.

I read a report were apparently Phil Simms says he`s not very sold on Andrew Luck and that he can`t make NFL throws, UMMMM,BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! This from the same guy who told us all Cam Newton didn`t have it for the NFL either and now can`t stop waxing poetic all over Cam`s jock. Note to Phil, "Shut the F up" and go to the booth it`s all your good for, you wouldn`t now an NFL Quarterback if one up and bit you in the A S S Or better yet go sit on a couch with your no talent having son, you hack!!! Cam will be a baller in this League and the soon to be wars with the likes of Luck will be great

I feel sorry for Armando since he has to write articles for the Dolphins and its hard to keep being interested in a team that has the season already over.
Hang in there Armando; the off season looks to be promising with all the changes that are coming to the Dolphins!!!



Oh that's right Will Yeatman has been on the roster all season and contributed as much as I have to the team (0 yards). How many other roster spots are tied up on guys who can't make a dent for an 0-7 team?
Lex (or should we say Less?) Hilliard - 72 yards total for the year
Roberto Wallace nada
Marlon Moore handed the onside kick to the Broncos, thanks for that
Clyde Gates - 8 yards
Steve Slaton - 33 yards
Charles Clay - 79 yards
Jeron Mastrud - 8 yards (I don't remember that catch either)

that's 200 yards combined from 3 WRs, 2 TEs and 2 RBs.

those are some of our "skills players'
now for the "defense"

Merling - 1 tackle
Alama Francis - 1 tackle
Chris Clemons - 2 tackles
Spitler - 3 tackles
Trusnik - 5 tackles
Olshansky - 6 tackles
Tony McDaniel - 7 tackles

For the record the only guy held accountable for not doing a better job, read the only who has been pushed off the roster for anything other than an injury was/is Benny Sapp and he had five tackles in the first game. Now granted that's because he couldn't cover anybody well enough to deter Tom Brady from picking on him all night but at least he was close enough or quick enough to tackle the guy. But these other guys haven't contributed much through 7 games either and the dolphins don't seem to be in any rush to replace any of them.

By the way, that's 13 players or 1/4 of the whole roster that's providing almost nothing of value week in and weak (misspelled intentionally) out.
No wonder, we're 0-7.



So what is your point? Simms was wrong about a QB? So that means he knows nothing? Got a question for you, can you name a GM that wasn't ever wrong about a QB?

I can't say if he is right or wrong about Luck but I'll consider a pro QB's opinion over any crack bloggers opinion any day.

"toil and trouble, cauldron bubbles",it's just Armando stirring the Pot.

I'll play for $500.00 a game, and I'll catch more than Marshall!

I could say, fu-k you, instead, I'll say, GN.

I'm surprised that Ireland did not contact any Dallas players ? Maybe Ireland finally realized like the rest of the world is that Dallas players do not produce for the Fins...I doubted that him and Sparano has learned anything .

it does seem like when they have a chance to be better...they do NUTHIN?

I wish we could cut Marlon Moore for single-handledly costing us the Broncos game. But if we cut him, then NE picks him up and he will be an all pro.

Moore & wallace are special teamers.
Yeatman is a practice squad player.
There is a reason no one drafted Gates.
Matt Moore needs to start acting like a man.

What is going on with Chris Clemons? So he's not hurt now but still isn't getting any snaps at FS? He was solid last year if unspectacular.


So what is your point? Simms was wrong about a QB? So that means he knows nothing? Got a question for you, can you name a GM that wasn't ever wrong about a QB?

I can't say if he is right or wrong about Luck but I'll consider a pro QB's opinion over any crack bloggers opinion any day.

quilombo | November 02, 2011 at 07:53 PM

I haven`t read or heard Mr. Simms say anything analitical about a College players ability at the Q.B. position that was worth the paper it was printed on. By your post I imagine if Simms said that Jacory Harris was going to be an elite talent in the NFL that you`d be willing to make him the 1st overall selection because after all he was a mediocre talent for 15 seasons at the position who was lucky enough to hitch his wagon to one of the greatest Defenses of all time and then played Vs. one of the worst in Denver`s D in S.B. 21 for his day in the sun.

Simms is basing what he says on his point of view that Luck doesn`t have an NFL arm and I couldn`t disagree more after watching him now in over 10 ball games. His arm is fine and he has the intangibles to succeed at the next level. Or maybe you can join Simms when his next kid is in College in going down to the University of Texas to tell the Coach he should start because after all he had trained him to be a Q.B. and as far as the Crack blogger comment goes I quit smoking that stuff since I use to get it from your old lady, looser!!

Wang Chung,
The people that produce for the Cowboys are under contract.
The one's we get are former Cowboys; in other words unemployed.

T. Martin's facts are indisputable, and he makes great points. I too forgot Yeatman. Again, lack of productivity falls on the head coach. We sit in an office all day long, yet we understand that Gates and Hilliard and Igor are not helping. Why can't Sparano see this when it's in front of his face?

2 qb's in Dolphins history have thrown for 300+ yeards/game.
Marino & Henne (8 times)

Matt Moore gets paid twice as much as Henne did and he needs to start producing like it.

Henne elevated this team from horrible to mediocre and was held responsible not only for everything that took place while he was here but for things that took place before he got here.

Matt Moore needs to elevate this team at least to mediocre and he better start putting up some 300+ yard games or someone needs to do something about it.

Igor has been our MVP so far.
I have no problem with Igor Olshansky.

Igor Olshansky proves once again that a player can from unemployed to #1 on depth chart in NFL regardless of age or ability (see Columbo, Jason Taylor, McQuistan)

The "Play it Safe Boys" previously known as the trifecta. Now down to two(can't be called an exacta) but can still be the "Play it Safe Boys". Matt Ryan, Dez Bryant or even Ryan Mallett are all available do the Phins take a chance and draft a playmaker? Not the "play safe boys". Lineman, trade down,draft a lineman and trade up to draft a big RB but pass on the QB. Why wouldn't you put a claim on a previous 2nd round pick? The "play it safe boys" would rather activate a WR from the practice squad then claim a 2nd rd pick. A practice squad WR who has been on the practice squad for 2 years. Huh?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Play it Safe Boys. Remember, they'll be here all season and don't forget the 1:00pm show is the same as the 4:00pm show and the same as the primetime show. A big fat loss.

Speaking of Jason Taylor is he still giving pass-rush lessons to Misi?

Gates will be fine he reminds me alot of our rookie PR/ WR in 83 who also looked completely lost on Offense and that player was Mark Clayton. I`m not saying he will have a career like Clayton`s that still remains to be seen given he doesn`t have his Q.B. either and never will but the parallels between the two physically and skill wise are there. In alot of the video on Gates you see him go over the middle and go up for the tough catch a staple of Clayton in his day. I always felt he was the better player between him and Duper because he was the more rounded of the two and was fearless. Gates has that kind of potential and next year when he`s given an actual position Coach I believe he will be better than we`ve seen so far. I would also like to see set plays with a shot or two deep downfield to him in order to maximize his speed.

This seaon can't get over soon enough. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! EVERYONE!!!!!

I had to find out........ Sum of our awesome coaching staff...... Why am I not surprised..... It was like they just picked names and positions out of a hat.....


Who cares?...............................

No Talent Dolphins = more and more excuses


NY "G",

I have often pondered the quality of our scouting staff for the last 10 years, at least. JJ had a pretty good eye and so did Shula, so their underlings couldn't have been too bad. But Wanny, Satan, Cameron, and the legendary Bill "fat ass" Parcells (I include Ireland with BP), have had shi.ty scouts, or they had good scouts and wouldn't listen to them!

Keep imagining...if it helps.

Pat Devlin,

Why Not ?

Hard to impersonate this fin4life, uh?

We is all watching you, 24/7. heehee. But luckily for all of Us, is a Benevolent Big Brother.

Let's make a splash and sign Terrell Owens!

I agree.
First pick:
Khalil T USC

First pick of 2nd round:
Best available lineman from SEC/Big-10/Big-12

QB Depth Chart 2012:

Get some real talent blocking up front and this team could score points.

When they decide to change the uniforms, the logo, the fighting song and the stadium they will keep on losing, simple like that.

Do you realize this franchise started to go down when they moved from the orange bowl to NoLife Stadium?!?! The stands are too far away from the field. The logo and the colors are so gay (no disrespect here, this is a man's sport). That acqua green is horrendous. The logo of a dolphins smiling (are you kiding me?) Look at other franchises, Ravens, Giants, Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos and you tell me to root for Dolphins, really!?!?! It all starts here, trust me. They scare NO ONE.

I just love the who cares folks, I guess you care enough to make your stupid statements, who cares, you sure don't, so good by. Bill

Miami has a number of options should gates get injured, play bush at WR, which they should have done already, or use Clay. They should also activate yeatman, I'd love to see what he can do. Miami needs to play more rookies. They should try Barker at RT. Why not? Whats gonna happen, we lose? and they should also have promoted Devlin as backup instead of signing QB's not familiar with daboll's offense.

Hey KC -- The circus is in town. The clown show is especially entertaining. We hope you enjoy the show.

Well fans at least we lead the league in one category. The most games lost to hamstring and groin injuries.

Clean the House. Fire the GM, HC, Assistant Coaches, Scouts, PR Dept employees, and even the grounds crew. It is time to start all over - from the top to bottom - with new and improved personnel. Next, clean house in the locker room. There is a Very Short List of players to retain or re-sign (That list should be the discussion of a different post/thread). The rest should be traded for draft picks if they have any value or cut outright. Finally, a high quality young (not retread) GM/Personnel prospect needs to be identified and hired. THEN that new GM needs to hire a young (not retread) high quality HC (not a former coach who peaked in the 80s or 90s) who can rebuild the coaching staff. FINALLY, common strategic sense must prevail on draft day - the draft record for the franchise is horrible and is worse than if picks were made at random in average rating service ranges (top 10, next 10, etc.). If a financial Advisor had recommended investments at the same proficiency that the Dolphins front office drafted players - the advisor could be facing criminal charges for failure to exercise reasonable due diligence and fulfilling fiduciary obligations. Time for CHANGE. This is so infuriatingly obvious it suggests some type of planned conspiracy between Ross and the other owners in which he is compensated for keeping the FINS dysfunction to help other teams have some guaranteed wins on their schedules.

Gee, Mando, Matt Moore has sore ribs, just how did that happened? MAybe thats why hes not been playing up to your standards, what with, the pro-bowl offensive line the Dolphins are sporting these days.

With 9 teams with 2 wins or less and games upcoming against KC, Oak, Wash and Buff at home there is a chance this team finds itself drafting between 5-10 and missing out on Luck, Jones and/or Barkley.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this FO resign Henne and then draft the best available defensive player with the 5th overall pick.

I know everybody is screaming for a new QB, but how many of those 7 games can you blame the QB for losing? Also, will the fan base have the patience to wait 3 years for one of them to develop behind this slop of talent the Fins have?

We have no ability to defend the pass, rush the QB at all or protect the QB. Tom Brady would struggle behind this OL and lack of TE. Any QB given 5 seconds to throw is going to look all-pro.

Columbo (turnstile handle) is one of he funniest things I've read in a while. I'm gonna make sure I catch an Armando and the amigo for more of your humor. Brilliant.

Pal, what a useless information you provide. I'm sure that most of dolfans don't care who's playing next Sunday as a receiver. The season is over for Miami. All what dolfans care is that Sparano; Ireland, etc. be fired. That dolphins lose as many games as possible and that Colts do the opposite.
Why do you bother in writing this kind of stories. They are not only boring but pointless.

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