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NFL keeps hands out of YB's wallet, but fines Colombo

Strong safety Yeremiah Bell admittedly expected bad news from the NFL this week. Nobody thought anything about Marc Colombo getting the news instead.

But that is precisely what happened Friday when Bell was not fined by the NFL, but the Miami offensive right tackle was fined $7,500 for hitting an opponent late and getting an unnecessary roughness penalty agains the Chiefs last Sunday.

Bell finished Sunday's victory over Kansas City with a trio of penalties -- a personal foul for a hit along the sideline, an unnecessary roughness for a hit out of bounds and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for some post play chippiness with a Kansas City player.

The number of flags and the hit would almost certainly translate to a fine, Bell thought.

Bell thought wrong. The NFL tells me Bell has not been fined.

Colombo, meanwhile, plowed into his opponent late after a running play. Yes, it drew a flag and drew the fine today.


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I've been bineging!

I'm strill celebrating our firsat win of the season!


I just useded a Moon Mist in lieu of a Lemon Twist1

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiight Miami!!!!

Tony SpOrano should play Colombo's fines. It was his idea to start an unsportsman like Un-Right Tackle.

PS: I didn't spwell check this so you could see the condition my confition was i)n

If you have not researched Pat Delvin, posted below is a espn Sports Science link that will clue you in to his accuracy etc.


Pat Devlin, Mark Colombo, Yerimiah Bell!

It all kind of fades together when I think how well the Phins are suddenly playing.

We don't even have to win out to better 7-9.

I just can't shake this feeling were going to go another full year with SpOrano and Ireland!

Yes, Ireland too! Pouncey, Thomas, Gates, Clay!

This Mick seems to have the Midas Touch all of the sudden!

Devlin is probably not up to speed yet. If the game slows down for him, you will see as accurate a passer as Penne was with a better arm.

I am so insecure I have to let the whole blog know when I've had a date or gotten laid. I can say they are 'Hotties' because here on the blog I don't have to show their photos.

They think so much of Devlin he is on the practice squad where any team can pilfer him.

They think so much of Devlin that they brought in LoserMan as Moore's back up.

The GM's around the league thought so much of Devlin that none of them drafted him.

After reading one of Darryl's posts today, I thought long and hard about ponying up for some Quality Scotch!

After a couple of Bourbans and Water, I thought better of the idea.

Then, I went to a pre planned dinner date with my NEWEST Girlfriend at her parents house.

What do you suppose her Dad breaks out for after dinner drinks? You guessed it, SCOTCH. BUT - Not JUST Scotch mind you, **40 year Old** Scotch!

I must be living right because Karma's treating me pretty good lately!


Posted by: odinseye | November 11, 2011 at 10:46 PM

Hey Oder, Did he break out the Coke and Morphine too?, Get some help hippie.

Folks, I continue to predict the Dolphins 2011 QB will be Kyle Orton.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | July 30, 2011 at 11:42 AM


There are several Robert's on here so don't know which one you were blogging with. As far as the Penn State scandal if the allegations are true it's sad that people chose a program over human decency. Talking about the Dolphins and the lack of INTS they have terrible ball skills no one can catch the football.

2012 Draft,


robert in az, my comment was directed to the roberts that said, "fu-k YOU IMMIGRANT. Go let Fidel molest you".

roberts, I hope your as- has healed totally throughout the years.

I don't know about TS, but there is no way that Ross is going to let Ireland go. It is becoming evident that he is a talented Draft evaluator, although suspect in dealing with FA's and pick-ups from other Teams.

Oscar....why do you have the most foul mouth on the blog....

Are you really so poorly skilled in the english language that you can't figure a way to express yourself (in writing) in a way that is more respectful to your fellow bloggers....and perhaps would put you in a more positive light.....

Just asking....

Ireland is a very good talent scout. He is not a very good GM. He is in over his head. He doesn't know how to build a team. Too many questionable FA moves in all four seasons he has been here. Too many high hopes on late round picks or injury prone players.

Except for a very few posters on this Blog, all the others are eating crow at this time, and bigger Crow will be.

DA...and Odin...

Sorry....but i don't get it....

this team is 1-13 over the past two seasons.....

There are routinely over matched in both coaching and SKILL....

It wil take more than ONE win against the Chiefs.....to heap any praise on anybody in this FO or team....

YOU don't want the Dolphins to win, you just want to be "right".

No potty mouth....I am merely stating facts.....

It is the Truth that bothers people most.


What I'm saying is Ireland does not seem to be ready to be a GM. In a nutshell, he himself is not the right guy to build a team, but but maybe the right guy to help a real GM find what he is looking for.

Maybe right, Devils, too soon to tell. This is really Ireland's 1st year as GM because before, everything went through BP.

DA.....i used to think Ireland was a good GM....and I do understand what you're saying.....i really do.....(sporano talk)....

but it seems he stumbles on to talent more than he actually picks talent....

These acorns and nuggets seem to have a short success span.....Ireland rarely picks where he is suppose to...i think its because he knows the further down he trade he trade....the more pressure it takes off of him if he misses.....

I know where talking apples and oranges (GM/Talent scout).....but I don't think he as earned the right to be either for this team....

Just lose, baby!!!

kris, you're absolutely right. It's hijack syndrome. That's when a person who gets hijacked, then set free, suddenly feels altruistic towards their captors.

These guys have 1 week memory. In case anyone forgot, we're in Year 4 of a re-build from a 1-15 Season, only to be right back where we were in '07. Mando said we're worse, I'd say we're only slightly better since we have a lot of young players, but the same issues that made us a bottom-feeder team then is what we have now:

- No franchise QB
- No HC able to divise a winning overarching philosophy
- No GM to field a COMPETITIVE team (like DA said)
- No identity (nothing that stands out as what they consistently do well)
- No depth (other teams plug backups in after injury and stay competitive, we don't)

How can you really imagine continuing the contract of the leadership that hasn't been able to do anything about the above in 4 years?

DC....well said....

Dolphin fans have Stockholm Syndrome......

Yeah, that's the name of it kris, thanks (couldn't remember).

heh heh

and for the record.....

the Y.B. hit on the sideline was CLEAN....and should NOT have been flagged....and clearly the NFL agrees..


They (whoever they are) say if you hit on 50% of your picks you are doing very well. This last draft may have been Irelands best, but we need more time to really know.

As far as the GM/Scout argument...well I have to admit its really hard for ME to judge where Ireland fits in on the scout ladder. That being said, I'm not ready to say Parcells knows nothing just because he failed us. I think Ireland did well enough at scouting talent for Dallas that Parcells was willing to give the youngster a shot, and what the youngster built was a chess set with too many pawns and not enough rooks and bishops. With a little guidance from a real GM, my gut feeling is Ireland has some value as a hard working diligent scout.

Thats my take, opinion, view, or whatever you want to call it. It's not something I claim to be right or wrong about, its more my gut feeling on the matter.

There is no way to find out if the guy can cut it or not as a GM, Devils, but to give him one more year, which I believe Ross will do. Remember, Parcells has always been a total control freak, here, in Dallas, and wherever else he has been.

Irelands fate seems to be tied to who the next coach is. If it is a big name superstar, Ireland is gone. If its an up and coming newer guy on the scene, I'd guess Ross will give Ireland another year and the new coach will be glad to accept it.


I think Parcells was/is only as good as the men around him....IE Belicheat.....

I think he thought he had something with Ireland.....when he realized he didn't...he packed his bags and ran straight to ESPN...

I think Ireland is gone either way....no new coach...up and comer or not will want that SNAKE stocking his grocery bag.....If we hire a coach that doesn't have the guts to DEMAND Irelands firing....then that coach will be a YES MAN....and we will be doomed to more of the same....

Why don't they have Thursday Night Football all season long. Thursday gives me my fix for the rest of the week.

Probably a relatively unkown coordinator or assistant Coach, Devils.(cannot discount Brian Daboll, as he has coached practically all positions).


Still have to give Parcells credit for choosing Belichek, for recognizing his talent. Great CEO's don't know how to do all the jobs in the company, but they know how to find and procure the best talent to help them. Belichek may not have ever made it to HC without the help of Parcells choosing him to be his DC.

The cheating thing is overblown in my book. It's a small league. I'll bet half of every teams employees have already worked on more than one team. They all do what they can get away with until they get caught. No different than in any other business. Didn't (or doesn't) Miami cheat by having the home bench cooled and the visitor bench sweltering? Cheating takes many shades.

Let's not forget, there are only 32 NFL HC positions in the universe. Maybe only 3 to 5 per year come available. Its a dream for many. You don't have to be a YES man to accept the extremely rare opportunity to be an NFL HC, and if that means accepting the current GM, many will.

I just hope Steven Ross doesnt get it twisted. There's possibility this could be a .500 team closing out the rest of the season. Hope this doesnt bait Ross into keeping Sparano/Ireland.

The possible fact remains, even had we not the awful start, after 4yrs in all we ever had was a .500 team anyway. Please Mr. Ross, dont be blinded by possible late season window dressings.

Top 3 Needs To Playoff Contenders:

1. QB Duh.....

2. FS Still waiting to see how Culver pans out. If Sparano resists his delusions Reshad Jones is a fs. He's not, Jones is a ss.

3. RT No way do I believe after one good game(KC) Columbo is cured. I say draft a 3rd rd LT. He may just be good enough to play nfl RT.

Made a shot over the bow at Armando using "Omar Kelly" yesterday. Guess I forgot to sign back in as "yesterday's gone". LAMS!(laughing at myself)

Columbo's Issue:

Big enough to be effective in the run game, but, not athletic enough to fare well against speed rushers. In today's nfl, two athletic tackles are needed against defenses that have two athletic speed rushers.

Against the Chiefs, our offense did a good job of running the ball and stayed away from many 2nd/3rd and longs. This kept playaction passing in play so KC's speed passrushers had to legitimately honor the run.

This I believe was the primary reason there were zero sacks recorded against Matt Moore last Suinday(Chiefs). Staying out of 2nd/3rd and longs does wonders in helping an offense's pass protection too. Even Columbo didnt give up a sack.

I can say they are 'Hotties' because here on the blog I don't have to show their photos.

Posted by: Odinburp | November 12, 2011 at 04:14 AM

Very revealing sentence! Obviously looks are the only criteria you use to judge women.


PS: Back in the day, I used to get WAY MORE than my fair share of Groupies. If there's one thing that I learned from experience, the pretty, gorgeous, beuatiful ones ALWAYS turned out to be the head cases. They were always always so full of themselves, they thought it enough to just lay there and look pretty. Ha Ha Ha, I loved smearing their makeup, trashing their hair do and generally torturing them for HOURS on END(they ALWAYS came back for more though, if you know what I mean).

Now the average looking ones with smoking HOT bodies, them girls were the ticket. They didn't try to rely on awesome good looks, so they were always willing to go the extra mile and work that thing!

Anyways, and in summation Troll, you sir are OBVIOUSLY VERY SHALLOW!


DA...and Odin...

Sorry....but i don't get it....

this team is 1-13 over the past two seasons.....

There are routinely over matched in both coaching and SKILL....

It wil take more than ONE win against the Chiefs.....to heap any praise on anybody in this FO or team....

Posted by: kris | November 12, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Kris, maybe you misunderstood the horroffic undertones of my post. I definitely wasn't heaping any praise.

Not even on Ireland. After I re-read it, I can see how I sounded that way.

No, what I was trying to relay was this prophetic vision I keep having of Irelands draft picks really turning it on and this team putting together a win streak just impressive enough for us to miss out on Luck and stick with SpOrano and Ireland(God Noooooooooooooooo! PLEASE Nooooooooooooo!).

I was thinking about it and I thought, there's no way things can't get any worse. Then I thought since SpOrano and Ireland's arrival, they always figure a way to lose another, miss a signing and let me down AGAIN. After much deep thought, I figured this MUST BE what comes next!

I mean, how many more ways are there for them to let down any further?

No praise Kris, just some very horriffic visions!!!!



What is SHALLOW is a grown man (supposedly) so desperate for attention that he feels the constant need to let the whole world know every time he has a date. That is soooo high school dude! Only makes people doubt you really.

You can read this blog every day for years and yet there is only one single blogger who ever does that. Think about that.

It's doubtful anyone is envious of your groupie days. We've all had our way with women. You don't need to be a rock star. Any guy with a decent job that remains single for any length of time has his fair share of stories to tell - and likely better quality than the loose groupie girls who did half the Hells Angels the night before!

Burpppp.. Ugha, burp. Wheres the cap?

YB's hit, along the sidelines, was a thing of beauty. Perfect shoulder in the ribs hit. But the officials who cant see sh** didnt think so. The hit was worth the 15 yds penalty. Every Dolphin on the defense should view that hit every day. Colombo, sadly, I didnt see that late hit, but so what, thats what happens sometimes in the heat of battle. Glad to see Colombo hit someone,,hard. Keep it up. Wish I had the 7k to make up for Colombo's unconstitutional fine. Uncle Roger sure likes himself. For one game the Fish actually looked and played like a powerfull football team,,,TEAM!!!

Sometimes I wonder, besides fin4life and a few others, how many here on this Blog are over 30 years old? 20? 10?

add me to that list 1961


I hope someone pops up here with a Bday older than mine..

I see a wee-hour blog rat was lurking from 3AM to 5AM. Same troll. Funny how it occur around the same time many of Armando's Posts hit the Net.

Hey Donna GingerBread, you sound like a fairy tale, full of pixie dust and shyt. Now open wide and take it like a good girl should.

Also, Dream on...you write:

They think so much of Devlin he is on the practice squad where any team can pilfer him.

They think so much of Devlin that they brought in LoserMan as Moore's back up.

The GM's around the league thought so much of Devlin that none of them drafted him.

Posted by: Dream on | November 12, 2011 at 04:35 AM

Correct, but a better QB than many. Hence, he's on a practice squad in the NFL. As far as Delvin being plucked by another team? Did you forget that the roster # is 53 players and 7 on the P.Squad?

Furthermore idiot, there is a ton of redtape involved in acquiring another teams player - even off the P.Sq.

Ii didn't insinuate Delvin was our next great hope, just dropped a link to look at for anyone so choosing.

Now go out there Dream On, grab you some Pom-Poms and gingerbread and crawl back into your dumpster you friggin' rat.

ps: since it appears to be the norm here, I am going to use a different blog name every single time I post.


Sometimes I wonder, besides fin4life and a few others, how many here on this Blog are over 30 years old? 20? 10?

add me to that list 1961

Posted by: finfaneurope | November 12, 2011 at 02:17 PM

Half a century on this earth, 40 years as a dolphin fan.

BTW- anybody seen Oklahoma State QB Weeden today? WOW! I know he's old, but he's going to be a good QB in the NFL. Somebody might get a steal in the 3rd rd if he's still there.

I think we should conider taking Brandon Weeden with a 2nd round pick.

Here's Weeden's line for the day in a 66-6 win over Texas Tech- 31-37, 423, 5 TD

Not too shabby!

You guys kill me. Talking about these late round QB's. When will you learn? Acorns are a rarity, go with the odds and draft 1st round.

I've been a HARDCORE advocate for drafting a 1st RD QB in the upcoming draft. And, yes, I was hoping we'd have a shot at Luck.

If Weeden is still around when we pick in the 3rd, we'd be CRAZY not to take him. You can never have enough quality at QB, even if just for trade bait.

I don't think Weeden is an acorn.

Hey Fake GulfDolphin @ 3:09

Since you took the liberty of turning my post name into yours, and even turning it blue, I decided to check your punk ass out.

I am going to visit your TYPEPAD often and comment like you do here against many of us.

In fact, I'll cut and paste your entire low-life TYPEPAD here on this blog and maybe several others. Here's an example punk:

NAME: Doug French BLOG: Laid-Off Dad TYPEPAD MEMBER SINCE: 2006 WHY WE THINK LAID-OFF DAD ROCKS: Doug French is a writer and single dad who began writing Laid-Off Dad in June 2003, after losing his job when his first son was 15 months old. Since then, he remains unemployed and hasn't sold a single article

Hey Wanderer,

Who's The Mummy? Sally? How's Flea doin', now that daddy dougie was kicked to the curb?

Brandon Weeden is no 3rd round QB. Of all the QBs I have checked out besides Luck, he appears the best to me. 1st rounder.

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