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NFL keeps hands out of YB's wallet, but fines Colombo

Strong safety Yeremiah Bell admittedly expected bad news from the NFL this week. Nobody thought anything about Marc Colombo getting the news instead.

But that is precisely what happened Friday when Bell was not fined by the NFL, but the Miami offensive right tackle was fined $7,500 for hitting an opponent late and getting an unnecessary roughness penalty agains the Chiefs last Sunday.

Bell finished Sunday's victory over Kansas City with a trio of penalties -- a personal foul for a hit along the sideline, an unnecessary roughness for a hit out of bounds and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for some post play chippiness with a Kansas City player.

The number of flags and the hit would almost certainly translate to a fine, Bell thought.

Bell thought wrong. The NFL tells me Bell has not been fined.

Colombo, meanwhile, plowed into his opponent late after a running play. Yes, it drew a flag and drew the fine today.


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Not a bad thing!


Dont know if ever read the post, but Ive already posted to you Im Dyingbreed. Aloco knows it too. He just like to play like he doesnt.

The guy missed an extra point and barely hit a 15 yarder and their going to let him try a 45 yarder?

They should have let Luck go for it or try to pin them inside the 10!

This Stanford Coach ain't getting SpOrano's job!


For the suck for luck people, the Oregon will tell us a little more about Andrew Luck. This is the first team he faces this season that can score a ton of points a minute and plays on the cusp of great defense.

Lucks just fumble sacks while I was writing this.

Luck might just drop low enough for the Dolphins! If he loses tonight......hmmmm?


Dont know if ever read the post, but Ive already posted to you Im Dyingbreed. Aloco knows it too. He just like to play like he doesnt.

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 12, 2011 at 10:16 PM

Yeah, I was playing along too. I've been reading your posts for at least five years here. I think I had too read two "Yesterdays Gone" posts before I knew.

C'Mon Man-LOL! If there's anybody's writing style I know on this blog, it's yours............................................................LOL!

That was too easy!

That #5 Duck has a good wattage Bulb.


If I wanted to try and hide who I was. All I would have done was change my writing style to blend with the other idiotville mash units here.

Oregon's last TD that is.

YG, I liked DB better, but whatever floats your boat man! I still enjoy your posts, I shall remain redsky forever! Odin is right, your writing is unmistakeable. As is Aloco's and Odin's!


Someone perfectly imitated me in blue as Dyingbreed. So I figured if you can be trolled even in blue. Why even bother?

Got "yesterday's gone" from the old Fleetwood Mac song.

Looks like Andrew Luck's "luck" is running out tonight.

YG, no problem, my moniker has been used as well, EFF THEM! Yesterdays Gone is cool!

Looks like the ducks are quacking all over the cardinals!


Oregon is clearly the best defense Luck's faced all season. Without a doubt Oregon's the most complete team he's faced in 2011.

Odin, YG, this Oregon/Stanford game is not indicative of Luck's failure as a QB, but rather an indication that Oregon has a better defense than Stanford. If Luck can pull this out, he definitely deserves the Heisman.

Stanford's defense hasnt been able to stop Oregon's offense all night. The difference in the scoring tonight is indicative of Oregon's ability to get more stops than Stanford's defense.


We were having the exact sam4e thoughts. We virtually posted the same thing only one minute apart. My post is just worded differently but its the same exact thought.


Also every time Oregon's defense did get a stop on Luck, thier offense scored. That's the difference in the score.

Stanford really doesnt have enough speed at the wr and at rb positions to consistently score quickly. The likelihood of them busting a 70yd td score is extremel7y rare even with Luck.

Jim Harbaugh's absence is being felt.


Its not Harbaugh's absence that's being felt. Its the abscence of having a legit deep threat wr that's being felt. Remember, Luck's top wr is out with concussion issues.

However, right now the game's turning into a turnover fest.

Is Andrew Luck going to be another John Elway? Sure, with the right Team around him.

It was clear tonight that Oregon's offense just has to much team speed for Stanford. They proved tonight speed even kills Andrew Luck when he's riding on improperly inflated tires.


IMO, this takes nothing away from Andrew Luck. With all things being equal I would take him over any other qb, except the likes of Rodgers, Brees, Peyton, and Brady.

IMO, Luck's a top 10 nfl qb and he hasnt even arrived there yet.

Oregon plays Barkley and USC next week. That ought to be a must watch game too.


YG I agree on Luck being a top QB


Getting cut off! Again!

YG I agree on Luck being a top QB


#*ck Luck, Id rather have Barkley. After having watched both. Lets go FINS!

Good to see real posters (redsky, yg) and not the trolls that usually control the blog in the nighttime hours. I had the Raid and was about to make them flee back to the crevices they live their dirty lives in.



This will be an important game to determine how bad this team is. We know we're bad, but are we worst in the league (next to Colts) or did we just start slow and are really just more mediocre? That question gets answered today.

There's NO reason the Redskins should win this game. Their offense is reeling, they are dealing with huge injuries right now (while we've kind of gotten over that hump). Their QB has no confidence and is coming off of back to back to back HORRIBLE games. Their defense has sputtered a bit, but is still pretty stout (up front at least).

We should match up well against the Redskins. They can't expose our secondary. They like to run. We're good stopping the run.

If we lose this game, then yeah, we are the bottom of the barrel. If we win, then it's Mediocre City here we come.

Kellen Moore has thrown for a lot of yards in his career at Boise State but college is college. The NFL is a completely different matter.
At 6'0", 195lbs. Moore is going to have some difficulty seeing over his own offensive line on an NFL team. He's a competitor, no doubt about it, but his physical attributes are going to make it difficult for him to be successful playing on an NFL team.
If it weren't true he wouldn't be considered the 11th best quarterback prospect in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft which, by the way, also puts him at the 186th best prospect overall. At that point he would be considered a low 6th round pick.
I like Moore. He's an exciting college player to watch but there have been plenty of exciting college players who didn't make a successful transition to the NFL. I don't think anyone is discounting his ability here. His size puts him at a distinct disadvantage.

Prof Lou, if you want to see what Moore will be in the NFL, look at John Beck today. Same build, same good college career, and you see what he's done in the NFL. ZERO. NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH.

That's what Moore has in his NFL future.

I hate to say this, but the guy starting to shine a little brighter is beerphin's Weedin. He's looking really good.

The only disadvantage for Weeden from a team perspective is his age. At this time he is projected to go in the 3rd round, which is about right, due to his age and his age only.
However, I could see him moving up to a late-mid to late 2nd round pick just because he is so good at what he does. He can make all of the throws and his maturity level is above and beyond what you are getting with a younger quarterback.
If it weren't for his age he would probably be in the same class at the other top prospects.

One thing is for sure. Weeden will not be another John Beck.

Agreed Prof.

I JUST found out Cam Wake is from Beltsville, MD and went to DeMatha H.S. That's right up the street from me (5 mins, I passed it yesterday picking up food for dinner).

I did not know that. He's from my neck of the woods. Pretty cool.

People do sure change opinions fast, now saying that Luck is Pennington with a stronger arm! But, what do they know?

This white boy will have eveybit the impact that Cam Newton has had on the League this year. #1,1,1!

This will be an important game to determine how bad this team is.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 13, 2011 at 06:52 AM

Important my azzzzzz. You are a playoff team or you aren't. To say a team 4-12 is better than a team 1-15 is senseless.

Ohh by the way porcupine, u need to think more. Dc is right, because he meant is to see if the team as a whole can win, because we will have almost all of them back next year.

What about russell wilson's day yesterday? He is the steal of the draft.


The team has already won. Beat a mediocre team. Lost to terrible teams. The team is lost. Beating Washington is absolutely meaningless right now. Says nothing. Any given Sunday. Until the beat a few playoff level teams they plain stink for all practical purposes.

Hate to say it, but it would be hard to find a more meaningless game than this one today.

It sure seems like they are due for there first home win of the season, but somehow against Washington it won't feel like much. At this point, lets see them beat NE, NY, and Buffalo down the stretch, that is about the only thing that will instill any confidence in this team.

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