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Olshansky another failed Miami Cowfin

You know by now that Igor Olshansky was cut late Tuesday by the Dolphins.

And with that, another former Dallas Cowboys castoff fails in Miami.

Olshansky is gone from his third team in four seasons because, how to put this delicately, he stunk of late. He had one tackle in the last month, which is only one more than you or me or any of our pets. Last week, during preparation period when he should have been highly motivated to practice hard and perform so he could get on the field against his former Cowboys teammates, Olshansky laid an egg. He suffered a calf injury.

And so he was inactive for the Thanksgiving Day game versus Dallas.

Womp, womp, womp.

So after much consideration the Dolphins signed formerly cut Ryan Baker as an upgrade to Olshansky. Baker was cut two months ago.

Another former Cowboy turned Dolphin has thus failed. (For the complete story on Miami's roster moves click here.)

Note to Jeff Ireland: Please, with respect, stop signing Cowboys discards. There's a reason they were discarded by a team that isn't exactly Super Bowl caliber. If you've got to sign discards, how about adding folks from the Green Bay Packers or New England Patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers? Those teams run 3-4 defenses. Those teams score tons of points on offense. And those teams have done something in recent years neither the Cowboys nor Dolphins have done in a long time: They've won Super Bowls.

If you have to pick through someone's trash can, do it in a rich neighborhood, not the same old housing project that isn't producing results for you lately.

This year, more than any other since the current administration took over, the reach for former Cowboys has not really worked too well. Joe Berger was cut. Nate Jones was re-signed. And then cut. Lousaka Polite was cut. Marc Colombo was signed and has started but everyone knows he is more part of the problem that is the 2011 Dolphins than part of the solution.

Linebacker Kevin Burnett, another former Cowboy, signed a $21 million contract in July. The jury is still out on him because he has shown flashes of improvement lately, but overall, he has not played up to his contract.

The one shining success in adding former Cowboys to the Dolphins this year has been Matt Moore. He's been a revelation in that he has been many things the Dolphins hoped to get in a starting quarterback but never did from Chad Henne. He came to the Dolphins as merely a backup with no hope of competing for the starting job, so even in that regard, the Dolphins misjudged his abilities.

But at least Moore's been a good addition -- good work by the personnel department. He has so far played himself into deserving a chance to compete for a job in Miami in 2012.

Otherwise, the continued addition of former Cowboys has been a failure. It stopped working after 2008 when Anthony Fasano and Jason Ferguson and Akin Ayodele were added.

Igor Olshansky is only the latest example of that failure.

[Injury update: Dan Carpenter is practicing and ready to go. He will kick Sunday barring an unforeseen setback ... Vernon Carey did not practice today and will likely be listed as questionable on Friday.]