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Olshansky another failed Miami Cowfin

You know by now that Igor Olshansky was cut late Tuesday by the Dolphins.

And with that, another former Dallas Cowboys castoff fails in Miami.

Olshansky is gone from his third team in four seasons because, how to put this delicately, he stunk of late. He had one tackle in the last month, which is only one more than you or me or any of our pets. Last week, during preparation period when he should have been highly motivated to practice hard and perform so he could get on the field against his former Cowboys teammates, Olshansky laid an egg. He suffered a calf injury.

And so he was inactive for the Thanksgiving Day game versus Dallas.

Womp, womp, womp.

So after much consideration the Dolphins signed formerly cut Ryan Baker as an upgrade to Olshansky. Baker was cut two months ago.

Another former Cowboy turned Dolphin has thus failed. (For the complete story on Miami's roster moves click here.)

Note to Jeff Ireland: Please, with respect, stop signing Cowboys discards. There's a reason they were discarded by a team that isn't exactly Super Bowl caliber. If you've got to sign discards, how about adding folks from the Green Bay Packers or New England Patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers? Those teams run 3-4 defenses. Those teams score tons of points on offense. And those teams have done something in recent years neither the Cowboys nor Dolphins have done in a long time: They've won Super Bowls.

If you have to pick through someone's trash can, do it in a rich neighborhood, not the same old housing project that isn't producing results for you lately.

This year, more than any other since the current administration took over, the reach for former Cowboys has not really worked too well. Joe Berger was cut. Nate Jones was re-signed. And then cut. Lousaka Polite was cut. Marc Colombo was signed and has started but everyone knows he is more part of the problem that is the 2011 Dolphins than part of the solution.

Linebacker Kevin Burnett, another former Cowboy, signed a $21 million contract in July. The jury is still out on him because he has shown flashes of improvement lately, but overall, he has not played up to his contract.

The one shining success in adding former Cowboys to the Dolphins this year has been Matt Moore. He's been a revelation in that he has been many things the Dolphins hoped to get in a starting quarterback but never did from Chad Henne. He came to the Dolphins as merely a backup with no hope of competing for the starting job, so even in that regard, the Dolphins misjudged his abilities.

But at least Moore's been a good addition -- good work by the personnel department. He has so far played himself into deserving a chance to compete for a job in Miami in 2012.

Otherwise, the continued addition of former Cowboys has been a failure. It stopped working after 2008 when Anthony Fasano and Jason Ferguson and Akin Ayodele were added.

Igor Olshansky is only the latest example of that failure.

[Injury update: Dan Carpenter is practicing and ready to go. He will kick Sunday barring an unforeseen setback ... Vernon Carey did not practice today and will likely be listed as questionable on Friday.]


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run by idiots. 2012 will be soooooooo much better

I believe I am getting better. I really do. I really mean that.


Oh well, Sparano sucks, Cowboys suck. I'm tired of writing the same ish.

You know, I was going to ask the other day. I noticed lots of folks putting Olshansky in the players they'd keep next year. And, like Mando just confirmed, I haven't seen the guy do ANYTHING. He's just a big, funny-looking DL who's helmet looked too small for his head.

I never missed him when he WAS on the team, and I certainly won't miss him now that he's off.

My God you're droll...

Is there ANYTHING this regime does right? The alternative of course is to sit on their hands and do nothing, like the Bills and Jaguars do every year. Hard to be wrong when you do NOTHING....

Olshansky was a street FA. It's not uncommon for these guys not to work out. The reality is the bottom 3-4 guys on the roster are churned all the time. Check with the Patriots. There's a guy on their roster for has been cut and signed something like 15 times in the last year or so. It's the nature of the business. You try and mix and match....

Cute comment about the Packers and Steelers. Yeah, I forgot....it's the bottom 2-3 guy on their roster that are taken them over the top, not the stars.

Sparano has no talent. So he hit on Moore. Big deal, he misses much more often then he hits.

Sparano is the cancer. He must be cut out.

GM has been this teams biggest problem the last decade followed by lack of a franchise QB.

no worries spiderman, coem january we start to build

The more important sign is all the ex-Cowboy signings by Ireland. Shouldn't that tell EVERYONE something? ESPECIALLY the guys that think Ireland can spot talent? Memo to those people, if you're SO GOOD at spotting talent, you don't revert to picking trash off the team you came from. That's a crutch. That's a man that CAN'T really spot talent, and needs to lean on who he's familiar with to help fill in the holes.

Ireland SUCKS! Saying he's better than what was here last decade isn't saying anything. He needs to leave his post immediately. I'd rather they keep Sparano all year, get rid of Ireland, find another GM or put Peterson in there in the meanwhile, and do it that way.

If Ireland is the GM for this team next year, I'm not expecting much from the Season, no matter what QB we Draft (knowing him it'll be a 7th-rounder).

Amazing that guys are still slamming Burnett. He was a younger, less injured version of Crowder. Who were they going to sign instead, because last I checked Ray Lewis and Willis weren't available? The guy comes from SD but he's still known as a Cowboy.....LOL.

Burnett was criticized because the defence played like crap and calls were missed. We were told Crowder was missed. The defence goes 12 quarters without giving up a TD and all of a sudden there's nothing. I thought this team wouldn't be able to play without Crowder? What happened?

What are you trying to do with all the bashing? Do you really think the coaches or GM read your crap and listen to you? Wake up coaches/GM sign players that they have some history with all the time!!! It is not just the dolphins, some times its works some time it does not, so get over it. I still think you and "Bitching Dave" are the same people!

Craig, I'll answer for Mando, when you can't get better than .500 in 3 years, no, there's VERY LITTLE you're doing right!

Sorry, when you can't get better than .4375, than, no gold star for you!!!

Other Cowboy imports who suck.

Jeff Ireland

Tony Sparano


It would be nice to see a little balanced writing. The team had won three in a row and has been in competitive in just about every game this year. There's nothing like kicking a dog when it's down. It's tiring....it's unbalanced, biased.....actually quite boring. It's the same note over and over.

'They've failed'......we get it. Can we talk about something else?

..I know this is redundant. But what is the dealio with the Crackwagon re-treads? Enough is enough already. I stated this last night, and will say it again. I do not care that Ireland is "well respected" among his peers. In fact I'm not so sure this is true. It could be the whole "We will not disrespect our brother in arms" sort of situation.

How can one objectivley say that Ireland gets a passing grade? Fiding good players is his job. And while the jury is out on some. It is clear that he has not done his job well enough to warrant anymore time playing GM here.

I'm not a football genius by any means. In fact, I'm just a squwaker. I'm wrong about more topics then I'm right. No worries. This is why I spew comments on a blog, and do not make personel decisions for a franchise. Ireland is a football guy. I do not understand his vision, or his decision making process as far as talent evaluation. I know that he has made some decent finds. But that was with better minds that surrounded him as far as knowledge, experience, and a proven plan. Now that he is on his own. He has come up short. There is no excuse for the failure to recognize the glaring weakneses on this team.

The list goes on. The roster moves this season alone have been pathetic. Wasting money, finding scapegoats to take the blame. Ireland has not been heard from, has not publicly taken any responsibility for his part in the deconstruction of this team. If there was any forward vision, anything. Perhaps he would get a pass. But what is the identity of this team? Where is the leadership, and accountability. Time for Ireland to go..

Craig M, just what good news do you want to hear from about the team? Its like Sparano saying "Were getting better each week". Oh really the 3 teams you beat all have losing records. So I get it, were good at beating teams with losing records.

What else would you like to here? How good Sean Smith is? or maybe Matt Moore a potential franchise QB?


That's fine to say but can you tell when when Irleand's tenure started, because it's not clear to me when he started making the picks and FA signings. Which ones were on him and which ones Parcells and the scouts. I'm not trying to be smart, I'm being serious. If you can clearly indentify what moves were his then I think I could judge him better.

The other part of this and I've asked this MANY time and NEVER got an answer from anyone, who are we supposed to be replacing him with because I don't want change just for the sake of change. Do people want someone like A J Smith because I think we could go down the line and look at all Smith's bad moves, including trading up for Ryan Matthews. See, I'm not fully qualified to identify who the BEST GM candidates are and I'm convinced anyone else here is either. If you know more on this, I'd be interested in hearing it.

Me too Pastor, maybe another time soon ok. I'll do that thing you lie :)

Great, just when things were looking up on the blog, fake DC pisses on the parade. Congrats, or something.

We have to get a new coach and probably a new GM. Mando keeps pouring salt on our wounds. We know we're bad. We know we can't get anywhere. Stop with the negative post after post. Its getting boring.


Yeah I'd like to hear more about who is playing better. I'd like to know why Marshall is playing better with Moore than with Henne and appears to be happier. I'd like to know why the team is playing harder in all facets of the game with Moore at QB. I'd like to know why there's less mistakes being made on offence and defence. I'd like to know why this team hasn't quit on Sparano, as some of the other teams around the league have quit on their coach. I'd like to know who are the guys who should be brought back next year and who should be looking for a home. I'd like to know how the coaches have kept these guys focussed despite being 0-7 at one point.

Honestly, what we're geting is bare bones stuff.....nothing of substance. 'Olshansky another failed ex-Cowboy'.....brilliant!

Tony Sparano is an unusual Man and he has learned how to be a Head Coach in the Big Leagues. Now, he must learn how to finish the opponent and Win, and he will; but I'm afraid it won' be here.

I suppose it is Mando's job to preach to the choir, but... it's preaching to the choir.
Of course that's what we're doing too in this forum, but whatevers.
I don't expect real change to happen until the season is over, but I DO expect some serious rethinking of the franchise by next year.
I DO expect also the wheels of real change to start basically now with Sparano's ouster, and interim for the remainder. But new coach/GM will prob be after season end.

Craig, your insult aside, allow me to educate you on your question:

You want to know which drafts belong to Parcells and which belong to Ireland?

My understanding from speaking to those involved is that Parcells had the 2008 and 2010 drafts. Ireland did 2009 and 2011.

Parcells wanted Ireland to fend for himself after 2008 but was disappointed with the 2009 draft. (Pat White, whom Parcells signed off on but Ireland has also personally told me he was responsible for, was the primary reason Parcells took the draft back in 2010.) Parcells put up signs in the war room reminding everyone that on that day - draft day -- the Dolphins would select athletes with prototype size and speed who had made plays in college and could make them in the pros.

Obviously, Parcells had zero input in 2011.

Free agents?

In 2008 practically all the moves belonged to Parcells. In 2009 and 2010 Ireland was the point man with Parcells signing off on the moves. Ireland made the call on Cam Wake. Parcells was the point man on Brandon Marshall and Dansby.

In 2011, all Ireland.

That droll enough for you?

How about a coach with full control of the personnel.

Oh, and, folks:

If you want to read about all that is wonderful and excellent, go to another blog.

I cover a 3-8 team about to have its third consecutive losing season, about to fire its coach and several others. That's the team I cover.

I don't cover the Green Bay Packers.

Craig M, how can you be impressed with the team that won games against teams with LOSING records. How can you say a team is playing better but cant beat a playoff team. I'll give you your answers.

Marshalll always hated Moore because of the same reason we do. He thinks he's a stiff robot who doesnt know how to improvise when a play isnt there.

Kept focused? They beat 3 garbage teams started talking and dancing all over the place and lost again.

IMO, I dont think your hopes should be too high from beating the bottom tier teams.

*I mean Henne not Moore

Craig M...Whats up??

Good questions. Some have given Ireland credit for finding players while in Dallas. I'm not sure that this is the case. But my point was. He was surrounded by better football minds. They were able to help him along. Now that he is in a situation where his mentor is gone, and he is soley responsible for building a roster. I do not think he is the right fit for this job.

Yes you can argue that the sample is not big enough to fairly critique him. If that is your position fine(not saying you in particular) But I have seen enough. The team is digressing. I understand that the play on the field has improved. but in the big picture. We have gotten worse. 3 wins is not enough. end of the year failures are not enough. If you want to stand by Ireland(again I'm not impliying you are) that is fine. My opinion is that Ireland is part of the problem here. And must be held accountable for the position this team finds itself.

To your question about a replacement. Again. Like QB's.Gm do not grow on trees(Parcells quote) I do not get to make a choice, nor do I have an idea as to who his replacement should be. I would have a better answer if I knew who was going to be the head coach next year. I'll throw out a name just for the sake of the debate. Tony Dungy. He would be a fine GM.I have no idea if he is even available, or desires this spot. But as a leader, and sharp mind. He would be my first choice.

Craig, it's not your fault, you're an eternal optimist. Mando (and I) are like babies, give us our rattle and we'll calm down.

Rattle = Franchise QB

craig we cant talk about something else until they actually do something else


Thanks for the clarification.

Sorry man, I'm tired of you and everyone beating up on this team all the time. We're bad....we get it! Everyone is trying to do the best they can to get through the year. Igor Olshansky wasn't brought in to be a difference maker. He was brought in to be a ROLE player. It didn't work out....big deal!! It's a cheap shot on your part to keep harping on this 'ex-Cowboy' thing. No if's ands or buts....it's a cheapshot!!

Maybe you think you've got a GM you won't have to deal with next year and maybe you're right but coninuing to ONLY focus on the mistakes he's made, makes you come across as cheap. You want the players to open up to you more, trying being balanced. Yeah, they're 3-8 but they're not the Colts going out and lying down every week.

Great Craig, now you've gone and p'd off Mando. He can only write so many glowing posts on how well Brandon Fields is playing this year.

Mando, any news from practice?

Some perspective: The Packers have won MORE games this year than the Dolphins have won this year and last year COMBINED.

The 49ers have 9 wins this year. That's only one less win than Miami had the last two seasons COMBINED.

And you ask why I don't write about positives? I call it as I see it. And right now I don't like what I see.

Allow me to do a little brown-nosing here and thank Armando for doing exactly what he's doing: Banging the drums for us restless natives. Yes you cover a 3-8 team, and until certain things happen to change the circumstances that brought us here, we need the drums banged loud and clearly. Why else are we here in this forum? To insult each other? (Ok, some apparently are, maybe). But even though we all have our own differences with Armando's opinion on occasion, me included, I for one look forward to each blog entry. If nothing else to continue to let out frustrations in the hopes that it somehow matters. I'm not sure how much Armando matters to the efforts to change the teams fortunes, but I'm willing to bet it's a better shot than ours.
Thanks Armando! Keep banging the drums, and we'll follow.

yes dc fields had 3 punts downed inside the 5


Um, you want me to comment on what I think about a game that hasn't happened yet. I'll be glad to give my opinion after I see how the game goes.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | November 30, 2011 at 01:30 PM

Devil, C'mon Man! You're better than that and I know it. You trying to play with me?

The question wasn't about any game. Why am I getting the feeling I don't need to tell you this?

I asked for your OPINION, based on a hypothetical proposition.

You've stated that you agree, we're "playing better" as opposed to "very good, very well, etc, etc."

What I asked is: "IF" we beat the Raiders, would you, in your opinion, then consider us as "Playing Very Well?"

No trick questions, no buffoonery going on here. Just curious as to YOUR OPINION.

Consider this too trivial of a question if you want, but we are, after all, 3-8 with not much going on. Just trying to talk some Dolphin Football, that's all.


im with u armando, im tired of the bs. but i am convinced with a new staff and a newly minted qb from the draft and the cake schedule we can have a fun 2012 season

Mando, let me say I disagree with Craig. I LOVE that you're harping on the ex-Cowboys thing. I think it's extremely telling to many of our problems here.

Please explain to Craig how Ireland is an arrogant F*CK who thinks he's a genius and everyone else is trash. Yet has never been part of a team that went to the Conference Championship. Or the SB. Or even smart enough to Draft a REAL QB prospect (not a loser like Pat White). And is nobody to be standing up for. Because if it was the other way around, Ireland would NEVER stand up for Craig, because that's how Ireland is, just an pr*ck who has no respect for anyone else (even his FRIEND, the Head Coach).


That's fine but with the exception of the San Diego game and perhaps the Houston game they've been in EVERY game. They're not getting blown out every week as some teams are. WHY? That's what I want to know. 3-8 is only part of the story. The bigger story to me is why can't this team finish? Why can't they put teams away. Personally, I put it on the coaching. Sparano gets too conservative. But that's what I want to hear. I don't want to hear 'we're 3-8....we suck'. OK, great.....why? It's not JUST because we don't have a franchise QB....it's also because of the playcalling and the soft defence. WE could have and should have beat the Broncos, the Giants, the Browns, the Cowboys and maybe even the Jets (we were trailing 7-6 at the half). It was the same story last year. We lost to the Browns, the Lions, the Bills, the Steelers.....same thing.....same pattern. So is it the players, the coaches, the lack of killer instinct, all of the above? That's what I want to know and I want to know how we have to fix it. That's INDEPTH.....


I hope none of the Dolphins players read your blogs, cause I doubt you'll be getting any inside scoop from them anymore.

..Craig M. I think that the GM, and coach will go hand and hand. What kind of guy we hire will be in concert with the type of head coach we go after. I would suggest going after guys that have been in systems that have passed the test of time, and have some sort of orginiztional direction..Here are few names.

Scott Pioli..New England
John Dorsey..right hand man for Ted Thompson in GB.
Kevin Colbert...Young personel director for Pittsburgh.

This is a short list of potential candidates. That IMO would bring some direction to this team. We have no clue as to who we are. Sure there is the prototype "Parcells" players that this regime likes. But that system had proven to be flawed, and maybe outdated. We need a guy that can come in here, and lay out a modern blueprint for success. Think of it like the show Kitchen Nightmeres. We have a restaruant that is failing, dirty, and about to be shut down. (I know..lame analogy)

Mando, if you're not an adulterer, would you ever think about running for President on the Republican ticket? Or at least Governor?

You're sounding like someone I want to work for. Fight for. Die for.

MANDO 2012!!!!!

Spiderman, if the Dolphins players are looking for people who will bow to their incredible-ness, then they better quit football. That search is going to take a LONG TIME!!!

Craig, you frankly have lost your mind. Igor Olshansky is not the post. The post is that Igor Olshansky is the latest in about a dozen or so moves that have SUCKED for the Dolphins based on a misbegotten love affair with players from a team that hasn't won anything.

Can you not see that?

Collect yourself. Take off the rose covered glasses. And read the thing again.

Oh, and I have no problem telling you when things go well. Did you skip the Matt Moore paragraph?

Look, Dolphins win or win more than they lose = Words happy. Dolphins lose, and lose, and lose, and lose = Words angry. That's how it works in professional football.

craig the browns have been in most every game also. means nothing, most nfl games are close. bad ones lose and the good ones win. quite simple

pioli? lol hes kc's gm and done a poor job

Mando is right. What is it with the man love Ireland has for the Boys? We almost beat those turds last week.

BM to his Mom. You shoulda seen me Mama, I am going across the field that ball hit me right on the hands. I almost had it Mama. Almost, but I am not worried. I will catch one soon. They just have to throw to me every time. Where'd you put my stickum Mama? I just missed it, you should have been there.

It would be great to hear that Carpenter was cut too. No luck. Like Mare, a game-killer, a season-killer, absolute choker in the clutch. Good at putting his head disconsolately down after a miss. Would be nice to see Sparano's and Ireland's head disconsolately down, on a guillotine. Love Parcell's "loyalty" to his former lackeys. Kinda amazing.


Some good points. I'm not absolving Ireland for the failures of this team. I just don't believe the roster is as bad as everyone tries to make it out to be. Does he have to be held accountable? Of course. Should it cost him his job? I can't answer that. The easy answer is the team has failed and he should be gone but I would argue the talent level is a lot better than the team he inherited. There have been LOTS of mistakes but show me a team that hasn't made mistakes. I think it will ultimately come down to the coach we hire. If Jeff Fisher wants to come here but not work with Ireland he will be gone. If Ross doesn't get a 'star' coach, I expect Ireland will be back. That may not be a popular answer but that's my opinion.

DC...Good day.

I do not think it is a case of optimisim, or being a baby. Or who is a true fan, and identifying who is a turncoat. If people find Aramndos critique old, or tiresome, unfair. Whatever. They need to open their eyes. The product we have been fed is not good enough. It is okay to be objective. It is ok to be vocal about your dissatifaction. It has to start somewhere. Trying to sugar coat things, and hoping that a magic genie is going to come out of a bottle and just change things here is just ignoring the issue. The GM, the coach, most importantly the owner. have failed again to put out a quality team. Changes need to made. until this happens. We can have all the hope in the world. It will not happen. It is okay to be critical at this point.

I have been guilty as any. Trying to make excuses for the players, the outcomes. I have tried to find positives where ever I could. Even if it was clear that my opinions were skewed. I'm done trying to find reasons why we are in this position. And demand accountablity. I'm want this team to succeed. I do not believe with the leadership we have now. That this is possible.

And now that the Team is playing well and winning, JS wants Sparano to be fired. What possible good for the Team would that achieve? For everybody else? Hmm..

Spiderman, a wide swath of players and everyone in the front office reads my blog and columns.

I am not beholding to them. I answer to you. And the truth.

Put it this way, I posted pictures of Brandon Marshall's drops on this blog, if you recall. I posted his solid points and disappointing points. I posted his off-field issues when they happened. He and I spent nearly an hour talking a couple of weeks back relative to EVERYTHING.

The pros on this team get it. It is NOT personal. When people do go, they get applauded. When they do poorly, they understand I cover that also.

Wow Mando is getting after Craig! DC, remember Kevin Burnett had an incident with Omar Kelly so I wouldnt be surprise if Armando catches a few "attitudes" from some Dolphins players

team is winning? it just lose another game. 3-8 last place. oscar wake up, season is 16 games, not a 3 game stretch

Matt Moore has done things Henne never did? Not this year he hasn't.

Henne in 4 games: 63 of 109 for 860, 4 TD's and 3 INT's. 57.8% complete, 3.7% TD, 2.8% INT rate. 7.9 yards per attempt

Henne ran 13 times for 113 yards for 8.7 yards per attempt and a TD and sacked 11 times for 67 yards for 8.3% sack rate and 6.1 yards per sack.

Moore in 8 games: 133 of 212 for 1561, 8 TD's and 6 INT's. 62.7% complete, 3.8% TD, 2.8% INT rate. 7.4 yards per attempt.

Moore has run 12 times for 60 yards for 6.0 yards per attempt and a TD and sacked 24 times for 151 yards for 9.8% sack rate and 6.3 yards per sack.

Moore has also shown an alarming tendancy to fumble having fumbled 9 times already. Henne only fumbled once.

Age and guile are on his side, Armando, age and guile.

Agree or don't agree with Armando. But applaud him for having the courage to speak his mind, even at the risk of hurting his relationships with members of the team.

Last thing anyone needs is a KA columnist.

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