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Olshansky another failed Miami Cowfin

You know by now that Igor Olshansky was cut late Tuesday by the Dolphins.

And with that, another former Dallas Cowboys castoff fails in Miami.

Olshansky is gone from his third team in four seasons because, how to put this delicately, he stunk of late. He had one tackle in the last month, which is only one more than you or me or any of our pets. Last week, during preparation period when he should have been highly motivated to practice hard and perform so he could get on the field against his former Cowboys teammates, Olshansky laid an egg. He suffered a calf injury.

And so he was inactive for the Thanksgiving Day game versus Dallas.

Womp, womp, womp.

So after much consideration the Dolphins signed formerly cut Ryan Baker as an upgrade to Olshansky. Baker was cut two months ago.

Another former Cowboy turned Dolphin has thus failed. (For the complete story on Miami's roster moves click here.)

Note to Jeff Ireland: Please, with respect, stop signing Cowboys discards. There's a reason they were discarded by a team that isn't exactly Super Bowl caliber. If you've got to sign discards, how about adding folks from the Green Bay Packers or New England Patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers? Those teams run 3-4 defenses. Those teams score tons of points on offense. And those teams have done something in recent years neither the Cowboys nor Dolphins have done in a long time: They've won Super Bowls.

If you have to pick through someone's trash can, do it in a rich neighborhood, not the same old housing project that isn't producing results for you lately.

This year, more than any other since the current administration took over, the reach for former Cowboys has not really worked too well. Joe Berger was cut. Nate Jones was re-signed. And then cut. Lousaka Polite was cut. Marc Colombo was signed and has started but everyone knows he is more part of the problem that is the 2011 Dolphins than part of the solution.

Linebacker Kevin Burnett, another former Cowboy, signed a $21 million contract in July. The jury is still out on him because he has shown flashes of improvement lately, but overall, he has not played up to his contract.

The one shining success in adding former Cowboys to the Dolphins this year has been Matt Moore. He's been a revelation in that he has been many things the Dolphins hoped to get in a starting quarterback but never did from Chad Henne. He came to the Dolphins as merely a backup with no hope of competing for the starting job, so even in that regard, the Dolphins misjudged his abilities.

But at least Moore's been a good addition -- good work by the personnel department. He has so far played himself into deserving a chance to compete for a job in Miami in 2012.

Otherwise, the continued addition of former Cowboys has been a failure. It stopped working after 2008 when Anthony Fasano and Jason Ferguson and Akin Ayodele were added.

Igor Olshansky is only the latest example of that failure.

[Injury update: Dan Carpenter is practicing and ready to go. He will kick Sunday barring an unforeseen setback ... Vernon Carey did not practice today and will likely be listed as questionable on Friday.]


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If we get rid of Ireland, we won't have to worry about anymore CowGirl signings!

New Coach Wanted.....

I know you are fan of mine and all....but I highly encourage you to read PB Fin Fan @ 7:36.....it is an excellent read......that is if you can get past any punctuation errors....grammatical errors.....and what ever else it is you look for in a person's post that has NOTHING TO DO FOOTBALL.....

So after you examine the afore mentioned post....and after you get past all the nit-picking....

You might just find the FOOTBALL PORTION of the post was meant for you....

You do know this is a football blog right....not an online English seminar...

Peyton will retire. The rumblings have started. He is not getting better.

Peyton will not retire if healthy, he's not ready to walk away and wants another SB. Luck goes to Colts, Peyton's last season, learns from the master. Unless we loose, we remain in mediocrity.....

I get the dissatisfaction with Cowboy retreads. I feel the same way. But it's the case of "the devil you know vs. the devil you don't." It's done that way league wide, even with the better teams. And it will be done with the next administration, whoever that may be. If you're winning, it's not an issue (cures a lot of ails), but if you're losing, well, that's where we are.

I wonder if the organization realizes that there are actually 30 other teams that they can trade with, or look at in order to plunder talent from, as opposed to just the Cowboys..... Or could it be that this administration is so utterly clueless in their ability to judge and assess talent, that they only go after the players they are familiar with, hence the reason we get all these Dallas throwaways.
Because they know those players, and despite the fact half of em s*ck, the organization knows them and has seen them regularly. In their minds, it makes more sense than taking a shot on an offensive lineman cut from the Vikings practice squad whom they only half heartedly scouted.....
We are living during a very dark era in Dolphins football.....

Hey everyone Wikipedia Jeff Ireland. Its priceless.

I can explain all the Dallas retreads. It's really simple. It's an ugly truth, but still, really simple.

It's mostly Jeff Ireland's ego. Just like his questionable draft strategies, it's just another way he keeps trying(with little to no sucess)to prove that he's smarter than everyone.

The team be damned, but he keeps on trying to prove that he was right about this little acorn or that little acorn.

It's the same reason they hung in there so long with Henne. Same with Colombo. The same reason they keep trying to force square pegs in round holes.

It's simply Jeff Ireland continuing to try and prove he knows better than anyone else. Even though we're all starting to see what an egotistical head case he is. Even though we're all starting to see how bull headed and wrong he can be at thwe same time.

The worst part is, he puts his ego and false sense of self importance WAY AHEAD of the team! If it's an either or proposition, Ireland sides with his pride and ego over the Miami Dolphins EVERYTIME!

What jabberwhackey @ 9:53.

Isn't it funny how people believe their senseless imaginations?


Why not try addressing what I've actually posted?

Incapable? Yeah, I know, but come on, you should at least try.

I mean ANYTHING would be better than YOUR senseless jabberwhackey!

Something? Anything? No............?


I would not attempt to give you an English lesson...there is no nitpicking involved...I was just curious....how does one take offense that someone else...posts with the same poor writing...I mean really, do you actually want to call poor punctuation...a style...............no offense intended though....I enjoy your posts regardless of grammar or content....

As far as the post at 7:36...I ignored it...not much use for posts that say... damn the facts...I want to give an uneducated opinion....who cares if the stats say he completes 100% of his passes....his accuracy sucks....who cares if he wins every game...he is a loser...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion...some people should keep their opinion to themselves however...

Oakland Raiders
7-4, 2-2 AFC West (1st)

Team Ranking


Offense...12th......149.2 (4th)...224.1 (18th)

Defense...27th......135.3 (27th)..239.1 (19th)

When on Offense:

Daboll and Moore should be able to have their way with this defense. I'm predicting Bush has his best day as a Dolphin.

Marshall, Clay and Bush **SHOULD** provide a match up nightmare against this defense. If Moore is "on" we will rack up some points.

When on Defense:

According to the stats we should stack the box and force the Raiders to try and beat us through the air. The way Palmer has been playing though, I'm not so sure this would be a sound strategy.

Either way, this should be a high scoring affair that proves FUN TO WATCH!

Fist Pump(Gulp!)

Odin...Do you think that Irelands infatuation with ex Crackwagon players stems from inexperience? I had brought up a point earlier that suggested Ireland was surrounded by better football minds before he was let loose here. I was thinking about this a bit and what I came up with could explain why we keep poaching their re-treads.

You know how Parcells had his prototype players? Perhaps Ireland follows this blueprint for construction, and can find those old players littered throughout the Dallas roster. I think it is familiarity with the player profile that he likes..

The question should be. Are there other players throughout the league that fill this profile? There has to be right?

I don't know if this is the reason, or even has anything to do with why we keep getting the discarded Dallas players. In my simple mind, it makes some sense. Dallas drafts similar style lineman, linebackers(theirs may be better, but the prototypes look similar) So in Irelands mind, they should fit right in to our system. Just a thought.


I think your absolutely right.

I think it goes a little deeper though.

A lot of the guys picked up were Parcells/Ireland guys to begin with. If Jeffy signs them and they pan out, he gets to pat himself on the back.

He then says: Yeah, I knew this guy was great all along. I knew it then and I know it now. Yeah, the new Cowboys FO didn't know what they were doing when they let such and such go.

But yeah, I knew it all along!

Plain and simple, I think it's Ireland just trying to stroke his own ego and prove to everyone, that he knows best. The best interests of the team be damned, it's all about Ireland and his EGO.

Matt Moore is the perfect example of this. But I think for the most part, it has turned around bit both him and Tony on the A SS(not to mention all of us DolFans)!



3-8 ...THE CELLAR..............



Google the Dallas Cowboys roster from 2008/2007.

No less than 13 cast offs went on to sign with Miami since Parcells and Ireland came over.

14 if you want to count Moore. They were trying to sneak him on to the practice squad when Carolina picked him up.

The only contributors worth noting:


I think Armando got his feelings hurt by Craig M, but for the most part Armando is right, think how much different this blog would be if we were 8-3 instead of 3-8, the last 4 or 5 weeks has been pretty exciting but the year as a whole has been a disaster and he is basically pointing out what Ireland has done time and again, it is like he said if you are going to go through someone's trash can why not Green bay or Pittsburgh or some good team, the cowboys are 7-4 but they won't be there in the end , Romo will cough it up again as usual.

You must be really bored or on your period. You really bent things out of shape in this article to fit your argument. It seems like you really have it in for Ireland. Dez Bryant must be your cousin or something.
First of all, Kevin Burnett is playing pretty damn well right now - better than Channing Chowder would be. Olshansky was not used as a starter, he was a rotational defensive lineman. Bottom of the rotation at that. Furthermore DLs don't get a lot of tackles in this defense anyway and Olshansky didn't exactly get many opportunities to do so. He was churned as this regime tends to do with the bottom part of the rotation. Lousaka Polite was cut but he wore down from the pounding he got the last couple of years being used as a battering ram and as a sure thing in short yardage. So he definitely served his purpose. Also, the offense changed to a more wide open philosophy, making Lousaka expendable. The one signing that seems to be a major mistake is Columbo, a turnstile that they are sticking with despite bad performance. He has improved lately but still.
You don't only see this cup as half-empty. You're like "where's my frijoles"

By the tone of this article, you'd think Olshansky was signed to a multi-year, $20 million contract, only to get hurt and fail miserably. He was just roster filler. It was a non-story when he signed and a non-story when he was cut. Lame article.

I really never understood why Baker was cut in the first place. He seemed to make plays when he was in there.

It is obvious this team has trouble evaluating talent.

Erik Walden anyone?

WHO in the heck makes all these IDIOT trades? Ireland I'm presuming is the one with his trigger on the button, but why is it Dolphin fans that we can't get players the likes of Clay Matthews, Nick Mangold, and others that come out of nowhere and become terrific players? Why, why, why are we so incapable of identifying talent? Something has to be done about this and hopefully a new head coach and GM will be more on the ball.

Its almost like Ireland is plagiarizing his talent predicting abilities.

Instead of doing his homework, he just signs other people's castoffs. He thinks since Dallas had them then they must be good players.

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