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Survey says Sparano unpopular but with what constituents?

On the face of it, Tony Sparano is not a popular coach.

According to a Sporting News survey of 111 players on 31 teams, the Dolphins coach finished second to Tom Coughlin among coaches players would least like to play for. Coughlin, of the New York Giants, got 22 votes while Sparano got 21 votes.

Dang it, lost again!

You'll read about this survey elsewhere in the media today and I wouldn't be surprised if Sparano is asked about it at his Friday press conference. But before folks start pounding on coach in the comments section, I must tell you why this survey is flawed and it doesn't really speak to Sparano's popularity among his players.

First, I know that I know that I know Sparano is very well liked among many of his players. Yes, there are a couple that cannot stand him. But mostly, the players in the Miami locker room like their coach and practically all have respect for their coach. That is what I know of the Miami locker room.

Secondly, the survey did not tally votes of players who could vote for their own coach. Players, in fact, were told not to vote for their own coach. So unless Shawn Murphy or Matt Roth -- two avowed Sparano haters -- are back on the roster, no one in the Miami locker room voted Sparano least liked.

Thirdly, the survey is obviously tilted in that the Dolphins were winless when the survey was done. Who on the outside looking in would want to play for an 0-7 coach? The results were bound to be negative for Miami's coach.

I'm telling you this so you see how what looks like damning and feels like an indictment is kinda sorta skewed toward getting a bad result. Now, I cannot account for Coughlin's victory. Nor can I account for Bill Belichick finishing third with 15 votes. But I don't have to. I don't get paid to cover the Giants or Patriots.

I do get paid, and handsomely I might add, to write columns in The Miami Herald. And today I wrote about, what else, Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley and Landry Jones and Brandon Weeden. My column is here and gives you perspective on where the Dolphins are likely to pick and what history says about the result they're likely to get.

[VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be discussing my column, Sparano's popularity and a little conversation I had with a very interesting Dolphins player on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today. You can watch the show streaming live right here. We'll also be discussing the Penn State scandal, the University of Miami game versus Florida State, the Marlins and other topics.]


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I'm back.

close second

Even if Sparano gets his team on a season ending roll and the team finishes let's say 6-10, there is one element he cannot dispute. the fact he can't avoid slow starts. it takes him a quarter to half a season to figure his team out. That's not acceptable.

How does everyone feel about Luck following in the footsteps of Manning? How many successors to a "great" NFL QB became noteworthy? Other thaN Aaron Rodgers & Steve Young I can't think of any. And those 2 have their exceptions for time it took to get on the field & wo drafted them. It's tough following a legend.

its painfully obvious that sparano is only a position coach in the NFL. our GM is woefully inadequate by nfl standards. our talent evaluators need to be dismissed asap.

What do those Dumb Millionaire Players know?

And cover-ups, from the top down.

On an infinitely more serious Theme, there is a great article, "Why Joe Paterno didn't call the Police" by Bill Phillips in Men's Health about the psychology of coverups and it's relationship to authority. Check it out.

soliai has been very disappointing so far. he isnt a factor and his snap count in low. is he worth 12 million???? just another ireland goof i guess.

But on a personal basis, we cannot be so quick to judge other's actions. Was that 10 y/o boy one of those sissies that eventually, sodomized or not, would have become a homosexual? Did he agree for Sandusky to bugger him? Or was that kid one of those smart, disadvantaged street kids that would do anything for survival and a better life? Or did Sandusky forced him violently or maybe, as a father figure, preyed on his mind? Sandusky himself, was he abused in the same way as a child and is, on compulsion, repeating the act?

oscar wants to justify child rape. sick drunk that fellow.

Just sit back and watch the Miami Mob run another good coach out of town... this is a pitiful excuse for a football town. I hope the Dolphins are moved to another city so this place will appreciate what they have lost. In a city with fans/media like this god forsaken place the Dolphins are already homeless. I'll bet there are 10 other cities lined up waiting to cater to the Dolphins.

But the Law admits no interpretations, and if the full weight of It were to be allowed to fall on those People, they would all land in Jail, including Joe Paterno.

I think this is the most non-story you've ever written about Mando. And that's all I have to say about that.

Armando, can you give a more detailed scouting report on RG3? Landry Jones is not NFL caliber. Not sure on Barkley being a top 5. What about the QB's from Boise and Houston?

Between this worthless blog post - Sparano is a players coach and your column starting with "The Dolphins offense is settling into something of a groove lately", you should not be allowed to write columns covering football unless the Herald provides you a mentor.

Being a players coach does not mean you are a competent coach. Having one good outing where your offense played well doesn't mean it is "settling into something of a groove lately."

This is almost as bad as when you proposed Henne turned a corner simply because he played well in the Oakland game last year. Then when he self-destructed the next game, you claimed he wasn't the answer.

You flip-flop faster and more often than Romney.

Then again, most of my long, tedious posts are non-stories as well.

Hey mando, have a little perspective in your article about luck. The guy you quoted as taking barkley ahead of luck recruited him to USC. AND u cant dismiss the vote for sparano while not doing the same about the other coaches. The guy is an a s s and the vote proves it.

Now, to more important topics, I'd like to extend a warm thank you to all military veterans out there. Thanks for doing what you do (even though you're government has no clue why they are asking you to put your lives on the line).

Secondly, and I know this is asking a lot, to all returning vets in the Miami-Dade area, we've asked a lot of you already, but we have one more favor. Please go to Davie, and teach the Dolphins coaches and personnel how to act honorable and brave and how to execute effectively (as if they're lives are on the line). There's no one better I can think of to teach the Dolphins how to win than former military soldiers. I would appreciate it, I think they would too, and at least the S Florida part of the U.S. would appreciate it.

Lastly, and this doesn't get communicated much, but I'd like to honor the Dolphins' veteran fans. If you're over 30 (like me) then I don't know who's seen worse, you or a Vietnam vet. Ok, obviously the Vietnam vet, but you come a close second. I honor you also today for sticking with this team, though they've given you nothing to hang around for over the last couple of decades. Your dedication inspires me, I may not reach the mountaintop with you, but when that day comes I hope all alive will savor it and remember those that stood in the muck for years and years and years with no end in sight to the misery and dysfunction.

Thank you for putting up with the sh*t you've been fed for so many years, your patience brings tears to my eyes.

That last one was for you Dolfag. It's more than 5 words, so sound each syllable out and we'll see you in an hour after you've finished reading, MORON!

I also checked out Landry Jones plus Barkley and RG3, and like you, I believe none of those are franchise QB's.



Post of the day @8:19

Hey Dolfag, glad to see you posting today. I didn't know Skid Row gets off for Veteran's Day.

Good for you! Let me know when you're going out to rummage for aluminum cans.


I'm glad you're happy, ALoco; I will be providing you with yet more Fun, soon.

I caught a "Miami Insider" on NFL Network earlier in the week after Miami's win over KC and it showed Sparano giving a speech to the team after the game in the locker room.
To put it in it's proper perspective, Sparano was trying to give an inspirational-type speech after a win and the players were just standing around him looking at him like they could be the least bit interested in what he had to say.

I know coughlin is unpopular because he's demanding and tough, belicheck too. Tony is unpopular because he's a bumbling oaf of a loser that looks like a clown to opposing players. Big difference.


Why not do the job you are getting paid for instead of blogging all day. Do you think that was your employers expectation of you when they hired you? Did you tell them you were a blog addict? What are you, a toll booth clerk?

So Luigi comments on a blog, to make fun of DC for commenting on a blog? that's dumb

I think dolfag = Luigi

I'd like to take a moment to thank all the veterans who killed innocent people in fake wars. God bless you all.

Posted by: DC Dolfag | November 11, 2011 at 08:37 AM

My dog is more intelligent than you

Luigi = Luigi

Ohio, you would be correct, one and the same. But it's fun to trash some trolls once in a while (though mostly they're only good for ignoring).

I'd answer your question Luigi, but that would be unfair, because it would infer you actually KNEW what employers expected from their employees. And, of course, how could you know that if you've never been employed. That's how you can stay in the basement all day in your boxers eating Cheetos and wearing that silly tinfoil hat on your head.

Luigi does not blog from work.

Luigi does not write 97000 words a day on the employers dime.

Did anyone happen to catch David Wilson in the Virginia Tech/Georgia Tech game last night?

They showed him doing standing backflips in warm-ups. He did 8 in a row. It was unbelievable. The kid is a heck on an athlete.

But, Professor Lou, were the flips better than Clyde Gates flips the other day in practice?

Well dumb either way............

If you know that DC is a regular contributor to the blog, then you must be on here just as much as he is reading it.

No reason to attack him, in this free country you are not forced to even be in the blog


Use your head. The blog doesn't disappear just because I am not around. It remains here for me to read when I have the time.

The bigger picture is America is emulating the Roman Empire. Education is down. Competence is way down. We invented technology and it just a few decades India and China are kicking our butts in technology and education.

Instead of people dedicating themselves to their work, they find loopholes to be lazy and blog or whatever else. If you are on the payroll, all your energy should be devoted to your position, or improving your skill set for your company.

Maybe, just maybe Sparano finished second because players don't want to rewind to the eightees?? Football played the 80's way...And putting up with Wang Chung, George Michael, Cyndi Lauper, etc etc...all over again...Good God! It has to be the worst decade of music ever...AAArrghhh!!LOL!!!

its painfully obvious that sparano is only a position coach in the NFL. our GM is woefully inadequate by nfl standards. our talent evaluators need to be dismissed asap.

Posted by: greg z. | November 11, 2011 at 07:03 AM

Help me out here, greg z. What evidence is there that Sparano is even credible as a position coach in the NFL? Many know how terrible the OL performance, personnel, schemes, and coaching have been.

But, Professor Lou, were the flips better than Clyde Gates flips the other day in practice?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 11, 2011 at 08:46 AM

I do not know what you are referring to.

Ohio, I appreciate the effort, but if you look at many of the regulars here (Poizen, Joe Schmoe, Craig M, odinseye, kris, etc. etc.) many have blog trolls. It's almost a sign that you've arrived and made a statement (otherwise, why would anyone want to criticize you).

The main gripe these trolls have (if you read closely) is that we (you, me, others) are men (or women, though I think we're all men) enough to put our opinions out there, defend them and stand behind them as us (not hiding behind troll names).

That very act offends them because it shows them their weakness and pathetic selves (compared to what real men are, us). It's quite unfortunate to have no voice. They want to be part of the community, but we shun them, so they act out against us.

I just pity the trolls. They are insignificant, so they try to bully, but having no power means the bullying tactics really just backfire.

Poor trolls.

Lou, the other day (I think Wed), it was reported in the SS that everyone was loose and in a joking mood at practice. Marshall was joking with Sean Smith, Sparano was joking, and Gates scored a TD in practice and apparently did a back-flip (that was reportedly very good, almost Olympic quality).

That's what I was referring to.

Nice try, DC.

Actually not even a nice try. Feeble. Avoidance. Evading reality by forcing reasons that don't exist, merely to make yourself feel better.

I'm not a troll, just making a bigger point which is beyond your comprehension.

Have a happy day with your blogging job and lack of dedication. Even if it is 'permitted', is no excuse. But, I don't expect you to get that.

Good point DC,

Now I'm feeling kind of bad that I don't have any trolls yet

one day............ :)

I did not hear about Gates doing a backflip in practice. I do not read the SS.
However, I can say the eight backflips David Wilson performed were pretty amazing. He had done ten in a row before that but they did not tape it.
He has tremendous strength for his size and his balance is impressive. The only other player I have ever seen play with that type of balance was Barry Sanders. I wouldn't go so far as to compare David to Barry because Barry was one of a kind but David could be something special.

Tony might be a nice guy but he can't win football games for *$&#. He's just isn't aggressive enough and he settles for field goals way too often. He is finished as the Dolphins coach. Gone! Cya! Hasta la Pasta!

All hail the new coach, whoever he is.

"We need to find a way to get Dan more involved in the game." TS

I think Norv Turner would be the worst guy to play for. The guy looks and talks like he's uncertain of what to do or say next.

As far as Armando's op ed piece today and in the interest of full disclosure... Of course Sarkisian says Barkley is better than Luck this week. He's playing Barkley THIS WEEK. Let's see what he says next week.

"We're going to put Dan in the eye behind Daniel once we get into the redzone and if things don't look good we'll have Matt audible to a drop kick." TS

Ive seen slow news days, but this takes the cake,,,

Ohio, you're day is coming. You've had some really good analysis here last few weeks. Soon that perspective will get you your own band of merry losers.

Cheers to being 4pt favorites this week (how embarrassing for Redskin fans, can't wait to rub it in all day).

Let me start out by saying that I do not dislike Sparano but I did hear that he has trouble getting on the internet because he cannot put three W's together.

Let me start out by saying that I do not dislike Sparano but I did hear that he has trouble getting on the internet because he cannot put three W's together.

Posted by: Michael from Mobile | November 11, 2011 at 09:18 AM

you mean a couple two tree w's

Cheers to being 4pt favorites this week (how embarrassing for Redskin fans, can't wait to rub it in all day).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 11, 2011 at 09:17 AM

I've seen this movie too many times before. You sit and watch what should be a win and the defense can't stop anything. I don't like this game.

Ive seen slow news days, but this takes the cake,,,

Posted by: DragonFly13 | November 11, 2011 at 09:16 AM


Yes, a little bit slow. Armando trying to have cake AND eat it.

I'm with you Judy. I expect Washington to win or at least have Miami not cover.

"We're going to put Dan in the eye behind Daniel once we get into the redzone and if things don't look good we'll have Matt audible to a drop kick." TS

Posted by: judy finkle | November 11, 2011 at 09:16 AM

I would like to know who leaked this information.

Kind of weird this does feel a little bit like a trap game.

Can a 1-7 team have a trap game?

DC, I'm utterly offended you didnt put me in your list of bloggers who post here on a regular basis.

The players who voted Sparano least liked prob see him fist pumping after a FG and going nuts. It gets annoying to see a coach get super excited fo a FG, which technically is a defensive win.

Do the Miami Herald really pay Armando handsomly for the crap he writes? Really?

Well last week I heard/read that Miami would probably not be favored in any remaining games this season. Which seemed to stand to reason. Has so much changed because of one game that we're 4 point favorites? Seems a bit odd.

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