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Survey says Sparano unpopular but with what constituents?

On the face of it, Tony Sparano is not a popular coach.

According to a Sporting News survey of 111 players on 31 teams, the Dolphins coach finished second to Tom Coughlin among coaches players would least like to play for. Coughlin, of the New York Giants, got 22 votes while Sparano got 21 votes.

Dang it, lost again!

You'll read about this survey elsewhere in the media today and I wouldn't be surprised if Sparano is asked about it at his Friday press conference. But before folks start pounding on coach in the comments section, I must tell you why this survey is flawed and it doesn't really speak to Sparano's popularity among his players.

First, I know that I know that I know Sparano is very well liked among many of his players. Yes, there are a couple that cannot stand him. But mostly, the players in the Miami locker room like their coach and practically all have respect for their coach. That is what I know of the Miami locker room.

Secondly, the survey did not tally votes of players who could vote for their own coach. Players, in fact, were told not to vote for their own coach. So unless Shawn Murphy or Matt Roth -- two avowed Sparano haters -- are back on the roster, no one in the Miami locker room voted Sparano least liked.

Thirdly, the survey is obviously tilted in that the Dolphins were winless when the survey was done. Who on the outside looking in would want to play for an 0-7 coach? The results were bound to be negative for Miami's coach.

I'm telling you this so you see how what looks like damning and feels like an indictment is kinda sorta skewed toward getting a bad result. Now, I cannot account for Coughlin's victory. Nor can I account for Bill Belichick finishing third with 15 votes. But I don't have to. I don't get paid to cover the Giants or Patriots.

I do get paid, and handsomely I might add, to write columns in The Miami Herald. And today I wrote about, what else, Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley and Landry Jones and Brandon Weeden. My column is here and gives you perspective on where the Dolphins are likely to pick and what history says about the result they're likely to get.

[VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be discussing my column, Sparano's popularity and a little conversation I had with a very interesting Dolphins player on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today. You can watch the show streaming live right here. We'll also be discussing the Penn State scandal, the University of Miami game versus Florida State, the Marlins and other topics.]


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I see another child has found it's way to the Herald blog. Oh the great hope I have for our countries future. Kids like this just prove to all of us what good hands we're in as we get older. No need to fear people, the younger generation is on top of things. (If we're talking about trolling on blogs,tweeting,texting, trying to emulate reality Jersey "stars", and wearing skinny jeans). All of this practice in caring about no one but themselves is really going to pay off in the end, you'll see!

It maybe in the Colts best interest to trade down to at least the 5th spot in the draft. With Manning coming back and at least 3 more great seasons left. There's no urgency to land a day one starter.

A Barkley or Landry would serve them well. Sitting and learning behind Peyton 3yrs could be another Aaron Rodgers in the making's for them. If I were the Colts gm this is exactly what I would do.

fan for 20 / termini / or whatever other name you'll create today,

You're calling me an idiot? Coming from someone who doesn't know the difference between your & you're & when to use an instead of a?? Good to know!

PS... I was simply responding to SMF's question. Congratulations, your contribution to the blog today continues to be ZERO.

Instead of making up fake names & acting like a putz, try to be original. I know it's hard for you, but TRY.

It's wonderful that people can say whatever they want on the internet because there's no fear of any consequences. The internet has really done a great job at giving cowards a voice. Keep hiding behind the soft glow of your monitor you stupid pr**k, your day is coming, someone will find you out for what you really are and you will pay. Karma is a bi**h.

Rodgers was robbed. He could've been a starter from day one.

The Giants traded for Eli. And it payed off.

Trade for Luck Miami!!!!!!!!


Great height doesnt neccessarily translate into great qb. Remember there have been just as many qb flops with the fraternity of tall qb's.

Also if you'll remember, Flutie wasnt neccessarily a great college qb. He was just a slightly above average college qb who at times had a penchant for making the great play. His greatest collegiate moment was the "Hail Mary" to beat the then Powerhouse Canes.

It was that one play and one moment that really lunched Flutie onto the big time college qb scene. Flutie was always more noted for his mobility than passing skills. Kellen Moore is far more polished than Flutie.

Joe your a coward hiding behind many names.

GO AWAY!!!!!

Kellen Moore? LMAO! Dude, the NFL will crush him to a pulp.

Bob Griese was 5'11, yet he's a two time sb winner and hof. Go figure guys, lack of great height doesnt neccessarily translates into lach of great intelligence, ability, and heart.

For all you worriers out there about Barkley being a Sanchez clone, here's what I know. Firstly, Sanchez wasn't even the starter until senior year. He was considered a toss up with John David Booty, and Booty got the nod out of reverence for seniors. When Sanchez started getting fawnings over his combine form, I was surprised. He's smart, and competitive, but I didn't see anything else impressive. Anyway, his stock rose AFTER his college days were done.
Barkely was a starter as a Freshman, and beat out a transferred 22-23 yr.old senior to do it. He was great from day 1, and hasn't slipped yet. Many talent scouts who talk about him compare his style/release/arm as most similar to Carson Palmer. Palmer has a great arm, and was once a Pro-Bowler before his team erroded, and he started mailing it in. If you saw his performance last week, you may get a better idea what he can do. So I'll disagree with anyone comparing him to Sanchez/Leinart. I've seen him in person, and I like him a lot. Just wish he was taller.


LMAO at you. Our very own last sb championship qb(Bob Griese) was very similar to Kellen Moore.

Do you not get it. Miami has wasted too many draft picks on projects.


5'11 is a project.

Luck is as sure as it gets.



Griese? You are talking about a game 30 years ago! Defenses are way bigger and way faster today.

Get a clue.


I used the word "possible" Sanchez clone in referring to Barkley. Also said there's a 50/50 chance of him being a day one starter.

I also mentioned it maybe in the Colts best interests to trade down and take Barkley/Landry. Sitting behind Peyto 2-3 season would work absolute wonders for them. It also solves the what to do with Manning if they selected Andrew Luck question.

If I were Miami gm this is the way I would try to sell the Colts gm into trading 1st overall pick to us. That's assuming we're no further than 6th in the 2012 drafting order.

But if we landed in draft position to take a qb that needs to sit at least a season. Why not trade down ourselves only far enough to land Kellen Moore. I believe Moore could be just an effective starter as the rest after sitting for a season.

I'll shut up with this last post. I LOVE Griese! He was exactly what was needed for his team, in that day and age. But he wouldn't start for a team today. The physicality of the game has changed. Yes, shorter QBs can make it sometimes, and NO height shouldn't determine a QB, but it does play a factor. Hence Moore is not even listed in the top 10 of his positions in the draft. Wuerffel should've been a HOF'er by your standards, but alas. Anyway, I have faith that Moore will do well somewehere, but after 11 years of waiting, I want a superstar QB, not just a top 15 starter. Luck and Barkley wil cover that spread. Not sure about the others. I'll take Moore in the 3rd round if I'm a GM, but not before. And not if the QB position is priority #1.

Yea, I'm a coward! LMAO Under my only name which has been used for years vs. yours which was probably created today.

Keep em coming, you're a hoot!


Get a clue:

Moore's rated top in all the categories that matters most to be a great qb.

1. 72% completions
2. 2nd-3rd most td passes
3. 2nd fewest sacks taken
4. 2nd-3rd fewest picks thrown

Now name one great reciever he has on his team?

Luck has his great Te's, Barkley has his all-american wr, and so does Landry.

Seems you need to get a clue. ROTFLMO!

I read this earlier.

It might not be post of the day, but gets Honorable Mention Fo Sho-LOL!

Let me start out by saying that I do not dislike Sparano but I did hear that he has trouble getting on the internet because he cannot put three W's together.

Posted by: Michael from Mobile | November 11, 2011 at 09:18 AM


Bob Griese was 5'11, yet he's a two time sb winner and hof. Go figure guys, lack of great height doesnt neccessarily translates into lach of great intelligence, ability, and heart.

In those days, there were'nt very many 6'6" linemen either. I think the chances of a QB under 6'beibg great these days are not very likely.

I see it's gotten pretty hostile in here since I left


You are talking about college football. I'm talking about the NFL.

We'll all be glad to remind you later about Kellen Squashed Moore.


Watched Wurffell in college. Never understood the fuss over him. He was clearly product of the system.

Still as I mentioned, imo, its within the best interests of the Colts to trade down the Luck pick to maybe us. Manning has at least2-3 pro-bowl calibre years left. Making a great enviroment for the other young qb's to learn and hone thier craft behind one of the nfl's all time greats(Manning).

Im still not ruling out the Colts trading out of the 1st overall pick to us if we're not sitting to far behind. Manning gives them this luxury.


Im pretty sure you will be here under another alias when Moore turns out to be very good. Isnt that what those like you do when proven wrong?

Guys, remember, Indy doesnt need a day one starter(Luck). They already have one(Peyton Manning.

Far too early to say we're out of the suck for Luck race right now. Indy could do just as well with Barkley or Landry sitting a couple seasons behind Manning.

Plus, with Peyton's huge contract, Indy could save themselves a few cap dollars taking Barkley/Landry. It would be great for both these qb's because they dont have to get thrown into the fire right away.

But I do see a couple trade landing destinations for Peyton and his huge contract should they choose to pick Luck. My top two destinations for Peyton would be:

1. Dallas(Jerry Jones)
2. Washington(Dan Snyder)

Im pretty sure a mega-star like Peyton Manning has trade clause in his contract. He probably has the power of trade veto. Meaning he could block a trade if the Colts selecting Luck greatly upsets him.

He could become a cap salary nightmare for the Colts. They would have to pay both he and Luck or cut him getting zero value. Manning could then sign with anyone he chooses at any amount.


You suggest that because thats what you do. Silly boy. Change your name all you want, no charge.

Indy needs Trent Richardson, more than a QB.

Joseph Addai is not getting it done.

Think of the royalties Indy would give up by trading Payton.

Not to mention how pissed he would be at them.

No way they are trading him.


While you have this alias, why don't you show us the stats of the many first round busts. Then go back to your original dumb argument.

You can't compare Griese of 30 years ago to today. You can, but its stupid.

If that's the case then a lot of teams could trade thier current starter + thier first rounder for Luck.

Brady + NE first rounder for Luck
Rivers + SD frist rounder
Schaub + Hou first rounder
Sanchez + NYJ first rounder etc

Sparano=Nice Guy=Bad Head Coach=Horrible English Teacher!!!

Will Ross retain SpOrano if we win out?

I don't know, but imagine how high emotions would be running having gotten on a roll and beating the Pats and Jets on the road late in the year.

I think SpOrano's Dolphins are poised to make a good run to finish out. Winning out? I doubt it. However, if he does, I say Ross ends up KEEPING HIM!

What's more, think about Ireland!

Pouncey is living up to his billings and steadily improving week in and week out.

Thomas, if he stays healthy, will end up looking like a DAMN GOOD move.

Now Charles Clay, who was held back by the short off season and a training camp injury, is coming on like gang busters. His play alone is ALREADY helping Moore. His skillset compliments Fasano and makes him better RIGHT NOW!

If Gates steps it up and does some back flips across the back of the endzone the second half of the season, this will instantly be considered Irelands best draft to date. I hate to admit it, but if these things come to pass, I'd have to AGREE!

Imagine THAT! Going into to 2012 with Ireland and SpOrano still sitting in the drivers seat!

I never EVER though I'd question my OWN DESIRE to see the Phins win out a season!

Seriously Mixed Emotions!

(I think I'll splurge on some QUALITY Scotch tonight(THANKS Darryl!)

if an older women with a younger man is called a cougar, then is an older man with a young boy called a Nittany Lion????

His skillset compliments Fasano and makes him better RIGHT NOW!


Fasano will be the benefactor of Clay becoming more involved in the offense. If they use a two tight end set with Clay and Fasano you will see Fasano open more often. Clay is proving to be someone opposing defenses will need to game plan for.

Does anyboday think the DOlphins could have offered a 2nd round pick for Carson Palmer? He looked good last night.


As funny as that is...........IT'S NOT!

If that Sandusky did those things to ANY kid that I even knew, especially the ones I love and care about, the most dangerous place in the world for him would be out on bond!

I mean it, he'd welcome Prison AND Big Bubba after I got through with him(if he survived)!

Also, for the poster that questioned the victims earlier, besides exposing your ignorant retardation, you indeed sound like you probably suffer a little pedophilia YOURSELF!

You individually and the rest of us as a society CANNOT question the intent and motives of naive innocent CHILD who's toughest decisions in life to date has been whether to have Boo Berry or Capt. Crunch as an after school snack.

PS: Sorry for the tangent Bo, this is not directed at you. This is for the Blogs apparent resident pedophile, that earlier suggested these kids were some how at fault.


Here kitty, kitty...


Good article on QB prospects. I must say though, anyone who thinks Barkley is better than Luck needs to get their head checked.

After reading your article I decided to look for something positive in the Phins' options (sans Luck) for a QB in the draft. I've watched some videos of Luck and of Barkley, and the contrast between the two is stark. I really don't see how anyone could overlook how superior Luck's skills are relative to Barkley.

Here's two videos for comparison:

In Luck I see a QB whose deep throws are every bit as good as his mid-range and short throws.
In Barkley, I see a QB whose throws of 10-yds or longer are consistently inaccurate, and who plays in an offense loaded with quick slants, quick outs, and 1-step drop quick passes behind the line of scrimmage. Barkley looks to me like Mark Sanchez and - to use the Tuna's vernacular - that's a bad thing, not a good thing.

So while the chances of getting Luck are practically zero, I just pray to God that the Phins don't select Barkley.


what worse, pedophiles or parents that take their children hunting while on morphine?

Prof. Lou,

I've said the same thing about Fasano from the day the Tuna brought him here.

As a number 1 TE he leaves a lot to be desired, or more simply put, HE AIN'T!

As a number 2 TE, I'll take him all day long. HOPEFULLY Clay will be the best thing that EVER happened to his CAREER.

I forget the other TE's name at the moment but we had him here during Fasano's first year, he was a pass catching seam threat and together they looked pretty solid!

FINALLY(I hope)!

Here kitty, kitty...

Posted by: Sandusky the Republican | November 11, 2011 at 03:17 PM

Well........all I can say to that is:

Heh, heh.....................;(

JS in LA,

Thanks for the info on Barkley. I'm only warming up to this guy now but I'll respect the opinion of someone who's seen him up close and in person. He's impressed me the last few weeks from what I've seen from him. I'm still undecided between him and Landry Jones. Is it fair to say that they probably both need a year before they become full time starters? How much is it going to bug people if this team resigns Henne to start, as the Chargers did with Brees until Rivers was ready?

... And Landry Jones is no Andrew Luck, but he throwsa very catchable ball and is far better than Barkley. See for yourself:



what worse, pedophiles or parents that take their children hunting while on morphine?

Posted by: Sandusky the Republican | November 11, 2011 at 03:19 PM

Blog Hit Troll,

While I already showed everyone here how you faked and twisted my now infamous "Morphine Hunting" post(the dates and timestamps in addition to details exposed you)I do have to wonder, how ignorant are you that you have to ask this question?

I was intent on ignoring you COMPLETELY, however, after having read your comments about how it could have somehow been the childrens fault, I just couldn't resist.

I don't care what type of benefits I received for drumming up blog hits, I couldn't, under any circumstances bring myself to suggest(even anonymously in an open forum) that a 10 year kid is to be blamed for Jerry Sandusky's actions!

YOU and Jerry Sandusky are two SICK FVCKS!!!!

Thanks for stopping by Pedo!

Martin was the other TE last year

Does anybody really know how any of these QB's will turn out?

Nope. Nobody. It's all speculation. Not even the GM's around the league know.

Ah, but the bloggers here are certain. It's easy when your career isn't riding on it.

Armando, I see that you are still Jeff Ireland's water carrier and your still on Tony Sparano's nut sack.

Jimmy Johnson said on national TV that the Raiders needed a QB and HAD to take Jamarcus. So you see, not even Super Bowl winning coaches know.

**One more time**

Just for the record:

My 15 year old son and I had a target shooting/rifle sighting outting planned for Saturday Morning.

A beautiful young Hottie and a drunken Odinseye had an enjoyable, but unfortunate trampoline accident early friday night.

After recieveing a shot of Morphine in the emergency room for broken ribs, Odin was absolutely roasted(though still able to FULLY fullfill any and all obligations to, with and for unamed young Hottie).

However, all things considered, Odin woke up Saturday morning with a slight Morphine hangover, to say the least. Being the dedicated Dad that I am though, I shook it off and took my kid target shooting, thus fulfilling my fatherly obligations as well.

Any questions Blog Hit Pedo?

I would give you a big: Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa right now if you weren't so sick and disgusting Blog Hit Pedo.

PS: Oops, too late, I already did Blog Hit Pedo!

Mando, what would an anonymous survey of Phin players show about TS popularity, currently?
And yeah, terrible early post about the kid victims, just terrible.

PS: I also asked my Doctor ahead of time, about the Morphine and the target shooting.

He advised that as long as it 6 hours elapsed(and it did) before handling any weapons, everything would be fine.

Though he did question the prudence of firing shotguns and rifles so soon after breaking ribs!

PSS: Deer(Firearms)Season opens Tuesday!


Armando - Where was Jim Caldell on the list? He was 0-8 when the survey was conducted.


I want an updated injury report.

Specifically in regards to Gates(groin).

I'm predicting Daboll uses Marshall, Fasano and Clay to open up some deep passing opportunities for Gates!

You know the old, "If they don't bite when their puppies" thing? Well, it's time for Gates to BITE!

I can't imagine TS teaching me something in practice. If he speaks to anyone the way he speaks to the media, I would be numb. A player is standing on the field after running a couple of plays. He's all pumped up and the coach calls him over to review and error. One hour later, mind numb, the player returns to the practise to repeat and repeat and repeat the same mistakes over and over.
Tony should have walked when he was dissed by the owner and Ireland. He might have had a chance at another head coach job. He is done forever.


You get paid handsomely for the garbage you wright? Only in America



I finally agree with you!! I have said for a while now that I wasn't believing in the Andrew Luck hype. I know the QB position and I have played it, I don't see anything truly special. He has a above average arm. Period! This isn't Marino, Elway, or Manning coming out of college. Does he have the other intangables yes. This draft has some good QB talent.

We were getting very good QB play from Henne before he got hurt and now Moore. I'm not saying Moore is the future, but I still would give up on Henne.

I would love and hope to see the Fins go 5-3 the rest of the way and finish 6-10.

This team found themselves a little late, and had a bunch of bad luck as well.


Yeah, how does Armando continue to write this crap and still has a job?

Sorry tyoe: still wouldn't give up on Henne.

Of course the Dolphins players like Sparano, he lets them do what they want, I'm sure that conditioning is not mandatory, neither is showing up to work drunk, fights in the locker room, B.Marshall has no fear of job security,and after "ONE WIN" the players all got an extra day off, so what happens when they win another game ? Two extra days off ??

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