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Survey says Sparano unpopular but with what constituents?

On the face of it, Tony Sparano is not a popular coach.

According to a Sporting News survey of 111 players on 31 teams, the Dolphins coach finished second to Tom Coughlin among coaches players would least like to play for. Coughlin, of the New York Giants, got 22 votes while Sparano got 21 votes.

Dang it, lost again!

You'll read about this survey elsewhere in the media today and I wouldn't be surprised if Sparano is asked about it at his Friday press conference. But before folks start pounding on coach in the comments section, I must tell you why this survey is flawed and it doesn't really speak to Sparano's popularity among his players.

First, I know that I know that I know Sparano is very well liked among many of his players. Yes, there are a couple that cannot stand him. But mostly, the players in the Miami locker room like their coach and practically all have respect for their coach. That is what I know of the Miami locker room.

Secondly, the survey did not tally votes of players who could vote for their own coach. Players, in fact, were told not to vote for their own coach. So unless Shawn Murphy or Matt Roth -- two avowed Sparano haters -- are back on the roster, no one in the Miami locker room voted Sparano least liked.

Thirdly, the survey is obviously tilted in that the Dolphins were winless when the survey was done. Who on the outside looking in would want to play for an 0-7 coach? The results were bound to be negative for Miami's coach.

I'm telling you this so you see how what looks like damning and feels like an indictment is kinda sorta skewed toward getting a bad result. Now, I cannot account for Coughlin's victory. Nor can I account for Bill Belichick finishing third with 15 votes. But I don't have to. I don't get paid to cover the Giants or Patriots.

I do get paid, and handsomely I might add, to write columns in The Miami Herald. And today I wrote about, what else, Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley and Landry Jones and Brandon Weeden. My column is here and gives you perspective on where the Dolphins are likely to pick and what history says about the result they're likely to get.

[VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be discussing my column, Sparano's popularity and a little conversation I had with a very interesting Dolphins player on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, today. You can watch the show streaming live right here. We'll also be discussing the Penn State scandal, the University of Miami game versus Florida State, the Marlins and other topics.]


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Pretty amazing considering Coughlin consistently WINS huh?

Sparano didn't win the polls because Ross disguised as player and didn't vote against him.
Who cares about popularity. Sparano may be loved by his wife if you want, but that doesn't make him a winner coach. Not even a good coach. He's too soft for this sport.
He should've been resigned weeks ago. This team is getting nowhere with the current staff. Yes, the Dolphins beat the Chiefs, yes and the Rams beat the Saints. So what. Consistency pal !!!! you columns need also consistency...lots of consistency.

Armando, being "popular" is meaningless. The current players will not tell the truth and respecting a coaches ability to game plan and change the course of a game through adjustments should be the most important consideration. Losing games in the 4th quarter the way the Dolphins have should show everyone including the players why Sparano can not really be respected for his coaching acumen.

How is the survey skewed because the Dolphins are winless? The Giants aren't winless and Tom came in first as the most unliked. That tells me the survey is pretty unbiased.

Russell Wilson of Wisconsin is waaaay better than any of the guys mentioned in the article. Great leader, strong arm, and he can run.

I'm getting tired of backing sparano like armando seems to love to do over and over again. I don't really care if players like tla coach 'in' polls like these. I mean, belichek and coughlin? 'the games best coach and another superbowl winning one? Larry Coker was liked, the rams coach is liked, indys coach is liked, should I go on? Players always stick by coaches, especially if te coaches are softies, they don't care about skills or winning they care about what they can get away with and having to put up with change. I will say this though: for sparano to be put 'in' with those coaches shows how much everyone knows what a horrible coach he is and he should not be running an NFL team anymore.

Sorry clipboard henne is through in miami for good, so will you and your broken clipboard!

HARD TO RESPECT someone who sells their soul for money. ESPECIALLY AFTER they got thrown under the bus by their owner and GM. But if you're talking about his job - let's see...the main position (o-line) he was supposed to be good at HAS NEVER BEEN ANY GOOD, consistently gets outcoached by the oppenent coach and fails to recognize and make in-game adjustments in every game.

the issue is not wether sparano is a likable person.is he a good nfl coach the answer is no.the dolphins deserve much better.i met once in a social event in miami many years ago mr don shula and ask him a technical question about football.his answer was an agressive statement equivalent to if i was a player who just had failed to score an easy touch down.likable no but what a coach!!

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