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November 06, 2011

Dolphins lead Chiefs 14-3 going to third quarter

One team is looking like it has something to play for. One team is looking like its season is over.

Except it's the Dolphins playing hard and with a attacking attitude on both offense and defense.


Some of you will be thrilled the Dolphins are trying to win no matter what. For other of you? Tough times. No Andrew Luck.

The Dolphins are suffering a crushing victory.

The rest of the live blog continues in the comments section below. Join me.

Dolphins lead Chiefs 7-3 to start second quarter

The Dolphins are off to a solid start today. They are attacking the Kansas City secondary. They are using the fact the Chiefs can't rush the passer as an advantage.

That's worked so far.

Matt Moore has a TD throw to Anthony Fasano and that trumps a long FG by ryan Succop.

Let's see if it holds up. The live blog continues in the comments section below.

Live blog of Dolphins at Kansas City here

There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma overnight and it shook the ground in Kansas City.

A Dolphins victory would be much more earth-shattering today.

It's now 11 months since the Dolphins won a game. They've lost 10 consecutive games in the regular season, dating back to Dec. 5 of last year.

Today they are on the road.

They have a career backup starting at quarterback.

They have Nolan Carroll starting at one cornerback spot because starter Vontae Davis was left behind for violating team policy. (The near fist fight with Brandon Marshall in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble Saturday was not the reason Davis was left back. I've confirmed the reason Davis got left back is he was late to work. Simple as that. The lateness got Davis into trouble with Marshall and a near fist fight followed. Players get into actual fights in practice all the time -- it is not unheard of. But the discpline angle of it is what caused coach Tony Sparano to leave Davis home, Davis didn't even realize that was a reason he's out today. Davis thought he was being left back over the verbal argument. Amazing the lack of vision not to see being late is bad!)

Daniel Thomas is active and will play today.

The inactives are Davis, Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Barker, John Jerry, Will Yeatman and Phillip Merling.

Clyde Gates, who was nursing a groin injury the past two weeks, is healthy.

Think about this: Jerry and Merling are today less valuable to the team than Julius Pruitt, a WR who was just signed off the practice squad. Doesn't say much for those two high draft picks.

There is a live blog today as every game day. Go to the comments section below for the start of the festivities. I'll be there in a bit.

November 05, 2011

Vontae Davis out all right, but for mysterious reason

No one expected cornerback Vontae Davis to play in Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs because he's had a chronic hamstring injury that has had him in and out of the lineup.

Well, moments ago the Dolphins confirmed Davis indeed will not play -- missing his fourth game of the season. But the club announced it was for 'non-injury" reasons.

The club also said defensive end Phillip Merling, who is having the worst Dolphins contract year in the history of contract years, will be scratched for the third consecutive week. He is also out for non-injury reasons.

The Dolphins also announced the signing of receiver Julius Pruitt to the active roster, a promotion from their practice squad.

Non-injury reasons cover a wide swath of things.

A healthy scratch (not good enough to play) is a non-injury reason.

A benching for violating of team policies is a non-injury reason.

I will try to get you the reason for Davis being out. I can tell you this: He has not been thrilled with the manner in which his hamstring injury has been handled so far this year. He's been quite frustrated, according to a team source.

But the Dolphins have been working hard to manage his injury and try to get him back on the field. The club's frustration has been that Davis hasn't made the kind of progress that is typical with such an injury.

[Update: There's a report on NFL.com that Davis almost got into a fight with Brandon Marshall at practice this week. Interesting. But that is not the reason Davis was left behind for this game.]

Dolphins refute "report" on Chad Henne

It's a new world, people.

Apparently former NFL quarterback Jim Miller recently went on 640-Sports' Big O Show and said Chad Henne "packed it in" when he separated his left shoulder earlier this year. Miller said Henne knew the Dolphins weren't going to re-sign him and therefore he decided not to risk further injurying himself longterm.

The Dolphins are upset about this. The club released the following statement moments ago:

"The report that Chad Henne should have played with his injury is totally false and the speculation of the nature of that injury is not correct.

"The medical staff made it clear to Chad that he could not play with his injury and that his only option was surgery."

I dont' want to make too much about this because it is a blip on the radar screen of importance. Miller was giving his opinion, not reporting something. Not a big deal. Henne, meanwhile, actually sought a second opinion other than the team's to see if hecould play.

So even Miller's opinion is wrong. What is correct, however, is that the Dolphins are moving on from Henne. he will not be the starter next year, assuming someone with a brain is running the team. He's a backup.

Meanwhile, please post the best BBQ places you know of in Kansas City. That's what I'm doing this evening.

November 04, 2011

Get your Friday afternoon update here

Happy Friday, everyone. Here's the deal:

Daniel Thomas (hamstring), Vontae Davis (hamstring) and Clyde Gates (groin) are listed by the Dolphins as questionable for Sunday's game versus Kansas City. All three were limited in practice Friday, meaning they did not have full participation in practice even once this week.

No one is listed as doubtful.

Thomas continues to promise he'll play, as he did Thursday. So it's fair to be optimistic about his status.

Davis isn't promising anything. So be wary of his status if not outright pessimistic. Gates seems more a game-time decision.

Tony Sparano addressed the media for the last time this week. Here is everything he said:

(On once Clyde Gates gets healthy is there anything he can do to get on the field more)- “No, I mean I think he’s been getting better and better at practice…just getting him up to full speed. Depending on the game plan has a lot to do with how much we can get him involved. We’re hoping we can get him involved a lot more.”

(On once Clyde Gates is healthy if it’s a tough call to put him back returning kickoffs)- “It depends on the formula that’s at the game at the time. We’ll see, we’ll see how we go. Can’t answer that one right now.” (On how happy he is with where Daniel Thomas is after sitting out last week)- “I think he’s done a good job this week in practice. They’ve all practiced, some more than others. But they’ve all practiced. I’ve been pleased with what he’s done so far.”

 (On if the lockout has played a role in the league wide hamstring problem)- “Yeah I think so. I think the lockout and the amount of time you had to get ready to play the first game and all those things and then all of a sudden going from... I really, not being critical whatever went on during the lockout or any of those things, in other words I don’t know how guys trained. I have no really idea how they trained so some people may have lifted one day and ran the next day. And all of a sudden when you come into this environment you’re lifting and running in the same day. I think those things combined with practice, all those things, I think probably had something to do with that. I’m not sure you can ever simulate out there on your own what it’s like when you’re out here in practice as you guys know in our heat. Anywhere it seems high across the league when I look at injury reports.”

(On if Kendall Langford is at the level he was playing last year)- “He’s playing good. I couldn’t tell you his numbers last year or his numbers this year at this particular time. Doesn’t seem like he’s had a lot of chances in games at different times. It depends on who you’re playing and if it’s the hard ball running team, those type of things. I’ve been pleased with what Kendall and the front has done particularly as of late.”

(On Jared Odrick’s progression)- “I think he’s progressing really well, I do. He’s factored in a few games at a few different times. Again, then there’s been some games where he hasn’t had opportunities. He’s not different than, I mean he’s not really different than Charles Clay or any of those guys and that he’s kind of a work in progress right now. There’s some things that he learns every single game on how people are attacking him and blocking schemes and where the quarterback might be and where he needs to be within the rush, those type of things. But Jared is a really curious player and a conscientious player. He really wants to get it right. That with his motor and the way that he plays is a good combination.”

(On how teams are protecting against Cameron Wake differently this year)- “They are completely different right now than they were at this point last year. At this point last year he was kind of just getting into I think where people were all of a sudden paying attention to him. Maybe not even this point last year. Kind of in the middle of the thing towards the three-quarter mark I think people started to say hey, wait a minute here, we can’t let this guy wreck the game. That’s what you do when you’re watching some of these players. We play one this week in this Tamba Hali. Those guys can ruin the game for you if you don’t pay attention to where they’re going to be and all those things. With Cam he’s figuring out that protection comes in a lot of different ways. I mean it comes in sliding protection to him. It comes in the tight end being in his side, shrunken splits that have to do with receivers that can kind of keep you in a phone booth at times, all and any of those things... the running back chipping him. He’s getting better and better at it and he’s got a couple good teachers in (Bryan) Cox and Jason Taylor.” (On Jason Taylor’s comments about closing games, is there anything you can do differently)- “No, nothing different, the opportunities are there, the plays are there to be made, bad situations that have gone our way and not gone our way at those times. In other words, we have capitalized and continued to move the ball and still haven’t finished or stopped them on defense and maybe didn’t finish on offense. Situations where negative plays occurred this week we had a 36 yard negative play call against us on that play Brandon (Marshall) makes down the field. That was a heck of a play the guy makes. I think that there’s a lot of circumstances that go into finishing games, but your team got to finish them. I agree 100 percent with Jason (Taylor) in that situation. You want to give yourself a chance to win in this league. Give yourself a chance to win every week. I think that we’ve given ourselves a chance to win in a lot of games so far this year and we just have to figure out how to win in those situations.”

(On what stands out with Kansas City’s defense besides Brandon Flowers and Derrick Johnson)- “Tamba (Hali), Kelly Gregg, and there’s a long list. This (Kendrick) Lewis kid they got running around back there. They got some really good players on that defense. (Tyson) Jackson the defensive linemen, very active, really active, powerful, high draft pick guy. I mean, these guys get after you, they’re physical. This Kelly Gregg, the first time we played him he was in Baltimore. We had some run in with him. I remember him a couple different times there, really strong physical guy there. So they have a good defense. They get after you. Romeo (Crennel) does a nice job with those guys getting them to prepare, but they have a good defense. And so those two edge rushers with (Justin) Houston and with Tamba, they create some pressure.”

(On Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones competing for the starting job)- “Obviously, what happened here is we’ve had a different couple of injuries in different times with (Chris) Clemons and Reshad (Jones). And (Tyrone) Culver has stepped in so in different points we’ve had several guys playing back there. The only constant back there is Y.B. (Yeremiah Bell). And he’s a good soldier. So I just think that when you’re looking at that position as far as Chris getting an opportunity to compete there, it’s really predicated on practice and how these guys are feeling. And I think this week is the first week in the last couple weeks where all of them have been out there at one time and get some work done.” (On the free safety starting position a close race)- “No, not really, I think once we get them going I’m going to try to get them involved in some of these games in different ways and see whether or not we can sort some out and sort it out through practice, but that’s about it.”

(On comparing Tamba Hali to Cameron Wake)- “All the physical things that like these guys have Cameron (Wake) and Tamba (Hali), the DeMarcus Wares and those people that are the pass rushers. That aside, it’s the motor, the relentless motor that they have and this guy plays with a high motor. It’s like Cam (Cameron Wake). Like I said this before about Cam to me, he gets chipped, he gets banged, he gets bumped, and he still finds a way to hit the quarterback somehow. I mean, some guys would stop playing in those situations, but he makes the quarterback come to him. And I think this Tamba is the same kind of guy. He plays with a high motor all the time and I think that when you get those kind of players, that’s probably the biggest similarity. It’s a high compliment to them too because they have a hard job, they really do. Because everybody knows where they are and you’re going to go after them. And you got to address them and protect them. And sometimes you just got to block them regularly. You can’t keep 10 guys in and try to block them all the time. That’s a problem too so that’s when I think those kind of guys with those kind of motors can hurt you.”

Birthday gifts from the Dolphins to ... me!

Yesterday was my birthday. I was born November 3, 1962. You do the math, if you can.

Anyway, I just got done opening up all the gifts the Dolphins got me this year. They're such a wonderful group, these big palookas. I've covered them since 1990 and they always reward my annual passing of time with gifts galore.

This year was no different. So let me share with you what I got from the Dolphins for my birthday:

From cornerback Vontae Davis and running back Daniel Thomas: Advice on how to condition my hamstrings.

From linebacker Kevin Burnett: That loud stereo he always plays in the locker room, which by total coincidence he turns up every single time any media is in the locker room so as to screw up everyone's interviews.

From linebacker Jason Taylor: A mirror. He's got thousands.

From right tackle Marc Colombo: A free pass to quarterback Matt Moore. I thought it was a special gift until I noticed he gives away a lot of these.

From receiver Brandon Marshall: Some of that extra gravity that follows him everywhere. He last used it against the Jets when it inexplicably carried him from the middle of the field to the sideline and out of bounds.

From defensive end Phillip Merling: His game day uniform. He hasn't used it lately and my guess is he won't need it much the rest of the season.

From guard Vernon Carey: Diet tips. I need them. And he hasn't been using them lately, anyway.

From receiver Clyde Gates: An onfield exhibition of his alleged speed which I have yet to see in an actual game.

From linebacker Koa Misi: Oh, didn't get anything from him. Haven't seen him in a long, long time.

From the entire rest of the organization: Plane tickets to the playoffs. They know they won't need them.

From coach Tony Sparano: The unvarnished truth, for once, about how terrible his players are playing.

From GM Jeff Ireland: Jeff? Where are you, Jeff? Jeff? It's my birthday, man!

From owner Stephen Ross: A job. This organization will have many coming open very soon.

[VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: It is a Football Fanatic Friday on Armando and the Amigo today. Alonzo Highsmith, Bernie Kosar and Sean Salisbury will be joining the show today. We can be heard on 640-AM in South Florida and seen if you click here as a LIVE streaming videocast. You can participate -- agree or disagree -- by texting the show, chiming in on the live chat, or calling the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-888-640-9385.]

November 03, 2011

The most amazing Miami Dolphins factoid of the day

It's Thursday and as such, the Dolphins are forced by the NFL to make their offensive and defensive coordinators available to the media.

In the grand Brain Daboll versus Mike Nolan quote battle, Daboll has been kicking Nolan's behind this year. Frankly, Daboll simply allows himself to be more candid.

But today marked the revenge of Nolan!

And when Mike Nolan brings it, he really, really brings it. In fact, he brung it to the tune of suspending belief among several of the media members listening to him when he said he had not heard of Suck for Luck before today.

True enough. He was asked about the movement as part of a greater question and Nolan looked at the reporter like she had horns protruding from her forehead. "Suck for Luck? That's interesting. I really haven't heard that one before," he said.


After he answered the question, Nolan was so blown away by the phrase he went back to it. "Suck for Luck is a new one. That's interesting," he said before asking, seemingly genuinely, what it all meant.

I told him it was about Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and getting the first overall selection in the April 2012 draft.

"Oh, makes sense now that you say it," Nolan said while nodding. "Well, that's a personnel department deal so I have nothing to do with that. But I get it now. He's going to play my Ducks in a few weeks."

Well, I guess that speaks to Mike Nolan's unwavering focus on the task at hand. (How's that for positive spin?). Daboll could not return fire with anything nearly remotely as interesting. He did get a chuckle out of me when he was asked how he'll handle the fact Miami has only four experienced receivers on the active roster now.

Daboll said that was easy: He eliminated the five-receiver package from his game plan.

On more serious notes ...

... Nolan made it seem like the Dolphins are likely to stick with Tyrone Culver at free safety at least for a bit longer ...

... Cornerback Vontae Davis (hamstring) and running back Daniel Thomas (hamstring) both practiced at least on a limited basis. But they came away from the work with much different views of their status. Thomas is seemingly always optimistic he'll be able to play. Davis is not quite so and would make no promise he'll be active for the Chiefs ...

... Center Mike Pouncey (neck) returned to practice and seems ready to go for Sunday ...

... Left guard Richie Incognito (ankle) practiced at least on a limited basis. Coach Tony Sparano said if he's healthy, he'll return to his starting job ahead of Nate Garner, who started last week in his place. Big if, though. We'll see ....

Let the deconstructing of Andrew Luck begin

At least people waited until after the 2010 college football season to start ripping Cam Newton's abilities and professional prospects. The Heisman Trophy winner who would go on to be the No. 1 overall draft pick was allowed to play the season and no one really questioned his ability as the nation's best QB.

(They questioned how much he was playing for -- as in $$$ -- but not that he was a fine player.)

Seems Andrew Luck, the likely first overall selection in the 2012 draft and a Dolphins' target, is already being criticized by folks who aren't really experts on the topic -- starting with former Giants quarterback Phill Simms.

"I think his best quality, by far, is he’s big and strong and he’s going to be able to move and run in the NFL," Simms said on SiriusXM NFL radio this week. "There’s no question. I mean, this guy is strong. The throwing? He manages a game. I see all that.

"But the one thing I don’t see, I just don’t see bigtime NFL throws. I don’t care what anybody says. I’ve watched a lot of him. He never takes it and rips it in there. And you can say what you want but, man, you’ve got to be able to crease that ball every once in a while. We see it every week in these games. Hey, he can develop it but even in the USC game, you know, he’s very careful with it, guides it a lot. That’s what I see. There’s not a lot of rotation on the ball and there’s not a tremendous amount of power. Not that you need to have that power arm. I’m not saying you’ve got to have that exclusively but, man, it sure helps when you can do that because there’s four or five plays a game it is about arm strength. And sometimes quarterbacks who don’t have it, they pass those plays up. Why? Well, they go, ‘I don’t know if I can make that throw,’ so they throw it short. That’s why I’m a little more reserved in my judgment than everybody else."

Simms is an NFL Super Bowl champion QB. He gets paid to analyze games. He's a media star. But he has no credentials as a scout or personnel man. And he's not passing along information he has heard from a scout or personnel man. So one has to weigh his expertise and draw your own conclusion on how much you buy his view or not.

There's also this: Last week Simms said the Indianapolis Colts would not select Luck because Peyton Manning wouldn't let them.

Yeah ... right.

Seems to me Simms has a latent Andrew Luck burr somewhere.

But ...

Suppose for a minute he's right. Is this the first of a coming chorus of voices that will tear at the fabric of Luck's kingly garments from now until April? The supposed first overall pick endures such treatment starting every offseason. Simms has begun the exercise a bit early with Luck.

I personally don't know as much football as Simms nor have I his credentials. I only pass along what two scouts and a couple of experts who study tape are telling me about Luck.

And they like the kid a lot.

And in the highlights I've watched, he looks darn good to me! I would love to see more 14- to 16-yard outs but that doesn't mean he can't make the throws. He attacks the seam of the defense like he woke up after two years of sleep and just spotted breakfast. He is athletic to escape the pocket. He has nice footwork. His release is quick enough and has a high release point. His accuracy doesn't seem to be an issue.

Does that mean Andrew Luck is going to be a Hall of Famer? Of course not. Like everyone else, I want to see more and have the experts see more so they can tell people like me what they think. But to already say he doesn't impress?

Let the paralysis by analysis begin!

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November 02, 2011

Miami Dolphins pass on Robiskie, look to Pruitt

The Dolphins have only four healthy wide receivers on the roster after losing both Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace to IR the past two weeks. And, the situation seems dire if you recognize Clyde Gates, one of the four Miami receivers, missed last week's game with a groin injury.

But the Dolphins didn't feel the situation was difficult enough to make a play for former Cleveland receiver Brian Robiskie who was available on waiver to them quite high in the process -- this despite the fact former Cleveland offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is now Miami's offensive coordinator.

The Dolphins passed on Robiskie and now seem more likely to add practice squad Julius Pruitt to the active roster. Pruitt today told The Herald's Barry Jackson that he's been led to believe he will be promoted to the active roster by gameday Sunday versus Kansas City.

So there's that.

I do not know the game plan obviously but I'd expect Pruitt to be a special teams addition and not necessarily a big cog for what the Dolphins are planning on offense.

There is one concern: Although Gates practiced today on a limited basis, the Dolphins have very little room for error here. If even one of their wideout pulls a muscle either during the game or in practice, Miami might be limited in the packages it can use.

It also might force the team to activate previously inactive pass-catchers such as tight end Will Yeatman. We'll see.

The Dolphins injury report is as follows: Yeremiah Bell (toe) , Marc Colombo (turnstile handle), and Mike Pouncey (neck) did not participate in Wednesday's practice. I jest, of course, about Colombo. He sat out with a knee injury.

Vontae Davis (hamstring), Gates (groin), Richie Incognito (ankle) and Daniel Thomas (hamstring) were limited in practice.

Kendall Langford (hips) and Matt Moore (ribs) were listed on the report but had full participation in practice.

Could Ryan Mallett have made a difference for Miami?

This season is lost. I believe that. I've written that. The Dolphins record screams that.

And the primary reason this season is lost and Tony Sparano and his team have less than half a chance every game day is because they are starting a backup quarterback and acting like he's legit. He is not.

Look, Matt Moore is a nice guy. He is a guy you can bring into a game in an emergency and compete for a couple of quarters. But if you're asking your football team to go into games against Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, Michael Vick, Tony Romo, Carson Palmer and even Ryan Fitzpatrick with Moore as your comparable weapon, you are battling cruise missles with a popgun.

The last team to do that, the Carolina Panthers, finished its season with the worst record in the NFL. And that's the same track the Dolphins are traveling now with Moore.

Frankly, this is a team that tries hard but simply does not have enough talent at the most important position on the field to compete with just about anyone else. No one on the coaching staff will admit it. No one in the locker room will say it publicly.

But everyone knows this to be true.

Here's another truth: There are a handful of college teams with better quarterbacks right now than the Miami Dolphins.

That is not exaggeration. Think about that.

Moore is a 65.3 rating passer. He's thrown only one touchdown and four interceptions in his time at the helm of the Miami offense.

Nothing personal against him, but everyone except the Dolphins knew he was not good enough when he was signed. And he has so far proven that. (Nice job, personnel department!)

And that leads to the logical question: What might have happened for Miami this year if general manager Jeff Ireland had picked enigmatic Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett in the April draft?

I don't know. No idea, actually.

But the question is a fair one because I seriously doubt Mallett, the best arm in the draft including Cam Newton, would give the Dolphins the same hopeless feeling you get watching Moore.

Think about that.

Mallett came out in a draft where he was considered more or less the on-field equal of most any of the QBs that were taken ahead of him. He sank because of his off-field issues, none of which we really can put a finger on completely. On-field, the pundits said he was better than Andy Dalton, for example, and a better passer than Cam Newton -- and you know what they're doing these days.

Mallett was selected by New England in the third round with the 74th overall pick.

The Dolphins passed on him twice -- in the first round, and then again in the second round when they traded up to the 60th overall selection to take running back Daniel Thomas. Thomas is so far a nice player when he's healthy. But as durability is a factor one must weigh when judging a player, the fact he's missed three games raises questions about him.

No, Mallett hasn't played in New England so we have no idea what kind of pro he would be. But he'd be a work in progress. He'd be a player the Dolphins could hope to squeeze improvement out of. His pedigree and arm certainly suggests he'd be as good as Moore in the short-term and much better as he gains experience.

With Mallett on the team, the Dolphins might still be a poor team, I grant you that. They might even be winless. But we'd be busy measuring his progress rather than hoping he and his teammates continue a winless spiral that would lead to Andrew Luck.

The Dolphins, in fact, did not draft Mallett. General Manager Jeff Ireland basically stalked the kid -- watching him at every workout and practically every game he played -- and could not find a comfort level with him.

That's a decision GMs get paid to make. Ireland will have to live with that one one way or the other for a long time to come -- depending on how good Thomas becomes relative to Mallett.

At the time he was unable to add Mallett or any other QB in the draft, Ireland set his sights on free agency or a trade to get a QB. He tried vainly to trade for both Carson Palmer and Kyle Orton but ultimately landed no one who could compete for a starting job with Chad Henne.

That was a gamble. It was a gamble Henne would be improved so much he could be solid. It was also a gamble Henne could stay healthy. The Dolphins rolled snake eyes on the latter.

And so they are left with Moore as the starter even though everyone knows he is not starter quality. And they are left rummaging the discards list of unemployed QBs for backups.

Sad isn't it? Pathetic, actually that an NFL team has no answer at the most important position on the field three games into the season when the starter gets hurt.

Ryan Mallett may not have been the answer in the long term because we don't know what his development will be or would have been.

But if the Dolphins had picked him, at least the QB they put on the field every week might have given them more of a chance to win now. Instead, you sense this helpless feeling over this team.

Oh, what might have been.

November 01, 2011

Dating gossip is not getting on this blog

Well, I never thought I'd see the day, but unlike the mantra of this blog, there are some taboo subject here after all.

Look, if there is a trade rumor, I surely will follow it and tell you all I can about it. If there is a coaching rumor, I surely will follow it and tell you all I can about it. If there is a lineup change, this is the place to be. If there's a cross exchange among teammates media or opponents, you'll read about it here. If there is a movement in contract talks I will give you all I can. If there is a domestic issue that truly affects a player's status with the team or league, then yes, it will be written about here.

But a player's dating life? Rumors about who he's having dinner with?

Nope. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to go there unless he brings it up and makes it public and even then I will address here only it if it affects on-field matters.


So if you want to know the latest Dolphins dating gossip in general and one player's deal in particular, then you're in the wrong place. This blog has its goofy moments, yes. But for the most part we do big-boy journalism over here.

So off you go if you wish to discuss the dating escapades of any player -- much less the escapades as chronicled by a website whose reporting I cannot account for or trust.

I know you know what and who I'm talking about. I hope you can understand me drawing the line.

If it costs readers or page views, that's fine.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up on the ground rules relative to the matter. I've never had to address them before because it was never an issue before.

Now it apparently is an issue. And now you know where I stand.

Mike Pouncey neck sore but fine

Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey definitely suffered something of a scare on Sunday when he took a blow to his head and neck and, suddenly, all feeling in his legs left him. After the game, the feeling had returned but he told me his arms felt, "tingley."

He went for tests Monday and while he still might be a bit sore, a source says the rookie center suffered no significant damage.

So while Pouncey might be held out of practice or limited some this week, he should be fine long-term.

Hey, you know what that was? That was good news!

I know, as a Dolphins fan, you're unfamiliar with good news so I just want to give you a heads up so you can recognize it when it comes. And this qualifies because Pouncey has been one of the more consistent players on the Miami offense this season.